Even worse, I also took over the business of Li Ji restaurant. This package will be sold more and more, and the money will be earned more and more. It is very suitable to give Deng’s family a silver or two, and it can also make the two families work with gratitude and peace of mind.

"But that’s too much!" Yu worked hard to do laundry for others for a month, and Qin Lan paid her less than 300 pence, so she said that she was grateful and took measures.
"I haven’t seen anyone who thinks it’s too much money. Hehe, this money is settled. Aunt Zhang Dabo is tired when he goes fishing in the river. I also want him to help. The same is true for the money. Besides, I also want to find someone who works hard and has the strength. It’s good for a worker to know the basics. Can you introduce me to such a person?"
In Qin Lan’s mind, the Deng family and Yu’s mother are people who are grateful and enthusiastic, so she can help them at ease and comfort them.
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Chapter 21 Yu’s maiden
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"I’ll ask Zhang Dabo what he means when you come back! Lan Xin, if you still want to find someone, Aunt Yu thinks your little brother is a good person, and he is the most clever and diligent in his work. Don’t look at him, but he is not a big man, but his strength is not small, isn’t he? " Know Yu’s embarrassed mouth Deng’s straightforward to say out.
Generally speaking, it is better to think of one’s own family first when selling human feelings like this, but Zhang Fa’s brothers have long since lost contact with their parents, and the three brothers and their daughters-in-law are unreliable. Deng thought it would be better to give this opportunity to Yu’s family.
Yu smiled gratefully at Deng’s family. Her two brothers, a sister and a big brother knew that they were working hard in the field, and they were smart. My little sister was married in the mountains for a year, and it was also a bitter day for her family. If she could really come to Qin Jiagong, that would be a great thing.
"Sister-in-law Hong Lian is right!" At this time, Yu Shi is not modest. This job is likely to make a living for his second brother’s family. "My second brother’s name is Yu Lei, who is three years younger than me. My second brother is very hardworking and practical. If you don’t believe me, you can try him for a while without paying."
Yu, who has seen people’s hearts for a long time, believes that the Qin family will definitely give him this job if they see their brother working hard. She has this confidence as a sister!
The Yu family has always been able to say such confident words, and Deng’s family is also very optimistic about Yu’s younger brother. Qin Lan thought that this person is not much worse.
So Qin Lanxin asked Yu to go back to her family another day and bring her second brother Yu Lei to Baishi Wharf. If this person is really nice, she won’t find another worker.
Yu didn’t dare to delay at all. If it wasn’t too late, she wanted to inform her family that night. It was very difficult to bear it. She sent her son john young to Qin’s house to buy twenty hot packs as a gift, and took Han’s three-foot broken peach blossom coarse cloth. This was the only way to hurry and lead her son to take a cheap ferry down the river.
The ferry traveled five miles in the middle of the river, and then at the bank of a small village, Yu’s mother got on the boat, crossed the small village called Dutingkou and walked another mile to Huaning Village, where Yu’s family was located.
Yu’s two maiden brothers have separated, and now the eldest brother Yu Lin’s family lives in the west of the village, and the second brother Yu Lei’s family lives in the village with her parents. Although the two younger brothers have quarrels, they are not bad.
When I arrived at Yu’s old house in the village, I saw my mother Qi’s sitting at the door picking vegetables. john young even shouted a "grandmother" affectionately.
The eldest daughter suddenly went back to her mother’s house with a bulging bag, and Qi’s mother was wronged at Baishi Wharf. Even in the most difficult time of the day, I didn’t see Yu come back like this, but she looked smiling and didn’t look like it.
Yu Lei’s wife, Zhang, quickly welcomed her when she saw her elder sister-in-law coming back with her son, and Yu Shi was busy asking her to call her mother’s father, old Yu Tou, and her second brother Yu Lei back from the ground.
Zhang saw that Yu was in a hurry and didn’t dare to delay, so he ran to the field. In a short time, Lao Yutou and Yu Lei came back with hoes and a laundry list, and even the Yu Lin family came in a panic.
"Elder sister, what happened? Did someone bully you and your nephew? " Yu Lei and Yu Lin hurriedly asked as soon as they entered the door.
Looking at two brothers and two brothers’ daughters-in-law’s worries, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when Yu’s heart warms up, saying, "No one bullied our mother, and she just didn’t go to the village west to call your family. I brought a bag and it’s still warm. Please sit down and eat quickly!"
"Big sister has food at home. Why do you still spend money to buy a bag? If you want to eat it back, I’ll make it for you!" Yu Lin’s wife, Sun Shi, looked at Qi’s dozen bags coming out of the room and said with some love.
"Aunt, your bag is not as delicious as my sister’s!" John young proudly said as if Qin Lanxin were his own sister.
When the family ate the bag and everyone was full of praise, Yu told Yu Lei to go to the Qin family for a trial job in front of everyone in her family.
When I heard that I could earn one or two taels of money a month to help the Qin family sell bags, the whole family was very happy. Although Sun Shi was a little envious, he didn’t show much.
After lunch at home, Zhang cleaned up two pieces of laundry for Yu Lei, and then Yu’s mother went back to Baishi Wharf with Yu Lei. When she arrived, she took Yu Lei into Qin’s yard without even entering the house.
"Lan Xin, this is my second brother Yu Lei. Try him first!" Yu believes in his younger brother, but everything has to be decided by Qin Lan.
"Miss Qin, I promise to work hard and not give you any trouble or shame to my sister!" Yu Lei wore all his best clothes today, but it was just a little cleaner and a gray blouse without patches.
At present, the male is in his mid-twenties, his age is not high, his skin is dark and his eyes are healthy, and Zhou Zheng’s eyes are very similar to Yu’s.
This man gave Qin Lan a good first impression, and he was also enthusiastic and had a look. After talking, he saw Qin Lanbing tearing down the small kitchen next to Qin’s East House and took the initiative to help.
Just after Yu’s visit to her parents’ home for half a day, she also decided to find two familiar neighbors to cut wood in the mountains according to Qin Lan’s entrustment. Qin Xiangzheng went to the Qin family to rebuild the stove. Deng’s family went to the blacksmith’s shop to order a pot of water, and Qin Lanyue went to carpenter Chen’s house to order a steamer. Zhang Miaoer did some chores. Qin Lan’s heart and Han’s family were busy with the subway restaurant business.
Qin Family Courtyard doesn’t hold much firewood because restaurants take up a lot of places, so Zhang Fa and his men cut firewood and put them in Zhang Jia’s house for the time being, and everyone is eating at Qin’s house.
The next day, when it was time to make bags, Deng’s, Yu’s and Zhang Miaoer got up earlier than Qin Lan’s mind, saying that they would follow Qin Lan’s mind to make those ten folded bags. If you can’t spoil those white flour, you should practice your hands with this miscellaneous bread first.
Qin Lan knew that they were kind enough to help, but she regarded it as everyone’s first day’s work as early as yesterday. Besides, she felt that they also said that it would be good to sell the bags to Li Ji restaurants, so the sales volume would be high, and she didn’t refuse them.
With the participation of Deng’s three people, the package was quickly wrapped, and Yu Lei also came to Qin’s home early to help light the fire. Qin Lan told him that steamed buns need to pay attention to the temperature, and Yu Lei was really smart and smart, and he was also worried about what to do without Qin Lan saying it again or telling him first, and he remembered it very well.
In the next few days, cooking stoves, washing the steamer, chopping wood, buying vegetables and meat were all carried out in an orderly way. The day before the delivery of the package to the Li Ji restaurant, the three families gathered at Qin’s house, and they were afraid to be busy all night tonight.
Deng’s, Yu’s, and Han’s dough kneading, Qin Lan’s heart is filled with stuffing. At four o’clock, smoke billowed from the chimney of subway restaurants, and the wind blew out the smoke, which was more gentle and graceful, but it could not be blown away.
In the East, it was faint and pale. The man in Li Ji Restaurant had already pulled the modified carriage to the Qin family yard to drive the car. The little boy’s nose had to smell cramps. It was so far away that he could smell the fragrant package and the big meat stuffing was really appetizing!
"Qin guniang Lin, the shopkeeper, asked me to pull three drawers first!" Restaurant man walked to the Qin family yard and shouted
"Well, I’ll carry the carriage for you!" Qin Lan’s bag-making speed is almost catching up with modern machines, and there are guests coming to buy coarse bread in front of Baiwei restaurant here.
Is just back to talk when there is no a lamp of tea, Li Ji restaurant guy panting ran to the front of her and said anxiously, "Miss Qin’s bag is not enough to sell. The shopkeeper asked you to pull the leftovers over quickly, and the guests will be crazy to grab the bag!"
Ah-is it so exaggerated? Qin Lan heart very unexpectedly stood on the spot!
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Chapter 22 Make people jealous (first and foremost)
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Li Ji Restaurant is located in the middle of the street on the back of the fishing lane, not far from Xianmanlou, the largest restaurant in the fishing lane, and Dongji Restaurant, which is famous for its wine. However, each of the three restaurants does its own business, but in fact, they are also struggling secretly.
Li Jiahe’s overseas fishing lane Qin Jiahe’s selling of packages has been repeated in the fishing lane. Speaking of it, whether it’s several big package shops in the fishing lane or the county grandfather’s little brother’s fairy building and Dong Ji restaurant, they all regard this as a joke and laugh at it.
But the Li family went to pull the package and the carriage walked back and forth from two lanes. I was shocked by the smell. This Qin family package is really fragrant. The smell of this package can make people sleep uneasily in the early morning.
As soon as the three-steamer bag was pulled to Li Ji Restaurant, there was an early morning to catch the boat before the kitchen was moved. The merchant stopped the bartender and said he wanted to eat the bag.
After the kitchen didn’t send Lin, the shopkeeper immediately decided to put the bag in the restaurant lobby, and the guys washed their hands to get the bags for the guests.
Really, after two or three turns, these three cage bags were robbed by the guests who stopped here to rest. If they didn’t grab them later, they were anxious to ask the shopkeeper Lin to hurry to pull the bags.
Wait until the second time, I hurried to pull the six-steamer bag, and it was sold out quickly. Then I went to Qin’s house to pull the bag, saying it was white flour. Today, I made a trial sale of nine-steamer bags according to the prior agreement, that is, the subway restaurant was almost sold out of coarse bread.
Lin, the shopkeeper, regrets that he wants to slap himself. This is the first time he tried to sell the nine-drawer bag. He decided after consulting with Zheng, the shopkeeper.
Although Qin’s package is famous, there is no guarantee that it can be sold in restaurants, so Qin Lan’s heart will not be made to do too much, but it will be sold out in less than half an hour, and many guests are annoyed by smelling the fragrance and not eating the package.
No matter how anxious you are, you can’t help it. The two articles written by Qin and Li are very clear. Bai Qin’s family gave packages to Li Ji restaurants early, and if you want to eat them, you have to wait until early morning.
For more than half a month in succession, the early guests in Li Ji restaurant were full, and many adults and family members also came to the restaurant to buy bags, and once they bought them, they were one or two drawers.
Even a piece of white bread costs ten pence. For these rich people in Fujiangkou and the guests who can afford to live in Li Ji restaurants, even nine Niu Yi Mao is not a package that costs twenty or thirty pence, but many people buy it.
Li Ji Restaurant is a bustling place, and Dongji Restaurant is not cold and cheerless, but it also gets a lot of complaints from the guests that they want to eat a white bread from the Qin family. Some guests who live in these two restaurants ask the bartender to go to Li Ji Restaurant to buy them food.
Our guests are thinking about other people’s meals, which is very critical for businessmen who welcome guests. The "signal" is jealous of Li Ji Restaurant, and the two families are also thinking about ways to deal with it
"Madam, although this bag is not a big business and can’t earn a few dollars, it can attract guests. No matter how thin the grasshopper’s legs are, it’s also meat. Do you think we can take this business away from the Li family?" Dong Ji restaurant ke shopkeeper with a pair of small eyes like a fox to Dong Gu now take charge of mistress Lushi offer a way
"No, my Lord said that we can’t move the Li family in Fujiangkou now. That Sir Zhong is now a favorite of the emperor and can’t offend even if he doesn’t please." Lu shook his head and said with a calm face.
I almost blinded Li Bao when my child Dong Huaichen fought with Li Jia’s young master Li Bao. When he came back from Kyoto, the master knew that he had severely whipped Dong Huaichen, which made her feel bad and hated Li Jia even more.
But now that she’s Dong Gu, she must bear to be resentful and resentful in the future. If she really annoys the Li family, the ruthless old lady is hard to let Mr. Li go to the emperor and say a few words about Dong Gu’s failure, it will not be worth the loss.
"Madam, then we can’t watch the guests run to Li Ji Restaurant!" The better the business of this restaurant, the more silver you can have in your pocket. The shopkeeper Ke won’t have a hard time with silver. "Mrs. Li can’t move, but the Qin family in the fishing lane is just a victim. It’s as easy to run them over like an ant."
Lushi binocular micro pick sneer at a said, "you when I don’t know hum! But now is such a pariah also temporarily can’t move Dong Gu’ big good man’ outside the girl and just entered the palace to do is five talents can’t what’s wrong at this time, you send someone to the fishing lane outside the Qin family and say Dong Ji restaurant should also be with her. If she is not available, don’t be annoyed. There is always another one she can’t provoke. "