The shock wave surged, and the white master reappeared to show the immortal temple, Shanhai Seal, to protect himself, but he was still knocked back thousands of feet and vomited blood again in front of everyone.

This is like seeing a ghost. He was injured by someone’s own moves?
Even he had to admit that this sword was not exactly the same, but it was stronger in some aspects.
For example … Speed!
This is the powerful place of Qin Changfeng’s yellow armor after he touched the ultimate meaning of assimilation of this death.
In addition to the enemy’s defense, the Lord god armor of the virtual king’s sky can also limit the force of linking the sky to make the virtual king in the armor almost immortal.
Qin Changfeng’s yellow armor doesn’t have this kind of terror recovery ability, but it can darken the magical power of Daofa, which has been penetrated into armor, like transforming creatures into dark creatures, and finally re-type it through the way of flowers blooming on the other side!
Yan’s transformation ability is still limited because he has not yet mastered this ultimate meaning, and there are many shackles.
But it is foreseeable that in the future, when his mastery of the law of death reaches the level of virtual king to virtual law, he may not be able to achieve perfect transformation!
The whole world was silent, and no one could have imagined that the Great Devil had such a heavenly means.
This is a counterattack against the fairy method. If it can be put to use, who can compete with it?
Dead robbery!
While the white fairy Lord was absent for a short time, Qin Changfeng blew blood again through the void.
A drop of black blood flies out of the fairy-chasing charm and has a rapid speed, which makes the white fairy master look pale and seem unwilling to be touched.
The horror of black blood presenting the blood robbery seal is that after it contains the meaning of death, it can still control the blood storm outside the body, but now there are more dark erosion and forced transformation of terrible power.
This assimilation is far from ordinary dark forces, and the erosion after entering the body is more overbearing than it, and it is extremely incomplete to wipe out the target Yuan God, so that he can directly grasp the darkened flesh!
And still inherited the characteristics that the power of blood robbery marks doubles every second.
Once it is exposed by this dark blood, it will be twice as dangerous to live as Qin Changfeng’s puppet for every second.
Qin Changfeng didn’t want to slay this young fairy from the fairy land in the first world war, because he wanted this fairy body to have … once promised to find a body in the real world for the mysterious man transformed by a wisp of residual soul of the fairy monk king, but in front of him, this white fairy theory is perfect in every way.
Therefore, he didn’t call Xiao Mo to bury the tomb tower without warning, but tried to suppress it by himself.
It is naturally the best choice to commit blood robbery in battle, which has the limited possibility skill.
The white fairy Lord has just been shot back ten feet by Qin Changfeng, and he almost walked in front of the robbed ghost. Why don’t you feel concerned?
However, it is a little strange that he is somewhat complacent in his fright as if everything is under control …
"I have been waiting for you for a long time. Although the avatar is strong, do you know what the fairy realm is?"
He quietly whispered and suddenly changed his attitude from black blood to the body, but then Ruo Xu’s magic fairy temple above his head changed into a light and shadow again. At that moment, he slowly merged with himself, and an ancient and faint breath suddenly spread.
Then he really looked afraid and stepped back out of the place, leaving an almost identical light and shadow of himself, and Qin Changfeng’s blood robbery seal actually left a light and shadow body.
"Fairy Hall Method Time Curse!"
Light and shadow fly forward, which is different from Qin Changfeng’s. It’s not speed, but …!
It may have flown for more than a dozen breaths, but the outside world just passed for a moment, so Qin Changfeng appeared, even if it was faster, it was difficult to react and was directly hit by light and shadow.
This means that a fairy spell is added to the body! !
"Time curse is limited to reciprocating. You can end the cycle in your avatar …"
The indifferent whisper of the Lord in white reveals the horror of this immortal spell.
Limited circulation!
At this time, Qin Changfeng was horrified to find himself caught in a terrible trap. It didn’t always go back to the past, which made him go back to his childhood, and it didn’t always go to the future quickly, which made him rapidly aging, but several breaths flashed back and forth.
This instant is when he used blood to rob the seal.
So he didn’t end up in this trap and the target was still himself … The light and shadow from the white fairy Lord contained the blood seal, which made him incredibly able to shine the seal on himself when he crossed strangely!
Although the blood robbery seal can’t suddenly kill himself, the body will return to the past in every cycle, but there is a terrorist crisis in it … Although the body circulates in the middle, but only he has no memory, that is to say, his understanding of Taoism will not be erased by time.
So ….. As he repeatedly displays his mastery of this magical power, his skill becomes more and more powerful. One day, he will die and rob the seal and shine instantly!
In fact, there are only a handful of times to cast this magic spell, but almost all the targets of the previous magic spell have disappeared.
Although this kind of fairy method is suspected of helping the enemy cultivate magical powers, the problem is that the stronger your magical powers are, the faster you will die. If you really want to have this kind of harvest, you have to live first!
But this is a fairy spell. Is it so easy to understand?
The white fairy master is absolutely confident that he dares to display his nature. He once made an offer to a fairy. In the end, if he didn’t take the initiative to untie the curse, the result of this fairy might not be very good.
This time mantra is to create a cage for branching the long river of independent time. Qin Changfeng’s theory is repeated many times. The past tense of the outside world is extremely short, usually in the blink of an eye.
In the trap, Qin Changfeng was frightened and watched the proficiency of blood robbery printing rise.
From the first floor of the spiritual realm, he rose to the top of the room and then moved unswervingly towards perfection. He never regretted having such a powerful magical power like this moment.
In the limited circulation, the body is out of control, the machinery completes the skills, and his consciousness is released. Naturally, he thinks hard about the spell-breaking method as never before.
But at one time, he almost studied and wanted to talk about this dangerous situation from the beginning.
What’s more, even if he condensed out the mysterious degree of the immortal spell, I’m afraid the hope that Shiyuan could break the spell by himself is still slim.
I feel anxious, but as for his skill of resisting blood robbery, I have finally entered the top level of spiritual realm, transformed and sublimated, and gained strong extra abilities …
Chapter six hundred and ninety-seven Shura seal!
Shura seal!
Is the blood rob seal spirit condition after extreme sublimation of the new name is still given by heaven Qin Changfeng don’t accept it.
The myth of shura is that life is demigod and demiman, violent and murderous.
It is necessary to say more about how to have such a magical power endowed by heaven.
Total or corrosion blasting body die or be dark transformation theory Qin Changfeng shura war after.