But what is even more surprising is that listening to the officer’s words, other officers in the room did not have the slightest surprise.

"After Jirat, you are responsible for leading the first and second companies to surround the public security brigade headquarters and send people in to tell them that they will be fine if they stay quietly in the headquarters."
"Landers, you are responsible for leading four companies into the palace. Remember that you need to make a move on the former arresters, so don’t cause too many deaths and injuries unless you fight hard. Also, be sure to keep your eyes open and never let the queen go!"
"Trass, you are responsible for leading the rest of the company to list the nobles one by one according to the list. These are the people that Orca’s adult wants to arrest."
The commanding officer said that it seemed that the distribution had finally ended, and when the other officers had confirmed their mission, the officers nodded and signaled that a bunch of officers immediately filed out of the barracks as if nothing had happened here.
However, at this time, the residence of Vanius, commander of the Roman Guards,
Vanius, who accepted the queen’s orders from the palace to defend the Roman city, had just returned home with anxiety. As a result, as soon as he stepped into the mansion, several sharp daggers held him by the neck.
"You, what do you want? !”
Vanius was stunned to see that the left and right knives threatened others, but they were all in the Guards. He couldn’t help but ask consciously.
"Commander Pavilion, don’t panic. We just need your help." An officer said lightly with a smile before walking.
Even if you leave a message of * _ *, it will be a success. Please work hard!
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Section 19 Goths move
"politics is really the most disgusting thing."
It took me a night to get to Orca, just outside Rome, and I was looking at the vast and magnificent buildings in the vast wilderness north of Eternal Capital. However, I felt sorry but didn’t return to this great city again. I should be excited or excited, but I was full of undisguised irritability.
Because Rome is just around the corner, but at least temporarily, he can enter the city proudly like a winner.
Although it seems that a mature politician should be indifferent, Oka’s anger can be seen through the small detail of holding the ravaged letter in his hand.
"Damn politics!"
Okadi complained
"You even scolded me." Aside, old Andrew was a pair of old gods.
"It’s not enough for hundreds of guards to pretend to stick to their death just because the walls are sparse, but it’s ridiculous that I have to stay put and negotiate with that’ woman’ again after reading this little letter!" I don’t know what was written in the letter in the speech. At the same time, Orca couldn’t help laughing with anger.
"The Sirata family is just trying to delay and seek a slim chance, and we will be in a hurry? Since she wants to negotiate, let’s talk about it. Does she still want to let my northern Xinjiang army retreat with one mouth? The city of Rome is already in our hands. If you can avoid a destruction and killing, isn’t that what Orca wants? "
Old Andrew couldn’t help smiling when he saw Orca’s anger. In his words, he showed that he was a winner, leisurely and detached
"Well, anyway, I can’t really risk being regarded as an enemy by the whole Roman city." Old Andrew’s words seemed to make Orca temporarily depressed and decided to agree to the queen’s conditions
Originally, after breaking the "Bo" river defense line, Oka ordered the infantry to March to Rome at normal speed, but he and old Andrew personally led the cavalry to travel overnight to prevent it from being too late, which made the Queen’s faction dying and cause any unexpected trouble. As a result, Oka led the cavalry to Rome early this morning and made a covert reconnaissance. It was gratifying to find that the defense of Rome was almost vulnerable. Obviously, even the strength of the Sirata family was bone-chilling in just half a day.
Just as Orca was finally about to finish preparing for the cavalry to raid and seize the city gate, an unexpected event abruptly interrupted the upcoming curtain call, which of course made Orca feel a kind of unspeakable nausea.
It turned out that the residents of the city accidentally discovered the trail of the cavalry cruising outside the city, and learned that the intelligence queen and Gaius Cassius Longinus were the nobles of the whole Roman city. They were surprised and hurriedly adjusted the wall defense of the palace guard. At the same time, a messenger with a full face of fear of’ color’ came to Orca with two legs trembling and handed a personal letter from Queen Justina.
And it is this letter that makes Orca almost furious to chop off the messenger’s head. Justina, the queen in the letter, actually asked for a supercilious’ kiss’ to negotiate with Orca again. If I just saw this person, I’m afraid I wouldn’t doubt whether the queen had suffered too much stabbing’ shock’ because of the fiasco of the’ Bo’ River War, and became delirious. The army of northern Xinjiang has arrived in the city. What qualifications do Roman soldiers have to talk about conditions with northern Xinjiang?
Justina, of course, is not really crazy. Seeing that the soldiers in northern Xinjiang have touched the Roman wall, Justina is still calm rather than rushing to let the whole Sirata family escape before the city is broken. It is enough to rely on.
Speaking of this, relying on it is actually not a high means. Justina said in her letter that she would never give up Rome easily. If Orca intends to storm, it means destroying Rome at all costs! Justina was threatening the death of Rome to "force" Orca to sit down and negotiate!
This is Justina, a person whose ambition is frustrated, but she doesn’t change her mind. It finally seems ridiculous to rely on it. However, when Orca and old Andrew read the letter, they both looked at each other and saw each other’s eyes. Nai and fear Justina succeeded. Orca had to choose to promise her terms. Maybe a different person will be dismissive of the queen’s reliance at this moment, such as the real rebels or invading barbarians. It is good that Rome is indeed an imperial symbol and has an unimaginable position among all Roman people. But what about the rebels or barbarians? They don’t care that they can brazenly break through the city’ gate’ and burn, kill and plunder in Rome.
However, in front of Rome at the moment, it is Oka. He has not abandoned his faith and national rebels, nor is he a barbarian who is a mutual enemy. He is the leader of northern Xinjiang and a leader who occupies half of the western empire. He is a patriot who tries his best to justify Rome to guide the way forward! The queen threatened that he could solve his weakness and he could bend.
It’s just like the gd army of bj attacked bj city like a roll in the arm during the Chinese Liberation War. When victory comes, the enemy can give up heavy weapons such as artillery, which can easily defeat the enemy, and choose precious life and light weapons to clear the obstacles inch by inch and seize the city.
This is the challenge and test that the just party must accept. This is not only a test of the courage and ability of the just person, but also a test of his heart. If victory "lures" and "confuses" you to give up your original persistent belief, it can mean that there is no qualitative difference between you and those politicians who are ambitious to compete for power and danger. It is just that your reason is more grandiose and deceptive.
Orca certainly wouldn’t choose to marry such a person. The belief in saving Rome is deeply rooted in his heart. Sometimes he doubts whether this obsession comes from the body owner who took possession of Rome after crossing. After all, he is an out-and-out Chinese in soul and mind. There is no reason for him to suddenly have such a deep feeling for this ancient country after coming to Rome. The only reasonable explanation is that the soul of the body owner who took possession of Rome has not completely dissipated, but he has merged together, and he knows from his memory that the soul naturally germinated a strong belief in saving Rome after the integration.
No matter what the truth is like Oka, I hope that I can bring a new and vivid future to Rome as a pure reformer instead of repeating the wars of usurpation by careerists again and again.
"Negotiation can be but go back and tell Empress Mian that this is the last time I call her that, and tell her that she can coerce the negotiation, but I will definitely report the result as Gratian Temple revenge! So if you don’t want the whole Sirata family to be buried with her, you’d better know how to do it! "
That’s Orca’s answer. After hearing these words, the messenger was already sweating profusely. Although he didn’t understand the complex psychology of these two players, Orca and Justina, the cold chill in the eyes of those cavalry in northern Xinjiang really made him tremble as if he were in a blade-crossed purgatory.
The messenger who received the reply galloped back to Rome with his horse as glad as he escaped from danger and never looked back. He told Gaius Cassius Longinus and Queen Justina, who were personally patrolling the wall to boost their morale, intact. After listening to the messenger’s retelling, especially the undisguised ultimatum warning from Orca, Justina and Gaius Cassius Longinus finally fell back to their throats.
However, it’s better than being glad that the plan was successfully implemented in secret last night. Justina and Gaius Cassius Longinus didn’t know that just when they slowed down and discussed one step, they should temporarily set up a camp in northern Xinjiang outside the city, such as getting more in the negotiations. Oka and old Andrew seem to have forgotten that the queen messenger brought more trouble than even the so-called negotiations were discussed by them.
"You really decided? Even if we can link up with those guards, such a plan as you once planned and deliberately retained people, it is still very risky. Orca, your previous choices all told me that you are a cautious person in vain, but now you insist on taking risks against your original intention, which makes me very puzzled. "Old Andrew, the military account, stared at Orca’s face with a puzzled face, but the question was even more tactful and direct and serious without any twists and turns.
"negotiation is an opportunity for that’ female’ to push the obvious outcome back to the eloquent battle. This kind of talk and negotiation will become an opportunity for the’ female’ to continue to play tricks. I won’t let her succeed!"
At this time, Orca’s face didn’t see any anger and irritability at all, as if all that was an illusion. His eyes were calm and thoughtful, but his first half of the answer didn’t really answer the old Andrew’s doubt, because the real key was the second half of the answer.
"I have just received the urgent military report from Aquila. According to the investigation, I learned that the Goths have recovered from the Huns’ shelter and have tens of thousands of troops on the edge of his sector, which may invade the imperial territory at any time! There are less than 20,000 field armies in Anquilla Handle. This strength alone is not enough to resist the huge Gothic army, and it is not hidden in the Huns of Dacia grassland. If this Gothic movement is really a precursor to a big war, we must solve all the stable political situation in front of us as soon as possible, and then form a corps to arrange joint defense. Otherwise, once the Anquilla defense area is outnumbered, it will face a fatal threat! "