Chen Yi nodded and said, "I believe you."

"Then why do you want to take me away from Jiangning?"
"To avoid your mistakes," Chen Yi answered calmly.
Jin Douna paused, then Nai picked up a knife and fork to eat cod.
Chen Yi continued to chew shrimp meat and said, "Although I want to compete fairly with Shi Tianlin, because of his goal … his goal is to tell me that I can wronged him."
"Will you … kill him?"
"It’s up to you"
Jin Douna looked alert and looked up with vigilance.
Chen Yi smiled and waved and said, "You are me. Don’t try to be a honey trap."
Jin Dou Na’s instant blush faded a lot from her face.
"If I can turn against Shi Tianlin, I can bring him back to life. This is assuming that he is captured alive."
"You want me to turn against him?"
"No" Chen Yi put the last piece of shrimp in his mouth and said, "Zhu Guangliang knows a lot about this kind of thing, so let him practice his hands."
There are not many opportunities for Zhu Guangliang, a regional anti-espionage agency, to counter espionage.
"Well," Jin Douna didn’t want to turn herself against it.
"Have you talked to Liu Xinyu?" Chen yi suddenly asked 1
Jin Douna hesitated a nod.
"How do you say?"
"What do you mean?"
"Oh Shi Tianlin is going to replace Liu Xinyu, the captain of the action team. I’m afraid it will be cruel …"
"She should be fine."
"I hope so, but considering the reality …" Chen Yi shrugged and said, "Maybe you should go somewhere else."
This involves the letter problem. If this is a spy world, if you live in a spy world, then the process of meeting Jin Douna Shi Tianlin alone creates a possibility, a possibility of collusion. Considering these factors, it is obviously inappropriate to let Jin Douna take charge of the core issues.
Jin Douna has been trained. "Where do you want me to go?"
"another continent"
The next day, they arrived in the western continent.
A new world
Ancient trees in heaven, volcanic ash and China cement build huge rocks on the pavement, and tons of pale cattle are being peeled, and there are novelty and good smell. Insects are called every two hours in the wreath jar …
"Re?" Jin Douna doesn’t know any words to shape her mood at the moment.
"Re" seems to believe Jin Douna from the emotional point of view, but from the risk point of view, it is the best choice to come to the western continent unless you know exactly her Shi Tianlin conversation.
This is not only a new opportunity, but also a good end, just like Sherei, when he came to the western continent, it was indeed a punishment, but when he went back, one year later, two years later, he was bound to gain an advantage that the martial arts school students did not have.
In Jin Douna’s shocked eyes, Chen Yi took her in a jeep and said, "Although a little behind, there are lobsters as big as cows and amazing beef. If you need it, I’ll call a chef …"
"Will there be tuna as big as an elephant?" Jin Douna smiled. The environment in the western continent is like those most beautiful national parks. It is a good place for her to recuperate now.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-nine Deterrence (1)
"From today, Jin Douna is the logistics officer and financial officer of Xijiang Shuizhai in the western continent, and Yu Weichao and Li Feng will be handed over from today." Chen Yi called the diamond conference hall on the Xijiang Shuizhai floor to announce the decision.
"We will complete the transfer of property and logistics as soon as possible." Yu Weichao knew that the independent financial official must be a woman, which made him a little strange.
Xijiang Water Village has just entered a period of prosperity and money-making. The accounts are still clear, and the logistical pressure is not great. Jin Douna studied physiognomy when she was an assistant to Liu Xinyu, so she gently nodded and agreed to come.
"Li Feng take your teacher niang to see our territory" Chen Yi smiled.
It’s not good for a few people to keep their heads down when they didn’t hear what was said at this time. Except Yu Weichao, college students have seen Jin Douna and Liu Xinyu, and Chen Yi had a guess about them. Now it’s not too strange that the guess has been confirmed.
Jin Douna glanced at Chen Yi with great interest and went out. She also thought it was fun for a brand-new continent.
Chen Yi watched South Korean beauties leave their houses behind. Xijiang Shuizhai, a place where there are few women, is so eye-catching that even Chen Yi is no exception.
Looking back, Chen Yi said to Dayang, "Do you want to do a good job in the existing police station of Shuizhai security guards?"
"Criminal cases rarely occur. At present, Dai Adi and I are in charge of the diamond conference hall and the disputes between people on earth."
Everyone wanted to set up a police station, but Chen Yi didn’t give a response and asked, "What about the case of the earth person?"
Da Yang smiled and said, "Mainly Latin Americans often have petty theft."
Da Yang is very satisfied with his present life. He bribed informants to spy on the situation in various parts of the Mala city-state, trained spies to play the old-school spy war. The advanced concept of the 21st century has given him great pleasure in dealing with gentlemen in the Middle Ages. This is the life that the earth can no longer feel in its dreams.
Yu Weichao, Li Changning and Li Feng were all eager to report to Chen Yi, and so was Gong Shelei, but they were clumsy and followed Li Changning.
I have never seen such a sight before when Chen Yi was old, but now I report to my grandfather every day, and the workers don’t know how many.
He was in no hurry to pull the door and say, "Why don’t we talk about the ring road of Malacheng while walking?"
"We are in great trouble," she Lei finally found a chance to talk. "Three weeks after the ring road was built, we have lost two armored vehicles and killed 21 soldiers."
"Such a high casualty rate?" Chen Yi stopped and asked, "What is the morale of the soldiers?"
"It has been greatly affected," Yu Weichao took over and said, "We have to implement wartime subsidies to declare the battlefield along the ring road. Soldiers who enter the battlefield once will receive three times the salary this month, and then soldiers will be willing to go to the construction site in different periods. In addition, Red Wolf cooperated with She Lei to carry out a series of retaliatory actions. At present, the war zone is relatively stable."
Chen Yi then continued to go upstairs.
She Lei went on to report that "the master of fighting skill in Malacheng is very good, and three or five people can throw huge stones from the city wall and hit an armored vehicle rifle and heavy machine gun at one time. They didn’t have Milan anti-tank missiles to kill about four masters, but it was a little long when aiming, and the other side later hid behind the city wall like a mortar attack …"
"Then how do you solve it?" Chen Yi is interested.
Yu Weichao looked at Dayang with a smile. "Thanks to the help of the intelligence department, we didn’t want to cause the temple to counterattack, so we first spread the news through Malacheng Line that we would retaliate, and then we confirmed the source of the fighting knight who carried out the attack. If it caused harm, we would level his manor and arrest the people inside for compensation. If there was no manor, we would bomb and bury his mansion … There were two times when pure temple knights joined us and informed the temple of Malacheng to ask them to hand over the murderer .."
"The first time they refused, we organized 12 armored vehicles and destroyed them with guns. A cavalry barracks 12 kilometers away killed about three knights in retaliation. The second time they offered to pay compensation for a snail shell, and we agreed."
Chen Yi agrees that nodding to have compensation means recognizing that it is an established strategy to divide the temple and Malacheng. Those who belong to the knights of the temple may be the nobles of Malacheng and deliberately buy off the water in the temple. If the compensation is relatively reasonable, the goal has been achieved.