Xiao Mu took a deep breath. "I don’t know what my mother said to you that made you misunderstand, but it was all with me. I was married and she is my wife, and I will be faithful to my life."

Kening in the front seat chuckled, "I didn’t say anything. What’s your hurry?"
She went on to say, "I know you’ve been married. I’ve met this girl. She’s … nice, but she’s putting on a show. Both our parents have already. We have that kind of two-way joint project, and most of them rely on it to maintain themselves. I think you should know that if it weren’t for my Xiao’s roots, we wouldn’t be able to fight for this project."
"I know thank you." Xiao Mu didn’t know what Kening thought.
This girl is not as simple as it seems. She is a very thoughtful girl, and she has a way of doing things, and she can’t finish it if she wants to be a foundation.
"So I don’t expose you, I can treat you like I don’t know anything." Corning’s tone is flat and he can’t hear any emotions from it.
Xiao Mu didn’t speak.
"What can I do to help you finish this project?" Corning paused and then said, "I just want to tell you that if you help me do this play, we will get what we want, and no one will suffer, right?"
Xiao Mu caressed Ye Qing’s back with one hand and patted Ye Qing with the other hand. He fell asleep in his arms and breathed smoothly.
He thought for a moment and still promised "yes"
Corning smiled with satisfaction.
It didn’t take long for the car to stop.
Xiao Mu holding Ye Qing car car kening looked at Xiao Mu away from the back face smile.
Ah-what is this woman? One day you will be defeated by this woman.
Soon, her red lips were smiling like flowers.
Jing Hu ya ju
Huo Yanming undressed Qiao Cen, wiped her with a hot towel, and slept with the lamp.
In the middle of the night, I saw Joe Cen in a daze, waking up and waking up. From time to time, I made some melody in my mouth, which was very low, but it didn’t seem very comfortable. When Huo Yanming turned on the light, I saw Joe Cen curled up on one side with one hand and a virtual stomach, and his forehead was covered with fine sweat.
Huo Yanming possessed herself to see her. "What’s wrong?"
He stretched out his hand to explore her forehead. Joe Cen was very cold. When he touched Huo Yanming’s warm hand, he hurriedly held it in his arms like finding a lifeline.
Huo Yanming was pulled by her, and she wanted to slowly pull it out and wake her up at the same time.
After shouting a few times, Qiao Cen responded. She still frowned at Huo Yanming and wondered, "What’s the matter?" The body was cold and the arms were hot. She realized that she was holding Huo Yanming and her hand was loose.
"Is it uncomfortable?" Huo Yanming’s voice is very low, and his heart is revealed in his tone.
"I have a stomachache …" Qiao Cenyin was extremely light and didn’t dare to look at Huo Yanming.
Finished was drinking with Ye Qing, but woke up at home. She had no impression at all! He must be drunk. Huo Yanming took her back. Then he must know he was drinking!
"Does it hurt badly? I’ll take you to the hospital "HuoYanMing is bound to get up.
Joe Cen quickly stopped him. "Nothing, don’t go to the hospital today … just drink a little wine to sleep like this." Joe Cen had some pain, and some empty sounds sounded powerful. Her whole body curled up and turned to look at Huo Yanming with some difficulty and simply turned over to face him.
"It’s really late. I’m sleepy," said Qiao Cen, closing her eyes and ignoring Huo Yanming.
Huo yanming nai
However, considering that my little girl ate so much food this afternoon and went to eat buffet hot pot later, according to her personality, she must definitely eat it later. She must have eaten too much and drank too much wine, which is probably indigestion, but she didn’t insist on it again. I’ll see later.
Huo Yanming tucked Joe Cen into his arms and patted her after sleeping with the lamp.
I don’t know if it stopped hurting later or if I slept peacefully in Huo Yanming’s arms. Qiao Cen didn’t wake up when he slept.
It’s two o’clock in the afternoon when Qiao Cen rubbed his eyes and sat up with the curtain still pulled.
She slept for so long …
Qiao Cen turned over and got a little headache and hungry.
She wanted to go to the kitchen to find something to eat, but she saw Jiang Ke and Shao Ruijun chatting in the living room, but she didn’t see Huo Yanming.
Qiao Cen’s expression was a little unintelligent. She just wanted to go back to her room, but she saw Shao Ruijun’s mouth. "I still want to sleep for so long. Let’s eat first."
Joe Cen smiled at the past, but he was embarrassed. He had a hard time sleeping in, and he didn’t grab the bag yet …
She scratched her head and smiled shyly.
Shao Ruijun nai smiled at Jiang Ke. "This child" sleeps so much at home, even if she is so reckless in front of her mother-in-law … That being said, it still doesn’t cover up the spoil in Shao Ruijun’s tone.
Jiang Ke is the so-called "young man, this is normal."
Huo Yanming walked out of the room with a cup of coffee in one hand and a pocket in the other. He probably heard their words just now, "She was not very comfortable last night."
Huo Yanming is wearing casual gray clothes at home, which makes the whole person extraordinarily slender. The black forehead secretly drapes slightly, which seems to reveal a lazy elegance.
"Not too comfortable? What’s wrong? " Shao Ruijun frowned and motioned for Qiao Cen to walk over. She reached out and explored Qiao Cen’s forehead.
Qiao Cen didn’t hide from her and touch her. She leaned against Shao Ruijun and said, "It’s okay, Mom."
Jiang Ke also sat over. "How about going to the hospital now?"
Qiao Cen shook her head. "It’s all right to have a sleep." She was slightly embarrassed. She wouldn’t have done this if she hadn’t been drinking last night, but this is absolutely impossible to say. She secretly glanced at Huo Yanming and felt a little guilty. The latter was a calm face and walked to the sofa next to her.
Joe Cen was thinking about how to avoid this topic, but he heard Feng Sao’s voice in the kitchen, "Come and eat when the food is hot."
Qiao Cen suddenly secretly rejoiced, "Come, come, horse!" Then I went there.