The man still stood with his back to the entrance and looked at the yellow-rimmed dragon robe in the corridor of Jingshilou.

She was out of the "emperor" first in case she was swept by a palm wind like this.
Brush her robe and kneel. She bows down.
The man turned slowly.
After the ceremony, she looked up and looked at him. Her eyes were relatively instantaneous, and she was still shivered by the chill in his eyes.
"What do you want from me again?"
He asked in a cold voice without any emotion.
When did it become possible for them to meet at night? Did she beg him?
If there is any important news before, won’t she come here secretly to find him and tell him?
Although this time she did come to beg him again
After a moment of silence, she nodded and said, "I dare to ask the emperor to let Qiaodai go at night!"
"Qiao Dai?"
Obviously, the man was surprised and didn’t expect her to ask for it.
"It’s Qiaodai"
Nod at night and speak with certainty
The man looked at her in disbelief.
"I didn’t know until recently that she had saved her life overnight."
"Qiao Dai told you?" The man’s eyebrows are slightly closed and his face is cold.
It seems that he also knows that she went to the prison to see Qiaodai.
Night away denied that "it wasn’t Qiao Dai who didn’t say anything, but I found it myself"
The man was silent for a moment.
Night away didn’t look up at him, and I don’t know if he believed it or not.
I was just about to tell the details of saving my life in advance, but I heard the man say, "Just because she once saved your life, you have to ignore the king’s law and let me tolerate the traitor?"
"But she’s not a traitor. It’s clear to the emperor!" At night, lift your eyes and look at the man
The man was dazed
"Even if she’s not a rape, things have come to this point and she has tried to save it."
"Is it true that the land of the king in Putian leads to the land of the land? Is it true that the princes want the emperor to want it and what is the power to save it?"
The man interrupted him when he left at night before he finished talking.
She smiled when she saw the man’s eyes flashing.
Seeing that he smiled speciously and coldly like cool thin, she thought she might have guessed what he would say next.
I don’t want to.
Is that right?
That’s how he answered her once.
Unexpectedly, not this time.
The man looked at her and shook his head with a chuckle. "Don’t you feel strange at night?" First, I didn’t push Qiao Dai out; Second, Qiao Dai is the scapegoat for you; You, in turn, begged me to let her go. "
Night away from face slightly sluggish sluggish didn’t say anything.
She also knows that she is strange, but she can’t help it
Qiao Dai is a phoenix shadow ink, which can’t be blamed on him. He is good for her, and he doesn’t know these things.
She can’t let Feng Ying Mo think of a way to get Qiao Dai out again.
In this situation, people can’t have a way to kill the emperor except in control of heaven and life.
"Is it too greedy to leave you at night?"
The setting sun is setting all over the building, and red men are staring at her in the afterglow of the setting sun and never let her get up.
"While you are doing the scenery for the night spirit to marry Feng Ying Mo, the hostess of Fengfu enjoys the man’s love for women, and at the same time, she is doing the first day in the ring workshop. The owner of Fangfang enjoys the world’s worship of senior officials. Now you have successfully stepped on others’ shoulders and tried to save the person you stepped on. Do you want to be safe and gain her loyalty and gratitude at the same time?"
The man pressed his chest slightly up and down.
Night away some unbelievable to see him was shocked by his words.
He is angry, she knows that he is angry, and she knows that.
She didn’t know that she was such a person in his eyes.
Seeing her gaze at him without saying a word, he laughed coldly. "What? Am I wrong? I really underestimated you when I left you at night. Do you know that I kept the night spirit prisoner just to let the night spirit come out of Fengfu, and you, a good sister who keeps saying that night spirit, should not cooperate with me to find a way to get the night spirit out of these troubles and live a peaceful life as before? And what did you do? "
The man gritted his teeth at night and the centrifugal mouth trembled.
"You don’t care if you are still grounded, and you will be found to be in danger at any time. You have to return to Fengfu as a night spirit and deliberately not return to Jiefang to let people find that the night is missing and let people find that dark tunnel. Don’t you just want to kill two birds with one stone? Not only firmly kept the hostess status of Fengfu, but also demonstrated to me to force me to release the night spirit. "
Night away from shocked to listen to has not been out.
It turned out that this man had been found missing at night, and the secret passage was found on purpose, but she deliberately demonstrated to him.
No wonder he didn’t even want to investigate that day, so he wanted to directly decide the crime of "absconding at night for fear of sin"
"Whether the emperor believes it or not, it was an accident."
She doesn’t want to explain either.
But she really wants to save Qiaodai.
"I don’t know how to do the night away from the emperor will put QiaoDai? I want the emperor Rao Qiaodai to leave at night to ensure that Qiaodai will leave and never appear again. "

Yang Yan a stare blankly way "alas! I can’t help being angry. "

Zong Xuan said, "You are not so angry that you have to die here today."
Yang Yandao: "You have such a good eye. You must have come from a contemporary expert family. If this is the case, you will die in our hands." Have you sworn not to fight? "
Luckily, she actually came up with such a reason and smiled and said, "This scene involves too much. I’m afraid I don’t have much words."
When appropriate, step back and say, "In that case, brother will return you to Li Xiong."
Li Kun frowned. "I’ve given him to Brother Feng. If you give it back to me? Please handle it in the end! "
Of course, he doesn’t want to carry the crime of harming Zong Xuan alone. It is said that everyone wants to hand Zong Xuan over to others, and Zong Xuan has shown great vitality in this contradictory situation.
He exulted in his heart, hurriedly benefiting from this favorable situation. "Since you are all very polite and don’t want to start work, I might as well tell you a secret …"
Those people don’t know what to do, but they look at Zong Xuan and say, "That is, my life is in danger, and it’s the same ending whether you move or not."
Yan Yang said "No wonder you are not afraid of death".
Zong Xuan knows that it is effective to deal with her. When his eyes stare, he is very rude. "Nonsense! Even if I don’t, I’ve never been afraid of death. "
Yan Yang felt angry in his words and felt great guilt. "I’m sorry! That’s my gaffe. "
Zongxuan proudly smiled. "I wouldn’t be surprised if you just let me go a few times if I wasn’t poisoned and could resist."
Li Kun nu way "shut up! Bragging has to have a score. You? ? Straight boastful "ZongXuan coldly before always looked at the rest of the people one by one and said," Are there any angry people? "
Hum a "Count me in" when it comes to time.
Middle-aged Taoist priests also said, "I have never witnessed the magic of the pavilion."
Have Yan Yang silent ZongXuan studied her this kind of reaction, and then said, "It’s natural that you can’t be angry. If you are not afraid of delay, I will try to teach you a lesson."
Every wild goose first ha ha laughs "good! Ok! At this point, the brothers can still get it out. "
He cast a glance at the middle-aged road flyover and added, "What did the Taoist priest say? Ah! I also forgot to ask the law number? "
Middle-aged Taoist replied, "Lou Jishi, who is original, talks about everything. If you can miss the opportunity?"
Li Kun said, "Zongxuan, I will learn from you first."
ZongXuan way "make! However, my eyes are so poisoned that I can’t start work and change the method instead of shooting, but I believe you won’t be angry. "He deliberately said it was poisoning, and there is a lot in it.
Li Kun said, "What can you do instead?"
Zong Xuan said, "There are not only methods, but also more than two methods. The first method is to ask Miss Yang to act on my behalf. The second method is that I verbally shout out the names of tricks to defeat the enemy."
He glanced at each other and added, "As far as the Pavilion Five Tiger Soul-Breaking Knife is concerned, it’s thirty strokes at most and you have to lie down."
His voice, attitude and speech are getting more and more arrogant, even if he is angry in his heart, he has to fight.
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Li Kun’s long knife swung. "I shouldn’t let others do it for you!" Since you say it, so be it! "
Zong Xuan said, "There are sixty-three Five Tiger Soul-Breaking Knives in hand. Needless to say, when it reaches the twentieth move, I will make a move to" storm the clouds ".You should make a move to" cross the forest and cross the ridge "! At this time, my sword turned into a "white crane with bright wings", but I stretched my feet half a foot ahead just in time to attack from your right side and go back to the key point. "
His words came to an abrupt end, and Li Kun’s face suddenly became like a blank sheet of paper. Regardless of whether the other party could make that move when he started, at least three conditions were correct, which made him shocked.
First, he said more than 20 tricks, which is the most appropriate time to make his trick "crossing the forest" show flaws.
The second point is that this trick "crossing the forest and crossing the mountains" is a big weakness in his art of using saber, which is naturally well known by Li Kun. The third point is that the other party’s choice of counterattack is actually a very ordinary trick, but everyone knows it, but he has been immersed in it for many years and doesn’t know it yet. Now it is fatal to be hit home by him. If you can’t figure out a remedy, you will never be able to be a first-class master Lin.
Zongxuan gave a way to "change one"
When it comes to time, it’s like saying a few steps before. "Let’s just do what you think?"
Zong Xuan said, "Of course, you are most afraid of finger separation in terms of the martial arts of the Tin Seal Gate. Because of your" wind-catching footwork ",you are good at flashing back, and you pay attention to the fact that the tip of the enemy’s sword passes by without saying that you will be in danger of being defeated anytime and anywhere."
When responding, he said noncommittally, "There are only a few people who can point to the world. Aren’t you talking in vain?"
Zong Xuan said coldly, "So you forced me to say an alternative fingering method in public, didn’t you?"
I really didn’t dare to answer immediately when I met the situation. I finally didn’t dare to take this big risk because the other party may be bragging and intimidating, but if the other party really said something like this, wouldn’t his fantasy "catching the wind" lose its value from now on? Rao is Zong Xuan who hasn’t said the substitution method yet, but just revealing this secret has given birth to a sense of being overwhelmed when it comes to time.
He sighed and said, "Brother Zong really has ordinary people’s talents. It takes only a few words to win the battle with his brother Pei!"
Zong Xuan waved his hand and said, "Change one."
At this time, it is naturally the turn of Lou Jishi, the Yinshan Sword Sect. Everyone’s eyes turned to him, but seeing this middle-aged Taoist sword standing upright, he neither spoke nor moved forward.
ZongXuan face upwards a moreover way "Lou long I have guessed your mind but you want to wording forced me to personally array? If I can’t do it, will you try this game? "

The opponent in the 29th round is Mallorca Mallorca, who is currently ranked 13th in the league.

And Real Madrid played Zaragoza at home and away from Athletic Bilbao in these two rounds, especially in the 29th round of this league, the Basque team away from Athletic Bilbao was very difficult to play.
Changsheng is not really worried about the league, even if he capsized in the gutter in these two rounds, there is nothing to worry about.
Because of the pressure from Real Madrid, it is not much less than Valencia.
They are also faced with the contradiction between the League and the Champions League.
If the winning estimate is correct, Real Madrid should have physical problems by now, and Queiroz should have noticed it.
In this way, he must choose the main attack and give up the other side.
Give up the Champions League or the National League?
I believe Queiroz has been troubled for a while.
Even if Valencia lose two games now, Real Madrid will collapse due to physical fitness sooner or later.
That’s not because Valencia has put pressure on them, but simply because they can’t keep up with the superstars. They can’t even run on the court. How can they compete with other peak-to-peak teams?
In the last five rounds of the league, there is no need for the opponents of Real Madrid to die against Real Madrid. Barcelona has a special interest in playing Real Madrid. La Coruna has relegation and dares to go against the sky. Murcia also has to ensure relegation to the royal society.
These are not the pressures brought by Valencia, are they?
So even if Real Madrid leads Valencia by then, I’m afraid they won’t get good results.
It is because I am familiar with the future trend that I have the confidence to make a choice to give up the league temporarily, and it is not necessarily to give up, but I don’t pay so much attention to the normal attitude and still play how I usually play.
On March 13th, the 20th round of the League kicked off. The first game was Real Madrid vs Zaragoza at home.
After 90 minutes of fierce fighting, Real Madrid won 21 at home.
The Valencia game is the last game of the round of the league, and they are head-to-head with Real Madrid.
Valencia beat Certa 2 away.
Both sides won the ball, and the gap in points still didn’t pull.
The next two teams will have a direct dialogue in the middle of the week.
Valencia vs Real Madrid in the King’s Cup Final at Camp Nou.
This is a strong dialogue.
Real Madrid wants revenge and Valencia?
Their goal is bigger, and it may scare people to death-they are going to hit the triple crown!
"Did I tell you this before?" Before the game against Real Madrid, Chang Sheng said to his players, "But I’ll just say it again here-what is our goal for the season?" Maybe some people will think it’s the league champion? Not bad, our goal is not only the league title, but also the Champions League and the King’s Cup! It’s the triple crown! "
The Valencia players were scared to death when they heard Chang Sheng say this. They just looked at Chang Sheng.
Not only they but also the coaches next to them froze.
Triple crown?
Elias Dominique, a physical fitness coach from Germany, touched Rudy Gonzalez and asked him, "How many trebles have there been in Spanish football history?"
Rudy Gonzalez shook his head. "None …"
Everyone just looked at winning.
"This guy has a big heart!" Rudy Gonzalez finally sighed.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine Bring them down
Triple crown is a very ambitious goal. Before that, no team in Spanish football could win triple crown.
And the most important thing is that now it is a Champions League, and the other two champions are within reach.
This makes Valencia players feel that it is possible, so they are also motivated to do it in training.
However, the outside world does not know what Valencia is trying to achieve.
When the outside media are still speculating about the final of the King’s Cup, Valencia players are thinking, "We are not just a King’s Cup, our goal is to win the triple crown!"
They feel very proud, very proud
As if they had a great secret.
In this way, the King’s Cup final came.
"It is not the first time that Valencia and Real Madrid have met in the final of the King’s Cup. The Bernabeu battle two seasons ago was particularly memorable. What will be the result this time?"
Before the game, the commentator was guessing what the next game would be like.
For Real Madrid, this is their chance for revenge.
But Chang Sheng thinks more.
He felt that it was an act of god to meet Real Madrid in the final of the King’s Cup.
He can squeeze real Madrid’s physical strength in this king’s cup final and squeeze their last physical strength!
Let Real Madrid come before the crash!
So Valencia did not send the main force in this game, but chose eleven players with the best physical fitness, and they formed the starting lineup of this game.
This game always wins by offering a mad dog. The tactics are different from the general mad dog tactics.
In the dressing room before the game, Chang Sheng decided the tactical focus of the game with his players for the last time.
"Run and run! Run fast and fast! Remember not to let the football stop, don’t let yourselves stop! "

Summer flowers took the silver ticket and turned to go. The boss said in a hurry, "Little Niang, you should follow us to the other side."

Xia Hua turned her head and smiled coldly. "Who said anything about going with you?"
"Hey, you little girl won’t come with me when she gets my money. This is robbery!" The boss’s face has some anger.
"What if I just robbed you?" Summer flowers still sneer.
"Boss, don’t talk to this little girl. She is the hard way."
Eldest brother seems to be a little reluctant to tie a rope to Xia Hua and glanced at Xia Hua Dao "Xiao Niang, I’ll give you one last chance. Will you come with me or not? Don’t make me get rough, uncle. I’ve always been very passionate. "
Xia Hua’s feet moved slightly, and the boss felt a sharp pain between the eyebrows. I don’t know what hit him. One or two eyes turned "flop" and he fell to the ground and splashed dust.
When the other men in black look at the boss inexplicably falling down and look at the summer flowers again, they suddenly have a sense of fear. This is a very beautiful and very weak little girl. Why do you look a little gloomy like a terrible ghost?
"Brothers, don’t be afraid to catch this little girl’s glistening for five hundred and twenty silver." Someone shouted.
As soon as those people heard the five hundred and twenty pieces of silver, they got up the courage to attack the summer flowers together. Those people didn’t even see the little girl move.
What’s the feeling of Niang? Suddenly, sand and stones are flying, and they feel that they are hurt by something all over.
A man shouted "ghost-"and ran away clutching his ass.
Others are even more afraid when they hear this, and even dare not look at the summer flowers one by one. They have not run away yet, and a stone has hit them, one by one.
It doesn’t take a cup of tea for the boss to turn around. The man in black has been tied by Xia Hua to a ruined temple on the side of the road. The man in black looks at Xia Hua and her eyes, which seem to know the world. His face is appalled.
The little girl looked at her beautiful eyes with a terrible chill, though she was weak, and said, "You … What do you want to do?"
"Who told you to come?" A cold drink of summer flowers
"Little Niang feed dry we have this line of rules must not betray the mistress, please give me a break."
"Don’t say cut off your tongue." Summer flowers touched a swinging dagger and waved it in front of the boss.
"Grandmother, I called you Grandmother. I really can’t say that you can give me a break. I am ten years old …"
"You have a ten-year-old mother and a three-year-old baby?" Xia Hua took the words.
The boss suddenly choked, and Xia Hua patiently put the dagger in his hand and smiled coldly. "Do you think I should dig your eyes first or cut your tongue first?"
"Tell me about it. Tell me about it." The boss was scared out of his wits and hurriedly said, "It’s Li Tianyou, the gentleman of the Li family in Qingshui Town."
"So it’s him," Xia Huawei nodded and asked, "Did he ask you to tie me up everywhere?"
"Just … just in a small village not far from here … Zhuang …"
"How to get there?"
"Go east for less than a mile and you will see a small … hillside, and then there is a village …" The boss swallowed a mouthful of water.
Summer flowers turn cold and disappear into the night.
It didn’t take a moment for her to see a small village, and the lights inside were slightly visible through the window.
A man in black stumbled and ran in. It was the fish that got through the net. He shouted, "Master Li, that little girl …"
"Did you bring that little girl?" Li Tianyou sound slightly with excitement.
"Take … take a fart" men in black panting "that little girl turned out to be a ghost … ghost …"
"Bullshit. How can a girl be a ghost?" Li Tianyou folded a drink.
"If she wasn’t a ghost, where did she get the strength to beat us out of the water together? Now the boss and all the brothers are still in her hand, and even the skin will be peeled off for her." The black dress person trembled and said.
"Xiaoyou, what girl is not a girl?" Summer flowers heard a heavy sound again.
Li Tianyou some didn’t good the spirit way "which girl is not the sixth brother during the day you value that girl!"
"Nonsense!" Step by step, the sound is cold and heavy.
"Brother Liu, I just want to catch that girl to make you * * * * It’s just a little girl. I didn’t know she was so powerful!" Say that finish Li Tianyou walked to the front of the black dress person kicked him hard, "nothing to roll-"
The man rolled and crawled away.
"It’s just that you’re fooling around on weekdays, but now you don’t even have any sense of proportion, so you’re not allowed to hit that girl again."
"Brother Liu, you just like that girl. Why don’t you get it?" Then he slapped himself in the mouth and was very angry. "It’s all my fault for underestimating the little girl. I thought she was a woman hunting nature. Some kung fu institutes just sent someone to catch her, but I didn’t even catch a hair."
"That’s enough!" The colder it gets, the colder it gets. "Don’t you touch her again!"
Li Tianyou’s depressed face mumbled something, and the more he didn’t talk, the more angry he left.
Xia Hua wanted to teach that Li Tianyou a lesson. She thought that the man really hurt her. It was worse for her to do more than one thing. Besides, she was too lazy to care about such a mentally ill person and left quietly.
When she left, she didn’t know that she had sent someone to sneak into her house in the dark. She wanted to send a master to find out the summer flowers in the dark, and she didn’t want this small family in this small rural area to hide a peerless master. Everyone he sent was poisoned, and one man came back with a hard support and reported the situation. Everyone else died on the road.
His trip is a step-by-step trip. Now the emperor doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead, but he has been missing for half a year. Recently, it has been reported to the capital that step-by-step trip is in Baitou Village, which is absolutely bad news for both the emperor who is bent on winning the throne and the tenth emperor’s brother. No matter who wants to fight for the throne, they must solve the step-by-step trip trip.
Although BuLiXi is a fool now, it’s hard to guarantee that one day this fool will wake up and avoid future trouble forever. He came here in person to help ten brothers BuQianHe solve the scourge of BuLiXi.

When everyone heard it, they immediately reacted from the loss. A Ding Yi was also surprised. "The attic was banned before we broke it. I think he should still be outside, but why hasn’t he come out at this time?"

Then he turned to Daoshuang and said, "Daoyou, why don’t you give him a message to ask about the situation?"
Tao Shuang also frowned slightly and didn’t say much. He took out a token and said a few words in it. Then he made a tactic to see the token flash, and then he put it away.
But they waited for a while and saw that other monks had come here in succession, but they still didn’t receive Yang Xiu’s reply.
The people knew that something was wrong and looked at each other and saw indecision in each other’s eyes.
In the end, he said in a file like a molar, "We will be suspicious here and simply hit that array to see what is going on and it is not clear at a glance."
All smell speech nodded in succession, and the figure flashed and flew to the white fog magic array.
I didn’t get here until Ji Jin and others were a little shocked to see this four-story attic, which is completely different from other places.
Finally, listening to Lin Pei and others probably explained a thug, which clarified some of the ins and outs a little.
After listening to Ji Jin, I couldn’t help thinking when I looked at the send-off in the room.
Just then, before he could figure it out, he suddenly heard a noise.
"Ah, there’s no one inside!" A monk exclaimed that it was Nanling who sent Shen Fang.
"Then where will he go? We saw him enter this magic array and then he didn’t come out. "Qingyang Gong Tong Xin long wondered.
"This is about to ask yourself! After all, you were together just now. Why are you here intact and Yang Daoyou is missing? "
This person’s tone is a bit got, but the implication is that everyone can hear it, but the spearhead is directed at the friar, such as filed Sichuan and Jia Ding Yi.
When’ tis once spoken, there were many later monks looking at Tongxin Taoist and others with strange eyes.
There are also some monks who are jealous of the presence of Taoist Tong Xin and others in this attic. They also like to watch the fun. They don’t believe that there will be anything in this attic. Since you eat alone, you deserve it!
"What do you mean, do you suspect that we murdered him?" Sad long immediately flushed to the got master Shirley asked.
File Sichuan shrugged several other people heard Tong Xin long say this, and suddenly his heart was dark calling a bad thing. Since the other party didn’t say that he didn’t say this without being pressed, he was suspected!
But the words have been spoken, but they have come and gone.
They also don’t blame Tong Xin Taoist priest. After all, it can be said that it is better to be a passer-by now or to be consistent with foreign countries.
So looking at TongYi eyes suddenly some bad.
Although they had this plan at first, haven’t they done it yet, and there is nothing in the room, so there is no need for it, so others have to make irresponsible remarks
Known as Brother Tongyi, he is also wearing a Taoist robe and holding a dust, and he is dressed as a brother of Qingyang Palace.
However, his figure is a little thin and his face is a little dark, so he looks less like a sage.
I don’t know if he’s nervous or afraid to see these people’s cold eyes, but he’s still a so-called kind of scruples
"I didn’t say anything. I just asked Yang Daoyou where he was, and I don’t know how you thought of my words in this respect."
Then he sighed and shook his head, which provoked Tong Xin Dao and others to abandon tendons and skyrocket.
"Has he stepped into the attic before you?" Some people see the sad Taoist priest and others become angry from embarrassment and worry about the conflict, and immediately help to file "and others to change the subject."
"No, when we came in, we didn’t hit the root." A Ding Yi shook his head.
"Could it be because he was accidentally banned by red light outside the attic?
Together, they broke the white fog magic array, and now there is nothing in it. Suddenly, they are suspicious of various possible reasons
But whether it’s been here all the time, such as filing in Sichuan and others or coming here later, the monks can’t say a word.
""Japanese discussion sounds are divided into three types. Of course, one is doubting filed Sichuan and others, the other is supporting, and the other is holding a lively mood. It seems that I can’t wait to light another fire in the face.
"all right"
Ji Jin saw that the people were more and more worried about the impact, and the joint could not help but interrupt the discussion and sink a way.
"Yang Slim has a teleprompter. If there is any accident, I will feel it, but now there is nothing. Now I think he should be in an independent place, so he can’t receive the information we gave him."
A Ding Yi couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when she heard that Ji Jin said this. Although he also knew that some monks in various sects were not right with each other, he didn’t think it would be like this until the end of their struggle with other sects.
Then Ji Jin said, "Is that he has gone to the second floor? Then how did he get in? Moreover, to enter the second floor, the escort must be repaired in the Yuan infant period, otherwise it will be crushed to pieces by the pressure generated by the escort! "
Ji Juan said lightly, "I don’t know how he got in, but I know he has a token to send, so it’s not difficult to go."
"What? Did he send a token? It won’t be difficult to get in. Everyone can’t tell whether it’s envy or other complicated and inexplicable online quarrels, and they are temporarily put behind them.
Ji can see everyone’s expression, but it’s not a taste in her heart. But he sold the token to the other party. I didn’t expect to send a word of regret here!
But feeling the magic weapon in the body is balanced. If it weren’t for those Lingshi, there would be no it!
When he saw that he had successfully diverted the attention of all people, he immediately felt relieved that he was distracted again.
"Now, let’s go to find things separately. There are so many attics here, and even we have to delay here for a day or two to explore all the attics. Then Yang Xiu should come out.
"And there’s an alchemist’s room in it, not to mention those who are constantly refining Ding Lu, even if they get one or two dragon Dan, it’s not a waste to come here."
Say that finish no longer ignore the people to the attic behind him and fly to another room.
Yang Xiu visited several caves, and now each one is an excellent training place with abundant aura.
See the caves with their own vast heaven and earth, what training room, alchemy room, medicine training circle, everything, I think it’s the ancient monk’s training place.
But what makes him depressed is that after searching for it, all these immortals are clean now, and there is no trace of magic pills and herbs. Obviously, when they left, the monks left everything empty, and Yang Xiu hated it.
He really doesn’t believe in this evil, even if he dials a catty of caves from door to door to find him, he must find something.
It is impossible for this fairy to have nothing.
Yang Bei wants to move his body in a cave.
At the same time, with a wave of his sleeve, he immediately let the ghost king out and ordered the ghost to find out outside.
I want to connect with the gods, even if there is any danger outside, it should not be an accident.
And to say the least, it can also lead to the potential danger here, and it can’t let go of anything sneaking around here.
The ghost flashed and didn’t immediately reflect what it saw to the ghost king, and then the ghost king reflected it to Yang Xiu, which was not much different from what he saw with his own eyes
This look is terrible.
The ghost is not tied behind his back like he came in through the net.
Seeing that it haunts Wan Li in an instant, the situation in this fairyland is suddenly grasped by him.
After some exploration, it is found that there is nothing particularly dangerous in the fairyland. A monster beast is the worst, which is equivalent to the initial repair of Jiedan.
The mountains are continuous, and this area is three or four thousand miles wide. Walking out, it is a thick, opaque, dense white fog like a mire.
Ke Bai is as thick as the clouds are bottomless, and there are lights and thunder flashing, evil winds and ghosts looming. Even before the ghost is close, it feels like it is banned by something. It is so scared that it hurriedly runs out and dares not to test again, which makes people feel very scared.
Seeing the white fog around him made him more sure. This is similar to his dry hand, but it is different.
Moreover, I don’t know how many years it has been exhibited. Compared with Gankun’s hand, it is a dead one.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Cave
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Cave
Look at the vast, towering, strange rocks, towering peaks, towering ancient trees and thorns.
Mountains and mountains are connected, and there are countless deep pools and valleys. into the badlands is a small world like a flood.

That night three years ago, she was hiding in a wooden box in the same way, so frightened, so helpful and eager for someone to save her.

"Are you going to assassinate Prime Minister Shen?" She lifted her eyes and asked the woman.
This time, the woman didn’t answer.
It’s not necessary to bend your lips when you leave at night.
Who in this world has no secrets and who has no difficulties?
If you don’t want to talk, she won’t ask.
After the update ~ ~ Thank you for your kindness and understanding. Love you? [8] Beauty has an appointment.
It was completely dark when I arrived at the Penglai Inn on my way.
The inn is big, brightly lit and luxuriously decorated. It should be the largest and best inn nearby.
As soon as the carriage stopped, a small two greeted him.
Light prancing horse, phoenix, shadow and ink put the reins in Xiao er’s hand, and waited for the night to leave in Futian to help the carriage, and he saw that his robe had already stepped into the gate.
Where will she, Fukuda and the coachman go and see him?
Night left for Futian to make a reservation and was told that a phoenix had just made a reservation for three
Not only that, but also ordered food for them to find a table and wait for a while first.
The lobby on the first floor of the inn is a special meal, which is in the dead of winter. At this time, the meal has passed and there are few people.
"Why don’t the landlord go back to his room first, and Fukuda will send the food to the landlord later?"
Night from naturally know Fukuda is read her wound looked around and found a window position light way "I’m fine".
I think she didn’t get a grain of rice all day, so she was very hungry. Fukuda didn’t say anything anymore. She took a soft robe from her carry-on parcel, folded it and sat on the stool at night.
When the dishes are almost ready, the phoenix shadow ink comes
At this time, his shoulder coat has been taken off, and he is wearing a white robe that wins the snow. Walking in a bright light instantly attracts a lot of attention.
Futian hurriedly moved the stool.
Phoenix shadow ink did not sit down, but ordered Bian Xiaoer to prepare some dining tables and send them to the backyard.
"Night adults wait!"
With a slightly narrow eye, the man glanced at the bench at night, smiled and reached out gracefully, made a "please" and immediately turned to leave.
It is understandable to leave at night without paying attention to the beautiful woman’s appointment. Is it in the backyard in this cold weather?
Must be don’t have a taste.
"Let’s eat." At night, I held bamboo chopsticks to signal that I would stand by Futian and the coachman.
The two men looked at each other before they sat down and suddenly smelled an exclamation, "Ah!"
Several people looked around.
Arch seems to be a person hit the phoenix shadow ink body.
Flint saw white like snow and a flash of phoenix shadow ink easily evaded, and at the same time, he stretched out his hand and pulled the other person’s shoulder baggage, and he pulled back the person who was about to throw himself on the ground at an amazing speed.
Fortunately, it was thrilling.
"Is the girl all right?"
"Nothing, thank you!" Female flower pale quiver shook his head obviously frighten not light.
And this night away finally saw the female face suddenly get up from her seat, "Qiao Dai!" "
This chapter may be a little confusing, but it will be white in the day.
Thank you [341895] [33131] [15869687] for kissing flowers ~ Thank you [ngsy] for kissing monthly tickets ~ I love you so much [9] since childhood.
The woman turned her head in disbelief.
Phoenix shadow ink also follow the night away.
Aly?’ The woman looked at the night departure as if she didn’t believe her eyes and feet. She stepped forward and said with surprise, "It’s really you!"
"Of course it’s me!" It’s very rare to leave at night. I smiled and looked at her again. "Why are you here?"
The woman’s face darkened in an instant. "It’s a long story. I’m here to take refuge in relatives …"
"Sit down and speak slowly!" Night away motioned Fukuda to move a stool for the woman.
The Xiang Feng Ying Mo withdrew her deep eyes and told Bian Xiaoer, "Go and hurry up the food and drinks!" " He turned into the arch.
It’s been half an hour since I had a dinner with Qiaodai at night.
Help Qiao Dai to book another wing, and several people will lead them to their respective places in Xiao Er.
The inn is also very clear that the eating place, the pinching place and the accommodation place are separated.
A group of people walked in the lantern-hung corridor at night and found that there were many officers and soldiers patrolling outside a VIP building. I think Prime Minister Shen Meng lived in that building.
Walking through the promenade and the waterside pavilion at night, you can see a couple sitting in the hexagonal pavilion, having a good time.
Men with black hair and white clothes are more beautiful than women with pink clothes and skirts.
It is Phoenix Shadow Ink and Shen Yan Snow.
Outside the pavilion, there are snowy lanterns, and the charcoal stove at the feet of the two people is burning brightly, splashing a little spark from time to time.
No wonder it’s not cold.
Can the beauty of talent and beauty be destroyed? When I left at night, I didn’t see that I followed Xiao Er through the pavilion and went straight ahead.
If he doesn’t say hello, others dare not say hello.
"Night Lord!" Someone saw her.
Night away had to stop and turn around to signal that "Feng’s adult" finally nodded slightly to the edge beauty "Miss Shen".
The beauty nodded with a smile as a reply.
I was just about to leave at night when I heard the man’s low-alcohol stereo say "acquaintance?"
At night, I was dazed. He asked if it was Qiaodai’s side who moved slightly and answered "fellow countryman".
"Hometown?" The man chuckled and asked, "childhood friends?"
I talked to a big man at night, which is also …
Deliberately silent