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Meng Yuanchao hey hey say with smile "Sue bro brother big say after seen heard of personnel over the years! If you trust your brother, you might as well talk to him. Maybe he can help you out! "
Su Jing and his eyes lit up, and Zhang Wenyue and Zhu Shao, those guys, will be fooling around. The serious idea is not to count on it. Maybe Meng Dage can really help himself!
Su Jinghe wanted to think about it, so he told Jessica Fong Ching everything about saving himself, except extremely private things.
Meng Yuanchao’s eyes twinkled and the other side was full of praise. He couldn’t help but sigh, "Sue, it’s very kind of you to marry such a good wife! Master Su has a unique vision, a unique vision! With this vision and knowledge, most people in this world are compared! "
"…" Su Jinghe touched his nose. Yes, yes, his father has a unique vision. It’s none of his business!
Well, it seems that this marriage really has nothing to do with him
Meng Yuanchao saw his one eye and couldn’t help laughing again. "Say again that I don’t like my sister-in-law who has the heart and the ability to take over the property. Isn’t this just going to your future trouble? There’s nothing wrong with you still living at large! Besides, your sister-in-law is yours, and it’s also her blessing that you like her, otherwise she can suffer. What are you afraid of? I am afraid that she will run away! "
In the final analysis, you really have nothing to correct!
"Eldest brother, don’t make fun of me!" Su Jinghe wry smile way "I just don’t admit that I have to admit that I really like her! Alas, she is going to be a good wife. It’s really annoying! "
Meng Yuanchao heart way that is not necessarily! You’ve been hanging around among flowers for years, but you only listen to flattery on weekdays. You really don’t know anything about women! Even with a limited understanding, please ask your wife-otherwise you can’t see clearly that those women are only after your silver!
"Are you really tempted?" Meng yuanchao asked with a smile
"Really!" Su Jinghe didn’t care about losing face. She said, "I don’t know what’s wrong. I’m not interested in seeing another woman now. It’s a shame to say it. I’m full of thoughts about her!"
Meng Yuanchao was a little surprised. His eyes were burning and stared at him. "It seems that you are really tempted! I don’t know how long this heart can move! "
Su Jinghe Zheng "What, what do you mean?"
Sure enough, I don’t know anything!
Meng Yuanchao sighed in his mind and patted Su Jing and his shoulder and sighed, "Aren’t you white? I think my sister-in-law must be a transparent person. It is impossible not to see that you are sincere, but because you are transparent in your heart and have a criminal record, how can she know if you are sincere for a day or two, a month or two, or a year or two? "
Su Jing and Daiju, is that right?
"A needle in a woman’s heart!" Meng Yuanchao is very experienced and added, "Women are different from men. There are many choices for objective men. You really don’t like her today, but you can be sincere to other women, but she can’t! Once her heart is devoted to you, there will be you in this life! To put it bluntly, siblings are afraid! "
"Afraid …" Su Jinghe blinked and suddenly realized, "Daughter-in-law doesn’t believe me!"
Meng Yuanchao turned supercilious look and finally didn’t get completely confused!
Don’t talk about siblings. If it were me, I wouldn’t believe you. This kind of statement is not very reliable for a person like Meng Yuanchao who has seen many things.
It’s more credible than sex is hard to move.
Su Jinghe sat with his eyes straight and half ringing without saying anything.
Meng Yuanchao drank three glasses of wine to see him or this soul out-of-body experience. He couldn’t help but open his five fingers and waved it in front of him. "What’s the matter? Silly? "
Su Jinghe brushed his hand aside and sighed, "What? I’m serious for a year or two. I’m afraid I’ll recognize her in this life!"
Meng Yuanchao saw that he didn’t like lying and laughed. "Really? A generation can grow! "
Su Jinghe see his one eye a serious way "nature really didn’t you see me just thinking about this problem? I can’t think about others anymore, there is her! "
"She’s not a stunning beauty," she said. "This possibility will not come to her!"
Meng Yuanchao almost gushed out a mouthful of wine "Gollum" and burst out laughing after swallowing it. "I said Sue bro, you are really real! I just don’t know what my sister-in-law will think if this is true! "
Su Jinghe laughed. "This is not in front of big brother!"
In front of his daughter-in-law, of course, he won’t say such words!
Who in a woman’s family wants to be told that she is not good-looking? Even if it’s true!
He Su Jinghe is not stupid and can’t understand this?
However, Meng Yuanchao Su Jinghe, who was laughing all the time, was a little uneasy and rubbed his hands. He smiled and said, "Meng Dage is not one of those people who gossip behind people’s backs, so he won’t tell my daughter-in-law, right?"
Meng Yuanchao ha ha laughs "What did you say just now? I didn’t hear you clearly! "
Su Jinghe one leng two people burst out laughing at each other.
Meng Yuanchao sighed, "You are really sincere. If you go to your sister-in-law and worry about her, you will naturally be sincere!"
Su Jing and his eyes lit up and said, "That’s what bothers me. She doesn’t know! Is there any good way for big brother? "
Meng Yuanchao said, "How do I know this? How do you convince her that you can’t think for yourself? If you want me to say it, don’t say that you have to change this problem first! "
"What’s wrong with …" Su Jinghe himself was a little guilty when he said this.
Sure enough, Meng Yuan gave him a white look, saying, "What am I talking about?" Eyes are still laughed "what mei xiang floor, flower floor, you don’t go in the future! Don’t go to your concubine rooms either! Tell her later that if you are willing, send them all away! "
He gave him a look and smiled. "Anyway, now you can’t see others in your eyes. It’s good to keep them!"
Su Jinghe nodded and smiled. "Big Brother said something!"
Meng Yuanchao laughed again. "And I said, don’t be annoyed with Sue’s business. You can’t have a generation without taking over, can you? If you don’t answer her, you have to. It’s not like a woman’s house to run outside all day! Don’t blame me for not waking you up. Chapter 1838 Set-up 45
This is right. Su Jing and his heart are troubled by the thought that his wife will deal with all kinds of messy men in the future.
A grind way "good! Sue home business from now on I take over the wife, just stay at home and have a baby! "
Meng Yuanchao sobbed at the corner of his mouth and added, "In fact, these are the most important things after they are reliable. You have to let her accept you from the bottom of my heart and agree with you. When the time comes, this will follow! Suddenly you ran in front of her and said these things seriously. Hehe, I am afraid that my sister-in-law may not believe you! "
Su Jinghe’s distress is also the case in front of him. If his wife believed him, she wouldn’t have asked him to go to my room! Besides, he wouldn’t have looked at her this morning, and he couldn’t say anything at all to accompany her to tea jargon!
Su Jinghe nodded deeply and asked Meng Yuanchao if there was any way for his daughter-in-law to accept and identify with herself from the bottom of her heart.
Meng Yuanchao actually didn’t finish believing that he was really going to fool his daughter-in-law wholeheartedly from now on. Don’t rush to make all kinds of promises with his daughter-in-law, otherwise, in case the Su family blames him one day, will he be wronged?
Besides, it’s more appropriate to let this guy suffer more and sharpen his sex, and think about it by the way, isn’t it