Whether the gene is high or low or maintained should be supported by some data.

Although I don’t want to admit it, the excellent level of Chen Yi’s gene is much higher than myself.
In other words, replacing Liu Xinyu with Chen Yi will get a high score in the neural response test.
And this kind of high score with continuity has always been the source of rewards for organizations to promote.
The information immediately caught the attention of an analyst when it returned to a laboratory of the Human Development Research Association through several layers of linkage devices.
He transferred it to a researcher.
The latter made some analysis and sent back information to Liu Xinyu again.
Soon the communication device in the right corner of the screen flashed.
Jin Douna, look at Chen Yi’s point in Shang’s test.
Liu Xinyu stretched out her head and saw that sentence in the past to redo the nerve test.
sure enough
She was worried that Chen Yi put on his helmet and said, "I have to do another test."
Chen’s classmates don’t doubt that he readily said "good"
She touched the green button on the side of a helmet and took a new round of testing.
The light on the top of the helmet flashed again.
Action na white something surprised to Liu Xinyu.
After years of arrogance, she did not immediately give a warning.
When Liu Xinyu doesn’t even look at Jin Douna after the test, the incomplete test will arouse suspicion, and Korean beauty knows this.
However, Jin Douna also saw that the white organization didn’t ask for another identity test because of suspicion, because whether it was qualified by helmets could prove identity, but it wasn’t an ID card.
And the latter’s ID card is the only way to prove it. At this time of patrol, no one will remotely question the identity of the person in charge of a region.
In fact, mutual qualification certificate is the most normal thing at this time.
However, it is natural for data such as neural response to fluctuate to some extent although it cannot be high through exercise. The research focus of this kind of gene level "Human Development Research Association" is to maintain a certain gene level with high efficiency.
It’s just like the track and field athletes who compete in the 100-meter race. They all have a good nerve reflex, and they all have a range of 12, but who can not rush to the first time has the same starting state and exercise.
For the "Human Development Research Association", it is not only the excellent genes, but also the excellent gene expression that they pay attention to.
all the best
Be alert to Chen Yi for three minutes like playing a game.
Soon the right corner once again represents the request and congratulations of the research department. 1. The nerve reflex is very good. Congratulations, please try again.
Chapter one hundred and forty-six Miss seduce Chen Yi?
Liu Xinyu hurriedly said, "Chen Yi once again …"