Is it true that blood is a great supplement to these giant worms when it is destructive to other creatures?

A group of workers, look at me, I think you are dumbfounded.
The leader of the villa has high hopes that the whip is not a powerful weapon but …
Reverse amplifier?
"These worms are like being smoked by the owner? They are not trying to attack the landlord … Are they leaning towards the landlord? "
Everybody wink and wink.
Instead of a group of vicious giant worms, a group of grinning dogs wagged their tails.
This …
Not quite right, is it?
Not far from Zhuang, I am also worried. What can I do?
I can’t get rid of this thing myself!
Smoke it, quench your thirst with poison, smoke it and come back.
Don’t smoke. They’re all around themselves and won’t leave.
What should I do?
Just when Zhuang was worried, suddenly there was a terrible wave coming from afar.
When I felt this fluctuation, the giant worm turned and ran away in fear, and seemed to see the bully pupils on campus.
Not far from Zhuang, he turned around and saw a giant bug several times bigger than his own. When it was huge, the giant bug appeared behind him.
It floats silently, where two dark reds are particularly ferocious, and the dark eyes slowly turn and stare at Zhuang not far away.
Suddenly, the giant bug opened its mouth not far from Zhuang.
"Master Zhuang, hide!"
Knowing that Zhuang was not far away, everyone shouted.
However, Zhuang didn’t hide not far from the figure because he saw that the giant worm didn’t attack him at that time, but vomited.
"Ouch … Ouch!" A golden thing was spit out by it and floated.
"Is the landlord … plank brick?"
"Is it … is it …" The earth worker looked at this scene. "This is … the way it moves and habitually moves. It is No.1!"
It was the first giant bug to attack the earth!
But this guy … How did he get so big?
Did this guy eat the golden clover?
This big guy spit out the brick not far from Zhuang and arched forward, pushing the golden brick to fly not far from Zhuang.
Not far from Zhuang, he stretched out his hand and the plank brick immediately fell into his hand and became the size of an ordinary plank brick.
Not far from Zhuang, look at this giant bug, and then look at that huge one. The giant bug flew out again with the plank brick in his hand.
"Shout" At that time, the giant worm turned and chased the plank brick, grabbed it and pushed it back to the side not far from Zhuang, arched it and handed it to him.
All "…"
Why does this scene feel more and more weird?
Like training a puppy?
Is this still a terrible and ferocious giant bug?
Not far from Zhuang, he grabbed the plank brick and waved it. The plank brick flew to another corner. At that time, the giant worm chased it and picked it up again.
Then not far from Zhuang, he was very intimate and turned his body over to show his belly.
This is better than a dog!
"The owner of the manor is really a natural manor owner," Indigo sighed with emotion. "No matter what creatures are in his hands, they can be domesticated …"
"Now is not the time … but what is this?" Everyone is puzzled.
"Ah, I’m white!"