Juan Thomas couldn’t help but be stupefied. This time, he really became speechless. He really didn’t expect that this arrogant general should touch the new world so much.
But when I looked at it, Joseph Juan Thomas suddenly reacted with a grin on his face. With the help of Joseph, the son of a bitch, it is not an exaggeration for Li to know this.
Busy smile: "Noble General Li didn’t expect you to know so much about the situation in the New World. I haven’t been to the New World for more than ten years, but when I returned to Reese last year, I heard that more and more Portuguese aristocratic businessmen have gone to the New World to set up farms to grow sugar. The labor and land there are very cheap, so there should be some profits! But as you said, the most profitable gold and spice business is still occupied by those who hate Spain! This is really a sad thing! "
Li Yuanqing slowly nodded his head.
Although he knows something about this history, he is not detailed about the specific time.
However, during this period, Li Yuanqing had learned more about the world situation with Joseph. He knew that it had been more than fifty years since the Great British-Spanish Naval Battle that changed the world pattern in the six years of the Apocalypse!
At this time, although Spain still maintains the position of the world’s top power, it is difficult to support their roots with the destruction of the’ enemy fleet’
"Hehe, the Spaniards are really annoying, but I don’t think they will be so good for long!"
The banquet lasted for about an hour and a half. Li Yuanqing had a meal and Juan Thomas, a Portuguese aristocrat, had a simple talk and went to their ready room to rest first.
But Joseph stayed.
At this time, a pure Cuban cigar was lit by a strong candlelight beside Juan Thomas Leigh, another small building in the Governor’s Mansion. He smiled at Joseph and said, "Gee! Poor boy! I can’t believe that you have lived in shame for so long at the hands of a yellow-haired monkey! Joseph, you are a disgrace to the British Empire! "
In the face of Juan Thomas’ abuse of Joseph, he was not angry at all
He glanced at Juan Thomas with a faint smile and took a cigar from a delicate box and put it by the candlelight. He took a sip and looked at Juan Thomas with a smile: "Dear Governor Thomas, my dearest cousin, you can laugh at me, but I also show you that you’d better not laugh at my distinguished master, otherwise I can’t save you when you have to pay a heavy price, even when your life is at stake!"
Juan Thomas was furious and the veins stood out on his forehead: "Joseph, you little punk who lost his ancestral property, you have been staying in China for these years. Are you stupid by those disgusting yellow monkeys?" Your master’s fleet? Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha "
Juan Thomas couldn’t help laughing. "In my opinion, it’s just a group of fat sheep! They don’t even have a gun! "
Joseph, however, ignored Juan Thomas’ ridicule and took a sip of his cigar: "Cousin, you may think so, but I warn you before that you’d better not try it easily."
Joseph paused and smiled: "Of course, I also know that you have absolutely no such resources, but I can also remind you that in today’s world, I am afraid that no one can stop my master and his warriors! The future is the same in the sea! "
"Bah! ! !”
Juan Thomas spat hard.
Almost pointed to Joseph’s nose and laughed: "Joseph owes you a noble birth. You are really a disgrace to the nobles of the British Empire! Not only are you willing to be a yellow-haired monkey slave, but you still advocate it like this? "
"Well, I know that bragging doesn’t cost money! I also know that your master did win many wars in the northern sector of the country, but Joseph, you have to be white! The future is the ocean age! These lowly yellow monkeys, they won’t have a chance! They are as stupid as pigs! Oh, by the way, aren’t two groups of pigs fighting in the northern defense zone of the country? "
Juan Thomas couldn’t help laughing.
Joseph didn’t refute this appearance, but sat back comfortably on the sofa and enjoyed his cigar.
Seeing Joseph like this, Juan Thomas was suspicious instead.
No one knows his cousin better than Juan Thomas.
Although this fellow’s heart is higher than the sky, his eyes are lower than his hands. He can make a lot of money in business several times, but he always pays for it.
But even then, this fellow still has a higher heart than the sky
But at this time, he was willing to act as a yellow-haired monkey slave far away from the’ mainstream world’, and he was even’ determined’ about it.
Thinking of Juan Thomas, his eyes narrowed slightly. He strode to Joseph and grabbed his chest and skirt. He said maliciously, "Joseph, tell me what your destination is?"
Chapter 657 Temporary Trade Agreement!
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Niu Gensheng, a green garden grass outside an exquisite private villa about two miles away from Macao Governor’s Office, is camping with more than 300 Qinbing.
Juan Thomas, who was photographed in Li Yuanqing’s distinguished position, did not dare to neglect, so he took out a governor’s private villa, Li Yuanqing and his wives and concubines couch.
Yinger, Cai, Wan’er, Liu Qiao, Shu Murong, Zhang Die and Zhao Meizong are sitting on the big sofa in the living room, talking and laughing.
This is the first time for them to see this pure western-style architectural pattern, and they feel very novel everywhere.
Li Yuanqing’s official residence in Changshengdao is very good, but the main style is solid, far from being as exquisite and luxurious as this villa.
In the master bedroom on the second floor, Zhang Baozhu is carefully coaxing her baby Shiro to sleep.
The little guy is almost two years old. Although he can’t speak fluently, he is very naughty, just like a monkey.
Although there are three maids and a grandmother to help, the little guy still consumes most of Zhang Baozhu’s energy every day.
Looking at Shiro from the wide open-air balcony, this little thing is still engaged in Mongolian wrestling with his mother. Li Yuanqing’s mouth can’t help but show a relaxed smile.
Although it is already in the subtropical category, it is only April and the wind is still a little cold.
However, for Li Yuanqing, who is in the north of Li Yuanqing all the year round, this little wind is just like a little girl’s hand, which won’t make him feel any discomfort.
There are still many lights on in the wide bay in the distance, and you can vaguely see the dripping ups and downs, which is the position of his fleet.