The man still stood with his back to the entrance and looked at the yellow-rimmed dragon robe in the corridor of Jingshilou.

She was out of the "emperor" first in case she was swept by a palm wind like this.
Brush her robe and kneel. She bows down.
The man turned slowly.
After the ceremony, she looked up and looked at him. Her eyes were relatively instantaneous, and she was still shivered by the chill in his eyes.
"What do you want from me again?"
He asked in a cold voice without any emotion.
When did it become possible for them to meet at night? Did she beg him?
If there is any important news before, won’t she come here secretly to find him and tell him?
Although this time she did come to beg him again
After a moment of silence, she nodded and said, "I dare to ask the emperor to let Qiaodai go at night!"
"Qiao Dai?"
Obviously, the man was surprised and didn’t expect her to ask for it.
"It’s Qiaodai"
Nod at night and speak with certainty
The man looked at her in disbelief.
"I didn’t know until recently that she had saved her life overnight."
"Qiao Dai told you?" The man’s eyebrows are slightly closed and his face is cold.
It seems that he also knows that she went to the prison to see Qiaodai.
Night away denied that "it wasn’t Qiao Dai who didn’t say anything, but I found it myself"
The man was silent for a moment.
Night away didn’t look up at him, and I don’t know if he believed it or not.
I was just about to tell the details of saving my life in advance, but I heard the man say, "Just because she once saved your life, you have to ignore the king’s law and let me tolerate the traitor?"
"But she’s not a traitor. It’s clear to the emperor!" At night, lift your eyes and look at the man
The man was dazed
"Even if she’s not a rape, things have come to this point and she has tried to save it."
"Is it true that the land of the king in Putian leads to the land of the land? Is it true that the princes want the emperor to want it and what is the power to save it?"
The man interrupted him when he left at night before he finished talking.
She smiled when she saw the man’s eyes flashing.
Seeing that he smiled speciously and coldly like cool thin, she thought she might have guessed what he would say next.
I don’t want to.
Is that right?
That’s how he answered her once.
Unexpectedly, not this time.
The man looked at her and shook his head with a chuckle. "Don’t you feel strange at night?" First, I didn’t push Qiao Dai out; Second, Qiao Dai is the scapegoat for you; You, in turn, begged me to let her go. "
Night away from face slightly sluggish sluggish didn’t say anything.
She also knows that she is strange, but she can’t help it
Qiao Dai is a phoenix shadow ink, which can’t be blamed on him. He is good for her, and he doesn’t know these things.
She can’t let Feng Ying Mo think of a way to get Qiao Dai out again.
In this situation, people can’t have a way to kill the emperor except in control of heaven and life.
"Is it too greedy to leave you at night?"
The setting sun is setting all over the building, and red men are staring at her in the afterglow of the setting sun and never let her get up.
"While you are doing the scenery for the night spirit to marry Feng Ying Mo, the hostess of Fengfu enjoys the man’s love for women, and at the same time, she is doing the first day in the ring workshop. The owner of Fangfang enjoys the world’s worship of senior officials. Now you have successfully stepped on others’ shoulders and tried to save the person you stepped on. Do you want to be safe and gain her loyalty and gratitude at the same time?"
The man pressed his chest slightly up and down.
Night away some unbelievable to see him was shocked by his words.
He is angry, she knows that he is angry, and she knows that.
She didn’t know that she was such a person in his eyes.
Seeing her gaze at him without saying a word, he laughed coldly. "What? Am I wrong? I really underestimated you when I left you at night. Do you know that I kept the night spirit prisoner just to let the night spirit come out of Fengfu, and you, a good sister who keeps saying that night spirit, should not cooperate with me to find a way to get the night spirit out of these troubles and live a peaceful life as before? And what did you do? "
The man gritted his teeth at night and the centrifugal mouth trembled.
"You don’t care if you are still grounded, and you will be found to be in danger at any time. You have to return to Fengfu as a night spirit and deliberately not return to Jiefang to let people find that the night is missing and let people find that dark tunnel. Don’t you just want to kill two birds with one stone? Not only firmly kept the hostess status of Fengfu, but also demonstrated to me to force me to release the night spirit. "
Night away from shocked to listen to has not been out.
It turned out that this man had been found missing at night, and the secret passage was found on purpose, but she deliberately demonstrated to him.
No wonder he didn’t even want to investigate that day, so he wanted to directly decide the crime of "absconding at night for fear of sin"
"Whether the emperor believes it or not, it was an accident."
She doesn’t want to explain either.
But she really wants to save Qiaodai.
"I don’t know how to do the night away from the emperor will put QiaoDai? I want the emperor Rao Qiaodai to leave at night to ensure that Qiaodai will leave and never appear again. "

Yang Yan a stare blankly way "alas! I can’t help being angry. "

Zong Xuan said, "You are not so angry that you have to die here today."
Yang Yandao: "You have such a good eye. You must have come from a contemporary expert family. If this is the case, you will die in our hands." Have you sworn not to fight? "
Luckily, she actually came up with such a reason and smiled and said, "This scene involves too much. I’m afraid I don’t have much words."
When appropriate, step back and say, "In that case, brother will return you to Li Xiong."
Li Kun frowned. "I’ve given him to Brother Feng. If you give it back to me? Please handle it in the end! "
Of course, he doesn’t want to carry the crime of harming Zong Xuan alone. It is said that everyone wants to hand Zong Xuan over to others, and Zong Xuan has shown great vitality in this contradictory situation.
He exulted in his heart, hurriedly benefiting from this favorable situation. "Since you are all very polite and don’t want to start work, I might as well tell you a secret …"
Those people don’t know what to do, but they look at Zong Xuan and say, "That is, my life is in danger, and it’s the same ending whether you move or not."
Yan Yang said "No wonder you are not afraid of death".
Zong Xuan knows that it is effective to deal with her. When his eyes stare, he is very rude. "Nonsense! Even if I don’t, I’ve never been afraid of death. "
Yan Yang felt angry in his words and felt great guilt. "I’m sorry! That’s my gaffe. "
Zongxuan proudly smiled. "I wouldn’t be surprised if you just let me go a few times if I wasn’t poisoned and could resist."
Li Kun nu way "shut up! Bragging has to have a score. You? ? Straight boastful "ZongXuan coldly before always looked at the rest of the people one by one and said," Are there any angry people? "
Hum a "Count me in" when it comes to time.
Middle-aged Taoist priests also said, "I have never witnessed the magic of the pavilion."
Have Yan Yang silent ZongXuan studied her this kind of reaction, and then said, "It’s natural that you can’t be angry. If you are not afraid of delay, I will try to teach you a lesson."
Every wild goose first ha ha laughs "good! Ok! At this point, the brothers can still get it out. "
He cast a glance at the middle-aged road flyover and added, "What did the Taoist priest say? Ah! I also forgot to ask the law number? "
Middle-aged Taoist replied, "Lou Jishi, who is original, talks about everything. If you can miss the opportunity?"
Li Kun said, "Zongxuan, I will learn from you first."
ZongXuan way "make! However, my eyes are so poisoned that I can’t start work and change the method instead of shooting, but I believe you won’t be angry. "He deliberately said it was poisoning, and there is a lot in it.
Li Kun said, "What can you do instead?"
Zong Xuan said, "There are not only methods, but also more than two methods. The first method is to ask Miss Yang to act on my behalf. The second method is that I verbally shout out the names of tricks to defeat the enemy."
He glanced at each other and added, "As far as the Pavilion Five Tiger Soul-Breaking Knife is concerned, it’s thirty strokes at most and you have to lie down."
His voice, attitude and speech are getting more and more arrogant, even if he is angry in his heart, he has to fight.
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Li Kun’s long knife swung. "I shouldn’t let others do it for you!" Since you say it, so be it! "
Zong Xuan said, "There are sixty-three Five Tiger Soul-Breaking Knives in hand. Needless to say, when it reaches the twentieth move, I will make a move to" storm the clouds ".You should make a move to" cross the forest and cross the ridge "! At this time, my sword turned into a "white crane with bright wings", but I stretched my feet half a foot ahead just in time to attack from your right side and go back to the key point. "
His words came to an abrupt end, and Li Kun’s face suddenly became like a blank sheet of paper. Regardless of whether the other party could make that move when he started, at least three conditions were correct, which made him shocked.
First, he said more than 20 tricks, which is the most appropriate time to make his trick "crossing the forest" show flaws.
The second point is that this trick "crossing the forest and crossing the mountains" is a big weakness in his art of using saber, which is naturally well known by Li Kun. The third point is that the other party’s choice of counterattack is actually a very ordinary trick, but everyone knows it, but he has been immersed in it for many years and doesn’t know it yet. Now it is fatal to be hit home by him. If you can’t figure out a remedy, you will never be able to be a first-class master Lin.
Zongxuan gave a way to "change one"
When it comes to time, it’s like saying a few steps before. "Let’s just do what you think?"
Zong Xuan said, "Of course, you are most afraid of finger separation in terms of the martial arts of the Tin Seal Gate. Because of your" wind-catching footwork ",you are good at flashing back, and you pay attention to the fact that the tip of the enemy’s sword passes by without saying that you will be in danger of being defeated anytime and anywhere."
When responding, he said noncommittally, "There are only a few people who can point to the world. Aren’t you talking in vain?"
Zong Xuan said coldly, "So you forced me to say an alternative fingering method in public, didn’t you?"
I really didn’t dare to answer immediately when I met the situation. I finally didn’t dare to take this big risk because the other party may be bragging and intimidating, but if the other party really said something like this, wouldn’t his fantasy "catching the wind" lose its value from now on? Rao is Zong Xuan who hasn’t said the substitution method yet, but just revealing this secret has given birth to a sense of being overwhelmed when it comes to time.
He sighed and said, "Brother Zong really has ordinary people’s talents. It takes only a few words to win the battle with his brother Pei!"
Zong Xuan waved his hand and said, "Change one."
At this time, it is naturally the turn of Lou Jishi, the Yinshan Sword Sect. Everyone’s eyes turned to him, but seeing this middle-aged Taoist sword standing upright, he neither spoke nor moved forward.
ZongXuan face upwards a moreover way "Lou long I have guessed your mind but you want to wording forced me to personally array? If I can’t do it, will you try this game? "

"Of course, if you swear to the creator, we can spare your lives, or none of you will escape today!" Another old man in a purple robe, with a white beard and hair, said lightly that it was as if he were a man of god who helped the poor [

"I don’t care if you know that we’re coming to the Shenmo Inn today, but you didn’t threaten us. Don’t say that you have 40 false gods, even a hundred false gods. There is nothing to be proud of!" HuangFuZhanTian light way as if the forty people don’t.
After hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian, all the 40 famous people in Jenny face a change, especially the first two old men who were properly angry, and then they trembled and suddenly burst into momentum and pressed hard towards suspection.i Zhantian.
"It’s better than momentum!" After suspection.i Zhantian felt the momentum of these two old guys, he smiled, and then before the momentum suddenly broke out, he might rely on the giant in the small world to peak the strong pseudo-god, but now that his strength has risen, Raytheon’s breath is getting stronger and stronger. If he only relies on the momentum, he is not afraid to be exclusive to Raytheon. The arrogant and overbearing momentum suddenly broke out from suspection.i Zhantian and then pressed toward the two old men.
Feel suspection.i war celestial body that seems to be the essence of general momentum, the two of them immediately stuffy hum a and then back two steps, if it weren’t for the thirty people behind to help the two of them blocked, I’m afraid the two of them would fall to the ground and make a fool of themselves.
"How is it possible that you are not a pseudo-god high-order strong man? How can you have such a powerful momentum?" The old man with green hair is a face of horror and asked Huangfu Zhantian, while the old man in purple clothes is also horrified to see Huangfu Zhantian’s eyes full of questions.
"There’s nothing that only you two want to be overbearing in front of the seat. Now I’ll tell you that although there are twenty of us, we can kill a few losers like you. One person is enough to kill most of you. Now when I give you three breaths, you retreat, otherwise we will be blamed for it!" Huangfu Zhantian said coldly that he really didn’t want to fight with these people. If he fought with these people, there would be casualties. These people behind him are his most important people. If he can’t afford any casualties, he will let them go.
"Ha ha big words who will say that since you don’t want us to go in, we won’t be polite. Isn’t Yunjia SIRS coming out? Don’t wait until people go in and finish taking the baby before you come in? " The old man in green shouted
"Ha ha, you’re a famous Cui old man. Why do you think of our Yunjia now? And you, Moufeng? You two are not ambitious. Why are you so unintelligent now?" When suspection.i Zhantian and others heard the words of the old man in green, a generous voice came to the ears of all.
Then 30 powerful people appeared in front of them, but this famous man and Mou family were all on the alert, watching these 30 powerful people.
"This should be Yunmeng’s home. Boy, the three families have gathered together, but I don’t know if Yunmeng is not here!" Any suspection.i Zhantian eyes swept this thirty people are found in the cloud dream, but when any suspection.i Zhantian saw the cloud dream, the woman suddenly stood one leng and then trembled all over.
"Xiaotian, are you okay? What’s wrong with you? " Xiao Yan was the first to find out that something was wrong with Huangfu Zhantian, so he exclaimed. When others heard Xiao Yan’s words, they suddenly started to look at Huangfu Zhantian, but they were the strongest among them. If he had a problem, they would lose their backbone!
"Is that you? Do you know I’ve been looking for you, but I can’t find you! You finally showed up. Is this fate? I will never let you leave again this time! " Any suspection.i Zhantian affectionately looked at the cloud dream not side female way
And YunMeng not around the woman as early as when they just came in to look at the suspection.i ZhanTian now hear suspection.i ZhanTian words after her charming body suddenly a shock and then two clear tears flow down the cheek.
"sister, what’s the matter with you?" Yunmeng around the woman found her abnormality for the first time, then hugged her and looked everywhere along her eyes, but she just found a familiar figure and eyes.
"Any suspection.i ZhanTian! Why are you here? " Yun Mengfei got excited immediately after seeing Huangfu Zhantian. Section 1949: Huangfu Yun
All the people didn’t think that Huangfu Zhantian actually knew this cloud family and it seems that they should know this pair of sisters. Now the three parties look different. Huangfu Zhantian’s people here are surprised, but the famous Jenny people have changed their faces. They don’t know what this Huangfu Zhantian and Yunjia are, and the Yunjia people are even more confused. They don’t know when this Huangfu Zhantian will be related to the sisters of Yunjia.
"dream a dream smoke when did you two know this little guy?" At this time, a middle-aged man with a dignified face asked between the two sisters
"Father, this is what I told you at the beginning. If it weren’t for him, my daughter would have been killed by that famous Kang, and it was that Kang who killed our guards in Yunjia!" Cloud dream not immediately after hearing his father’s words suspection.i Zhantian explained.
"oh! It’s like this. Humming Mingcui will settle accounts with your famous artists later! " Yunmengfei and Yunmengyan’s father Yunling coldly treated the famous people with humanity.
"Any suspection.i my good dream not this matter thank you! But for you, I’m afraid something will happen to my daughter! " Yunling surrendered to suspection.i Zhantian and thanked him [
"Uncle, you don’t have to have such a thing. If you have a little conscience, I’m afraid everyone will help you!" Any suspection.i Zhantian will soon look away from Yunmeng Smoke and then say with smile to Yunling
"But what are you and Yaner, nephew Huangfu?" After Yunling said here, the temper suddenly turned and went straight to the point to fight against suspection.i heaven.
"This …!" After hearing Yunling’s words, Huangfu Zhantian’s face suddenly flashed a trace of embarrassment. He can’t always tell his father that he has strengthened his daughter!
"Father, he is Yuner’s father!" Cloud dream smoke out look complicated glanced at suspection.i war days and then some shy to Yunling way
"What? Yaner, you said that this Huangfu Zhantian is Yuner’s father. What the hell is going on? " When Yunling heard his daughter’s words, the momentum suddenly broke out, and a terrible murder raged out and pressed hard towards Huangfu Zhantian.
Feel Yunling body that violent murder suspection.i Zhantian behind them all look a change, and then will make moves but was blocked by suspection.i Zhantian.
"Damn it, you little brat, you’ve made my daughter miserable. Come on!" Yunling suddenly and violently roared, and then his eyes rushed towards Huangfu Zhantian. He didn’t have a body of quarrelling or imposing manner, but he wanted to rely on his own body to fight against Huangfu Zhantian desperately. At this time, he had forgotten to display quarrelling. His eyes had this scourge to his daughter Huangfu Zhantian.
"Don’t you move!" After listening to Yunling and Yunmeng Smoke, Huangfu Zhantian was completely stupid. He didn’t expect Yunmeng Smoke to have her own child in a daze overnight, and it seemed that it was useless to listen to their conversation. After the whole incident, Huangfu Zhantian was ashamed of this. He didn’t know the name until now, and the blonde actually gave birth to a child herself. This is how embarrassing and difficult it is for a unmarried girl, but Yunmeng Smoke was born like this.
"Yuner Yuner Huangfuyun is a good name. I am a father. Haha, I am a father of Huangfuzhantian. Yuner is my own child. I don’t know what he looks like!" Where is the suspection.i Zhantian silly looking at Yunmeng Smoke muttered, but it is not going to resist Yunling fist. Yunling fist pours suspection.i Zhantian face like raindrops, but suspection.i Zhantian seems to have no feeling at all.
Next to Henaan, they saw this behind the scenes, but they didn’t know what was going on, but they couldn’t stop it, and Yunling didn’t have a killer, but a pure vent. They stopped them before they wanted to stop the small fish.
"Hum, he deserves to be beaten. I can’t wait to beat him. Don’t move!" Xiao Yan and Henaan said such a thing to them after they blocked Xiao Yu, but after hearing Xiao Yan’s words, Xiao Yu couldn’t understand what the situation was, but it should be a good thing to look at this.
"Father, stop fighting!" Yunmengyan saw her father beating Huangfu Zhantian like a madman. When she exclaimed, she came to her father’s side and grabbed her father who was desperately beating Huangfu Zhantian.
"Hit me, damn it, I’m not a person. I shouldn’t have let you go in the first place. What about our child? Is he a man or a woman? Can you let me see it? " Any suspection.i Zhantian is binocular latosolic red face at this time and there is no hatred because of Yunling’s strike. It is a face of happiness.
"You’re right, you’re damn it. I’m going to kill you, you bastard. You’re not worthy to be the father of the cloud. Ever since the birth of the cloud, have you done a little bit of fatherhood? Whenever the cloud asks me,’ Grandpa, grandpa, where is my father? They all say I’m a child without a father!’ When I heard this, my heart was like a knife cut. Such a child grew up without a father to love you. You know what I was thinking at that time. If you were in front of me, I would definitely slap you to death, but I can’t. You are the father of the cloud. If I kill you, the cloud will hate me. This grandfather deserves to die. What am I going to do? "When Yunling heard Huangfu Zhantian, he went crazy. A seven-foot man shed tears. No, don’t, don’t, just his poor grandson.
"I’m sorry … I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. You can punish me any way you want … you let me meet the cloud. I’ll give him all the compensation I haven’t given him over the years … I’ll be a father … a father!" After hearing Yunling’s words, Huangfu Zhantian couldn’t help crying from the tiger’s eyes any more. He can imagine other children calling themselves Yuner a child without a father. This is waiting for cruelty. His heart is like a knife, and he is sobbing when he speaks. Section 195: Affirmation
"Father, father, don’t blame him. Don’t blame him. Blame my daughter. I shouldn’t let the cloud live in such an environment! Father, please stop blaming him! " Cloud dream smoke a pull like crazy father.
"Meng Yan has suffered from you over the years. I am not a good husband and father. I have not done my duty as a husband and father, but I still beg you to let me meet the cloud. I want to meet him. Please!" Never asked anyone for suspection.i Zhantian. This time, I actually pleaded with Yunmeng Smoke and Yunling. This made people familiar with suspection.i Zhantian suddenly feel sour in their hearts. Henaan, their tears have already flowed, and the small fish, however, at this time, their eyes were all latosolic red and they wanted to promise Yunmeng Smoke and Yunling.
"I said what are you crying about? If you don’t go in, get out! " Ming Cui and the other Moujia purple clothes old man Moufeng Jiqi drink a way
"If you say one more word, you will all die!" Any suspection.i war days after hearing these people clamor when the whole body momentum suddenly burst out, his eyes latosolic red, his eyes full of dark murderous look hard towards the two old guys and all the people behind them.
"Hum!" They didn’t expect that Huangfu Zhantian would suddenly burst into momentum, but they were already alert after the scene just now, and the momentum resisted for less than a second. They were directly bombarded by Huangfu Zhantian momentum and retreated towards the back for dozens of steps. They finally stopped. These people, including Ming Cui and Mou Feng, the two most powerful elders, all lost their courage in front of Huangfu Zhantian’s violent momentum and murderous look like substance. The injury made their faces look very ugly, but they couldn’t help but fight a cold war when they thought of Huangfu Zhantian just now. Although they hated it very much, they didn’t dare to bother Huangfu Zhantian again. It has been given to tourist trap by Huangfu Zhantian [
"I’m sorry I lost my temper!" Huangfu Zhantian put away his momentum and murderous look, and then softened to Yunmeng flue.
"I was wrong before, and the gap between us is too big to leave. Now I won’t leave again. After you are Yuner’s father and my husband, I will never leave again unless you are tired of me!" Yunmeng Smoke finally made up her mind after this period. It is absolutely impossible to say that she has no affection for Huangfu Zhantian. Since Huangfu Zhantian saved her twice in a row, she has left a shadow of Huangfu Zhantian in her heart. Otherwise, she will not come back to help Huangfu Zhantian remove that charming poison. But after a spring breeze, she knew that it was impossible for Huangfu Zhantian to be with her roots at that time, and she left resolutely, but she had to meet him again when Huangfu Zhantian lost her memory. It’s fate, but it’s this fate that makes her even more afraid to expect this feeling. After leaving Huangfu Zhantian again, she went home. Who knows that when she got home, she found herself pregnant. There was no second person except Huangfu Zhantian. At that time, her father already knew about her pregnancy. At that time, the whole family was opposed to trying to get rid of the cloud, but she didn’t want to. In the end, she insisted that Huangfu Zhantian finally saved this blood. Now she has made up her mind to never leave Huangfu Zhantian again. She wants him to compensate herself and deserves gentle care these years.

The young show is that the local people are very familiar with the terrain. He took Liu Xuan through the lane without a pause.

Liu Xuan is now the same as the young man. There are three maps in his hand, one of which is the map published by Tu family. This map is very incomplete and probably outlines several areas. It seems that the predecessors of Tu family entered the maze to explore the area, but there is no purple rock, fire and sulfur valley, not to mention the city where he lives now.
The other is a map of Long Mai that Yunjia gave him. This map looks smaller than Tujia, but it is marked with the information of Long Mai. However, it is interesting that Yunjia bodhi old zu’s map is less detailed than Tujia’s map. He has explored the environment of Long Mai on Thursday.
Long Mai is located in a temple. There are four surrounding areas, namely a desert, a volcano, a forest and a sea or lake area.
So if Liu Xuan wants to find something, finding one of these four areas may help Yunjia lift the curse.
It’s also a relatively complete map, which was obtained from Sangong Family. Although the map is very detailed, it is still a regional map, and Liu Xuan still hasn’t found anything about Sangong Family’s map, but Liu Xuan believes that this map must be more than Tujia and Yunjia’s map, otherwise Hyderabad Shinto wouldn’t have lost it. A map would not hesitate to hand it to Sangong Family.
Seeing was already out of the skeleton threat, just then a large group of skeletons appeared in front of two people.
Liu Xuan is the first time to observe these skeletons so closely. It seems that these guys have been dead for a long time. Everything except bones has rotted almost, except some non-perishable clothes and ornaments. A hole is Bai Sensen bones.
Strange to say, these skeletons are not like ordinary ghosts, and there is a green jack-o’-lantern burning at the center of their eyes.
This time, such a close collision with the skeleton is naturally discovered by Liu Xuan and the young people who lead the way. Maybe they didn’t expect to meet such a situation and froze in place at the moment.
He was shocked at these skeletons, and no matter what happened, two living people and two monster beasts immediately descended wildly.
Liu Xuan knew the strength of these skeletons as soon as he sensed them. These are some strange photos of ordinary skeletons, which are much better than ordinary people, but they are far worse than the practitioners. Don’t say that it is spiritual practice and martial arts, even the martial arts level. It is not a problem for a martial arts master to deal with these skeletons alone.
Liu Xuangen didn’t intend to start work. He directly motioned for the two spirit beasts around him, pulling the boy back to one side.
Get Liu Xuan motioned for two spirit beasts to jump at once, so the little thing of the spirit rat was suppressed all the way, and it was hard to meet some easy things. Naturally, I wanted to send a lot of money. This pile of skeletons is about twenty or so. How could it be that the spirit rat had nothing to do with the red mandrill opponent, and it was almost eliminated by the spirit rat?
Don’t look at the ghost rat to deal with it. The monster beast doesn’t give strength to deal with this skeleton. It’s still neat. In a short time, more than 20 skeletons have been turned into a pile of bones.
When I saw the two monster beasts succeed, Liu Xuanzheng was going to pull the teenager away, I heard a crack in the bone pile, and those bones actually came alive again. Those broken skeletons gathered together again, and some residual injuries assembled themselves. If you break your hands and feet, you can pick them up and pick them up almost directly, and then you will be alive again.
"Egg these skeletons turned out to be immortal" Liu Xuan suddenly marveled at a discovery.
Things like skeletons and zombies are also different. Generally, they are divided into two categories: ordinary and undead. Although they are no longer living things, for some special reasons or under the influence of the aura of the dead, some dead creatures can be re-established as undead creatures. Such undead creatures generally have no mental combat power and are much weaker. If they are stronger than ordinary people, they can deal with it.
63. Midtown IV
On the other hand, these undead are not generated by themselves, but are summoned or catalyzed by more powerful undead. When these corpses are transformed into undead, powerful undead will inject a ghost fire into these low-level undead. If they can’t extinguish their ghost fire, they will not be able to deal a fatal blow to these undead. After a while, these undead can be resurrected again.
Since all these skeletons are immortal, that means there is a powerful undead around here instead of these ordinary skeletons.
So Liu Xuan’s eyes moved around to find the powerful undead, because he had already found it, and his perception ability was greatly reduced when these undead appeared, which he could hardly find.
At this time, a powerful skeleton creature suddenly appeared. Among the twenty skeletons, there was a quite powerful skeleton. His ordinary skeleton was different in many ways, not only tall, but also many bones were much stronger than ordinary skeletons, and he also had a rusty bow and arrow in his hand.
This kind of skeleton is no longer an ordinary undead. Normally speaking, it should be regarded as a skeleton soldier. This kind of skeleton soldier has a little intelligence. In the battle just now, he didn’t rush in the first place, but now he is looking for a ghost mouse and pulling a certain distance from the red mountain mandrill.
Just now, in the battle, I was hit by my companion by a spirit rat, and I absorbed my companion’s jack-o’-lantern, and then it evolved. Many changes have taken place in his dense bones, and in a short time, one bone spur has grown out of his chest to protect his jack-o’-lantern. The biggest change is that his arms and bones have become thick and big, a little gray and dead, and even his arms have changed dramatically.
As soon as the skeleton soldier raised his hand, he directly picked up a bone dropped by his companion. As soon as the bone reached his hand, it quickly became a Wigan-feng sharp bone arrow.
As soon as the hum rang, the bow and arrow in his hand was pulled, and the bone arrow was shot at the red mountain mandrill.
This guy may have turned his target to red mountain mandrill because he saw that the search mouse was too fast and the target was small.
Skeleton’s words have been regarded as the evolution of spiritual level. Although they can’t reach the gas coagulation level, they can already do some harm to the gas coagulation level.
The red mountain mandrill is very casual. Every time he makes a move, he can almost tear down a skeleton. Listen to the buzz. This monkey is as fine as a ghost. He quickly leans sideways. The bone arrow monkey draws a blood slot on his shoulder, and the blood immediately shoots out.
The red mountain mandrill is angry.
Skeleton soldiers have stimulated the Red Mountain Mandrill. Seeing this group of skeletons, Red Mountain Mandrill was really not interested. This kind of opponent is too weak. If it is not too many, it can clean up these skeletons with a monster beast. However, it is never imagined that there is a threatening mouse among these skeletons that it regards as an ant, and it almost hurts him.
The red mountain mandrill squatted on all fours and ran up, although it was not as good as Liu Xuanxun’s step, but it was also a few steps apart, and it had already rushed to the front of the skeleton soldiers.
The skeleton soldier almost seriously injured the red mountain mandrill with an arrow. At this time, he pulled back and grabbed a bone and an arrow, and once again the bow and arrow took shape.
But before he could shoot the second arrow, the red mountain mandrill had rushed to him, and the monkey didn’t fire the magic method, so he bent forward and stretched out his hand to grab the skeleton soldier’s ankle and stretched out his hand fiercely.
Although the skeleton soldier is considered to be the elite among a group of skeletons, the monkey caught him red-handed, that is, the level of the martial artist is not the same as that of the red-hot mandrill root.
The monkey roared again, then suddenly stopped and turned around, and threw the skeleton directly to the ground behind him.
Skeleton soldiers, no matter how strong they are, are just a pile of bones. This monkey fell hard enough. I don’t know how many bones were broken after listening to a click.
But the skeleton soldier is still struggling and intends to get up again.
How can the monkey do what he wants? Now the monkey can see that it is difficult for these skull monsters to directly kill the skeleton soldiers who are still struggling when they see them. The skeleton soldiers are swung up again and smashed the skeleton soldiers onto the bluestone pavement again.
This time, the sound of broken bones became clearer, and a large number of broken bones flew around like rubble. The scene was really spectacular.
But even so, the skeleton soldier is still strong and unyielding, and once again wants to get up. Those broken bones and residual limbs seem to be not his own limbs.
The monkey is not calm. Although he can easily hit the skeleton soldier, the skeleton soldier gets up again and again, which makes the monkey feel a little nai.
Seeing that the skeleton soldier has to climb up, the red mountain mandrill suddenly buckled in the previous step. The skeleton soldier has a skull and neck strength, and he has broken the back neck of the skull when he listens to it, and then he has broken the skull from his body with a force, and then he has thrown the skull far away with another hand.
It seems that no matter what kind of creature wants to separate its head from its body, even if it can’t kill less immediately, it will make it lose its combat effectiveness.
But what the monkey never imagined was that the skeleton soldier could still struggle after losing his skull, but his steps were a little faltering.
Seeing this, Liu Xuan smiled wryly, patted the young shoulder with two hands, and then rushed to the position of the skeleton body with one hand and a gray flame burning in the palm, and directly pressed the chest position after the skeleton.
Because just evolution there has been covered by a piece of bone, but Liu Xuan is quite clear that there is a jack-o’-lantern burning there. Liu Xuan is quite the weakness of this skeleton soldier, which should be the burning jack-o’-lantern.
Although it was covered with bone fragments, it still couldn’t stop Liu Xuan’s palm from being burned into ashes immediately after those bone fragments met the black flame, and Liu Xuan’s palm was blocked from reaching the skeleton soldier’s chest and directly pulled out the green jack-o’-lantern and smashed it to pieces.
639. Midtown Five
When that jack-o’-lantern was crushed by Liu Xuan, the skeleton soldier who was still struggling immediately stopped, and then the bones slowly decomposed and finally became a pile of bones with no signs of life
After seeing Liu Xuanfa, the two monster beasts Cong quickly touched the doorway, and in a short time, they were all disappeared by a team of skeletons.
Seeing Liu Xuan’s fighting capacity as a teenager seemed to be shocked. wait for a while had to look at Liu Xuan for a long time and couldn’t speak. Finally, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked, "Are you a saint?"
"Holy one? What is the holy one? " Liuxuan couldn’t help being a little strange. He could see that this young man didn’t mean any harm to him, otherwise he wouldn’t have pulled him away when the undead skeleton appeared.
The boy shook his head gently and didn’t answer Liuxuan’s question, but he looked at Liuxuan with some excitement.
"Are you an outsider?"
Liu Xuan nodded when he heard the teenager’s question. There is no need to hide what he knows here. If he wants to hide it, he will be exposed. It is better to admit it directly.
When the teenager saw Liu Xuan, he didn’t deny that his eyes suddenly lit up. He directly took Liu Xuan’s hand. "Let’s go and see our elders. The elders must be very happy."
"Well, Elder, it seems that there are quite a few people here?"
The teenager walked in front of Liu Xuan and gently nodded, "We have a lot of predecessors here. According to the elders, the whole city was full of people before, but since these undead appeared, the city has become less and less, and now there are hundreds of us left."
"These undead is how to return a responsibility? Did they suddenly appear or always? "
This time, the teenager shook his head gently. "I don’t know about this. It is estimated that you have to ask the elder to know that the elder is the oldest living person here. He is also a saint. By the way, the holy capital is just like you who can make magical people."
When Liu Xuan came from the island, it was time to see many traces of human life, but it seemed to be broken and destroyed. Liu Xuan didn’t dare to confirm whether anyone really lived here until he saw this middle city.
However, he never imagined that there were so many living people in this city. According to teenagers, the number of people in front of this city should be tens of thousands. However, due to the outbreak of natural disasters, the population has dropped sharply to several hundred today.
According to teenagers, these skeletons rarely appear at this time. Although they are very bright here, there is no Liu Xuan consciousness. When the sun shines, these skeletons are not afraid of light. Today, for some reason, these skeletons suddenly wake up.
I don’t know how many streets they walked through, but they came to a palace. The palace was not magnificent, but it was a big square outside the palace. Around the square, Liu Xuan saw columns, all of which were about the same thickness. Liu Xuan probably took a look at these columns. There were about a dozen sample columns carved with some strange moire patterns, and the moire patterns of god beasts were looming, which looked quite mysterious.
Moire is very similar to rune, or it can be said that it is a kind of rune evolution. Although Liu Xuan has never studied moire, he has heard of it and can recognize it at a glance. Not only can he recognize it, but he can also feel that these moires are really stable.
Strange to say, I don’t know how many skeletons and undead I met, but I haven’t seen any since I got here. It’s like this is a forbidden place for the undead, and it’s impossible for the undead to set foot here.
Here, the young man is finally at ease. His name is Zhao Junlong. He said that most of the people left in Tiancheng are surnamed Zhao. He is also a demon of Zhao because of his elders.

The opponent in the 29th round is Mallorca Mallorca, who is currently ranked 13th in the league.

And Real Madrid played Zaragoza at home and away from Athletic Bilbao in these two rounds, especially in the 29th round of this league, the Basque team away from Athletic Bilbao was very difficult to play.
Changsheng is not really worried about the league, even if he capsized in the gutter in these two rounds, there is nothing to worry about.
Because of the pressure from Real Madrid, it is not much less than Valencia.
They are also faced with the contradiction between the League and the Champions League.
If the winning estimate is correct, Real Madrid should have physical problems by now, and Queiroz should have noticed it.
In this way, he must choose the main attack and give up the other side.
Give up the Champions League or the National League?
I believe Queiroz has been troubled for a while.
Even if Valencia lose two games now, Real Madrid will collapse due to physical fitness sooner or later.
That’s not because Valencia has put pressure on them, but simply because they can’t keep up with the superstars. They can’t even run on the court. How can they compete with other peak-to-peak teams?
In the last five rounds of the league, there is no need for the opponents of Real Madrid to die against Real Madrid. Barcelona has a special interest in playing Real Madrid. La Coruna has relegation and dares to go against the sky. Murcia also has to ensure relegation to the royal society.
These are not the pressures brought by Valencia, are they?
So even if Real Madrid leads Valencia by then, I’m afraid they won’t get good results.
It is because I am familiar with the future trend that I have the confidence to make a choice to give up the league temporarily, and it is not necessarily to give up, but I don’t pay so much attention to the normal attitude and still play how I usually play.
On March 13th, the 20th round of the League kicked off. The first game was Real Madrid vs Zaragoza at home.
After 90 minutes of fierce fighting, Real Madrid won 21 at home.
The Valencia game is the last game of the round of the league, and they are head-to-head with Real Madrid.
Valencia beat Certa 2 away.
Both sides won the ball, and the gap in points still didn’t pull.
The next two teams will have a direct dialogue in the middle of the week.
Valencia vs Real Madrid in the King’s Cup Final at Camp Nou.
This is a strong dialogue.
Real Madrid wants revenge and Valencia?
Their goal is bigger, and it may scare people to death-they are going to hit the triple crown!
"Did I tell you this before?" Before the game against Real Madrid, Chang Sheng said to his players, "But I’ll just say it again here-what is our goal for the season?" Maybe some people will think it’s the league champion? Not bad, our goal is not only the league title, but also the Champions League and the King’s Cup! It’s the triple crown! "
The Valencia players were scared to death when they heard Chang Sheng say this. They just looked at Chang Sheng.
Not only they but also the coaches next to them froze.
Triple crown?
Elias Dominique, a physical fitness coach from Germany, touched Rudy Gonzalez and asked him, "How many trebles have there been in Spanish football history?"
Rudy Gonzalez shook his head. "None …"
Everyone just looked at winning.
"This guy has a big heart!" Rudy Gonzalez finally sighed.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine Bring them down
Triple crown is a very ambitious goal. Before that, no team in Spanish football could win triple crown.
And the most important thing is that now it is a Champions League, and the other two champions are within reach.
This makes Valencia players feel that it is possible, so they are also motivated to do it in training.
However, the outside world does not know what Valencia is trying to achieve.
When the outside media are still speculating about the final of the King’s Cup, Valencia players are thinking, "We are not just a King’s Cup, our goal is to win the triple crown!"
They feel very proud, very proud
As if they had a great secret.
In this way, the King’s Cup final came.
"It is not the first time that Valencia and Real Madrid have met in the final of the King’s Cup. The Bernabeu battle two seasons ago was particularly memorable. What will be the result this time?"
Before the game, the commentator was guessing what the next game would be like.
For Real Madrid, this is their chance for revenge.
But Chang Sheng thinks more.
He felt that it was an act of god to meet Real Madrid in the final of the King’s Cup.
He can squeeze real Madrid’s physical strength in this king’s cup final and squeeze their last physical strength!
Let Real Madrid come before the crash!
So Valencia did not send the main force in this game, but chose eleven players with the best physical fitness, and they formed the starting lineup of this game.
This game always wins by offering a mad dog. The tactics are different from the general mad dog tactics.
In the dressing room before the game, Chang Sheng decided the tactical focus of the game with his players for the last time.
"Run and run! Run fast and fast! Remember not to let the football stop, don’t let yourselves stop! "

So can we find these genetic basis points when we retreat from the illusory visual state?

With this idea, you can retreat and enter the illusory state without a horse.
Illusion is not everything.
If you want to find the gene base point of neural reaction phase, you have to put yourself to the limit.
Then Xu tui almost didn’t rest, and the laser matrix continued to train the neural response.
A sense of inexplicable fatigue gradually appear.
Different from mental fatigue and physical fatigue, this kind of fatigue is completely different.
Very slight
But true.
"How do you judge that your neural response training is approaching the limit?" After a glass of medlar water, Professor Luo’s voice rang again.
"It’s really simple."
"The reaction nerve has a real substance, and it will be tired when you train for more than an hour.
The nerve reaction speed obtained by your initial test will be lower than your nerve reaction speed value.
For example, you will test that the nerve reaction speed is 2 milliseconds, which will become 21 milliseconds several times in a row, which means that it is close to the limit.
Yeah, keep training. Don’t stop.
In this case, insisting on training is the most likely genetic basis point of neural response speed. "
After that, Professor Luo Shifeng took a sip of tea and silently added two words: "No!"
If the gene base and point of nerve reaction speed are so easy to start, does he dare to take out three bottles of E-class energy supplement as a reward?
He wants three classes a week for such courses.
Take it out every time
If there really were a student who could earn a reward, he would have gone bankrupt.
It’s just a teaching method
Many students in Luo Shifeng Taiwan are very satisfied with their training status.
Many students have never stopped from training.
This is his favorite type of student.
Hard work and perseverance are essential to achieve success in the era of gene evolution.
Professor Luo’s eyes occasionally swept away from Xu.
This student has always insisted on training hard and is a good seedling.
But the eyes just swept Professor Luo’s eyes just moved.
Just finished training, Xu retired and did not continue to practice, but sat and rested.
In my heart, the horse made a big red cross for Xu tui.
This student can’t do it without perseverance!
Then note its classmates.
It’s not that you don’t have perseverance to sit directly on the floor and train Gexu to retire. The inexplicable fatigue is getting stronger and stronger.
Xu tui feels close to the limit.
Xu retired and sat down directly to enter the illusory visual state through rest.
At first glance, there are as many as 49 gene bases flashing white light.
But after a scan, there is no body to find the gene base point of different nerve reaction speed.
Xu tui frowns
"Is it not to the limit?"
Xu got up and got up again for three rounds of training and sat down to rest again.
This time, Xu retired and observed more carefully.
Finally have a little reaction.
There are so nine gray spots in different positions in the body, and its genetic basis points are still different.
First of all, white light actually flows into these nine unexposed gene bases, which is very rare to retreat into illusory vision.
If you carefully observe these nine gene base points, you will find that there is a slight fluctuation compared with its gray unopened gene base points.
This fluctuation is very slight.
However, it is very accurate that illusion is the most authentic feedback of the body.
"That should be the nine gene bases?"
"reconfirm one"
After four rounds of training, it was confirmed that it was these nine genetic basis points.
But there is a question, which one should be started first?
In spiritual cultivation, the first layer and the second layer of "Spiritual Sea Concentration and Feeling Forging Method 49" are all very particular about the order of initiation.
Which gene base point comes first and which order can’t be wrong
The order of enlightenment in Wen Shao’s extraordinary cultivation method is also very important.
What about the nerve reaction speed?
Is there such a problem?
After thinking for a while, I rang the bell.
A few seconds Luo Shifeng came to xu back.
Luo Shifeng, a student who has no perseverance in this impression, has no good feelings.
"Professor Luo, I want to ask whether the gene base point of nerve reaction speed is random or has a sequence?
Many of our mysterious cultivation methods have rev order requirements "Xu asked back.
Luo Shifeng looked at Xu tui’s heart and said,’ If you want to have the first class more, you want to start the neural response gene base point. Isn’t this a dream?’

"Sure enough, there is a soldier’s father who has good motor cells. Anyone who is so small and moves so fast can be a special soldier like his father when she grows up," Feng Hongwei said in her ear.

"What are you talking about?" Yuanyuan has no intention of letting the wind know that Fanfan can raise Fanfan herself.
"To tell you the truth, I really feel that the wind has no vision," Feng Hongwei said, not afraid of death. "It’s not as good as you to see that doctor Ye. Look, you have to have a face, a figure and a beautiful figure!"
Yuanyuan sneered, "You can’t dislike men and women!"
"Don’t look at me like that. I’m your best friend. I just mean it." Feng Hongwei laughed.
"When did you become my best friend again?" Yuanyuan asked with a smile.
"I have always forgotten that we have the closest sisterhood? If you let me be a michel platini, we will be closer. "Feng Hongwei laughed.
This person is really dead. Yuanyuan was in distress situation. When Feng Hongwei took her shoulder, she didn’t refuse.
I really don’t know when she didn’t treat Feng Hongwei as a man before she could tolerate his occasional intimate behavior.
"Miss Song, what a coincidence." Ye Nan didn’t know when she came over with a wind and a Xu Haibing at hand.
Yuanyuan turned to see this scene. What a harmonious family. She said, "Yes, what a coincidence."
"It’s quite a coincidence that today is family day, and everyone comes out to play with their children." Feng Hongwei replied with a close hug to Yuanyuan.
Feng just saw Yuanyuan and Feng Hongwei together, chatting happily. If it weren’t for Dongdong telling him that Feng Hongwei likes men, he would really recognize them as a couple, and he couldn’t help wondering if Feng Hongwei really likes men.
"Yes, we just visited a children’s shopping mall over there." Ye Nan smiled and "bought something for Bingbing."
Yuanyuan replied that she was a little heartless. She had to pay attention to her daughter’s situation and said, "Then I won’t bother you. Bye."
The wind looked at Yuanyuan and looked into the children’s paradise. "Do you also bring children to play?"
"Yes! And we plan to have another child? Are you right, Yuaner? " Feng Hongwei said and kissed Yuanyuan on the cheek.
Yuanyuan took a silly look at Feng Hongwei. Did he play too much?
Fengnao was hit hard-what did he call her? Yuaner? He found that he had an impulse to punch in the past, and she deserved to die and let him call him that and flirt with this man.
Didn’t you say no? Isn’t Feng Hongwei gay? It’s not gay to look at it like this now
Suddenly, Fanfan was knocked down by another girl over there and corrected her hair. Yuanyuan couldn’t calm down and said to them, "Sorry, I won’t hinder you from shopping."
There have been workers over there who pulled the girl Yuanyuan and rushed in. Fanfan didn’t cry and was scratched with a trace, but the girl who looked worse than her had several traces of her hair and face.
The girl cried in pain when she was caught, but Fan Fan looked puzzled and stared at her sister. She started it. Why are you crying?
"Fanfan, do you feel pain?" Yuanyuan saw that her daughter’s braids were messed up, and there were red marks that made her feel bad.
"It doesn’t hurt that my sister wants to rob my doll, and she cries." Fanfan pointed to her sister and looked at Mommy puzzled.
"Well, my sister is naughty, but she is the most lovely." Yuanyuan picked up her daughter and the girl’s parents came.
"Baby doesn’t hurt anymore!" The mother looked at her daughter crying so sadly and glared at Yuanyuan angrily. "What did you do? Parents actually started beating people. I don’t know if there is a tutor."
Yuanyuan sneered that she knew her daughter very well, but her daughter wouldn’t beat people around. She said, "Everyone can see that your daughter is several years older than my daughter, and who is bullying who?" There should be closed-circuit television here! We will see who is right and whose children have no tutor! "
"That’s right, our family has been injured, and now we are going to the hospital for medical examination. My horse will inform the lawyer to let the lawyer handle it." Feng Hongwei dares to bully his most precious baby, and he wants them to pay ten times the price.
The other party was obviously scared and banned for a while.

Taoist Chunyang nodded again, "For example, it’s no big deal to be sophisticated yourself, but this old man is very lucky to welcome a friend who used to practice martial arts and later obtained secrets."

Lu Da laughed. "Cuckoo is clumsy, but I see an old man at this age, wearing a relaxed mental robe and smelling of tea. I must be at the age of enjoying myself in Yiyuan Mountain. Are you still willing to take another apprentice and do more exercises?"
Chunyang Taoist priest turned to look at his eyes carefully. There was a faint speculation in his heart. He couldn’t help but hum a way: "The so-called brother Lao Lao has nothing to do, and he’s embarrassed to toss about those disciples so that he can get a poor disciple to toss about and talk to him in his later years."
"Does the teacher look at cudgels?"
Speaking of this, Lu Da suddenly got sincere and smiled, rolled his sleeves and showed his muscles seriously. He said, "I dare not say that I can only work hard, eat and drink, and I can do everything."
Director Chunyang was dazed and suddenly realized, "Good Luda, do you also test me?"
"Dare the teacher laugh and curse without covering it up? It’s my brother’s yearning for fairy manners."
Lu Da primly said, "It’s not a waste to have this conversation and know more about such a veteran, even if he is driven away from the mountain to visit his family because of these words."
Chunyang Laodao can feel that this Han is also speaking from the heart. Just now, that little annoyance suddenly vanished, but if you want to accept this disciple just like this, you always feel as if there is no master.
"You’re a bluffing fellow with a rough appearance and no scheming."
Taoist Chunyang deliberately left his sleeve and turned to the mountain. Leave a message.
"Hum, then you can guard the mountain gate for two months instead of the little Taoist at the foot of the mountain."
Luda smiled briskly. Hehe turned and went to the foot of the mountain.
Taoist Chunyang thought as he walked up the mountain.
"After accepting such an apprentice … haha, it was really impossible to talk about the old man. It’s really getting older and more British. Hahahaha"
When he went to the pavilion, he found that there was already another person in the pavilion cleaning two cups with hot water.
"The palm teaches you out."
Chunyang Road took two quick steps to the pavilion and stared at Fang Yunhan’s right hand with a teapot.
That hand is evenly lined with flesh and blood, and the skin color is slightly white. Five fingernails are ruddy and clean, and the knuckles are bent and the teapot is set off, which makes the skin texture more delicate.
Look left and right, you can’t see that when you first came back to the mountain, your whole arm was left with a miserable look of bones.
When Fang Yunhan cleaned both cups, he poured half a cup of hot tea, put one in front of him and pushed it to the other side of the stone table.
The Taoist priest of Chunyang took a seat on the other side and withdrew his sight. He praised, "The barren Liuhe shattered the real body and swam the northern ghost to drop blood and be reborn."
"I really saw an example today when you added these notes."
He took a sip of hot tea and then said, "You’ve closed a little vision this time, but it seems even more profound when you come out. You won’t have already understood these magical powers of the nine yin and easy pulse method, will you?"
"I’m learning from some of these techniques, but I don’t want to accept nature as it is relatively simple."
Fang Yunhan looks dull, his eyes and eyebrows seem to have a smile, but his lips are a little deep and he says, "Of course, this practice is doomed to be impossible to practice these methods to their respective limits."
Chunyang Laodao shook his head. "You are too modest to go for it alone. Although you can’t reach their original extreme, you also bypass their respective limitations."
"Yes …" The old man hesitated to look at Fang Yunhan’s face. "Your qi activity is even more unpredictable, but your complexion is not very good. Is it really that great obstacle to the miraculous state of Jiuyang?"
Fang Yunhan gave a positive response and said quietly, "The characteristics of the Ten Yang Flame are almost beyond all the achievement methods I have ever seen. It is too extreme, and even my heart is almost impossible to change back the true qi that has been transformed into holy fire."
Chunyang Laodao’s eyelids jumped and he said with some worry, "I think you can cut down a realm and return to Jiuyang level if you can’t bear it after leaving a note in Jiuyang’s magical power?"
The highest level of Nine-yang Divine Skill, Ten-yang Flame Realm, will trigger a deeper virtual robbery, and if you don’t practice the virtual body, there will be robbery.
Ten-day Tsunami Disaster
Such extreme yang will make the practitioner’s heart in the five internal organs on the verge of collapse and self-destruction.
This fire robbery starts from the depths of the heart, and all methods are used to suppress it. Once the heart pulse is burned, even the soul will be reduced to ashes by it, and it is necessary to escape from it by cutting itself off sometimes.
"Ha ha, brother, you don’t have to worry."
Fang Yunhan said, "Although the Ten-Yang Flame is terrible, I have already made it into a nine-story Taoist realm of rebirth. Even if half of my body is bombed, it may grow back."
"And I’ve passed the virtual robbery, even though the flame is longer than me, it’s just some heartache."
He said that he had a toothache in his ears when he was listening to Chunyang Road carelessly.
His statement is obviously that he is not prepared to cut down a heavy realm himself, and the so-called heartache is afraid of the seesaw that the flame burns part of the heart when it keeps burning the heart pulse, and then the northern ghost rebirth method keeps regenerating the heart.
I feel pain when I think about this kind of thing.
"No wonder your lips are purple, your eyes are bloodshot, and your hair looks dry and unkempt than before."
Minister Chunyang quickly pressed the pain and said, "So you can’t do this. Is there any way to solve it completely?"
Fang Yunhan poured the half cup of tea into his mouth. As soon as the tea entered, it had turned into a steam root and could not stay.
He seems to think that drinking tea like this is not interesting, and he pours half a cup into his hand and says, "Actually, I set fire to burn my heart just to feel that it is still too short to study for half a month. There is something in my hometown that can help me speed up the process."
Chunyang Laodao: "Are you going to leave for a while again?"
"To be honest, I don’t know when I will come back this time."
Fang Yunhan said unhurriedly, despite the consternation in Chunyang’s old face, "There are some things that need to be dealt with well before leaving to teach us where the lair is?"

After some consideration, Jinyang finally decided to enter Nanbu Island first. Although this way is a narrow escape, it is better than Xi Niu He Zhou’s ten deaths. Besides, Jinyang has a big advantage that others don’t know, that is, Vulcan Zhu Rong was born in Nanbu Island since childhood, and no one knows this continent better than him.

There are many genies in Nanshan Prefecture, and Jinyang doesn’t want to make more trouble. He secretly ordered a dust of 36 pro-health departments to hide their breath, and only released Li Sanren, the head of Shor Kilo, which is probably similar to the fairy order, to sit quietly in the blood cloud and practice meditation.
In this way, the strongest breath in the crowd became Hades The Hunger, the old ghost, and the blood cloud was controlled by Hades himself. The Hunger, the old ghost, became a sticky blood fog bag, and everyone wrapped up the hidden eyes and ears and flew south at the same time.
Hades deliberately avoided those Daimon Masaru factions, who would take a detour when they met the Guardian Mountain Array.
Because the people’s foot boundary is still in the central imperial domain, some monsters are also ordinary small demons. They are the best, but they have just reached the realm of Jin Xian, where they can fight for Hades, who has a first-class magic weapon. All of them were slaughtered by him and finally became a supplement.
The Hunger’s old ghost was excited all the way. He learned from that Yi that the altar of the Great The Hunger Shintoism was set up in the middle of Nanbu to see the mood. Even a master like him could not help but feel a little excited.
In this way, the blood cloud finally arrived at a huge river in the evening of three days, and motioned for everyone to slowly descend the cloud in Jinyang for simple cultivation.
A piece of land was found by the river, and a lot of dry wood was picked up, which gave birth to three flavors of real fire. Two people walked towards the forest by the river to catch some game, which was cooked by bald plum for dinner today.
Although all the people have become immortals and demons, after all, they have just soared to heaven and can’t break the temptation of whole grains, especially when Hades and others bring a lot of good wine, red wine and white wine in their bags.
The biggest reason why Jinyang chose the riverside rest place is that across the river, it is the boundary of Nanshanbuzhou.
Across the river, at the moment, the central god domain is different. After all, the central god domain is at the foot of heaven, and there are many decent masters. There is no room for the roots of monsters. Jinyang and others are all smooth sailing along the way, but they are all small demons, but across the river, they are enchanting.
In a short time, I don’t know where I caught a white deer, a spirit beast. It’s a celestial species that is two or three points bigger than a human elephant. It weighs more than ten tons. Bald Li stripped his fur and pulled out the dirt, and then put it on a three-flavor real fire to slowly bake it.
When it was half-cooked, Bald Lee actually took out a lot of seasonings, slowly cut venison with flying swords, sprinkled some seasonings on the incision, and then put a layer of high-grade white wine on the deer body. Suddenly, the meat was so fragrant that Hades and others swallowed their saliva. Even the magic eagle and others who had not eaten for hundreds of years could not help but look at the half-cooked deer body.
Not the kui is a three-flavor fire. It took only half an hour to roast the white deer with more than ten tons of heavy land until it was mature and thick, and the smell of meat kept drifting out, which could be smelled for miles in Fiona Fang.
Although mature, I can’t stand it. Kilo has already taken out his flying sword and gently cut half a catty of barbecue. Then he gently dropped the flying sword and acted as a meat fork to drop the barbecue. It tasted slowly and took out the red wine collected in another dimension. The fragrance was stronger and the piece floated into the river to attract the attention of inanimate objects.
Just before all the people cut a little barbecue, take out the red wine and prepare to drink a few mouthfuls. Suddenly, an evil wind blew over them, and they suddenly became nervous. Even Jinyang frowned slightly, and his eyes were fiercely staring at the river only a few tens of meters away.
Heaven Volume Chapter 35 River Demon One
Heaven Volume Chapter 35 River Demon One
Jinyang looked a little nervous and threw a red wine bottle at him. He quickly jumped up and walked quickly to the river. He stared at the turbulent river and somehow felt a sense of danger.
When I saw Jinyang so carefully, all the people were alarmed, especially when The Hunger’s old ghost was with Jinyang. It was the longest time to see Jinyang so nervous. I rushed into the river to find out, but I was able to look at Jinyang, hoping to get some answers from him to solve my doubts.
Feel strange magic eagle quickly make all the pro-guards quickly scattered around the Jinyang to round and round, and dozens of gods condensed into a carpet to shoot across the river, but still a gain was very strange in everyone’s heart, but no one showed it because of Jinyang.
Jinyang’s mind is even more puzzled. He has searched Fiona Fang Shili River for a long time, but he has found nothing. Not only can he not find the enemy, but there is no creature in the river for several miles. No matter whether it is the devil who cultivates Tao or the wise livestock, it has disappeared.
As time goes on, Jinyang’s heart becomes more and more anxious to find out where the enemy is. This kind of strong feeling can really drive people crazy, but the feeling of danger has never receded, and as time goes on, it becomes more and more obvious that the enemy is approaching.
Suddenly, one gold, one silver, and two pieces of ground end to end, breaking the surface Jinyang is hard to detect, and the speed is coming towards the barbecue place. Jinyang feels that his mind is violently shaken and his whole body is colder than he can’t move in an instant. An ancient deep memory emerges from the depths of his mind and suddenly shouts, "Don’t block it."
But the speed of the two beams is too fast. As soon as the Jinyang words were exported, the two beams of gold and silver had already passed through the chest of two pro-guards, brushed by his other door with a bit of blood smell, and then wrapped the roasted deer. The wind turned around and the light flashed back into the river.
Jinyang looked at the white deer, which was bigger than the elephant, and plunged into the river. Instead of starting a wave and chasing it, it was anxious to fly to the two pro-guards. After some careful investigation, it was not surprising that the two pro-guards had already died, and the Vulcan body was directly destroyed. The essence was also sucked clean, leaving the flesh as hard as ice.
Jinyang suddenly looked at his hands in the river with red eyes and cold eyes. The golden orange phlogistic Yang Zhen fire suddenly spewed out two bodies and instantly turned to ashes. I regretted it in my heart. If I could restore this memory earlier, this would not happen.
The magic eagle didn’t come, but when I saw two people suddenly die and even the bodies were turned to ashes, I woke up suddenly. My face suddenly changed like a real murderous look, and I didn’t hesitate to blaster into the river and follow those two lights. I roared in my mouth, "Damn beast, I swear I won’t kill you today."
Jinyang got up with an expression on his face and said coldly to the people behind him, "Dust, you watch them and try to hide their breath. Try not to be enemies, Hades. You come with me. It seems that we are too careful. If I release my breath early, these two animals should not have the guts to kill my people in front of me."
Before the dust could react, Jinyang rolled up a blast of hot air and resisted Hades’ blaster into the river. The spirit followed the magic eagle and dived to the bottom of the river.
When the water is broken, the golden sun will burst into flames, and a chill will burst into the body, and the meridians everywhere will be necrotic and broken.
Jinyang was in a hurry to transport the phlogistic Cindy Yang fire to wrap the cold, which didn’t turn into ice, but Hades had already become hard ice. Jinyang didn’t dare to drive the phlogistic Cindy Yang fire to wrap Hades to help him get rid of the cold.
Watching Hades recover quickly, Jinyang hurriedly arranged a thin layer of inflamed Cindy Yang fire around the two people, and then slowly observed that the surrounding temperature was at least several hundred degrees, but the river was still flowing without any signs of ice formation, which was really weird.
While diving in the golden sun quickly, I thought in my mind that the two rays of gold and silver just now, if I remember correctly, should be the specialty of the fresh water river, bighead carp, to cultivate a great monster. No wonder there are no creatures in Fiona Fang for miles so cold that even ordinary water monsters can’t stand it. Those ordinary aquatic animals.
Bighead carp and bighead carp come in and out in pairs, showing gold and silver. After being captured, the yogi can eat it immediately and find a aura. Plenty of luck in refining the truth will be several times more concise than before, and he will be more sensitive to the aura of heaven and earth. It is definitely a first-class good baby.
If you are lucky enough to catch the refined bighead carp, take out its Dan and keep it, you should be able to take care of it when you are seriously injured, which is definitely better than the general panacea.
Bighead and bighead carp like fire food most, but they usually live in extremely hot mountains, but they are extremely yin. They are not breathing the cold of nine yin all the time, and they can even blow up the wind of nine yin. If there is no preventive situation, even ordinary Jin Xian experts will be miserable, and finally they will be sucked dry.
Just now, the nine-yin Gangfeng and the two people who were killed froze their bodies. Jinyang was even more sure that the murderer was the two strange fish. I didn’t expect that I was kind enough to let everyone have a rest, but it hurt the lives of the two people. "The cow beast must pull out your skin today to vent my hatred."
In a short time, Jinyang two people chased the magic eagle and saw that the magic eagle’s eyes were ferocious and the whole body ignited a fierce inflammation. The true fire was holding a fairy-level black mountain knife, which was more than ten feet long and slammed forward.
Magic eagle has a Jin Xian intermediate level and this fairy level multiplier is generally banned. It must be irresistible. To Jinyang’s surprise, the knife mans just split out less than half a foot and was blocked by a thin golden light. The black knife mans suddenly broke and didn’t have the slightest effect.
The magic eagle suddenly became more furious, and the muscles in his body suddenly burst into a crazy roar. The mountain knife in his hand followed more than doubled, and the burning inflammation and the true fire spewed out from the blade. The dark blade became even more frightening and got up the strength to chop again.
The knife slammed into the screen, and the fire and thunder exploded together. However, the screen was slightly dissipated. After the aftermath of the explosion was dispersed, the strong vitality in the surrounding rivers suddenly gathered to repair the broken screen.
Celestial Volume Chapter 36 River Demon II
Celestial Volume Chapter 36 River Demon II

The third volume The stars gather together. One hundred and fifty-one Days of Datong

Taiyi Excalibur!
That’s the most representative Excalibur of the whole sword Sect!
Although this Excalibur is not a great Excalibur, it does not represent a token of palm teaching, but up to now, every practitioner who has been given an Excalibur in Taiyi has been promoted to Shinto and trained as a Yuan God, and has been appointed to palm teaching by one sword Sect!
That is to say, being given this Excalibur Nianshengji is equivalent to being recognized by all the elders and grandfathers of the Sword Sect. It is a matter of iron plate that he will become a palm teacher after his smooth promotion to Shinto!
I also know in my mind that this Excalibur represents meaning!
He is a common practitioner in the mortal world, and even the royal majesty dare not take lightly. If he hadn’t come to a sword Sect to learn from his master and get a sword Sect to teach Wan Jiantao to take over his younger brother, it would be impossible for him to achieve such achievements today. He not only won glory, but also repaired his long life. More importantly, these clan elders didn’t dare to think about it before he hit a sword Sect, which made him see more and go further. Such kindness has been recreated!
When he bent slightly, he respectfully said, "Thanks to the love of your elders, you will live up to your trust. I will return to a sword Sect and I will return to a sword Sect. The spirit of doing things will spread to every corner of the world!"
"Ha ha, I’m very glad that you have this wish, and I also believe that it’s not impossible for you to keep working hard and you will succeed in the future."
Elder Stuart also nodded with satisfaction. "It’s full that I can still be counted and humble when I get such a reward. It’s a great wind that I will be supported by a sword Sect in the future!"
Iron front and Wan Jiantao nodded at the same time.
However, Wan Jiantao hesitated for a moment to give the students a little warning and pressure. "Except for one or two people, you are almost an enemy in the realm of Dan Dao, and even ordinary Shinto masters can compete with each other, but you still can’t be careless. You need to know that every day is just too numerous. Take our’ Juque’ cultivation of immortals as an example, the strength of rain and evil is not what you have, and the record that Gu Qing created a year ago is even more remarkable!"
"Guqing?" Niansheng was slightly surprised and said, "Master, do you mean the ancient Qing who joined Xuanyang Tianzong and became the true brother of Xuanyang Tianzong?"
"Yes, but now he should not be regarded as the true brother of Hyun Yang Tianzong. Now the whole practitioner of Hyun Yang Tianzong is wanted by him. Even some other sects and petty sects are constantly looking for him. yan wang, the elder of Hyun Yang Tianzong, even fell behind in his cultivation. He even walked around our’ Jueque’ cultivation world day and night, and even launched himself to spread his eyes and ears all over the star world to spy on him. He fell into a trend of not letting go until he found Guqing!"
As soon as I read this, my face suddenly changed slightly. I couldn’t help but say that I paid a respectful tribute to Wan Jiantao, the attitude was sincere and the tone was urgent. "Master Guqingge was grateful to me, and my kendo retreat was able to advance by leaps and bounds. Later, it was because of the guidance of Master Guqingge that the eye Guqingge was hunted and wanted by the whole dazzling day Sect. Even if it was a narrow escape, I would like to ask Master Guqingge to let us return to Jianzong to temporarily shelter him and help him through the immediate crisis. I am grateful!"
Wan Jiantao couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. Instead, he asked, "Tell me about the ancient youth and understanding?"
Although he was a little anxious in his mind, he obviously knew that the more he needed to calm down and ponder for a moment, he said directly, "I didn’t know Guqingge for a long time, but after some argumentation, I was a confidant. At that time, although I was talented and enlightened, I still stayed at the level of airway, but I am sure that Guqingge must be a dragon in the middle. Once he gave him a chance and a platform, he would immediately soar to the sky!"
Wan Jiantao nodded with satisfaction after listening to Niansheng’s evaluation. "Do you know what Guqing will cause the whole Xuanyang Tianzong to be hunted down and wanted?"
"My brother has been practicing in the past few years, and he knows little about external affairs. Please ask your master and brother to solve your doubts!"
"Ha ha, because he lost Xuanyang Tianzong’s palm teaching, Yunyan Town died, and Xuanyang Tianzong’s elders practiced day by day, and many Shinto masters surrounded Xuanyang Tianzong’s door and spoke wildly to seize Xuanyang Tianzong’s palm teaching position. More than that, since then, he has even killed a large number of Dandan masters under their noses!"
As soon as you say these words, you are stunned on the spot!
"Master, are you saying that he defeated Xuanyang Tianzong and taught Yunyan Town to die, and Xuanyang Tianzong was too old to be refined …"
"You didn’t hear me wrong. What I said is true. These news eyes have been all over the’ Grand Que’ cultivation world, and even some nearby stars have a preliminary understanding of Guqing’s name."
Niansheng has been closed to the sword for years and knows little about the outside world, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t even know some common sense things!
Maybe he doesn’t know the names of Bai Lie, Huo Jing, and Gong Sunhu, the nine masters of Dan Dao, and he knows very little about yan wang, Nahe Zun, Zong Wanjie, the Shinto Zun, but he will never know that Xuanyang Tianzong teaches Yunyan and Taichang Lian Ri, the two super masters!
These two are experts in the triple realm of Shinto!
Especially the elder Tai Lian-ri, that’s a half-pedaled master of four realms. Even if his master belongs to a sword master and teaches Wan Jiantao without using artifacts and displaying the sword tactic of Datong, there is no chance of winning!
But now the master says that Gu Qing actually killed such a super player … It’s incredible!
Wan Jiantao finished quietly looking at Niansheng and didn’t say what the whole thing seemed to be waiting for.
Stuart elders looked at the mouth but was blocked back by Wan Jiantao’s eyes!
Elder Nai Situ can also ask through the sound of God’s knowledge, "Don’t you forget that Guqing and Niansheng have a bet to make a vow together to see who can be promoted to the Shinto realm first? I miss that Shengsheng can practice to such a short time, and there must be this bet to inspire his eyes. Tell him that Guqing has already possessed the strength to train the elders in the town. Wouldn’t it be …"
Wan Jiantao shook his head slightly but didn’t speak. His eyes still stayed absent!
Although Elder Stuart and Elder Tie Feng are puzzled by this practice, there is no way to be silent and wait for the reaction!
The shocking effect of this news on Niansheng is really extraordinary. After listening to this news, he failed to come to his senses for a long time!
It took him a long time to take a deep breath and converge with a sigh. "I can’t believe that I didn’t see Guqingge when I was a little bit, but I have already cultivated in such a state that I have to wait for amazing repair when I die in the town." Looking at the whole cultivation world, people who can do this will definitely not exceed double ten. It seems that when we made a bet, I lost. "
Although his voice is full of emotion, his face is not depressed and disheartened. On the contrary, he is sincerely happy for Gu Qing’s achievement!