Whether Qiao Luo’s wife knows his company and can be Qiao Luo’s wife is natural or a person with something to do.

She took a look at Qiao Luo and smiled. "Thank you for your compliment. This time is the most naughty."
I think I just learned to walk and talk, so it’s especially noisy.
Qiao Luo knows that Xiao Jing and An Yan should not be seen by An Yan, who will hook up the fragile and painful memories.
At this point, Qiao Luochong Xiao Jing smiled apologetically and indicated that he could take an Yan away first.
Nothing in Anyan is to reach out and pinch the soft face of the child very carefully, but I didn’t expect the baby to smile assiduously from Anyan and finally reach out to Anyan "Ma Ma …"
Everyone was surprised that Qiao Luo’s wife’s face was in distress situation and spoiled.
A few people have she doesn’t know the situation or Qiao Luoxian reacts to rush his wife and beckons her to quickly grasp the baby’s finger and squat down lightly to appease her. "Is the baby aunt?"
But what does a child know?
She still smiled at her in the direction of Anyan and vaguely called her that.
Xiao Jing clung to Anyan’s shoulder and could feel her body trembling more.
For the first time, I feel that some injuries have to be put in front of myself in order to make you feel miserable.
In an instant, there were big tears rolling from the corner of my eye, and my heart ached badly. Some memories flooded out from the depths of my body. She whispered a sentence of sorry and strode to the super Xiao Jing car.
Men don’t say anything to chase Anyan.
Qiao Luo was in the same place in regret, and his wife was puzzled and didn’t know what had happened.
An Yan’s tears kept rolling down from her eyes like a burst of its banks at this moment. When the man arrived at her, he pulled the door and sat in.
Xiao Jing went from going around to the driver’s seat to angina pectoris to not being able to stop crying.
He leaned over and hugged her tightly in his arms.
"Xiao Jing, let me think about it. I’m so bad. If it could run and jump now, it would certainly be able to learn."
Some emotions can’t stop after pouring like a flood in an instant, so she can vent.
If she is in pain, he is in more pain.
Xiao Jing couldn’t wait to be integrated with her or to transfer her grief to him. He kissed the tears off her face and comforted "You are the best in this world. How can you be bad?" You’re never the bad guy, you know? "
An Yan kept shaking his head in a blur. "I’m so bad."
She repeated this sentence several times, but suddenly she grabbed his finger and looked up at him. "But I was looking forward to it. I expected it to come to this world. I will teach it to show it all my good side …"
In the end, Anyan couldn’t cry, so she threw herself in his arms and cried hard.
Xiao Jing hugged her and followed her back. "It’s not your fault that you don’t even know how good you are. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have said that at that time, but we have a long future. Let’s live well after crying today, huh?"
"I never told you about it. I don’t care. I didn’t feel anything when it left me because it was too cold. When it left me completely, I really didn’t feel that I woke up. I don’t care, but it still hurts here. What?"
She covered her heart while crying.
Xiao Jing stretched out his hand and slowly stuck it to her and said that he was heartbroken and choked. "Because I didn’t do it well enough, I didn’t let it feel warm, but I won’t do it later. I’ll try to do better. You cry. I’ll watch you. I won’t escape or advise you to let go."
He wiped the tears from her face with a kiss. "But you can’t deny yourself that you have always been the best."
Love and hate separated her. Love was desperate, and she lived freely. From beginning to end, he hindered her from moving forward.
To be wrong, the only mistake in this life is to meet him.
But he couldn’t bear that she didn’t meet him in her life. otherwise, how could she gain such an unforgettable love?
They came to work early this day, but it was already dark when they left the parking lot.
After great compassion, it is a profound silence for Anyan.
She felt that she had to say something. She was no longer an ex-promise. At this point, they have sacrificed enough things, and they can no longer be bound by the painful memories of the past and dare not step out.
This is the first time that Anyan told him in detail how she lived in northern Europe and found out that she was pregnant when she was desperate, and then welcomed the baby with hope, how she met Huo Jingyan and how they told each other their experiences and became bosom friends.
Say a lot of everything
When it comes to the end, Anyan has been very calm. She leans slightly and holds the man on the steering wheel. The blue veins stand out. She purses her lips and smiles. "It’s really tiring to bear this memory. Now all my bad emotions are crying to your body. Let’s share these pains together."
"Xiao Jing, I’m really not particularly sad, so don’t be particularly sad."
In fact, she must not be so sad, saying that you can’t miss people too much and you can’t let them go, otherwise it will go restless, and if worldly things get stuck, you can’t be reborn properly.
There is a dividing line between birth, old age, illness and death. We can’t let go of these personnel absolutely, but we can’t be too persistent.
Going back to Xiaoshan villa is not as early as usual, but a little late.
Section 612
An Yan is in a bad mood, but Xiao Jing can’t. He has to take care of her, and he can’t be too sad like her.
As soon as Li Ma saw Anyan coming in, she was in a bad mood. She quickly asked Xiao Jing before, shook her head and took her downstairs.
At the same time, she told Li Ma to ask the kitchen to cook some soup to dispel the cold. It was cold tonight. She wore thin clothes and cried once, fearing that her body resistance was too poor and she caught a cold directly.
The upstairs man asked her to stay in the bedroom well, and went downstairs to pour her hot water.
When he came, he found that the woman heard the ring by the French window and she was waiting for him to come over.
Xiao Jing put hot water on the tea table and walked towards her.
It’s like doing it thousands of times. His arm just snuggled up to his arms and put it around his waist. His voice was muffled. "Don’t worry too much about me. I’m too sad to think of it. I haven’t seen Brother Shen for a long time. I don’t know what happened to him and Sister Jing, and I don’t know what happened to their baby. When shall we go and see them?"
Since it is her brother and sister Xiao Jing, she naturally respects it.
He slowly exhaled and patted her on the back. "I’ll go with you when you find it, huh?"
Ann said slowly close your eyes "good"
After two days, this matter was completely recovered.
This morning, the man went to work early. She went upstairs slowly and wanted to read the newspaper for the first time at breakfast. Of course, it was not the kind of serious newspaper that men read.
What she wants to read is the headline divination newspaper of Wencheng Entertainment.
But when she’s not looking, it’s sent every day. Not today.
The first volume Chapter 335 So in the end, he made a thousand exhortations.
She was sitting in a restaurant drinking milk, that is, she had a whim to read an entertainment newspaper.
Two dog was lying on his side listless. Maybe it was winter. He was a little fatter than when he first saw it. When he bathed him, he also found that this fellow was not puffy but really fat.
An Yan rushed to one side and Li Ma shouted, "Didn’t Li Ma send the newspaper this morning?"
Li Ma didn’t know what she was doing. When she heard Anyan calling, she quickly walked to Anyan from what she had lost. "Madam, I don’t know what happened in today’s newspaper. Maybe it didn’t arrive."
Not delivered?
It’s usually impossible for this to happen. She frowned. "Did the gentleman send the newspaper early if he wanted to read it?"