An Yan looked at his tall figure and handed him the box in his hand at the door and said coldly, "Take it and throw it away."

The bodyguard nodded "Good Sir"
Xiao Jing missed reaching out to the door with different steps, and then people were hugged before they turned around.
Where does the heart swell? It seems that the feeling and warmth have softened a lot, and there are more and more dust falling on the heart.
Looking down, I saw the horizontal wall in my waist and abdomen, and the thin white arms were very white and delicate.
It is very visual against his black shirt.
He raised his finger and grasped her finger. Unexpectedly, the finger in his palm was cold.
Xiao Jingmei twisted it, but instead of being held by her, she turned around and held her in her arms and sighed naively. "What happened suddenly?"
At the moment he turned around, Anyan had buried himself in his chest and heard him ask her to look up from his arms with a smile in her eyes. "Hug Mr. Xiao, don’t you like it?"
The charming appearance of a woman in front of her instantly made Xiao Jing feel like a few years ago, and her eyes were suddenly wet.
It is said that when the eyes are wet, there will be liquid dripping down, and you have to look up to force those liquids back into your eyes.
But he didn’t want to miss her long-lost expression, which he expected and cherished for a long time.
But there was no liquid dripping from his eyes, and his thin lips ticked "Yes, I like it"
No matter what she thinks at the moment, he is satisfied at this moment.
Feeling that she was cold, he pulled her body out of his arms a little bit and said to her, "You are cold, I’ll boil hot water for you, sit on the sofa and have some hot water, and I’ll take you out for dinner, huh?"
She hung her eyes and listened to his words, then smiled, and then got into his arms and held him tight and shook her head. "Don’t, don’t, I’m so sick of that thing that I don’t want to eat dinner."
Xiao Jing frowned and took her to the sofa, but the woman still stuck to him.
He looked down at his wrist watch. "It’s still early. We can eat later, but let’s have some hot water and then you can go out with me to buy food. What shall I do tonight?"
An Yan closed his eyes in his arms and smiled at the fox with a hint of ridicule. Now Mr. Xiao is really gentle
Such tenderness and caution belong to her now, and she should be happy. After all, some people can’t enjoy it, can they?
She shook her head again in a calm tone. "Don’t be disgusted by the dead mouse body. I don’t want to eat tonight and want to eat people-"
Xiao Jing hasn’t come here in vain. What do you mean by this? Seeing her looking up from his arms and sticking her lips to his lips in his wondering eyes, Xiao Jing was flattered at the moment.
What Ann also stick out your tongue and licked it gently.
Just for a moment, a rush of blood gas brought him the ultimate feeling.
An Yan held his shoulder and licked his tongue while complaining to him. "It seems to be very cold. I was on the balcony for a long time before you came, and my body was blown cold."
Then she gave him another dose of fierce medicine. "Actually, I don’t want to eat people. I want to eat you in such a cold day and I am so cold. You warm me up … Anyway, don’t women have desires?"
She just said that the man directly turned her slender body around and pressed her petite body on the sofa.
Xiao Jing held her strong arms on both sides and stared at her smiling eyes, then directly blocked her lips.
There is almost no skill in kissing, just biting from her lips to her tongue.
An Yan was a little scared, but he still hit himself in the mouth, and his flexible tongue came in, and his mouth was still smiling.
What she took the initiative to put her arm around his neck and slowly responded to his kiss-
The man suddenly stopped and looked at her quietly. At last, he leaned over and buried his face in her neck and shoulders, smelling her body and feeling relieved.
The voice is seductive and dumb with a strong taste of lust. "I won’t give you a second chance to escape without turning back. I won’t stop this time even if you don’t want to, huh?"
At the same time, he stroked her as soft and thick as a waterfall, and her hair was slender, while her joints and fingers were slowly moving through her hair, and her eyes were extremely hot.
An Yan looked up at his handsome face, which was very close to him, and looked at it for about three seconds. He directly sent his lips to him. "I said that women also have desires. Maybe I have desires today."
She didn’t feel that disgusting when she said this. On the contrary, she felt that she had suddenly come back in peace.
Bold and hot, not afraid of her.
Xiao Jing directly kissed deeply, and those broken pictures appeared in her mind. Her favorite is bright red roses, which many women don’t like.
Section 34
It’s not that red roses are ugly, but that they like that man and may not like them because red roses are too gaudy.