"Sure enough, there is a soldier’s father who has good motor cells. Anyone who is so small and moves so fast can be a special soldier like his father when she grows up," Feng Hongwei said in her ear.

"What are you talking about?" Yuanyuan has no intention of letting the wind know that Fanfan can raise Fanfan herself.
"To tell you the truth, I really feel that the wind has no vision," Feng Hongwei said, not afraid of death. "It’s not as good as you to see that doctor Ye. Look, you have to have a face, a figure and a beautiful figure!"
Yuanyuan sneered, "You can’t dislike men and women!"
"Don’t look at me like that. I’m your best friend. I just mean it." Feng Hongwei laughed.
"When did you become my best friend again?" Yuanyuan asked with a smile.
"I have always forgotten that we have the closest sisterhood? If you let me be a michel platini, we will be closer. "Feng Hongwei laughed.
This person is really dead. Yuanyuan was in distress situation. When Feng Hongwei took her shoulder, she didn’t refuse.
I really don’t know when she didn’t treat Feng Hongwei as a man before she could tolerate his occasional intimate behavior.
"Miss Song, what a coincidence." Ye Nan didn’t know when she came over with a wind and a Xu Haibing at hand.
Yuanyuan turned to see this scene. What a harmonious family. She said, "Yes, what a coincidence."
"It’s quite a coincidence that today is family day, and everyone comes out to play with their children." Feng Hongwei replied with a close hug to Yuanyuan.
Feng just saw Yuanyuan and Feng Hongwei together, chatting happily. If it weren’t for Dongdong telling him that Feng Hongwei likes men, he would really recognize them as a couple, and he couldn’t help wondering if Feng Hongwei really likes men.
"Yes, we just visited a children’s shopping mall over there." Ye Nan smiled and "bought something for Bingbing."
Yuanyuan replied that she was a little heartless. She had to pay attention to her daughter’s situation and said, "Then I won’t bother you. Bye."
The wind looked at Yuanyuan and looked into the children’s paradise. "Do you also bring children to play?"
"Yes! And we plan to have another child? Are you right, Yuaner? " Feng Hongwei said and kissed Yuanyuan on the cheek.
Yuanyuan took a silly look at Feng Hongwei. Did he play too much?
Fengnao was hit hard-what did he call her? Yuaner? He found that he had an impulse to punch in the past, and she deserved to die and let him call him that and flirt with this man.
Didn’t you say no? Isn’t Feng Hongwei gay? It’s not gay to look at it like this now
Suddenly, Fanfan was knocked down by another girl over there and corrected her hair. Yuanyuan couldn’t calm down and said to them, "Sorry, I won’t hinder you from shopping."
There have been workers over there who pulled the girl Yuanyuan and rushed in. Fanfan didn’t cry and was scratched with a trace, but the girl who looked worse than her had several traces of her hair and face.
The girl cried in pain when she was caught, but Fan Fan looked puzzled and stared at her sister. She started it. Why are you crying?
"Fanfan, do you feel pain?" Yuanyuan saw that her daughter’s braids were messed up, and there were red marks that made her feel bad.
"It doesn’t hurt that my sister wants to rob my doll, and she cries." Fanfan pointed to her sister and looked at Mommy puzzled.
"Well, my sister is naughty, but she is the most lovely." Yuanyuan picked up her daughter and the girl’s parents came.
"Baby doesn’t hurt anymore!" The mother looked at her daughter crying so sadly and glared at Yuanyuan angrily. "What did you do? Parents actually started beating people. I don’t know if there is a tutor."
Yuanyuan sneered that she knew her daughter very well, but her daughter wouldn’t beat people around. She said, "Everyone can see that your daughter is several years older than my daughter, and who is bullying who?" There should be closed-circuit television here! We will see who is right and whose children have no tutor! "
"That’s right, our family has been injured, and now we are going to the hospital for medical examination. My horse will inform the lawyer to let the lawyer handle it." Feng Hongwei dares to bully his most precious baby, and he wants them to pay ten times the price.
The other party was obviously scared and banned for a while.

Taoist Chunyang nodded again, "For example, it’s no big deal to be sophisticated yourself, but this old man is very lucky to welcome a friend who used to practice martial arts and later obtained secrets."

Lu Da laughed. "Cuckoo is clumsy, but I see an old man at this age, wearing a relaxed mental robe and smelling of tea. I must be at the age of enjoying myself in Yiyuan Mountain. Are you still willing to take another apprentice and do more exercises?"
Chunyang Taoist priest turned to look at his eyes carefully. There was a faint speculation in his heart. He couldn’t help but hum a way: "The so-called brother Lao Lao has nothing to do, and he’s embarrassed to toss about those disciples so that he can get a poor disciple to toss about and talk to him in his later years."
"Does the teacher look at cudgels?"
Speaking of this, Lu Da suddenly got sincere and smiled, rolled his sleeves and showed his muscles seriously. He said, "I dare not say that I can only work hard, eat and drink, and I can do everything."
Director Chunyang was dazed and suddenly realized, "Good Luda, do you also test me?"
"Dare the teacher laugh and curse without covering it up? It’s my brother’s yearning for fairy manners."
Lu Da primly said, "It’s not a waste to have this conversation and know more about such a veteran, even if he is driven away from the mountain to visit his family because of these words."
Chunyang Laodao can feel that this Han is also speaking from the heart. Just now, that little annoyance suddenly vanished, but if you want to accept this disciple just like this, you always feel as if there is no master.
"You’re a bluffing fellow with a rough appearance and no scheming."
Taoist Chunyang deliberately left his sleeve and turned to the mountain. Leave a message.
"Hum, then you can guard the mountain gate for two months instead of the little Taoist at the foot of the mountain."
Luda smiled briskly. Hehe turned and went to the foot of the mountain.
Taoist Chunyang thought as he walked up the mountain.
"After accepting such an apprentice … haha, it was really impossible to talk about the old man. It’s really getting older and more British. Hahahaha"
When he went to the pavilion, he found that there was already another person in the pavilion cleaning two cups with hot water.
"The palm teaches you out."
Chunyang Road took two quick steps to the pavilion and stared at Fang Yunhan’s right hand with a teapot.
That hand is evenly lined with flesh and blood, and the skin color is slightly white. Five fingernails are ruddy and clean, and the knuckles are bent and the teapot is set off, which makes the skin texture more delicate.
Look left and right, you can’t see that when you first came back to the mountain, your whole arm was left with a miserable look of bones.
When Fang Yunhan cleaned both cups, he poured half a cup of hot tea, put one in front of him and pushed it to the other side of the stone table.
The Taoist priest of Chunyang took a seat on the other side and withdrew his sight. He praised, "The barren Liuhe shattered the real body and swam the northern ghost to drop blood and be reborn."
"I really saw an example today when you added these notes."
He took a sip of hot tea and then said, "You’ve closed a little vision this time, but it seems even more profound when you come out. You won’t have already understood these magical powers of the nine yin and easy pulse method, will you?"
"I’m learning from some of these techniques, but I don’t want to accept nature as it is relatively simple."
Fang Yunhan looks dull, his eyes and eyebrows seem to have a smile, but his lips are a little deep and he says, "Of course, this practice is doomed to be impossible to practice these methods to their respective limits."
Chunyang Laodao shook his head. "You are too modest to go for it alone. Although you can’t reach their original extreme, you also bypass their respective limitations."
"Yes …" The old man hesitated to look at Fang Yunhan’s face. "Your qi activity is even more unpredictable, but your complexion is not very good. Is it really that great obstacle to the miraculous state of Jiuyang?"
Fang Yunhan gave a positive response and said quietly, "The characteristics of the Ten Yang Flame are almost beyond all the achievement methods I have ever seen. It is too extreme, and even my heart is almost impossible to change back the true qi that has been transformed into holy fire."
Chunyang Laodao’s eyelids jumped and he said with some worry, "I think you can cut down a realm and return to Jiuyang level if you can’t bear it after leaving a note in Jiuyang’s magical power?"
The highest level of Nine-yang Divine Skill, Ten-yang Flame Realm, will trigger a deeper virtual robbery, and if you don’t practice the virtual body, there will be robbery.
Ten-day Tsunami Disaster
Such extreme yang will make the practitioner’s heart in the five internal organs on the verge of collapse and self-destruction.
This fire robbery starts from the depths of the heart, and all methods are used to suppress it. Once the heart pulse is burned, even the soul will be reduced to ashes by it, and it is necessary to escape from it by cutting itself off sometimes.
"Ha ha, brother, you don’t have to worry."
Fang Yunhan said, "Although the Ten-Yang Flame is terrible, I have already made it into a nine-story Taoist realm of rebirth. Even if half of my body is bombed, it may grow back."
"And I’ve passed the virtual robbery, even though the flame is longer than me, it’s just some heartache."
He said that he had a toothache in his ears when he was listening to Chunyang Road carelessly.
His statement is obviously that he is not prepared to cut down a heavy realm himself, and the so-called heartache is afraid of the seesaw that the flame burns part of the heart when it keeps burning the heart pulse, and then the northern ghost rebirth method keeps regenerating the heart.
I feel pain when I think about this kind of thing.
"No wonder your lips are purple, your eyes are bloodshot, and your hair looks dry and unkempt than before."
Minister Chunyang quickly pressed the pain and said, "So you can’t do this. Is there any way to solve it completely?"
Fang Yunhan poured the half cup of tea into his mouth. As soon as the tea entered, it had turned into a steam root and could not stay.
He seems to think that drinking tea like this is not interesting, and he pours half a cup into his hand and says, "Actually, I set fire to burn my heart just to feel that it is still too short to study for half a month. There is something in my hometown that can help me speed up the process."
Chunyang Laodao: "Are you going to leave for a while again?"
"To be honest, I don’t know when I will come back this time."
Fang Yunhan said unhurriedly, despite the consternation in Chunyang’s old face, "There are some things that need to be dealt with well before leaving to teach us where the lair is?"

"Liu Qing, what’s wrong with you?"

Nan Lichuan pouted and explained to him, "Nan Haochen had an accident!"
Zhuge Yue was a little flustered when he heard it. "What’s going on?"
"The newspaper said that a housekeeper in Nanjia revealed that Nanhao Chen was buried by his mother who drank too much medicine, and Nanhao Chen’s father was going to divorce his mother …"
Zhuge Yue hurriedly went to shake Liu Qing’s hand, only to find that her hands and feet were cold. She must be still worried that Nan Haochen was in silence now!
Zhuge Yue called her several times before she reacted, but she was determined to come over. "I’m going to save Nan Haochen."
Zhuge Yue knew how easy it was to talk, but she couldn’t let it go so easily!
Then nodded "good! You still have us and we will go with you! "
Nanjia is more and more heavily guarded because of Nanhaochen’s long sleep!
But these nimble Zhuge Yue, their roots are nothing but three, five and two, and they just climbed over the wall and came in!
But after searching for a long time, I couldn’t find the trace of Nan Haochen. Zhuge Yue estimated that Nan Dad had hidden Nan Haochen in a dark room!
Nan Haochen’s deep sleep at the moment is just a good time for some kidnappers to kidnap him!
Just Nan Haochen told her that she knew where Nan Haochen was!
But when I walked to the door of Nan Dad’s room, someone was actually Nan Mom crying, "I can’t leave you! You abandoned me and let me go where on earth is an old man of this age? "
Nan’s father said bitterly, "You are so cruel to Hao Chen and have you ever thought about your scene?"
"You …"
It is not easy for so many people to get in, so Zhuge Yue can wait for the opportunity!
When so many bodyguards brought Nan’s mother out, Zhuge Yue decided to go in neatly, and several people cooperated fully. As soon as Zhuge Yue rushed in, Nan Lichuan stunned Nan’s father when he wanted to shout, and then tied his hands and stuffed a piece of cloth in his mouth to prevent him from making too much noise!
Zhuge Yue turned the wall behind the candlestick flash painting on the desktop and clearly saw the faint candlelight inside!
A few people came in softly and saw the bed pale. South Hao Chen Liu Qing immediately jumped "South Hao Chen … you are quick to wake up …"
A voice suddenly sounded behind him, "Who are you?"
Everyone didn’t expect that Dr. Chen was also in this secret room …
But can’t come. As soon as Dr. Chen shouted, someone rushed in and surrounded them. Chapter 74: Eyes are diabolical (3)
But they couldn’t come. As soon as Dr. Chen shouted, someone rushed in and surrounded them!
Liu Qing did not want to hold Nan Haochen tightly in her arms!
At this moment, Nan’s father has also been loosened and glared at them. "Who are you?"
Zhuge Yue can also come up with a killer at the moment. "South Dad, I am Zhuge Yue …"
South dad couldn’t help laughing, but it was that terrible sneer. "When am I stupid? Zhuge Yue died three years ago, otherwise my family Hao Chen wouldn’t be like this … "
Zhuge Yue looked at Nan Dad impartially. "At that time, Nan Haochen said that I was Zhuge Yue. Didn’t you have a little doubt?"
Nan Dad’s eyes are thin and Zhuge Yue’s face is sweeping. He has seen Zhuge Yue, the first girlfriend Nan Haochen brought home. Nan Haochen once told him that he was going to marry her!
At that time, he immediately remembered Zhuge Yue’s clever eyes. Now it seems that although the appearance is different, the eyes are indeed similar!
He raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhuge Yue. "What do you want?"
"We’re here to save Nan Haochen."
South dad thought for a moment and then let the bodyguards shoot "good! If you can save Nan Haochen in 30 minutes, then I will believe you and let you go! "
ZhuGeYue is very confident about this "good! I promise you! "
-dividing line-

Let that memory fall to the ground and turn to mud

Quietly and gently
It’s drizzling in my world again.
You also need to have too many words.
Will also have different worlds.
I can slowly forget you.
Kiss you
Give me the most beautiful memories.
Erase again
Love you deeply and leave traces.
Wave and leave
Maybe it’s the end.
Stop being silly and stay where you are.
Kiss you
Give me the most beautiful memories.
Erase again
Love you deeply and leave traces.
Wave and leave
Maybe it’s the end.
All the past is gone with the wind.
Mu Huancai was deeply attracted by Su Yiming when he took a bite. He never knew that a person’s piano sounds and songs could be so beautiful. He couldn’t help but get up and look at a white dress in the gazebo.
I can’t tell whether I am intoxicated with my own melody or lost in my own mind. Mu Huan has forgotten the people and things around him. He is playing the strings and singing the melody emotionally. His lyrical voice is so round and unique, and he expresses his complex emotions like crying.
Su Yiming looked at Muhuan quietly, and this song seemed to tell that she was once sentimental, that she couldn’t extricate herself, that she missed her former lover, and that everything in the past made people cry.
Aside sogeum has long been red in the eye and lowered his eyes. I don’t know what to think. Xiaobai always feels sour in the nose. Fire Xuan and Meow Meow have also listened to it. Fire Xuan cocked his head and wondered what happened to this woman. Is Cold King heart breaker abandoning her at random?
Stay MuHuan waist soft sword Nini already tearful mother you are still in love with dad, why do you want to hide this place from him? Go back if you miss him. Dad really loves you! Are you suffering? Do you really want your baby to be born without a father?
At this time, there was another person standing outside the wall. It was just a few miles away.
The galloping horses and the small arms arrived at the time when Muhuan was playing the piano, but when she walked around the garden, she heard her singing, and her heart shrank like someone reached into her body and grabbed the small organ. It was so painful that she could not speak.
Suddenly the strings were broken, and Xiaoqin sounded in the garden and exclaimed, "Sister-in-law, what’s wrong with you?"
Thyme devoted to the heat can not consider so many leaps to fly to a big tree but see MuHuan corners of the mouth with blood faint GuQin Chapter two hundred and thirty-three Father and daughter meet!
Seeing Xiaoqin holding Muhuan in panic and shaking her gently, she cried, "Sister-in-law, wake up!"
Ah, before a step, two kittens, one black and one white, also rushed in. As soon as the black cat rushed into the pavilion, it became many times bigger, and stretched out its claws to lift Muhuan’s eyelids.
At the same time, I saw a man dressed in a moonlight gown rushing forward and pulling up Muhuan’s wrist, taking the pulse and touching some blood on her mouth, putting it on the nose and smelling it, and grinding the fingertips before sticking out the tip of her tongue and gently tasting it. The man then frowned and took Muhuan from Sogeum’s hand and picked her up and went into the room.
The man turned around for a moment, but he finally saw clearly his appearance. He had a face that was so enchanting to the extreme, but he just didn’t take half a feminine lip angle. The natural bend seemed to be born with a smile, but a closer look made people feel that the smile was somewhat unreal, which made people feel that although this person was gorgeous, he was also inscrutable. Presumably, this is the owner of the happy gate.
"What happened to my sister-in-law?" Sogeum with Su Yiming side while anxiously asked
Su Yiming frowned and looked down at her arms in a coma. Muhuan looked at the crystal tears in her eyes and suddenly felt a little distressed. "I was dizzy with poison."
"What?" O sogeum and changed his face at the same time "poison? !”
Su Yiming didn’t say anything, holding MuHuan into the room, and Sogeum and the little white followed him and went in.

"Look at how forgetful I am. Mr. Meng should have a good relationship with Miss Cheng, right? It is said that this is the fate. Xiao Meng Binhai is Miss Cheng’s classmate and Mayor Cheng has transferred another piece of Linghe. Haha! "

Ding Liangyu in front of this tong trunk smiled two times, and echoed the smile. When it arrived, Zhong Siyuan smiled somewhat reluctantly.
"There is a fate." Cheng Dongdong also replied, "I heard that I was transferred to Linghe Yuyu and said that this is not Dongdong’s hometown? Isn’t it possible to see winter and winter? "
Now Meng Yudong can’t laugh when she’s roasting the fire. She doesn’t think it’s right. She’s a nobody. Why are all the topics around her?
This is wrong. It’s really wrong. Chapter 15 is the most important thing to please him.
They went to Linghe’s largest restaurant, and the most exclusive staircase went to the building package. Today, the guests were the bosses of several major construction companies.
Cheng Dongyang presided over the construction of the main road of the Second Ring Road in Linghe City, which is a key project this year. We should not be careless at all, and soon the government will invite tenders, and he will also consider it in several construction companies.
Those bosses have been waiting for a look. When he comes in, everyone sits up and bows.
This is Meng Yudong’s first time to eat such a meal. The bosses were also surprised to see a little girl following. After listening to the introduction, she was a nobody, but the two heads of the Ministry of Finance of the Propaganda Department were very polite to her, thinking that it should be different from Mayor Cheng and especially different from her.
Is followed to Zhong Siyuan unusually silent face feeling strange today.
When a few people talked about it, a boss in Linghe local conditions and customs saw that Mayor Cheng had always been neither salty nor light, and said, "Miss Ding Zhu Meng is so beautiful that it is the flower of our government!"
"Old Huang, you don’t say Mr. Meng came in. I saw this girl’s watery Binhai University with Mayor Cheng’s sister or a college classmate. It’s Mayor Cheng’s mausoleum and half of his hometown." Ding Liangyu laughed and he made up his mind to push Meng Yudong to Cheng Dongyang.
"What a coincidence! That’s fate. Where did Miss Meng propose a toast to you?" What does that yellow manager mean when his eyes shine?
"Manager Huang is embarrassed that I can’t drink." Meng Yudong once heard Ding Liangyu’s words, she was stupid and heard the implication.
"If you can’t drink, learn to drink, or you have to let me stand here!" That manager Huang smiles with shiny eyes and really stares at her
She would never drink. If she hadn’t been drunk that night, she wouldn’t have gone to the wrong room, let alone what happened later.
The thought of that night made her even more uneasy. "Sorry, I really can’t drink."
"If he doesn’t drink, I’ll drink for her." Zhong Siyuan said and picked up the glass.
Manager Huang’s quick work is not yet white. Look at what happened. Cheng Dongyang looks as good as usual and will drink the wine.
Ding Liangyu’s face is a bit ugly. He and Zhong Si went away to wash their hands to make sure they didn’t wash their hands. He stared at this and thought it was a good seedling! A wise mind can judge a person’s face when he advances and retreats.
"Jason Chung you are a brain fan muddy isn’t it? Can you drink for Xiao Meng in that situation just now? "
"Dongdong is my girlfriend, who will protect her if I don’t protect her?" Zhong Siyuan couldn’t turn around. He guessed what Ding Zhu wanted to do, but he found that he still couldn’t stand the thought of going to another man’s arms.
"Are you clear? Don’t you see that Mayor Cheng is interested in Mr. Meng? You rob a woman with Mayor Cheng. Are you killing yourself? "Ding Liangyu couldn’t wait to wake him up with a hammer." Besides, it’s important for a woman or your career. Isn’t it simple to measure wanting a woman in your heart? Don’t be a jerk when you don’t key! "
Zhong Siyuan’s brain is still stupid. He asked a special question, "Do you really want to give Dong Dong to Cheng Dongyang? Dong Dong won’t be willing? "
"Is she willing to go back when she says that the current mayor has just come to our place to please him?" Ding Liangyu said that he had already left before Chapter 16 was sent to his bed.
She was still drunk. These people didn’t give her a drink. She was blocked by Zhong Siyuan, but this man kept smiling. She drank two glasses of hands and her face was red.
She suddenly felt sad, really sad, and she couldn’t hear what those people said. Later, she was really drunk, and she drank until Cheng Dongyang took her glass.
She turned to look at the man in doubt, and she burst into tears.
"Look at you, madam, let Mr. Meng drink and cry." Ding Liangyu said that it was not right to look at his face.
"Let’s call it a day! Manager Huang hopes that you can come up with a better design scheme, and the construction of the Second Ring Road in our city still depends on you. "Cheng Dongyang finally sat in a chair with his head tilted and his tears dropped. He couldn’t help frowning.
Ding Liangyu knows how to look at people’s faces. His horse said, "Mayor Cheng, Lodze and I both drank too much, and Jason Chung also drank a lot. I’m afraid we can’t drive. Mr. Meng also lives in the dormitory next to the municipal compound. We can’t take a taxi back when you drop by."
Cheng Dongyang is too clear about these people dropping their minds. He pulled up Meng Yudong. When Meng Yudong smelled his masculine breath, a surge of hot air poured into his brain and he vomited all over him.
Everyone here is blind, and this Meng vomited Mayor Cheng, which ended up like this.
"Mayor Cheng, if it weren’t for this, there is also a room here. Why don’t I clean up your room and let Miss Meng find a place to rest?" Manager Huang also blushed and felt that such a move could please the leaders.
"Give her a room!" Cheng Dongyang hand holding Meng Yudong said
"Mayor of the trip, please wait a moment." After that, Mr. Huang has asked people to arrange for him to see Ding Liangyu winking at him, and he immediately understood.
They arranged a presidential suite here. Cheng Dongyang called the secret to go back to his residence to get clothes and send him to the hospital. When he came out in a bathrobe after taking a shower, he saw Meng Yudong lying in bed ~
These people are bent on thinking that he is interested in Meng Yudong, and he is too lazy to leave him alone. Is he really interested in her? Of course it’s impossible. This woman is her father. If she touches her father, she will vomit when she thinks about it.
However, as soon as she changed her words from Binhai and fled here, she still looked like an escape, which provoked his anger, and he only came to see her name before, and the situation was not expected.
Meng Yudong was not drunk to death. At this moment, she woke up, and the white light was somewhat dazzling. She lay in a soft place.
She didn’t sit up in vain until she saw Cheng Dongyang in a white bathrobe. She jumped up and grabbed her skirt. "It’s you and you! What won’t let me go? "
"They sent you here. You threw up all over me. I came here to take a shower." He went to the living room and looked at "Don’t worry, I won’t touch you."
They sent her here? She remembered that she came to accompany the wine. She became a hostess! Do they have Zhong Siyuan? Zhong Siyuan sent her to his bed! Her face is white and bright. She doesn’t want to stay for a moment. She wants to leave now.