A few days later

The wooden spoon of Zhou Yi’s medicine furnace gently scraped out the black viscous liquid inside, and rubbed it into pills before the heat disappeared.
A little while
More than 30 pills have been cooled and shaped.
Picking up a pill and feeling a drug effect can’t help showing satisfaction.
This is after Zhou Yi’s improvement, Xiangu Decoction is added with some dead mushrooms, and its efficacy is much higher than that of the original Xiangu Decoction.
a grain of
Comparable to bowls of mushroom soup.
It’s a great supplement to the cultivation of the five poisons murderer.
However, for those who have reached this stage, the place is not big, but it is perfect to sell.
He has six yuan Dan!
"Six yuan Dan to assist the practice of fairy mushroom Dan is sold in exchange for Red Sands, and you can try to break through in half a year."
"the road can be expected"
I cleaned up a little for a week, changed my humble dress and hurried to the city.
Chapter 4 pale apes change
The city is still busy, and you can’t see the usual difference. Obviously, a few people died here.
Zhou Yi waited for a moment and Kang Rongfang arrived late.
"Brother Zhou"
Yao Yao hand over Kang Rong slow mouth.
"What do you want with me?"
Zhou yi nodded
"Remember that Brother Kang said that if you get a good elixir or have a weapon or Dan medicine at hand, you should ask your own people first?"
"If no one wants to buy, then set up a stall."
"Yes" Kang Rong one leng.
"It does happen."
Around Shuo De Tian Man, many gold diggers form a small group. If you have good things, you must first hold on to your own people.
Kang Rong straightened up and pulled himself together.
"Brother Zhou has something good to do?"
Zhou yi nodded
"I have refined some Dan medicine, which has a good effect on tempering the body and nourishing the essence. I am going to ask about the market."
"Brother Zhou knows an alchemist?" Kang Rong was a clot.
"The alchemist’s black wind tunnel is extremely rare. Brother Zhou can safely survive the ten-year gold rush."
He had been indifferent to Zhou Yi. After all, he had the impression that this person was timid and had a limited future, and nine times out of ten he could not cook a gold digger.
It’s not worth the effort
But an alchemist is different.
"when not"
Zhou Yi shook his head.
"It’s just a little medical knowledge and I have to say that I have some confidence in this fairy mushroom Dan by taking medicine."
Said from the body pulled out a porcelain way
"This Dan is made of dozens of kinds of mushroom essences, and it is a great supplement for us."
"Really?" Kang Rong touched the bar
"I don’t know anything about medicine, but Master Bao is an expert in medicine refining. Come with me."
Master Bao is the younger brother of the black wind tunnel. Unlike the gold digger, he was recruited by a gas refiner on his own craft.
It’s a special trick
And he didn’t practice the five poisons.
Compared with his brother in the black wind tunnel, his appearance is relatively normal, but he is old enough over fifty.
With wrinkles and sparse white hair, the whole person seems to be blown down by a gust of wind.
"Senior Bao"
Kang Rong di kou
"This Dan is called Xiangu Dan, which is refined by Zhou Xiong from dozens of exotic game essences. It is a great supplement to the essence of the flesh and blood."
Master Bao is noncommittal
What about taking dozens of herbal extracts? It’s just a layman. Most Dan medicines are not so complicated.
Good Dan medicine is not necessarily complicated!
This kind of deliberate talk about Dan medicine in complexity is to sell it at a good price or for fear that others will steal the alchemy.
Holding a medicine needle, gently dispersing Dan medicine and smelling the smell, Master Bao’s expression could not help but change slightly.