"Of course, if you swear to the creator, we can spare your lives, or none of you will escape today!" Another old man in a purple robe, with a white beard and hair, said lightly that it was as if he were a man of god who helped the poor [

"I don’t care if you know that we’re coming to the Shenmo Inn today, but you didn’t threaten us. Don’t say that you have 40 false gods, even a hundred false gods. There is nothing to be proud of!" HuangFuZhanTian light way as if the forty people don’t.
After hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian, all the 40 famous people in Jenny face a change, especially the first two old men who were properly angry, and then they trembled and suddenly burst into momentum and pressed hard towards suspection.i Zhantian.
"It’s better than momentum!" After suspection.i Zhantian felt the momentum of these two old guys, he smiled, and then before the momentum suddenly broke out, he might rely on the giant in the small world to peak the strong pseudo-god, but now that his strength has risen, Raytheon’s breath is getting stronger and stronger. If he only relies on the momentum, he is not afraid to be exclusive to Raytheon. The arrogant and overbearing momentum suddenly broke out from suspection.i Zhantian and then pressed toward the two old men.
Feel suspection.i war celestial body that seems to be the essence of general momentum, the two of them immediately stuffy hum a and then back two steps, if it weren’t for the thirty people behind to help the two of them blocked, I’m afraid the two of them would fall to the ground and make a fool of themselves.
"How is it possible that you are not a pseudo-god high-order strong man? How can you have such a powerful momentum?" The old man with green hair is a face of horror and asked Huangfu Zhantian, while the old man in purple clothes is also horrified to see Huangfu Zhantian’s eyes full of questions.
"There’s nothing that only you two want to be overbearing in front of the seat. Now I’ll tell you that although there are twenty of us, we can kill a few losers like you. One person is enough to kill most of you. Now when I give you three breaths, you retreat, otherwise we will be blamed for it!" Huangfu Zhantian said coldly that he really didn’t want to fight with these people. If he fought with these people, there would be casualties. These people behind him are his most important people. If he can’t afford any casualties, he will let them go.
"Ha ha big words who will say that since you don’t want us to go in, we won’t be polite. Isn’t Yunjia SIRS coming out? Don’t wait until people go in and finish taking the baby before you come in? " The old man in green shouted
"Ha ha, you’re a famous Cui old man. Why do you think of our Yunjia now? And you, Moufeng? You two are not ambitious. Why are you so unintelligent now?" When suspection.i Zhantian and others heard the words of the old man in green, a generous voice came to the ears of all.
Then 30 powerful people appeared in front of them, but this famous man and Mou family were all on the alert, watching these 30 powerful people.
"This should be Yunmeng’s home. Boy, the three families have gathered together, but I don’t know if Yunmeng is not here!" Any suspection.i Zhantian eyes swept this thirty people are found in the cloud dream, but when any suspection.i Zhantian saw the cloud dream, the woman suddenly stood one leng and then trembled all over.
"Xiaotian, are you okay? What’s wrong with you? " Xiao Yan was the first to find out that something was wrong with Huangfu Zhantian, so he exclaimed. When others heard Xiao Yan’s words, they suddenly started to look at Huangfu Zhantian, but they were the strongest among them. If he had a problem, they would lose their backbone!
"Is that you? Do you know I’ve been looking for you, but I can’t find you! You finally showed up. Is this fate? I will never let you leave again this time! " Any suspection.i Zhantian affectionately looked at the cloud dream not side female way
And YunMeng not around the woman as early as when they just came in to look at the suspection.i ZhanTian now hear suspection.i ZhanTian words after her charming body suddenly a shock and then two clear tears flow down the cheek.
"sister, what’s the matter with you?" Yunmeng around the woman found her abnormality for the first time, then hugged her and looked everywhere along her eyes, but she just found a familiar figure and eyes.
"Any suspection.i ZhanTian! Why are you here? " Yun Mengfei got excited immediately after seeing Huangfu Zhantian. Section 1949: Huangfu Yun
All the people didn’t think that Huangfu Zhantian actually knew this cloud family and it seems that they should know this pair of sisters. Now the three parties look different. Huangfu Zhantian’s people here are surprised, but the famous Jenny people have changed their faces. They don’t know what this Huangfu Zhantian and Yunjia are, and the Yunjia people are even more confused. They don’t know when this Huangfu Zhantian will be related to the sisters of Yunjia.
"dream a dream smoke when did you two know this little guy?" At this time, a middle-aged man with a dignified face asked between the two sisters
"Father, this is what I told you at the beginning. If it weren’t for him, my daughter would have been killed by that famous Kang, and it was that Kang who killed our guards in Yunjia!" Cloud dream not immediately after hearing his father’s words suspection.i Zhantian explained.
"oh! It’s like this. Humming Mingcui will settle accounts with your famous artists later! " Yunmengfei and Yunmengyan’s father Yunling coldly treated the famous people with humanity.
"Any suspection.i my good dream not this matter thank you! But for you, I’m afraid something will happen to my daughter! " Yunling surrendered to suspection.i Zhantian and thanked him [
"Uncle, you don’t have to have such a thing. If you have a little conscience, I’m afraid everyone will help you!" Any suspection.i Zhantian will soon look away from Yunmeng Smoke and then say with smile to Yunling
"But what are you and Yaner, nephew Huangfu?" After Yunling said here, the temper suddenly turned and went straight to the point to fight against suspection.i heaven.
"This …!" After hearing Yunling’s words, Huangfu Zhantian’s face suddenly flashed a trace of embarrassment. He can’t always tell his father that he has strengthened his daughter!
"Father, he is Yuner’s father!" Cloud dream smoke out look complicated glanced at suspection.i war days and then some shy to Yunling way
"What? Yaner, you said that this Huangfu Zhantian is Yuner’s father. What the hell is going on? " When Yunling heard his daughter’s words, the momentum suddenly broke out, and a terrible murder raged out and pressed hard towards Huangfu Zhantian.
Feel Yunling body that violent murder suspection.i Zhantian behind them all look a change, and then will make moves but was blocked by suspection.i Zhantian.
"Damn it, you little brat, you’ve made my daughter miserable. Come on!" Yunling suddenly and violently roared, and then his eyes rushed towards Huangfu Zhantian. He didn’t have a body of quarrelling or imposing manner, but he wanted to rely on his own body to fight against Huangfu Zhantian desperately. At this time, he had forgotten to display quarrelling. His eyes had this scourge to his daughter Huangfu Zhantian.
"Don’t you move!" After listening to Yunling and Yunmeng Smoke, Huangfu Zhantian was completely stupid. He didn’t expect Yunmeng Smoke to have her own child in a daze overnight, and it seemed that it was useless to listen to their conversation. After the whole incident, Huangfu Zhantian was ashamed of this. He didn’t know the name until now, and the blonde actually gave birth to a child herself. This is how embarrassing and difficult it is for a unmarried girl, but Yunmeng Smoke was born like this.
"Yuner Yuner Huangfuyun is a good name. I am a father. Haha, I am a father of Huangfuzhantian. Yuner is my own child. I don’t know what he looks like!" Where is the suspection.i Zhantian silly looking at Yunmeng Smoke muttered, but it is not going to resist Yunling fist. Yunling fist pours suspection.i Zhantian face like raindrops, but suspection.i Zhantian seems to have no feeling at all.
Next to Henaan, they saw this behind the scenes, but they didn’t know what was going on, but they couldn’t stop it, and Yunling didn’t have a killer, but a pure vent. They stopped them before they wanted to stop the small fish.
"Hum, he deserves to be beaten. I can’t wait to beat him. Don’t move!" Xiao Yan and Henaan said such a thing to them after they blocked Xiao Yu, but after hearing Xiao Yan’s words, Xiao Yu couldn’t understand what the situation was, but it should be a good thing to look at this.
"Father, stop fighting!" Yunmengyan saw her father beating Huangfu Zhantian like a madman. When she exclaimed, she came to her father’s side and grabbed her father who was desperately beating Huangfu Zhantian.
"Hit me, damn it, I’m not a person. I shouldn’t have let you go in the first place. What about our child? Is he a man or a woman? Can you let me see it? " Any suspection.i Zhantian is binocular latosolic red face at this time and there is no hatred because of Yunling’s strike. It is a face of happiness.
"You’re right, you’re damn it. I’m going to kill you, you bastard. You’re not worthy to be the father of the cloud. Ever since the birth of the cloud, have you done a little bit of fatherhood? Whenever the cloud asks me,’ Grandpa, grandpa, where is my father? They all say I’m a child without a father!’ When I heard this, my heart was like a knife cut. Such a child grew up without a father to love you. You know what I was thinking at that time. If you were in front of me, I would definitely slap you to death, but I can’t. You are the father of the cloud. If I kill you, the cloud will hate me. This grandfather deserves to die. What am I going to do? "When Yunling heard Huangfu Zhantian, he went crazy. A seven-foot man shed tears. No, don’t, don’t, just his poor grandson.
"I’m sorry … I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. You can punish me any way you want … you let me meet the cloud. I’ll give him all the compensation I haven’t given him over the years … I’ll be a father … a father!" After hearing Yunling’s words, Huangfu Zhantian couldn’t help crying from the tiger’s eyes any more. He can imagine other children calling themselves Yuner a child without a father. This is waiting for cruelty. His heart is like a knife, and he is sobbing when he speaks. Section 195: Affirmation
"Father, father, don’t blame him. Don’t blame him. Blame my daughter. I shouldn’t let the cloud live in such an environment! Father, please stop blaming him! " Cloud dream smoke a pull like crazy father.
"Meng Yan has suffered from you over the years. I am not a good husband and father. I have not done my duty as a husband and father, but I still beg you to let me meet the cloud. I want to meet him. Please!" Never asked anyone for suspection.i Zhantian. This time, I actually pleaded with Yunmeng Smoke and Yunling. This made people familiar with suspection.i Zhantian suddenly feel sour in their hearts. Henaan, their tears have already flowed, and the small fish, however, at this time, their eyes were all latosolic red and they wanted to promise Yunmeng Smoke and Yunling.
"I said what are you crying about? If you don’t go in, get out! " Ming Cui and the other Moujia purple clothes old man Moufeng Jiqi drink a way
"If you say one more word, you will all die!" Any suspection.i war days after hearing these people clamor when the whole body momentum suddenly burst out, his eyes latosolic red, his eyes full of dark murderous look hard towards the two old guys and all the people behind them.
"Hum!" They didn’t expect that Huangfu Zhantian would suddenly burst into momentum, but they were already alert after the scene just now, and the momentum resisted for less than a second. They were directly bombarded by Huangfu Zhantian momentum and retreated towards the back for dozens of steps. They finally stopped. These people, including Ming Cui and Mou Feng, the two most powerful elders, all lost their courage in front of Huangfu Zhantian’s violent momentum and murderous look like substance. The injury made their faces look very ugly, but they couldn’t help but fight a cold war when they thought of Huangfu Zhantian just now. Although they hated it very much, they didn’t dare to bother Huangfu Zhantian again. It has been given to tourist trap by Huangfu Zhantian [
"I’m sorry I lost my temper!" Huangfu Zhantian put away his momentum and murderous look, and then softened to Yunmeng flue.
"I was wrong before, and the gap between us is too big to leave. Now I won’t leave again. After you are Yuner’s father and my husband, I will never leave again unless you are tired of me!" Yunmeng Smoke finally made up her mind after this period. It is absolutely impossible to say that she has no affection for Huangfu Zhantian. Since Huangfu Zhantian saved her twice in a row, she has left a shadow of Huangfu Zhantian in her heart. Otherwise, she will not come back to help Huangfu Zhantian remove that charming poison. But after a spring breeze, she knew that it was impossible for Huangfu Zhantian to be with her roots at that time, and she left resolutely, but she had to meet him again when Huangfu Zhantian lost her memory. It’s fate, but it’s this fate that makes her even more afraid to expect this feeling. After leaving Huangfu Zhantian again, she went home. Who knows that when she got home, she found herself pregnant. There was no second person except Huangfu Zhantian. At that time, her father already knew about her pregnancy. At that time, the whole family was opposed to trying to get rid of the cloud, but she didn’t want to. In the end, she insisted that Huangfu Zhantian finally saved this blood. Now she has made up her mind to never leave Huangfu Zhantian again. She wants him to compensate herself and deserves gentle care these years.

The young show is that the local people are very familiar with the terrain. He took Liu Xuan through the lane without a pause.

Liu Xuan is now the same as the young man. There are three maps in his hand, one of which is the map published by Tu family. This map is very incomplete and probably outlines several areas. It seems that the predecessors of Tu family entered the maze to explore the area, but there is no purple rock, fire and sulfur valley, not to mention the city where he lives now.
The other is a map of Long Mai that Yunjia gave him. This map looks smaller than Tujia, but it is marked with the information of Long Mai. However, it is interesting that Yunjia bodhi old zu’s map is less detailed than Tujia’s map. He has explored the environment of Long Mai on Thursday.
Long Mai is located in a temple. There are four surrounding areas, namely a desert, a volcano, a forest and a sea or lake area.
So if Liu Xuan wants to find something, finding one of these four areas may help Yunjia lift the curse.
It’s also a relatively complete map, which was obtained from Sangong Family. Although the map is very detailed, it is still a regional map, and Liu Xuan still hasn’t found anything about Sangong Family’s map, but Liu Xuan believes that this map must be more than Tujia and Yunjia’s map, otherwise Hyderabad Shinto wouldn’t have lost it. A map would not hesitate to hand it to Sangong Family.
Seeing was already out of the skeleton threat, just then a large group of skeletons appeared in front of two people.
Liu Xuan is the first time to observe these skeletons so closely. It seems that these guys have been dead for a long time. Everything except bones has rotted almost, except some non-perishable clothes and ornaments. A hole is Bai Sensen bones.
Strange to say, these skeletons are not like ordinary ghosts, and there is a green jack-o’-lantern burning at the center of their eyes.
This time, such a close collision with the skeleton is naturally discovered by Liu Xuan and the young people who lead the way. Maybe they didn’t expect to meet such a situation and froze in place at the moment.
He was shocked at these skeletons, and no matter what happened, two living people and two monster beasts immediately descended wildly.
Liu Xuan knew the strength of these skeletons as soon as he sensed them. These are some strange photos of ordinary skeletons, which are much better than ordinary people, but they are far worse than the practitioners. Don’t say that it is spiritual practice and martial arts, even the martial arts level. It is not a problem for a martial arts master to deal with these skeletons alone.
Liu Xuangen didn’t intend to start work. He directly motioned for the two spirit beasts around him, pulling the boy back to one side.
Get Liu Xuan motioned for two spirit beasts to jump at once, so the little thing of the spirit rat was suppressed all the way, and it was hard to meet some easy things. Naturally, I wanted to send a lot of money. This pile of skeletons is about twenty or so. How could it be that the spirit rat had nothing to do with the red mandrill opponent, and it was almost eliminated by the spirit rat?
Don’t look at the ghost rat to deal with it. The monster beast doesn’t give strength to deal with this skeleton. It’s still neat. In a short time, more than 20 skeletons have been turned into a pile of bones.
When I saw the two monster beasts succeed, Liu Xuanzheng was going to pull the teenager away, I heard a crack in the bone pile, and those bones actually came alive again. Those broken skeletons gathered together again, and some residual injuries assembled themselves. If you break your hands and feet, you can pick them up and pick them up almost directly, and then you will be alive again.
"Egg these skeletons turned out to be immortal" Liu Xuan suddenly marveled at a discovery.
Things like skeletons and zombies are also different. Generally, they are divided into two categories: ordinary and undead. Although they are no longer living things, for some special reasons or under the influence of the aura of the dead, some dead creatures can be re-established as undead creatures. Such undead creatures generally have no mental combat power and are much weaker. If they are stronger than ordinary people, they can deal with it.
63. Midtown IV
On the other hand, these undead are not generated by themselves, but are summoned or catalyzed by more powerful undead. When these corpses are transformed into undead, powerful undead will inject a ghost fire into these low-level undead. If they can’t extinguish their ghost fire, they will not be able to deal a fatal blow to these undead. After a while, these undead can be resurrected again.
Since all these skeletons are immortal, that means there is a powerful undead around here instead of these ordinary skeletons.
So Liu Xuan’s eyes moved around to find the powerful undead, because he had already found it, and his perception ability was greatly reduced when these undead appeared, which he could hardly find.
At this time, a powerful skeleton creature suddenly appeared. Among the twenty skeletons, there was a quite powerful skeleton. His ordinary skeleton was different in many ways, not only tall, but also many bones were much stronger than ordinary skeletons, and he also had a rusty bow and arrow in his hand.
This kind of skeleton is no longer an ordinary undead. Normally speaking, it should be regarded as a skeleton soldier. This kind of skeleton soldier has a little intelligence. In the battle just now, he didn’t rush in the first place, but now he is looking for a ghost mouse and pulling a certain distance from the red mountain mandrill.
Just now, in the battle, I was hit by my companion by a spirit rat, and I absorbed my companion’s jack-o’-lantern, and then it evolved. Many changes have taken place in his dense bones, and in a short time, one bone spur has grown out of his chest to protect his jack-o’-lantern. The biggest change is that his arms and bones have become thick and big, a little gray and dead, and even his arms have changed dramatically.
As soon as the skeleton soldier raised his hand, he directly picked up a bone dropped by his companion. As soon as the bone reached his hand, it quickly became a Wigan-feng sharp bone arrow.
As soon as the hum rang, the bow and arrow in his hand was pulled, and the bone arrow was shot at the red mountain mandrill.
This guy may have turned his target to red mountain mandrill because he saw that the search mouse was too fast and the target was small.
Skeleton’s words have been regarded as the evolution of spiritual level. Although they can’t reach the gas coagulation level, they can already do some harm to the gas coagulation level.
The red mountain mandrill is very casual. Every time he makes a move, he can almost tear down a skeleton. Listen to the buzz. This monkey is as fine as a ghost. He quickly leans sideways. The bone arrow monkey draws a blood slot on his shoulder, and the blood immediately shoots out.
The red mountain mandrill is angry.
Skeleton soldiers have stimulated the Red Mountain Mandrill. Seeing this group of skeletons, Red Mountain Mandrill was really not interested. This kind of opponent is too weak. If it is not too many, it can clean up these skeletons with a monster beast. However, it is never imagined that there is a threatening mouse among these skeletons that it regards as an ant, and it almost hurts him.
The red mountain mandrill squatted on all fours and ran up, although it was not as good as Liu Xuanxun’s step, but it was also a few steps apart, and it had already rushed to the front of the skeleton soldiers.
The skeleton soldier almost seriously injured the red mountain mandrill with an arrow. At this time, he pulled back and grabbed a bone and an arrow, and once again the bow and arrow took shape.
But before he could shoot the second arrow, the red mountain mandrill had rushed to him, and the monkey didn’t fire the magic method, so he bent forward and stretched out his hand to grab the skeleton soldier’s ankle and stretched out his hand fiercely.
Although the skeleton soldier is considered to be the elite among a group of skeletons, the monkey caught him red-handed, that is, the level of the martial artist is not the same as that of the red-hot mandrill root.
The monkey roared again, then suddenly stopped and turned around, and threw the skeleton directly to the ground behind him.
Skeleton soldiers, no matter how strong they are, are just a pile of bones. This monkey fell hard enough. I don’t know how many bones were broken after listening to a click.
But the skeleton soldier is still struggling and intends to get up again.
How can the monkey do what he wants? Now the monkey can see that it is difficult for these skull monsters to directly kill the skeleton soldiers who are still struggling when they see them. The skeleton soldiers are swung up again and smashed the skeleton soldiers onto the bluestone pavement again.
This time, the sound of broken bones became clearer, and a large number of broken bones flew around like rubble. The scene was really spectacular.
But even so, the skeleton soldier is still strong and unyielding, and once again wants to get up. Those broken bones and residual limbs seem to be not his own limbs.
The monkey is not calm. Although he can easily hit the skeleton soldier, the skeleton soldier gets up again and again, which makes the monkey feel a little nai.
Seeing that the skeleton soldier has to climb up, the red mountain mandrill suddenly buckled in the previous step. The skeleton soldier has a skull and neck strength, and he has broken the back neck of the skull when he listens to it, and then he has broken the skull from his body with a force, and then he has thrown the skull far away with another hand.
It seems that no matter what kind of creature wants to separate its head from its body, even if it can’t kill less immediately, it will make it lose its combat effectiveness.
But what the monkey never imagined was that the skeleton soldier could still struggle after losing his skull, but his steps were a little faltering.
Seeing this, Liu Xuan smiled wryly, patted the young shoulder with two hands, and then rushed to the position of the skeleton body with one hand and a gray flame burning in the palm, and directly pressed the chest position after the skeleton.
Because just evolution there has been covered by a piece of bone, but Liu Xuan is quite clear that there is a jack-o’-lantern burning there. Liu Xuan is quite the weakness of this skeleton soldier, which should be the burning jack-o’-lantern.
Although it was covered with bone fragments, it still couldn’t stop Liu Xuan’s palm from being burned into ashes immediately after those bone fragments met the black flame, and Liu Xuan’s palm was blocked from reaching the skeleton soldier’s chest and directly pulled out the green jack-o’-lantern and smashed it to pieces.
639. Midtown Five
When that jack-o’-lantern was crushed by Liu Xuan, the skeleton soldier who was still struggling immediately stopped, and then the bones slowly decomposed and finally became a pile of bones with no signs of life
After seeing Liu Xuanfa, the two monster beasts Cong quickly touched the doorway, and in a short time, they were all disappeared by a team of skeletons.
Seeing Liu Xuan’s fighting capacity as a teenager seemed to be shocked. wait for a while had to look at Liu Xuan for a long time and couldn’t speak. Finally, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked, "Are you a saint?"
"Holy one? What is the holy one? " Liuxuan couldn’t help being a little strange. He could see that this young man didn’t mean any harm to him, otherwise he wouldn’t have pulled him away when the undead skeleton appeared.
The boy shook his head gently and didn’t answer Liuxuan’s question, but he looked at Liuxuan with some excitement.
"Are you an outsider?"
Liu Xuan nodded when he heard the teenager’s question. There is no need to hide what he knows here. If he wants to hide it, he will be exposed. It is better to admit it directly.
When the teenager saw Liu Xuan, he didn’t deny that his eyes suddenly lit up. He directly took Liu Xuan’s hand. "Let’s go and see our elders. The elders must be very happy."
"Well, Elder, it seems that there are quite a few people here?"
The teenager walked in front of Liu Xuan and gently nodded, "We have a lot of predecessors here. According to the elders, the whole city was full of people before, but since these undead appeared, the city has become less and less, and now there are hundreds of us left."
"These undead is how to return a responsibility? Did they suddenly appear or always? "
This time, the teenager shook his head gently. "I don’t know about this. It is estimated that you have to ask the elder to know that the elder is the oldest living person here. He is also a saint. By the way, the holy capital is just like you who can make magical people."
When Liu Xuan came from the island, it was time to see many traces of human life, but it seemed to be broken and destroyed. Liu Xuan didn’t dare to confirm whether anyone really lived here until he saw this middle city.
However, he never imagined that there were so many living people in this city. According to teenagers, the number of people in front of this city should be tens of thousands. However, due to the outbreak of natural disasters, the population has dropped sharply to several hundred today.
According to teenagers, these skeletons rarely appear at this time. Although they are very bright here, there is no Liu Xuan consciousness. When the sun shines, these skeletons are not afraid of light. Today, for some reason, these skeletons suddenly wake up.
I don’t know how many streets they walked through, but they came to a palace. The palace was not magnificent, but it was a big square outside the palace. Around the square, Liu Xuan saw columns, all of which were about the same thickness. Liu Xuan probably took a look at these columns. There were about a dozen sample columns carved with some strange moire patterns, and the moire patterns of god beasts were looming, which looked quite mysterious.
Moire is very similar to rune, or it can be said that it is a kind of rune evolution. Although Liu Xuan has never studied moire, he has heard of it and can recognize it at a glance. Not only can he recognize it, but he can also feel that these moires are really stable.
Strange to say, I don’t know how many skeletons and undead I met, but I haven’t seen any since I got here. It’s like this is a forbidden place for the undead, and it’s impossible for the undead to set foot here.
Here, the young man is finally at ease. His name is Zhao Junlong. He said that most of the people left in Tiancheng are surnamed Zhao. He is also a demon of Zhao because of his elders.

"Don’t worry, according to this method, there should be no mistakes. You can practice here a few times first."

Xiao Wen immediately promised to come and then closed his eyes and studied in the same place.
This air guide technique is performed in the body. Even if he practices it again, there is no clue outside. After a long time, Xiao Wen opened his eyes and solemnly said "OK" to Nan Yunqing.
"Let’s go," said Nan Yunqing, who had already started flying and asked Xiao, "I’ll explain a principle to you …"
Before I heard Xiao Wen, I was stunned by Nan Yunqing’s whimsy. This experienced person is just different!
Before long, the two men flew into a recent air column and observed that many Ri Nan Yunqing were quite familiar with these air columns. At once, they kept flying through one fork after another along the breath vein and finally stopped somewhere.
"This is it. Just stop at the intersection of these two breaths."
Xiao Wen flew to that position and looked around at the same time, and he saw that the place pointed by Nan Yunqing was still the intersection of two large veins, each with a thickness of one foot, and there were small veins in the distance that merged into them or led away from them.
Saying that the context is actually just Xiao Wen’s subjective statement, but the fact is that it is just two thick colored Se airflow, whose edges are not neat and seem to be bound and not strong, and there will be airflow spilling out from time to time, which is impossible if the context is true.
Anyway, the breath can pass through the body [looking for novel material]. Before giving the air guide, Xiao Wen had nothing to worry about, so he flew in directly and stopped at the intersection of two breaths.
Took a deep breath and gradually calmed down to Xiao Wenwei’s attention, and the basic source force operated air guide!
Almost everyone’s control of toes is far less than that of fingers, which is their own body but powerful, which makes people feel rather clumsy, and Xiao Wen also feels this way at this time. Although he has studied in the face, the progress is still quite slow at this time
I don’t know how long it took Xiao Wen to finally put the air guide into operation gradually, but it seems that the degree is still a little insufficient to break through a critical point.
It’s like putting a needle through your toes, but it’s quite uncomfortable, but there’s nothing too clear to feel. Little by little, when Xiao Wen is upset, suddenly two kinds of breath enter the other body!
Without looking at Xiao Wen, you will know that it must be the breath in the two color Se columns outside, and there can be no other breath at this time!
Originally, they would go straight through the body, but it would give Xiao Wen a strange feeling. But now Xiao Wen feels them in his muscles and bones and fu organs!
Yeah, it seems there’s nothing magical about it.
At this moment, Nan Yunqing came from behind him. "You should take the initiative to open yourself slowly and merge with those two breaths so that they can interact directly with your Daoji."
"Good" Shi Xiao asked and was distracted. There was nothing wrong with it
"I have to go somewhere else to see if ninety thousand can stay and protect you. I’m leaving."
"Don’t let ninety thousand go with you" Xiao asked busy way.
As a result, there was no sound behind him, and Nan Yunqing had already flown away before he could answer …
At this time, Xiao Wen asked if he couldn’t guess that Nan Yunqing had a great plan, but his little knowledge really couldn’t infer that it was coming and going.
When he came, Xiao Li asked that the recovery speed of keeping the fire element floating could even exceed the consumption speed, and he was not worried at all that he had to go back to the ground to rest. He persisted day by day until the ninth day, and finally completed the process described by Nan Yunqing!
Two smells rushing into other bodies from two directions can’t tell who is strong and who is weak, but the texture is obviously different [] The one on the left has more affinity with his body and Daoji, which makes him feel quite comfortable, and it seems that there is a more powerful force contained in it. After careful consideration, Xiao Wen will know that it should be quite similar to the state of dzogchen, a high-ranking true fairy. If he doesn’t come to this Tibetan ruins, he will definitely reach that state after a long or short period of continuous practice outside.
The airflow on the right is quite mysterious and difficult to figure out, but it echoes with the breath on the left. It is through this echo that Xiao Wen has some feelings about the airflow. In fact, it is easy to guess that the airflow on the right is a bit of a fairy realm, and it is likely to be specific to the initial fairy realm! Nan Yunqing searched in the air column for so long, how much did he find in total? This place will definitely find the most suitable place!
Xiao asked millie to open his own two breath and communicate with his body. As time went on, his feelings became more and more clear and completely understood what was going on.
Unless it is about to break through the high-order true fairy, it is impossible to feel the breath of the fairy. However, in this column, the breath bridge on the left allows Xiao to ask this high-order true fairy who has just been promoted to feel the breath of the fairy! What’s more, he is not just as simple as the breath. At this moment, he Daoji has already been greatly influenced and gradually remembered the feeling of the fairy!
Promotion is a process of finding a way when the road is available, and it will be promoted when it is found. Now it is a new road for Xiao Wen, and he has vaguely seen a road before he has finished, and he knows how to get there!
For the whole celestial people, the original magic of the Tibetan ruins is here! But probably no one can benefit so thoroughly and directly like Nan Yunqing.
Xiao Wen can’t take this as a direct promotion, but once he remembers this feeling and this road, his next practice process will become quite simple, and it will be as fast as possible to achieve twice the result with half the effort!
Now what he has to do is to let his body and Doggie remember that feeling thoroughly and get familiar with it until he won’t forget it!
In such a state, Xiao Wen simply forgot that time passed and even forgot that 90 thousand was still with him
Xiao Jiu will fly around in the distance after chatting, and when he is tired, he will go back to Xiao Wen’s shoulder and sharp mouth to make Xiao Wen’s hair into a messy bird’s nest. When he is chatting more, he will, in turn, comb Xiao Wen’s hair again and again …
I have to say that this little phoenix is really pitiful …
On this day, Xiao Wen felt that he had remembered about it, so he relaxed a little. When ninety thousand came back, he freed up his hands to tease ninety thousand.
This little guy is very intelligent. He doesn’t really dare to disturb him when Xiao Wen is busy, but when Xiao Wen is free, he will show quite bitterness and ignore Xiao Wen’s love …
Fairy beasts in the celestial realm have more than just the simple identity of "cultivating immortals to help them". They also need to practice pure wild fairy beasts. They can also realize that some magical powers have many magical powers in their long lives, but this will never be better than establishing a blood mark with people, and people will help them to work together with them! People have many advantages over fairies and beasts. Once fairies and beasts and people have established their blood marks, they can use human strength to enhance their magical powers. To put it bluntly, people are actually fairies and beasts.
90,000 such fairy beasts are absolutely in the hands of all the Taoist priests, but now people dare to ask Xiao if they can’t establish blood ties with it. Can it be pitiful …
Xiao asked, of course, it is also white that it is now and sincerely good for this little mother phoenix of ninety thousand …
This man and a phoenix were playing when Xiao Wen suddenly saw someone flying in the distance and there was more than one person!
What happened?
Xiao Wen was on the alert, ready to withdraw at any time, and then suddenly he heard the other side shouting, "Xiao Shidi is us."
"Brother Yang?"
The bearer was indeed a dozen people behind Yang Rong who turned out to be the high-order true fairy of Ming Jianzong.
"Miss Nan asked us to come here first and wait for her to take others to other gas columns" Yang Rongdao.
Xiao Wen greeted the other students before asking, "Miss Nan took you in?"
"You don’t know?" Yang Rongqi said
"She left me here and left. I forgot how many days I haven’t seen her. By the way, how many people are here this time?"
"I don’t know what the patriarch paid, but he got 50 places from the Big Five."
"So much?" Xiao asked surprised way
At this time, there is another true fairy who laughs. "This patriarch is too few."
A group of people chatted there for the time being, but Xiao Wen came here for nothing without a few words. Although Nan Yunqing didn’t say anything, he probably wanted him to teach them air guide, didn’t he?
And after a pause, Xiao Wen gave the air guide to the people and told them all about his feelings in recent years.
It was not until a day and a night later that Nan Yunqing finally appeared, showing that he had arranged others.
Hear Xiao asked has given the air guide to all Nan Yunqing is nodded as early as she expected, and then took people to find a suitable place in this column.
Once again, the seclusion technique can be seen that she is angry with Se and has sent some questions. Even if she is worried about her, she is too embarrassed because of too many people.

The speed of the white ape does not decrease, and the white ape blinks at the shadow. The white ape and two shadows collide together, and the sea water rolls and rushes up layers of ripples.

Hai Kui looked intently at the two black shadows, and they were also two monsters. The monsters looked like wild cows, but they were standing wild cows, that is to say, they were strong human beings with bull heads and bodies.
Haikui met this creature for the first time, but since he came into contact with Xiuxian, he knew that there were many biological races in this world, and he guessed that it might be an evolutionary demon race.
Before, he also read the myth and knew that there were many ancient beasts and monsters, but it was always a myth. But when he saw this little white ape-footed man and today’s two minotaurs, Hai Kuixin believed that some things are true or not, so it’s up to you to see yourself there.
The two minotaurs were hit by a white ape and fell back several hundred feet. However, because they were in the sea, they quickly stabilized their bodies and called out with a wave of their hands, a steel fork and a huge axe.
The white ape’s figure has also retreated by several hundred feet, and it is instantaneous and rushing.
The young man with the sword on his back ordered the stone car to stop moving forward. He laughed and laughed. "You ape, I, the Monty Sect, want to take this spiritual vein. Can you resist being attacked by you several times before? This time, we specially brought two demon gods with the blood of ancient beasts in the Sect to fight with you, and you monkey still won’t give in easily!"
"The ancient beast blood?"
Haikui was puzzled when he heard it through the knowledge of gods. The bully in his hand should have sealed the soul of the ancient beast. Are they blood? I don’t know if they are the descendants of the beast or what?
After the two minotaurs mooed, they rushed at the white ape waving their weapons.
With a wave of the white ape trident, two hoses quickly condensed and quickly rushed towards two minotaurs, and they stopped to make the force resist and roar again and again.
Haikui knew when he saw this that these two guys were not intelligent enough to be reckless! With the white ape’s intelligence, he can easily sink the two minotaurs, and he doesn’t worry anymore
The two minotaurs struggled hard, but they couldn’t escape quickly. When the young man saw it, he pulled out his sword from behind and came behind the minotaur with two yellow lights and disappeared behind them.
A strange scene happened when the tauren crossed the hose and waved his weapon and continued to rush towards the white ape.
The white ape trident waved a few times quickly and condensed several hoses, rushing towards the minotaur, only to find that the minotaur seemed to be caught by the general method of qi.
Haikui frowned. What spell is this? Is it a water-viewing spell or a profound spell?
His side is guessing that the minotaur over there has rushed weapons towards the white ape and frequently entered the water-recruiting spell. Regardless of the white ape, he can also deal with the two monsters with strength and moves.
Those two minotaurs are very poor, and they are attacked by two people. In an instant, the situation has changed, and the white ape can parry and retreat frequently.
The young man gagged and said with a strange smile, "Monkey, the bodhi old zu has specially studied that this fellow of yours is very good at controlling water in the water. The bodhi old zu specially went to the Five Elements Sect to get the Five Elements Gram Water Technique and our two cow gods. If you don’t want to die, you will surrender. When I am a monty slave, I will spare you!"
"Monty Sect and Five Elements Sect. What sects are these?" Haikui muttered in his heart that he really didn’t know much about sects
"It’s strange that it’s not the demon clan that has monsters. How come the demon clan also has monsters in this world? When did they merge?" Zhou Lin was surprised.
"Demon cases? Magic Sect? " Haikui asked Zhou Lin in his mind.
"The celestial world is divided into four major forces, among which the immortal is divided into Wuzong and Daozong, while the minor forces are divided into Yaozong and Mozong. Now we stay in this world, which is also called the demon world. After practicing, they can also soar. They go to the place where the demon world belongs and practice the magic power. Some humans go to the site where the demon world belongs." Zhou Linhai explained one.
Haikui seemed to suddenly touch a door and was very interested. "I wonder what the celestial world is like?"
"Fairyland is almost the same as here, that is, the aura is more abundant, and some sites are bigger, but each Sect has its own mainland, in which Wuzong and Daozong mainland have connecting channels to communicate with each other, while Yaozong mainland and Mozong mainland have barriers to each other and Xiandao is also impassable." Zhou Lin simply explained one.
In Hai Kui’s mind, a vague picture slowly shows his understanding of the celestial world. He continues to ask Zhou Lin, "Do you think that Wu Zong Daozong is a practitioner of Taoism and martial arts?"
Zhou Lin smiled a denial "no".
Chapter 199 Back sword youth
"No?" Haikui is more confused.
"It can be said that the earliest immortals in ancient times founded Xianzong, and after several years, Xianzong polarized and finally evolved. Both factions were unwilling to give the name of Xianzong to each other, so they renamed Daozong and Wuzong." Zhou Lin explained.
"So to put it bluntly, it’s still a fairy Sect, a devil Sect and a demon Sect, right?" Haikui summed up a said
"Well, you can also understand that in the celestial world, the demon clan and the devil clan never associate with each other. The demon is cultivated by other races except human beings, and the devil is also human beings. They also look down on each other." Zhou Lin said his doubts in his heart
"So that’s it," Zhou Lin said in detail. Haikui understood this.
He and Zhou Lin had a simple exchange and learned a little about the celestial world, while the water apes over there fought in the water. Although they could no longer hit the two cows by water spells, they played with the speed in the water.
The young man has put his sword on his back again. In Hai Kui’s opinion, he is just carrying a sword and forcing people to cultivate immortals. Almost all of them have bags. It is very convenient to put the sword in the bag and take it with them. What is this guy carrying behind his back?
Haikui saw that the two cows slapped a bag with a bully stone tablet in their hands.
Foot small pretty suddenly became agitated and called two.
Haikui guessed that he might not like this magic weapon in his hand.
He said softly, "Don’t worry, Xiaoman, this thing is in my hands now. It’s okay."
After his comfort, Xiaoman stabilized.
Haikui pointed out several methods to fight the vicissitudes of life from the stone tablet, and the fingertips poured into the stone tablet. Suddenly, the golden runes of the black stone tablet appeared one by one, which was dazzling. Haikui threw the bully forward and shook his body as if he had come alive. The whole body gradually changed. Haikui continued to fight, and two or three adults stopped after being tall and then rushed towards the stone car.

With such a captain and Li Cheng’s personal ability, everyone feels warm.

Those players who just entered the nba or were traded this summer all felt at home in Indiana.
With such a captain and Li Cheng’s personal ability, everyone feels warm.
Today, Li Cheng will meet his biggest enemy in the league, a member of the Pacers, and everyone has worked hard to avenge Li Cheng.
Today, Li Cheng will meet his biggest enemy in the league, a member of the Pacers, and everyone has worked hard to avenge Li Cheng.
The 76ers were completely rebuilt after the next season. They built a team around Saidi Yang and Iguodala. However, these two people did not grow at the speed of Li Cheng. So far, they are still very immature and their combat effectiveness is very weak. For the pacers who are now ranked first in the league, defeating the 76ers is not enough.
However, the question now is how many points will the pacers win in this game?
O’ Brien also paid enough attention to this game. He directly arranged a crazy attack tactic, and O’ Brien had already said, "Even if we lead the city by 5 points, we will not be the main force."
Li Cheng is everything to the Pacers now. He is the soul of Indiana. This team almost revolves around him.
However, O ‘Brien’s words did not arouse opposition in the Pacers. They all agreed with O ‘Brien’s arrangement very much, and every one of them asked for more games, which was enough humiliation for the city.
"Captain, I will definitely blow their line." hibbert sat in the locker room * * and his perfect muscle lines were naked in front of everyone.
Ibaka said, "Captain, I will try my best to score, and I will never let the score difference in this game be too small."
"Captain, I will try my best not to let the city line score. Trust me!" Lopez said firmly
There are others who have also expressed their opinions.
Granger saw everyone’s attitude and smiled. "Even if you are injured in this game, you don’t need to play the part of God of War. We will help you wipe out the enemy."
"Thank you!" To tell the truth, Li Cheng was a little touched, and he showed his most sincere gratitude to everyone.
"Let’s play this game well, don’t be too hard and don’t get hurt. If any of you get hurt in our big lead, I will feel sorry for a long time and …" Li Cheng paused. "I want to take revenge for this game myself. Please give me the ball."
"I think Li Cheng will take over the game from the beginning, he will start his explosion scoring method from the beginning, and he will give the city the strongest humiliation."
"Maybe this game will be an Indiana runaway scoring performance."
"The Indiana game is really exciting these days. I love scheduling, man."
"The city had better pray for an emperor to make Li Cheng a little soft-hearted, otherwise they will feel the madness of Indiana today and they will be destroyed to pieces in the madness of Indiana."
The fans are looking forward to the reporters and what big news will come out in this game. Li Cheng played the "Return of the King" in a game, and I don’t know what kind of exciting drama Li Cheng can play today.
Today, when shooting and training the pacers and training tactics, everyone got together to discuss how to give the city 76 ers a painful memory.
After Li Chengkat’s gambling game, the cohesiveness of the pedestrians went further. Everyone paid attention to Li Cheng’s help to Lopez. They also saw Li Cheng’s attitude. Li Cheng once said more than once that if Lopez was really inferior to his brother in the end, he would not blame Lopez. Everyone could feel that he was sincere from Li Cheng’s tone and eyes. What he said was really true.
With such a captain and Li Cheng’s personal ability, everyone feels warm.
Those players who just entered the nba or were traded this summer all felt at home in Indiana.
Today, Li Cheng will meet his biggest enemy in the league, a member of the Pacers, and everyone has worked hard to avenge Li Cheng.
The 76ers were completely rebuilt after the next season. They built a team around Saidi Yang and Iguodala. However, these two people did not grow at the speed of Li Cheng. So far, they are still very immature and their combat effectiveness is very weak. For the pacers who are now ranked first in the league, defeating the 76ers is not enough.
However, the question now is how many points will the pacers win in this game?
O’ Brien also paid enough attention to this game. He directly arranged a crazy attack tactic, and O’ Brien had already said, "Even if we lead the city by 5 points, we will not be the main force."
Li Cheng is everything to the Pacers now. He is the soul of Indiana. This team almost revolves around him.
However, O ‘Brien’s words did not arouse opposition in the Pacers. They all agreed with O ‘Brien’s arrangement very much, and every one of them asked for more games, which was enough humiliation for the city.
"Captain, I will definitely blow their line." hibbert sat in the locker room * * and his perfect muscle lines were naked in front of everyone.
Ibaka said, "Captain, I will try my best to score, and I will never let the score difference in this game be too small."
"Captain, I will try my best not to let the city line score. Trust me!" Lopez said firmly
There are others who have also expressed their opinions.
Granger saw everyone’s attitude and smiled. "Even if you are injured in this game, you don’t need to play the part of God of War. We will help you wipe out the enemy."
"Thank you!" To tell the truth, Li Cheng was a little touched, and he showed his most sincere gratitude to everyone.
"Let’s play this game well, don’t be too hard and don’t get hurt. If any of you get hurt in our big lead, I will feel sorry for a long time and …" Li Cheng paused. "I want to take revenge for this game myself. Please give me the ball."
Li Cheng’s voice just fell and everyone said that there was no problem. They would definitely give Li Chengqiu to be continued.

According to the scene, the one who destroyed

"Come on, no matter what chariots. No matter how powerful it is, it can’t be worse than what I put in the clock of heaven and earth. "
According to the scene, the one who destroyed the chariot was probably the broken halberd that Fang Yun met. Now that you have got the most powerful halberd, you don’t have to participate in the battle for the wreckage of the car. So as not to be greedy, you will lose big because of small.
Fang Yun knows, however, that there is a "Hall of All Demons" and the Emperor’s Prince and his party hidden in the dark.
The wind swings, Fang Yun without hesitation to another direction.
"Dragon saliva Gentiana!"
"Chaos tung skin!"
"Yin and Yang stretch grass …"
Fang Yun is constantly collecting the medicinal materials here.
"This time, or try to collect enough. Otherwise, out of here, I’m afraid I can’t find it again! It’ s too pale to have a prescription, but there is no material, but it’ s a very troublesome thing. "
Fang Yun frowned slightly while collecting medicinal materials. The value of "Tai Cang Shen Ding" is far above the general ancient instruments. But one problem that he has to face is that it is impossible for him to find so many places with ancient materials.
Besides, there are many strong people here. A conflict, a fight, can easily make this place, devastated. Besides, so many people are staring. It’s impossible for Fang Yun to sweep the whole piece away.
After all, no one is stupid who can cultivate to the realm of six or seven products of Tianchong. Probably, just seeing some bare spots, I guess someone got the formula of the ancient God Dan.
Suddenly, Wu Guang flashed in my mind, and Fang Yun suddenly had to laugh: "Hey! I actually ignored such a simple fact. " A breeze blew, and another flower disappeared out of thin air. Only this time, not only the roots, stems, flowers and leaves on the surface were collected, but even a piece of soil disappeared.
At the same time, just below a mountain peak, there was a newly transplanted herb.
Transplanting the exotic flowers and herbs in the ancient small world into the universal clock of heaven and earth, and establishing a medicine garden. Use the time of "the clock of heaven and earth" to accelerate energy, breed continuously and cultivate herbs! This is Fang Yun’s solution.
The so-called incoming fans, onlookers see clearly. Fang Yun kept thinking about how to collect more herbs, but ignored the simplest fact. With a complete space, Fang Yun can cultivate itself in it.
The concentration of primordial energy in the Middle Ages and the Near Ages is no longer suitable for cultivating ancient plants and medicinal materials. However, this is not a problem. Fang Yun can completely create an ancient environment in it.
"Ha, ha, ha, unexpectedly, I also made such a low-level mistake. Fortunately, I reacted in time. "
Da3 Yun4 smiled and relaxed completely. Now, really speaking, as long as he cultivates the medicine garden. There can be no one here who has gained more than him.
Sometimes, the harvest of killing is not necessarily the biggest!