As time went on, Song Changgeng’s ruddy face lost color and became more and more haggard. For a long time, he suddenly opened his eyes and spat out one mouthful blood.

However, his face was full of laughter, and he finally passed &1; Yuanhuiqiu found the location of the East China Sea Silver Cicada Reef. Although it cost a lot, he was seriously injured because of forced transportation, but it was all worth it. Finally, he found this mysterious island that moved the East China Sea Silver Cicada Reef.
Chapter IV The Man of God from Outer Space
After two detailed calculations of blood consumption, Song Changgeng finally found this mysterious island, which is a whole silver-gray reef with smooth lines and a shape close to an insect called cicada.
The whole’ Yinchan Reef’ is in the shape of a strip. Song Changgeng roughly estimated that it is about one kilometer long, about 500 meters wide and more than 60 meters high above the water.
When he came to Yinchan Reef from Feijian, it was discovered that this silver-gray reef seems to be a special kind of ore and the whole reef has no plants.
After two days of searching, he finally found a hidden hole in the front end of the reef, which is an oval hole with a diameter of about four meters.
Inside is a spacious tunnel. After walking for nearly ten meters, Song Changgeng felt something in the air, but he didn’t see anything with the naked eye.
He passed through this barrier with a gentle effort, which seemed to be an invisible film. Song Changgeng guessed that it was an energy shield, and something might have been formed by law.
After that, he passed through four floors in the 100-meter tunnel, so that the protective cover can be seen in color and invisible to the naked eye, but the resistance is great.
After more than 100 meters of tunnel, he came to a spacious hall, which was said to be a hall rather than a cave, because the walls here were smooth and obviously processed
Looking at this hall, which is more than five meters high and more than thirty meters long and wide, Song Changgeng is a little dumbfounded because the decoration style here is very special and shows traces of the future scientific and technological era.
If it weren’t for him &1; Yuan Huiqiu saw his life in the next 300 years, especially in the 21 ST century, and he won’t have a special decoration style here
That is, in this era, people are all the same. They have not been baptized by the future technological era. When they see the decoration here, they will find the style here particularly beautiful.
The lines of the whole hall are soft and smooth, and there are no rigid straight lines at each corner, but they are round and arc-shaped, and all kinds of abstract decorations with soft lines make people feel very comfortable
In the center of the hall, there is a top-penetrating cylinder with a diameter of about three meters. The whole white is as warm as jade, and there is nothing special here.
Seeing this cylinder, Song Chang-geng, after several losses, Jingxue made &1; Yuan Huiqiu’s already pale and haggard face finally showed a happy smile.
He knew that if he didn’t guess the cylinder wrong, it was the control center here. After more than a year of twists and turns, he finally found it, and his fate added a variable.
Close your eyes and calm yourself down. Song Changgeng walked slowly to the front of this column with a little uneasy feelings and turned around it twice. There was nothing special about it. The whole column was as warm as white jade from bottom to top, and there was no sign or prominent mark, which made him feel puzzled.
Song Chang Gung tried to put his hand on the cylinder, and suddenly a flash of brilliance flashed across the whole cylinder, which lit up like a tube lamp.
Song Chang-geng was able to draw back his hand and retreat three steps after the change of the cylinder, while the one in front of the cylinder and the life-size virtual light and shadow were projected.
This is a two-meter-high adult male. He is a fit and gorgeous gold armor with a faint halo covering his body, leaving a handsome face of Zhang Zhongnian people.
Even though it is a virtual image, Song Chang-geng can still feel a faint coercion from his body. This phenomenon is not really coercion, but actually his own psychology.
Just as he was thinking, the virtual image gave a deep voice, and the deep tone was cleverly reflected by the spacious hall, and the reverberation added mystery and coercion.
"Hello, welcome. No matter how or why you can find it here, just say that you and I are destined to help each other."
Help? Same to you?’ Song Chang-geng frowned and learned to improve himself &1; Blood nerve > help each other? What can I do to help it? Do I have that ability?
Ignore Song Chang Gung’s doubts that the virtual image of the adult man is still talking according to the established program, and he should be told.
"I come from the universe and have a very special way of writing on this planet to study and study it. After a long time, I finally understand the mode and principle of this writing.
At the same time, I also integrated it with my own writing mode, thanking and popularizing this strange writing mode. I made three things and left them in this world.
The three objects are divided into large, medium and small sizes, and their functions are different. This’ Silver Cicada Reef’ is a medium-sized object, which is made of mobile synthetic materials.
There are many new technologies and things in the’ Yinchan Reef’ that I have produced after the integration of this world language technology and my own language model. "
Aliens? ?’ Song Chang-geng felt his head rise. What is this and what is it? Because of passing &1; Yuan Huiqiu > Seeing his life after 300 years, after the baptism of knowledge in the 21st century.
Song Chang-geng is keen to see from this virtual image discourse that this guy is actually from an alien, and he has also learned the unique technology of the earth and combined it with his own text.
This is simply ah! It’s really a wonder in the world.’ Song Changgeng sighed in his heart that he never thought of improving and perfecting here &1; Blood nerve > is actually an alien
The virtual image has paused here, apparently to let people digest what they just said. After all, in his view, it is difficult for them to fully understand what they are saying. It is estimated that these wonderful indigenous people must have regarded themselves as’ extraterrestrial gods’.
Chapter V Equivalence Exchange
In fact, people who came here before his idea was correct, including the old man of the blood god in the stone shrine, regarded him as an "extraterrestrial god" with an alternative like Song Changgeng.
"That I ask you? Have your own wisdom? What you say now is not preset, is it? " Song Chang Gung tentatively asked
He accidentally saw this virtual image pause after saying this, and his face was a little impatient, a little excited and a little contemptuous. It is hard to say that it is a preset program.
"eh? What makes you think that? But it’s nothing if I didn’t tell you. I do have some intelligence because my master belongs to the universe. It’s very simple to make an intelligent program. "
This virtual image of the "man of heaven" was stunned by Song Chang Gung-geng, but he still did his duty and said his things simply and concisely, with nothing to hide.
Because at the beginning, the’ man of heaven’ didn’t expect to hide this information when setting these times, which is not a secret in his view.
In the alien "the man of heaven", it seems that although this planet’s literature is very special, at the end of the day, its literature level is even higher than its own.
However, they are still in a very ignorant state. The most important point is that the special literary mode here, that is, they call it the cultivation of immortals or the method of cultivation, has been separated from the intelligent subject.
The so-called intelligent subject is a literary knowledge or technical body of ordinary human beings in the universe. If it can’t be accepted by ordinary people and can’t take root, it will enter a fork in the road.
In view of this, the "man of heaven" denies that this information is worth keeping secret, and it is not white to tell them that these original people are the same. He didn’t expect that there would be such an alternative in Song Changgeng.
After explaining these, the virtual image of the "man of heaven" shows that he doesn’t want to continue to discuss this issue, and he will continue to talk whether he understands it or not.
"Although I said that I left a lot of new technologies and things in the’ Silver Cicada Reef’, I have produced new technologies and things after the integration of this world language technology and my own language model.
But if you want to get these technologies or make these things, you have to pay the corresponding price. After all, in my opinion, it is not the right development mode to get in or out. "Here, the image pauses."