Yang Yan nodded and sighed naively. Her sigh immediately aroused Zong Xuan’s sympathy, and he almost felt that this sympathy was strange at the same time.

I thought, "Let me see, I will be so sympathetic to her. Ah! Is it because I know that she is good-looking? This is not too much, is it? "
Yan Yang did not say a word, but she thought about it. At this time, she found that although she was not beautiful, she naturally had an elegant and delicate charm and taste, which was a rare and attractive temperament
He suddenly said, "Show me how curious I am."
Yan Yang ate a surprised way "no! You will regret it. "
Zong Xuan said, "What?"
Yan Yang paused for a moment and seemed to summon up courage. "Because I have a secret vow, that is, the first thing I see except my relatives is my husband."
Zong Xuanyi smiled and said, "So that’s it. But if you don’t show your true colors all the time, how can you get married unless you rely on a matchmaker?"
Yang Yan said, "That’s no ritual. Who taught me to be so unlucky that I had to wander around the rivers and lakes?"
Zong Xuan listened to what she said pitifully, and his life and death were also in danger, so he did not rashly say, "Then you might as well see your fate. Anyway, I haven’t married yet. If you show your true colors, you may marry me. Of course, this is immortal. If you can’t live, you don’t have to talk about everything."
Yan Yang’s eyes widened to reveal an incredible expression, and her cheeks flushed. "Will you marry me?"? If I look decent. "
ZongXuan way "what? I’m not going to be a monk. "
She gritted her teeth. "Then I’ll take off my makeup."
ZongXuan way "discharge! I am waiting to see it! "
Yan Yang immediately began to see her relax her hair and wipe her hands, then took out a bottle of potions and poured more than ten drops. In a blink of an eye, her skin color first became very Bai Zhe. Look at her eyebrows and nose, and the whole face changed into a melon face and a pretty woman. Cried Zong Xuan.
He said, "Is this who you really are? Ah! How beautiful! "
Yan Yang shy tunnel "I’m PuLiuZi you don’t abandon me has been overjoyed".
Zong Xuan was close to her face, and it seemed that even how many pores were counted clearly. Then she kissed her cheek quickly. "Yes! This time, my mind is not easy to make up my face. "
Although Zong Xuan was kissing Yan Yang’s cheek, Yan Yang was infatuated with crazy in love. It turned out that when she first saw Zong Xuan, she was moved by his handsome appearance. Knowing that he was famous all over the world, Zong Xuan fell in love with her, but she thought that she was not worthy of such a famous person. I couldn’t believe that he would like herself.
Zong Xuan’s strict training is good at measuring people’s hearts. At this time, it is obvious that she has been confused and can’t help secretly thinking, "Whether I marry her afterwards or not, I have at least found a reliable helping hand in front of this catastrophe."
In order to make her more determined to help herself, Zongxuan said to her at the expense of playing with her feelings, "Are you still afraid to see your people and not prostrate yourself?" Your previous worries are not much ado about nothing. "
Yan Yang’s face was full of shyness. "Maybe I can believe what others say, but you have seen the world. Qin Xian and Duanmu maggot are both peerless talented women. They are just fireflies in front of me. How dare I be amazing?"
ZongXuan hold her soft yi way "different! Unlike them, they are good at martial arts and intelligence, but you are not gentle. Besides, who wants to marry a wife who is taller than himself? "
Yan Yang glanced at him and said, "You won’t make me happy, will you?"
Zong Xuan said, "I have to coax you. I believe you will help me even if I don’t say marry you, right?"
She sincerely said that this is indeed true. "Alas! I don’t know how to meet you and I can’t wait to help you. "
Zong Xuan said, "Now you tell me who the enemy is?"
Yang Yandao said, "That Mrs. Meng was originally a senior of my Flying Ring School. I heard that she was very beautiful and romantic, and she had an unusual relationship with many masters of the school."
Zong Xuan said, "It’s not surprising if she is a young woman."
Yang Yandao said, "That being said, the problem is that all her people always die soon, so all these sects should investigate the real cause of death."
ZongXuan way "oh! It turns out that those people are normal in appearance after death, so everyone should investigate if they know that there is a sword or fist injury after a violent death? "
Chapter 33 What you say will mean what you say
Yang Yandao said, "Not only the various factions, but also a senior in our faction went to find her to solve these problems, which affected the reputation of the faction. After some negotiations, there was no result. After claiming to correct the public and arrest her, I should offend her. Who knows that this senior fell ill in a few days and soon died!"
With a sad expression, she thought again and again, "it was thirty year ago! She is my aunt’s late father, so she has been depressed for many years. I still remember my late father’s expression … "
Zong Xuan patted the back of her hand to comfort her. "Since you want revenge, you don’t have to think about these past events."
Yang Yandao said, "Soon after my aunt died, some people died of illness. After several years, my master’s family died, and the rest of my family finally kept my flying circle."
Zong Xuan frowned and said, "So the sudden decline and extinction of the Tin Seal Sect is also due to the death of all factions?"
Yang Yandao "probably! Although I don’t know the details, one thing I do know is that there are many sects whose leaders are fascinated by her, which has caused several storms. Finally, the heads of these sects died of illness and the keepsakes and treasures of the sect have disappeared … "
Zong Xuan said, "As you said, this lost man of Meng is simply a mysterious girl? What is her martial arts? "
Yang Yandao "of course it is very high! Otherwise, she would not have lived long ago, but as far as I know, her only martial arts is stronger than her. "
ZongXuan big interested way "what’s her name? If you know his martial arts, what kind of martial arts did he learn? "
Yang Yandao: "His name is Yi Xia, and he is proficient in martial arts of various factions. This is of course given by his mother personally …"
After a pause, she added, "In the past ten years, our schools have almost completely died. They all went to the door to find that Meng Yi-xia and were killed by that Meng Yi-xia, so now some schools are really dead."
Zong Xuan said, "I remember you said that there is a special large array around her house, and you dare not break into it, and experts like Meng Yixia certainly dare not violate it."
Yang Yandao "yes! This is that chance for all of us to disappear and wait for revenge by sniper. "
Zong Xuan smiled slightly. "Are you Shangjia factions afraid that some of them will hide their whereabouts not for revenge?"
Yan Yang admitted, "Yes! Including me, I dare not show up for fear of being driven away by Meng Yixia’s door. Now we, the Meng family, have become irreconcilable. If we can’t destroy them, we will all be destroyed. "
Zong Xuan mused, "That Mrs. Meng is a talented woman of a generation. If you don’t act secretly when you are fighting, Mrs. Meng’s name must be far from many masters and famous artists today."
Yang Yandao said, "But her behavior is so hateful that it shames the door and destroys many sects from the Jianghu. No matter how strong she is, she can’t be admired."
Zong Xuan Zheng said, "The world is nothing more than infighting. The strong should be admired by all."
Yang Yandao "what shall I do if you say so? Surrender to her and wait for her to harm? "
Zong Xuan said, "Being at home is another problem. I say that the strong should be respected by all."
Yang Yandao said, "If you are brave and brave, of course, who can’t return to the heart?"
Zong Xuan suddenly lost in thought. He actually thought of the number of days after the exclusive villa destroyed Cuihua City. But the fact is not as he thought. Many people are frightened rather than admired. Does it mean that the strong have to follow the law of good and evil? What he thinks belongs to philosophical problems and involves moral values, but if he is an evil person by nature, he will never think of these problems.
Yan Yang added, "According to the teacher, it is difficult for the school to take advantage of the profound martial arts because of the loss of the secret martial arts. She said that this secret hat is aimed at this point by Mrs. Meng, and I have to take it back."
Zong Xuan said, "It’s so strange. You said earlier that you were afraid that the jar would fall into anger and commit suicide. It’s good that if she committed suicide, Meng Yixia’s concern would add hatred to pursue you, and he’s single and erratic. You can’t even find a shadow."
When they were talking, suddenly someone tapped two Yan Yang on the outside of the car to show nervousness. "They finally came!"