Ji night regression of looking at Ji Dong is like watching a monster patted his forehead "my god, my little ancestor, haven’t you seen the announcement? It’s called the sorority ball day tonight! There’s food in the canteen. Naturally, you won’t eat. Brother Frey asked me to come to you when he saw that you didn’t come. It turned out that you had long forgotten that I really loved you. "

After hearing what Ji Ye said, Ji Dong remembered that it was really three days since he saw the original announcement. Today was the time to call a dance, but he really didn’t have any idea about this social dance. He stopped and said, "Brother, this dance is not necessary and I am still young. This kind of dance is not suitable for me."
Ji Dong has been 15 years old these days, and he has not yet reached the age of 16 in the five elements of the mainland. However, in recent days, a series of changes have made him look more mature than when he first arrived at Tiangan College, and many of his heights have reached about 1.75 meters. Although his shoulders are slightly thin, his arrogant temperament is not very handsome, and his face also has an unspeakable attraction.
Ji night wounds hey hey a smile "little what! I’ve been through a lot when I was your age. Go and see Brother Frey, but he’s waiting for you. This is also a rare day for our cousin Congyang to get together. Even if you don’t plan to find the other half, you always have to eat and get something to eat. There are many delicious things today.
The college bought a frozen arowana from a big chamber of commerce. "
"Ice and snow arowana? What’s that? " Ji Dong asked curiously.
Ji night wounds hey hey smiled. "The ice and snow arowana is said to be a dragon subspecies with a body length of more than three meters. In seawater, the strength is greater than the most favorite cold body. It is a five-order Warcraft fish cake with delicate meat and delicious taste, which is even more delicious.
This is the main course today. Let’s try it together. "
Ji Dong is a little hungry when she comes to the belly. Isn’t it good to listen to Ji Ye’s remarks that she doesn’t want to go to the dance without fasting? There’s nothing to go when she’s full?
Thought of here, he no longer insisted that Ji Yeshu led them out of the school of Yin and Yang.
The party venue is very close to Congyang School, and no teaching building is unearthed. The open-air auditorium on the top floor of the teaching building is on the ground.
Although I have been in Congyang School for some time, Ji Dong has been practicing in Yin and Yang School for most of the time except for going out for a preliminary exam. This is the first time to set foot on a higher place in the teaching building.
There are five floors in the earthen teaching building, the main body of which is thick, yellow and gray. The owner represents Wu and Ji. Perhaps it is due to the establishment of the empire in Tiangan College, or it may be due to the respect of the position in the five elements of the earth. This teaching building is also the most magnificent of the five teaching buildings. Each floor is more than five meters high and hard. The marble stairs on the rock floor are decorated with gold, which looks dignified and stable as a stone.
Ji Ye’s wounds took Ji Dong all the way to the last stairway on the fifth floor, where four students, aged about 20, guarded. These are two official students who are responsible for the open-air dance gatekeepers, which shows that the status of Yin and Yang School students is respected.
The formal students who are also students want these students with special names.
Of course, the formal students will not be dissatisfied with this, but will feel very honored.
What’s wrong with some students who rank higher in Yin-Yang School, who are much stronger than most teachers in the college?
Four formal students of "Ji Xuechang" obviously know Ji Ye’s wounds, and when they see him, they stand and bow down to him.
Ji night wounds nodded with Ji Dong went inside.
A formal student hurried to the previous step, "Who is Senior Ji?"
Ji Dong’s public appearances were so few that there was one exchange day. No wonder these formal students didn’t know him.
Ji night wounds ha ha a smile "how three you still I ask private? This is Ji Dong, the No.49 student of Yin and Yang School. "
Ji Dong was a little hungry, took out his own trademark token and handed it to several formal students. Seeing that he was so young, he couldn’t help showing a somewhat envious look. After a little inspection, his token was immediately returned to him.
Climbing the last flight of stairs, Ji Dong suddenly felt suddenly enlightened when she pushed the door leading to the rooftop in front of Ji Ye’s wounds.
The night was fresh and a bit cool and refreshing, which made him practice all day. He suddenly felt that his brain was clear and his gas and blood were surging, and he could not express his satisfaction.
Walking out of the door, a huge auditorium comes into view. The floor of this earthen teaching building is covered with black marble with gold edges. Although it is the roof, there is no difference in the various arrangements of the auditorium. There are neat long tables and chairs on both sides, and there are all kinds of delicious food. There are generous and comfortable sofas at the corner. The whole roof is illuminated by more than 50 glazed palace lanterns. In the center, there is a round dance floor. A professional band is playing melodious music on the north side of the auditorium.
Looking up at the sky, I saw that the sky was full of stars, but my eyes were full of nobility and splendor.
This kind of feeling is really wonderful and very comfortable.
The students of Yin and Yang School know Ji Dong or not. Today, they all changed their gorgeous gifts, talked in twos and threes, or simply ate something leisurely and couldn’t say freehand brushwork.
There are ten men and ten women in the auditorium, and twenty students are interspersed with all kinds of drinks and drinks. There is no doubt that these should be the ordinary students who have been selected to attend the dance.
It turns out that their so-called participation is just to come.
Ji Dong’s eyes stayed at a huge semi-circular table on the south side. Behind the bar, two huge wine cabinets were short of thousands of kinds of wine, and three bartenders were busy mixing wine.