Perhaps it is because of the first trial that the results came out quickly at startup.

"The remaining life of the theory of medium qualification is 403 years, and the third-order repair of silver"
Ender nod to encourage way
"Miss Zhao doesn’t have to mind. In fact, after my test, the strong silver is very rare."
I don’t know how many years it took Yu Changsheng to meet one
Strange species?
In other population
"So that’s it" Zhao Qingping suddenly.
"Thanks a lot"
"I’ll do it!" Zhou Jia’s previous step
"Compared with the qualification, Zhou is more curious about how many years he still has to live?"
"Well …" Ender explained slightly manually.
"The theoretical residual life is the maximum number that a person can live. In fact, it is impossible to live that long even if it is not natural or man-made disasters."
"I am white" Zhou Jia nodded.
"that’s good"
Ender inspired the trial day plate to reach out and signal.
"Da …"
A little drop of blood
Brown, Zhao Qingping, and Zhao Fujia’s conscious bodies stretched forward and their eyes looked straight into the sky. There was an urgent curiosity in their eyes.
Zhou Jiashen, they have seen too many miracles.
In Zhou Jia’s news, Brown and others, the top figures of the major forces, have a way to understand.
The more you know, the more surprised you are.
In just a few decades, it’s incredible to be the first master of Hongze domain name from an unknown person.
Especially after advanced silver, it’s like hanging up. Generally, it’s the first time to enter silver. Goodbye is already a top player.
Many strong men have become a stumbling block to him.
Such a miracle!
Should we wait for qualifications again?
Immortal species?
Still odd?
Even if it is strange, they are not surprised at all. After all, Zhou Jiashen has too many magic and strange qualifications, which seems to be taken for granted.
"Well …"
Ender first looked at talents such as Zhou Jia, and others hoped to slow down in their eyes.
"Four-stage repair of silver with medium qualification remaining life of 173 years"
"This is impossible!"
Brown, Zhao Fujia and others are full of incredible faces.
Zhao Qingping is frowning.
"Will General Ender be wrong?"
Ender shook his head.
"It may be bad but it won’t go wrong, and this friend is really talented, but he is too old."
"If you are younger, you should be qualified."
"What do you mean?" Brown frowns
"Is it difficult to be old and qualified?"
"Of course!"
Ender a face of course.
"The old man’s vigor is certainly inferior to that of the young man, just like this friend, who is qualified for the strong body, but he is such an age …"
"It’s already good."
Zhou Jia is thoughtful.
It is not surprising that the qualifications of the earth people are not high. His high qualifications should also benefit from the promotion of Jing Yuan by Long Hu and Xuan Zang.
But …
Obviously, the qualifications of five thunder, water-bending, and palm soldiers are not within the scope of calculation.
"Thank you!"
With a sigh, he surrendered his fist.
Ender chuckled.
"But will friends still go to Yuancheng?"