Streaming clouds tap hands and eyes.
"I’m so young. You used to practice martial arts. You have a good palm technique and a mysterious stick technique. It seems unusual."
"No wonder you can get sick repeatedly when you encounter changes."
Zhou Yi smiled without a word, and his figure slowly retreated into the darkness and disappeared.
A passage somewhere
Zhou Yi frowned at slowly forced to three people.
He didn’t want to get into trouble. He never thought that if he was out of luck, he couldn’t hide. He could meet foreigners in a place like this.
There is also a gas refiner.
With a wave of his hand, the gas refiner in the rear suddenly swelled up two earth-rock changes, and the python swooped down with amazing power.
Fossil molding!
Stone pythons are hard, fast and can be repaired even if they are smashed. Without other means, it is just right.
Two people were left to drink low, one before, and the other was cursed and killed.
Zhou Yi gently shook his head and suddenly disappeared.
A virtual shock exploded, and a fierce ape was wrapped in flames. Several people appeared in the middle of their hands, and the sticks set off a terrible fire.
The ape’s stick skill is perfect.
It is barely the first-order ape’s stick skill, and the power is comparable to the first-order spell proficiency stage.
What does this mean?
The spells practiced by the three men in the Black Wind Tunnel are mostly first order.
A stick blasted out a terrible force, which instantly broke into pieces, intercepted, and poured into the body, causing a savage body to break on the spot.
The shadow of the stick is heavy and unstoppable, and it is crushed forward.
Whether it’s a magic light or a magic weapon, everything is broken in front of the fierce ape
Even the spirit-refining man in Wan Ling Cave struggled for a few more breaths until he was killed on the spot by the same sad roar.
Zhou Yi didn’t stop there. His eyes suddenly turned red and looked somewhere.
Interlaced fire line spurts out from the eyes like a giant net covering the corner.
Fire eye surgery!
"Blare …"
Evil wind a swing a virtual shadow swept out from the staggered line of fire see Zhou Yi also want to start work quickly way
"It’s me"
"white repair!"
Zhou Yi gave a beating with a stick.
"It’s me" Bai Xiu face stiff way
"What a coincidence"
"Yes" Zhou Yi slowly put away and nodded indifferently.
"Brother Bai also came here to inspect?"
"Uh …" Bai Xiu touched the nose.
"Actually, I’m going to find a place where no one is hiding."
So do I/So am I/Me too.
Who knew there was someone here?
Zhou Yi smiled at each other.
"Brother Bai is modest. If I had known you, I wouldn’t have to do it by force."
"Walk slowly"
Watching Zhou Yi leave the straight back and disappear, Bai Xiufang looked back thoughtfully.