Since Duzun Villa leveled Cuihua City, it has been under their control, but it has been strictly forbidden for subordinates to offend Wulin people. There are many signs that several famous schools in Wulin have joined forces to fight against Duzun Villa. Of course, Songshan Shaolin Temple is the leader. It is said that Shaolin Temple has formed 500 Lohan troops to perform "Lohan Array" day and night.

It is said that there are dozens of other masters in this Lohan Army, including the Seven Killing Staff, Yan Wei, who have come back to the Jianghu. Of course, we have to deal with these Wulin sects to make the exclusive villa really dominate the world, so there is a lot of excitement and joy.
Yan Wei was very happy in his heart. Like a great magician, he made all kinds of subtle means to make this large group of young people willing to work hard without regret.
Now it’s time to set off another huge wave in the Jianghu of Zun Mountain Villa. In the warm cheers, the seven staves were killed, and Yan Wei slowly left the palace. The beautiful woman and the heavy-browed man followed closely and walked out of the cemetery. They boarded a carriage and quickly drove away.
Mojiazhuang returned to the usual atmosphere, but Luo Yang and his wife would not find the variation. Because Zhang Yan did not appear on this day, they felt that it was difficult to send them away, especially Yang Shidao.
In the evening, Jun came in and said, "No dinner today!"
Most people in Romania and Yang Er wonder if they are going to have a hunger policy. But the purpose?
Jun deliberately made them look at each other before smiling. "Master Zhuang, please welcome two gentlemen to the banquet. There is no meal here."
Luo Tingyu said, "It’s really strange that Lord Mo Zhuang is suddenly so polite. Do you know the reason?"
Ah Jun shook his head. "How can a mean person know? Probably preparing to send the gentlemen home? Little people this is a random guess, not to hear any news. "
Yang Shidao smiled and said, "But you must have some basis to think of sending us home!"
Ah Jun said, "Of course, it’s a little based on the fact that the two gentlemen were still asleep when the enemy invaded Zhuang last night! The enemy pulled a large group of people to come, and there were at least one thousand people, but we beat them back. "Luo and Yang had to pretend to be very surprised and ask for details."
Ah Jun added, "Zhuang has always been informed by the rich Japanese that there were several times when he came to attack, but he failed to retreat. This massive invasion was found by the fort, so it was shocking that the corpses piled up like a mountain to fight a big war."
He boasted a lot of words before finally saying, "Our villa owner borrowed a group of people from his friends, all of whom were alive and kicking to kill the Japanese, but it is said that the Japanese had already prepared to attack the villa twice. This time, it failed. The second time, I heard that it was the day after tomorrow. I’m afraid there are thousands of Japanese people. If the villa fails, it is only natural that no one will be sent home alive."
Luo, Yang this just suddenly nodded Luo Tingyu way "we can go home is a great event, but I heard that the enemy is going to attack on a large scale, but I couldn’t help being indignant! The imperial court can make the coastal citizens suffer from the Japanese pirates. "
Ah Jun led them out of Forget Sorrow Zhai and passed through several courtyards before they reached a hall, but when they saw the brightly lit banquet, Mo Yi, the owner of the manor, and Mo Yi, the owner of the Vu Thang Hall, introduced Xu as a false name after welcoming guests.
When the dining tables were delivered, four enchanting singers accompanied them into the wine to persuade them to eat the beautiful scenery. Luo and Yang pretended to be embarrassed.
Wine lead several rounds Moyi laughed. "You two make yourself at home. Today, my brother ordered someone to send me a message and asked me to treat you well. I didn’t expect that the two had a big position and made my brother dare not underestimate you! Ha … "
So tonight’s dinner is not going to send them home? Luo and Yang both watched everything very carefully. They were drunk a lot, and gradually became more and more drunk. They gradually reduced a lot of restraint and scruples. They were always joking with their singers, but they all returned to normal immediately after returning to Forget Worry, and they talked for a few words and went to their beds.
In the middle of the night, Luo Tingyu quietly got up and Yang Shidao didn’t wait for him to call, but also left the bed and landed. They carefully checked all over the room and went to the room to check it again, then went back to bed and lay still, but secretly talked.
Luo Tingyu way "you guessed it well this dinner? It means to get us out and search this place carefully. "
Yang Shidao said, "They are really amazing. If we hadn’t guessed it long ago, we wouldn’t be aware of anything different after being searched by them!"
Luo Tingyu said, "They didn’t find the weapon. Will his evidence stop suspecting us from now on?"
Yang Shidao said, "It’s hard to say because they also want us to bury the weapon outside the village."
They thought silently for a while in the dark. Luo Tingyu said, "Do you see how many clues they have obtained for me last night?"
Yang Shidao said, "Quite a lot. At least they already know that you are a Han Chinese, so they will doubt us."
Luo Tingyu frowned. "So the woman in yellow with long hair has told them all? Hum! Next time I touch her, I have to click on the acupuncture points to hide my face and have a clear look at my hair. "
Yang Shidao said, "Young Master should have done this a long time ago. Besides, you don’t have to be angry that she is the other party and invited the general. Of course, she will tell them that you are not a Japanese affair."
It makes sense for Luo Tingyu to think about it? Why didn’t she tell the people of Duzun Mountain Villa what she knew? However, it’s true that he was angry that she wouldn’t leak the news, and why didn’t he look at her at that time?
He thought for a moment and asked, "Teacher, do you want to know that I don’t look at her true face?"
Yang Shi said, "Let me know if you dare to make a wild guess!"
Luo Tingyu said, "I didn’t know until I thought about it. I was afraid that once I pulled her hair, I found that she was ugly and wouldn’t do it."
Yang Shidao was silent for a long time before saying, "So you already think she is beautiful in your mind? I wonder if it’s better than Miss Qin?
Chapter 10 The enemy is present
Luo Tingyu way "this … this …"
It was hard for him to make a comment when he thought about it seriously, because the long hair, bright eyes and dark eyes of the woman in yellow together made her become a mysterious and stunning beauty, while Qin Shuangbo was as elegant as a fairy, and she was another typical peerless beauty.
Yang Shidao a little shocked tunnel "what? Can she be compared with a girl in your mind? This is really incredible. I think there is no beauty comparable to Miss Qin in the afterlife. Even if I really love her deeply, I have to admit that Miss Qin is much more beautiful if I want to compare her with Miss Qin. "
Luo Tingyu said, "Did you have a girl in your heart when you said this?"
Yang Shidao said, "Yes, there is, but it’s not impossible to stay after a prey."
Luo Tingyu said, "That’s good. We have to be careful with her."
When they talked about it, they went to sleep separately. The next day, they watered and sprinkled flowers in the sunny courtyard and talked in a low voice.
Teacher Yang said, "If Ah Jun reveals that the news is true, there will be another tragic fight and killing tomorrow night."
Luo Tingyu said, "I hope this news is true, so I can have a chance to see the true face of the woman in yellow, but Ah Jun said that the number of Japanese invaders is too exaggerated, even if they attack on a large scale, they will not be at most. Three or five hundred people are already very powerful. This is not a confrontation between the two countries. How can there be thousands of people?"
Yang Shidao said, "Yes, he is really bragging! Since you’ve met the people of Zun Mountain Villa, you can’t help but ask a question, that is, if the enemy’s two masters, Xu and Ling Liu, besieged you and added dozens of frost teams, could you break through? "