There are three corpses around me, wolves outside the array, the king of ghosts who stripped off their clothes, and so on. Only Su Jing’s hostility to the "50,000 wolves" makes him feel that his eyes are closed once with the sun, and his eyes are dark and blooming!

The wolf didn’t dare to move. The small size of the body made it dark … The wolf can concentrate on Su Jing but can’t taste the eyes! When the wolf looks at me, I look at the wolf. It hides the knife in its eyes and I extinguish it! Let’s fight for an opportunity!
After the fight didn’t stop blinking, Su Jing stared at the evil wolf, refined the gods and birds, and the fire was burning. Su Jing’s eyes were hot and burned, but the evil wolf’s "poisonous eyes" were deadlocked. The evil wolf suddenly lowered his eyes as if he was afraid, but it was "afraid" and the fierce beast exploded and took off to pounce on Su Jing!
What if you can’t find a flaw or stab a flaw? It’s a big deal to kill a 50 thousand wolf and die endlessly
When several wolves in front came, they were all carrying wind and thunder, but this 50,000 wolf culled quietly … Not without rest. On the contrary, it caused movement like the sea crumbled, because it came too fast and left the sound behind.
Wolves jump like! Before the attack, it tried to be cautious, it was deceitful and careful, but once the offensive was launched, it changed, became decisive and brave, and went forward without killing or returning! Everything is the whole world, and its eyes are on this moment. There is a Su Jing in the eyes of the evil wolf.
Su Jing disappeared and changed into a dense fog!
The fog is very thick, people can see through it, even if they gather 50 thousand companions, the evil wolf can’t do it. It’s even more abrupt, and the fog spreads out to cover Su Jing!
The wolf army banned the law from magic weapons … In normal times, it was true. Su Jing was a treasure, but he was able to break in with the sun, but then the situation changed.
It’s all about spell change whether you are trapped or attacked together. If wolves want to use spells themselves, they naturally have to solve the "forbidden law" system in their own army.
It’s not forbidden to completely eliminate it. It’s the wolf who puts the law on the line a little to make his own army form a formation. However, Su Jing’s five senses quickly captured this weak key of qi movement early, and he moved to urge Bao to protect himself.
In fact, even the savage wolf’s "forbidding the dharma" is a spell, but Su Jing’s realm is still too low, and my dharma is broken …
Fog transpiration is not as diffuse as it used to be, and it is 70 miles away. Su Jingshen, Zhou Baizhang, and Fiona Fang don’t know whether it is his deliberate intention or the magic weapon power method with thin aura in the enemy line is all exhibited.
The "50,000 wolves" refused to stop and jump into the fog until they turned back.
A sudden gust of wind, gas explosion, rumbling and violent vibration scattered in all directions. This was due to the attack of "50,000 wolves" and it didn’t come until it got into the fog. At the same time, there were so many signs in the wolf vortex outside the array that 50 thousand wolves suddenly fell to the ground and died.
When 50,000 wolves die, it’s white, but the reason is that the "50,000 wolves" were killed in a catastrophe!
The wolf was dead when the potential bloomed.
Watching the thin clothes king in the distance was a big surprise! Even if the white fog is weird, even if the yang body is small and fierce, it is too much. You know that it is a total of 50,000 pretty wolves!
Surprised and angry, the king of thin clothes can’t smile and see some wolves die. If the casualties are too great, he, the nominal coach, is to blame. When he returns home, he will be punished. The thought of Yang Saburo and the wolf master’s means to deal with sinners can’t help but cause cold sweat behind the king of thin clothes. The fear in his heart melts into anger. "Su Xiaoyao Mo proudly killed’ 50,000 wolves’ and struck the fifth seventy-five …"
Words haven’t finished thin clothes Wang Meng closed his mouth, his eyes were wide open and his face was full of horror. He looked at the array heart and washed a boat in the fog.
A small boat is like a fishing boat caught by fishermen in Yanghuchuan. It’s not a big name. There is a small pennant in the canopy. On the one hand, it’s difficult to distinguish ghosts from others, and on the other hand, it’s more interesting to draw patterns. Three big locust trees have a fat rhubarb chicken.
If the ghost in the nether world knows this flag, and when he sees it, a word will naturally flash in his heart.
Nine catties of roosters crow and three mountains of gods support the sky!
Three locust trees, one chicken, and several top forces in the nether world cut the Zhu Wangqi!
In a small fishing boat … Cut King Zhu and command the sinking soldiers.
Friends are different. Most of the army horses are ordinary ghosts, not as magical as the army of evil spirits, but there are three elite soldiers who sink their boats. One is fierce and terrible, far better than the army of evil spirits!
The "fifty thousand wolves" in front of this army is not enough. It’s not too wrong to die seriously.
Su Jingchu once cast a mind on the "Xuan" when he was trapped in the monster array.
It’s a dark world, and 300,000 sunken boat soldiers are wrestling, and Chu Sanhuan, the main commander of the army, is no exception. They have been wrestling for ten months, and it will take another 99 years and two months to "finish".
When he was sleepy, Chu Sanhuan suddenly felt that the sun was shining in front of him.
Chu Sanhuan’s worship of the general and his knowledge are not bad. He knows that Su Jing is a magic weapon before him, and his eyes are cold and he didn’t start work.
"My Jenny nine princess has your home cut king zhu reconciliation to put you back! Let’s forget the past grievances and see if we are enemies or friends when we meet in Japan! " Su Jingyang took out the "Withdrawal Order Guide" sent before cutting the king of Zhu and gave it to Chu Sanhuan.
Lingjian is also a "projection". If Su Jing has something, he can project it into the treasure with the gods.
Su Jingyin resounded through the Xuan, and all the 300,000 sinking soldiers heard clearly that Chu Sanhuan’s smell was a big boost. "My king’s big order is to sink the boat. He said that he would stop fighting if he didn’t fight at the end! Please ask the king of Xiao Jiu to accept the treasure. "
"Don’t worry, if you have agreed to let Jenny go, you will definitely let her go … If it’s not Taiping Gankun outside, do you really want to go?" Su Jing primly said, "Pinch your fingers and move your fingers. Let Chu Sanhuan see the outside situation clearly."
"Wolf?" flashed into the eyes of General Ghost King.
Sue nodded at the scenic spot. "Yes, wolves are invading my Fucheng. You will never stop if you want to leave, but the wolves outside will not treat you as friends."
The wolf pawn is cruel, so it will be mistaken for the sinking soldier as the enemy alliance. Even if they know that this army is seeking a way out, they will not let the sinking ship leave the life and death.
After a short pause, Su Jing added to the tone, "I have decided to die together in Fucheng. You can decide for yourself whether to go or not."
The "Xuan" crystal is a magical treasure given to my brother from the temple by the skyscraper, not a secular instrument. When Su Jing left the ancient temple, this treasure had already recognized the Lord. Since then, he has been connected with his life. If people die, the spirit treasure will be destroyed. Ghosts and soldiers in the trapped treasure will also die with the treasure.
This heavy key Chu Sanhuan can also guess that the little nine kings are not letting them "make their own decisions" or gnashing their teeth and threatening that you will die if you don’t go out and fight wolves quickly!
"King Xiao Jiu knows who rules the wolves today? Is it the wolf master of Yang Sanlang’s three seedlings or his fierce wolf clan? " Chu Sanhuan is not hesitant, but wants to know as much as possible about the battlefield before going out.
Su Jing shook his head. "It’s not Yang Saburo or the wolf king, the wolf Lord, who led the army."
Chu Sanhuan was stunned. "Thin clothes king?"
"There are other feelings in the book. Now is not the time to elaborate. The king of thin clothes always takes refuge in the evil wolf to make an attack."
Su Jing said a word and Chu Sanhuan suddenly laughed … The old ghost with thin clothes took refuge in Yang Saburo because he was not interested, but he was not interested in one thing. The wolves respected themselves and despised others.
This battle was led by the king of thin clothes? That’s no problem. Neither Yang Saburo nor the wolf master will give him the real elite of the wolf clan to take charge.
Wolves have six sharp "walking" and "unchanging" finger families; "Er" and "change" mean that there are very few backbones in the army. They are all gold in the sand. Every grain is extremely rare. Among the six sharp ones, "Fa" and "Man" are the main force of the thin-clothed king of a large-scale army. "Man" is good, but this does not mean that he has brought the "Man" main force elite.
Yang saburo and the wolf master just transferred a group of ordinary wolves in the "savage" to thin clothes.
Seeing Chu Sanhuan laughing, Su Jing explained, "If the general thinks he can penetrate the wolf array, please prepare the deployment to go out and kill. Besides, I have one more thing to ask the general to succeed."
Chu Sanhuan frowned as if he had guessed Su Jing’s desire: "My king’s big order, King Xiao Jiu, ordered my department to return to the camp immediately, and the evil wolves outside the enemy of Jiuwangyi were not allowed to gather around and return to the camp. I led my troops to break through the breach, but it is another matter to help the cabinet start another war and really fight against this group of evil wolves. At the end, I will not be able to explain to my king and hope that the king of Xiao Jiu will be considerate."
Su Jing smiled and shook his head. "The general misunderstood me. I didn’t expect that. I wanted to ask the general to break through in that direction." And he reached out and pointed to the direction of the king of thin clothes outside the Xuan and in the battlefield
Chapter four hundred and ninety-one Solve the problem of sinking boat and scattering leaves.
Chu Sanhuan raised an eyebrow "thin clothes king? King Xiao Jiu thinks I can kill that old thing? " Said his tone is a bit odd "Xiao Jiu king but killed coach Wolf army will be broken? Other military horses may be like this; If the Wolf clan in Athens led the troops may also be so, but today’s battlefield this’ beheading’ way doesn’t work, but the king of thin clothes is just a puppet … "
Before Su Jing finished, he waved his hand and interrupted "I want him to die."
Chu Sanhuan happy smile "that’s no problem! At the end of the day, which direction will you seek to break through? "
After serious business, the general shouted and drank to make the army ready to leave and fight.
Soon as Chu Sanhuan nodded, Su Jing turned his mind and really put a magic weapon.
Xuan Lian evil spirits out!
A small boat with a canopy of three hundred thousand tigers and wolves killed "fifty thousand wolves" at one stroke, and then rushed out of the fog of the fox and appeared in the wolf array.