"I don’t know how many times King Kong can be immortal."

Fang Yunhan laughed in his heart and said, "But you can try more. If you don’t die in the sixth transformation, it will prove that he can die six times. If you don’t die in the seventh transformation, it will prove that this kung fu can be seven times."
Cheng Shifei merrily said, "That is to say, this martial art is really …"
Fang Yunhan cut him off. "Of course, you died for the sixth time, which means I misjudged the certificate. This martial art can indeed be used for five times."
Cheng Shifei’s face was bitter again. "How many times can this be?"
Fang Yunhan picked up the hip flask and didn’t pour it into the cup. He poured a sigh into his mouth and casually said, "Gu Santong, how many times can you believe it? I said how many times can you really believe it?"
"Then when will you believe your own feelings?"
He got up, loosened his finger, dropped the hip flask firmly and gently, and took a serious look at Cheng Shifei. "This skill is already your own thing, and you should know it best."
Cheng Shifei sighed and finally said in a somewhat confided tone, "I have heard that people have accumulated a little bit of things themselves to be practical. This martial arts is rooted in heaven. How can I have your confidence?"
"Self-confidence is a kind of strength, which is also a kind of self-confidence. You should have self-confidence when you have strength."
Fang Yunhan glanced at Cheng Shifei with a slight chill. "I don’t like to see anyone fail to live up to the treasures they already have."
"No matter what you spell or send, even if it is a gift, you don’t have to hesitate about the unknown, so you miss the future and live up to the past."
Language Fang Yunhan directly turned to the floor. He didn’t stop Cheng Shifei again. It doesn’t matter what Cheng Shifei did.
The candle crackled and burned out.
Cheng Shifei and other three people stayed in the lobby for quite a while without moving anything, as if they didn’t even say anything.
Finally, Cheng Shifei took the lead in arranging to fall asleep in his room.
The next day, he was full of energy and laughed and walked together.
It’s not far from Guihaiyidao’s home.
It will probably arrive before the middle of the day.
Chapter 222 Evil work and evil.
The 300-mile mirror reflects the lake in a shimmering way.
When you return to the sea, you will see the mirror not far from the lake.
The bamboo forest is sparse and leisurely, and the breeze blows through the bamboo leaves. There are several houses with a fence around them, which surrounds a courtyard.
Go back to the sea with one knife and the door shouted a few niang people should first.
Guan Haitang followed the door and said, "Auntie?"
"My mother has devoted herself to worshipping Buddha for three or five years, and she will go to Shuiyue Temple for two days from time to time. Maybe it’s unfortunate that I will come back."
Guihai explained a few words to Guan Haitang with a knife and turned to a small room next to him to push the window.
Although the sparrow is small and has all five internal organs, this courtyard is also divided into two bedrooms for hospitality.
This hut is where Lu Huanong, the mother of a knife, lives.
The bedroom is decorated neatly, and the fallen leaves in the courtyard have been cleaned not long ago. Everything is as usual. I should not have encountered any changes and returned to the sea. I turned my head and said to Fang Yunhan, who had just arrived from the carriage, "My father’s belongings are in my room. I’m going to get them now."
Although Cheng Shifei didn’t choose to escape last night, Guan Haitang motioned for them to solve the acupuncture points.