It is impossible to make up time after injury stoppage.

If he changed three people, it is estimated that he can directly grind away for nearly three minutes.
He changed players from the first minute of injury time.
One by one for everyone, every minute is obvious when procrastinating.
However, neither the fourth official nor the referee can refuse Lazio’s application for substitution, which is due process.
Even if they are always malicious, they can’t stop them.
The only thing they can do is to hope that Juventus will try their best not to let the game become a dead ball.
But this is beyond the control of Juventus players.
Lazio players will take the initiative to kick the football off the sideline and wake up the referee. They will change people.
The referee can’t turn a blind eye and change Lazio.
Of course, the referee can actually turn a blind eye. The tacit cooperation between the caddy and Juventus players in Gahard will make the football quickly thrown back into the field and will not be replaced by Lazio.
But Lazio players will fall to the ground because of cramps. Even if they pretend to do so, there is nothing they can do … Lazio players will put pressure on the referee to suspend the game.
So when the team doctor comes to toss around and change people … it will pass quickly.
Capello kept protesting lazio’s unethical behavior on the sidelines
While winning always pushes a field every minute …
Finally, nearly seven minutes after injury time, Juventus still failed to break the Lazio goal. The referee blew the whistle for the end of the game …
Lazio players and coaches rushed into the stadium when the whistle sounded.
They are excited to hug everyone.
If people don’t know this, Lazio will win the championship before beating Juventus away …
Chapter seventy-nine Go to the UEFA Cup final
When the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game, Lazio players and fans were excited and crazy as if they had won the league title.
Juventus fans, on the other hand, feel dejected.
They came to prepare all kinds of banners and slogans to celebrate the championship. None of them could wait to hang the slogan to celebrate Juventus’ 30th league title before the game. Now it looks like a joke, satirizing them all the time.
It’s a great thing to win the 30th league title in the club’s history in the first three rounds at home.
Juventus is the only one in Italian football.
This has been carefully prepared from the club to the fans, and the club has specially printed a batch of shirts with 30 crowns, which are intended to be changed by the players after the game and then celebrated the championship.
Now I can stay in the box.
Good luck, maybe one game, but bad luck, I’m afraid I’ll have to wait until the last game of the league.
Of course, with extreme bad luck, I’m afraid I won’t make it this season … but is it possible?
Juventus will never let the champion fall behind others!
It’s the kind of feeling that people rush in and lift the table after carefully preparing the party …
Lazio players and coaches are still celebrating at the stadium.
Juventus players ran into the dressing room with their heads down.
Juventus fans left, and many of them stayed where they were.
They still can’t accept that their team will win the championship before being defeated by Lazio at home …
Feel dejected, Juventus fans packed their things, and the banner proclaiming the 30th league crown was being taken from the stands by the fans.
They gradually rolled up this banner that was wrapped around a stand for four minutes, and then let people carry it away from the stand.
But in fact, they have nothing to be sad about, because their trend of winning the championship is unstoppable, even if Lazio wins them at the Alpine Stadium, the difference between the two teams will be reduced to four points.
But Lazio can no longer stop them. Juventus’ opponents in the remaining three league matches are Siena, Palermo and Reggina, and their opponents are all weak.
Siena and Palermo are relegated and worried about Europe.
Reggina need to avoid relegation, but their meeting with Juventus is the last game.
At that time, Juventus won the championship.
If Juventus win the first two games, even Lazio will win, and they will win the first round by four points.