"So you and hope are"

"Twin sisters; Enemy "
"How many years have you been enemies with her?"
"What is hate from her?" Yin Yingying told a series of secrets that surprised everyone. Four people looked at her without doubt.
[Revenge] 3 Once (two thousand words broadcast)
"You are twin sisters. Why would you make enemies?"
"She is my own sister who is 1 minute and 57 seconds older than me. She is a healthy baby, and I was born with a serious heart disease. We took me abroad for treatment on the second day of birth. Because we can take a person, we put my sister in foster care. My mother goes back to China to see my sister once every three years. When she was five years old, her mother and friend died because of difficulties, and she was taken back to the silver house. Although she ate well all day, I lived well, but I met my father five times in a year. When she and her mother met for the third time, the two of them had an accident. My mother died. She was abandoned by her father. After I got sick, I took my housekeeper back to China and tried to find out about her. I learned that she was taken away by the old lady of the Asian underworld at that time. My housekeeper and I came to Alcatraz. My wife was somewhat human and promised to give my sister back to me, but my sister insisted on leaving the past to make her hate. My wife has always attached great importance to my sister, and her talent is not comparable to that of ordinary people. Since the first day she joined the underworld, she has personally taught her sister marksmanship and martial arts. Because it is stipulated that one of the four girls can live last, but my wife is afraid that others will cheat and harm her sister, so she changed the rule to two of the four girls. She is worried that it is redundant. My sister killed everyone except Xuelin in the first scene. Xuelin is very lucky that her number is the last one. She escaped from her sister. "
Jin Chenluo, Han Yizhe and Leng Lingxuan all looked at Xue Liner in unison.
"She said it’s true that I’m more than I want to live because of this rule."
"My sister is an outstanding person. She should be the most accurate marksman. On the day of her victory, my wife arranged five big men to test her, and all of them were defeated. The next day, she gave her the position of the boss of the Asian underworld to her sister. After sitting in this position, many people didn’t think it was a good opportunity for rebellion. As a result, the department was shattered by her sister. They planned to say that her sister is now recognized as the boss of the Asian underworld."
"Then she doesn’t have many enemies?"
"What do you say? There must be, but at least few people in Asia dare to compete with her. Her biggest enemy should be me. "
"your identity"
"She is the boss of the European underworld." Everyone looked for the sound source and saw Yin Yunxi with a sniper rifle in his right hand. "Yin Yunying, have you said enough?"
"Let’s get it over with today." Yin Yunxi raised his gun at Yin Yun Ying.
"Hey!" Silver Yun Ying tackled Xue Liner and others, and the bullet penetrated a wine bottle.
"Let’s go!" Yin Yingying took their hands and rushed out of the bar at once.
"Give me chase!" Yin Yunxi chased a man out of the bar with a sniper rifle.
"You go quickly and I’ll cover." Yin Yingying turned to shoot against the wall from time to time.
"no! How can we lose you? "
"Trust me, my men are coming. Go!"
"Then take care of yourself." Four people immediately left the range.
"Boss, here we come." Silver Yun Ying appeared in the sight of Yin Yunxi. She gently snorted, pulled out a Grenade from her waist, pulled out the tab and threw it at Silver Yun Ying.
"Get down!" Yin Chunjin bowed her head and left her and a girl when the blasting was over.
"Boss, you go and I’ll cover."
"Let’s go! This is an order! "
Two people hand in hand and ran back side by side.
"Never let them go! Chase me! " Silver allow and make a determined effort to say
"Yin Yingying, you can’t escape. Go to hell!" Silver Yun took the sniper rifle and pulled the trigger, but it was blocked by the person next to Silver Yun Ying.
“d! Ok, don’t chase it. It’s time to go back now. "