Qin Yu glanced at Zhu Wei’s back and frowned thoughtfully.

"Zhu Wei, the group leader, is not the same as the third child. He has no bad intentions. He usually likes to joke and make fun of others." Qi Lin came over and said softly, "Don’t take it to heart!"
I don’t know if you’ve ever met someone like Zhu Wei in your life. No matter what your personality is, they are always willing to make some outrageous jokes. They don’t play around with themselves every day and don’t consider other people’s feelings. When you want to get angry with him, he always smiles and says, "We are just joking. Why are you so stingy?" And then go on like this and never change …
If you meet such a person in the ordinary circle, you may choose to stay away and ignore him, but Qin Yu can’t. Because Zhu Wei is his colleague, everyone needs to stir the horse spoon in a pot every day. You can’t avoid him, but he often gives orders for himself in front of ordinary police officers but grabs the team leader’s lines. How can Qin Yu work? And the most difficult thing is whether the three groups of these people are friends of Zhu Wei. You fucked him just after you came here, which is easy to make a contradiction …
What should we do?
Qin Yu weighed in his heart, and at the same time, Ji Lin also looked on coldly. He also wanted to see when the new kid would turn against Zhu Wei and whether he could be the leader of the three groups.
Late half an hour
Two police cars stopped at the intersection of muck street gate, and Qin Yu and others dressed in them loaded the car and strolled down the street.
Tuzha Street is the most chaotic place in the whole black block, where there are 10,000 people who live but have no stable jobs. There are at least seven women at the entrance of each shop with pink lights on both sides of the road. They are always posing and waving their hands to attract customers. In dark hutongs, you can often see "heavy smokers" sucking their noses and sweeping their eyes to the streets. Today, they may steal a day, grab a stutter and buy some happiness. Maybe they will be buried in this cold alley as soon as a heavy snow falls ..
Qin Yu has seen too many such people in the planning area, and his eyes are numb in this environment, so he bowed his head and walked forward.
The crowd marched for about a kilometer before stopping at the door of a shop without a facade.
Zhu Wei scratched his nose and whispered, "This family sells medicine."
"Look at no one." Qin Yu turned his head and glanced around and said, "I don’t know much about the situation here. Can I take people away if I catch them directly?"
Qi Lin thought, "Let’s go in again when someone comes to buy medicine."
Qin Yu thought for a long time with a frown on the side of the road and said, "Can they dare to buy and sell here without any preventive measures?" I’m afraid I can’t catch it, but I’m surprised. "
Zhu Wei immediately looked impatient when he heard this. "I told you that nobody cares about this before. If you want to clean it up, you have to be sudden. When you secretly investigate it, people will definitely hear the wind, and the resistance to solving the case will be much greater."
Qin Yu really doesn’t have the experience of living in the Ninth Special Zone, and he is not an old hand for the case detector. He turned his head for a long time and looked at Lao Hei and asked, "Do you think Zabi can be caught?"
"This kind of thing is really nobody’s business before." Old Hei Han almost replied, "But if you want to find out the news for a long time, it will definitely reveal that there is no secret in the company."
Qin Yu was silent for a few seconds and immediately spoke and ordered, "The police car is too ugly to come in … Old black and small six, you two put the car behind the street and we will leave as soon as we catch our car."
"Others randomly check a gun, ammunition and bulletproof vest." Qin Yu ordered again, "We will rush in as soon as people enter the opposite store."
"Ha ha you still wear body armor? You are so timid "Zhu Wei pie mouth quipped" this selling medicine has nothing to do with Jianghu status. A few years ago, I always beat them when I was patrolling … "
Qin Yu glanced at Zhu Wei and was still cautious and ordered, "Do something."
in half an hour
Two young men led an old man into the facade shop, and Qin Yu hid in an alley with a walkie-talkie and asked, "Look through the glass and see if you take medicine."
After waiting for a while, Qi Lin replied "Yes"
"Let’s move," Qin Yu immediately shouted, "Come in."
Voice down personal rushed to the front of the shop from three directions, raised my hand and pulled the wooden door and rushed into the room.
In the dark hall, next to the old counter, the medicine is being dressed at the moment, and a strong guy with a cigarette in the bar is looking at the door in amazement.
Before Zhu Wei stepped forward, his right hand held a gun and his left hand pointed to the strong guy and shouted, "Sergeant, hold your head and pull over!"
When the young man came to his senses and hurried back, he showed his waist pistol and no horse to hold his head.
In this chaotic environment, gangsters may do anything excessive when facing police officers. When Zhu Wei saw that he had a gun, he grabbed the young man’s neck with his left hand and ran for his head when he couldn’t get used to the butt.
"Bang bang …!"
Zhu Wei smashed the other side with a gun in a row, but the young man was still struggling. When he was in a hurry, he dragged the other side’s hair and crashed into the corner of the counter.
Blood flowed from the strong guy’s head, and his eyes turned and he fell to the ground.
At the same time, a bald man in a military coat rushed in and glanced at the room in amazement. He picked up the walkie-talkie and shouted, "Come out when the fucking shop 2 was swept!"
Quiet. After a short silence.
The street suddenly sounded deafening footsteps, and dozens of people rushed out of the bungalows on both sides of the road.
These people, armed with knives, steel pipes and chain guns, blocked the front of the facade shop like a tide.
Qin Yu looked at the vast crowd outside and instantly felt numb. He thought of the scene of grabbing food in the planned area and then unconsciously pushed the pistol insurance.
Zhu Wei through the glass to see the scene outside the forehead sweat swallowed "what … when the team developed to this scale? ….. It’s a little inflated … "
Chapter 10 Tuzha Street veteran covers the sky
The bald man’s shoulder was covered with a military coat, and the wooden stairs glanced coldly and was knocked down by Zhu Wei. The strong guy asked quietly, "Whose dog didn’t tie it and dared to come to my old horse shop for the whole thing?"
Qin Yu looked back at the door of the store with fine sweat on his forehead and saw that twenty people had pulled the door into the room and blocked the exit.
"We’re the superintendent," Zhu Wei said. "Don’t move. We’re here to solve the drug trafficking case."
"Hehe," the bald man sneered. "Who sells fake drugs here?"
Zhu Wei pointed to the counter with a gun in his hand and shouted, "We saw these people trading with our own eyes when we came."
"Do you see that you represent the law?" The bald man didn’t move the steps, raised his hand and pointed to the man at the door and shouted, "Ask them who saw people selling drugs in this room?"
At the door, more than 20 people didn’t say anything. Before carrying the guy in their hands, three groups of people surrounded the middle of the living room.
Zhu Wei was very embarrassed when he heard this, and he didn’t know what to say in situ. At the same time, he was a little timid because no one rushed in outside and looked at it as a good crop
Qin Yu hesitated briefly before taking a step.
At this time, the strong guy who was just knocked down by Zhu Wei sat up and screamed at his bleeding head, "How dare the dog hit me here?"
"You don’t move" JiLin next to the guy shouted a pointing at him.
"Don’t move? I go to your mother! " The strong guy immediately rushed up without saying anything, raised his fist and smashed Zhu Wei’s head. "Are you scaring your dad with a broken gun?"
Zhu Wei was beaten back three or four steps.