"… obviously is sacred! !”

After a second of white in the absolute ice field, just as the big fiend Jiuzhong was grandstanding, he was joking with him and wanted to joke. When Jiuzhong suddenly collapsed in the absolute ice field, his feet collapsed and fell to the side.
Not only the ground of absolute ice area, but also the huge ice peak of the whole absolute ice area fell with it.
"ooh … not bad ~! !” Very satisfied with the dragon’s blood Xuan Huang’s display of power, he said a moment to show his action quickly.
First of all, the invisible effect of the ghost hidden ring disappears, and then the figure is hidden. Then, the Taiqing jade symbol is started again, and the effect of gasification and three clearing is divided into three avatars. Then one of them cancels the invisible effect of the ghost hidden ring and reappears, and the other two avatars go to the predetermined position to dormant and stand by.
Jiuchong, the arrogant fiend seems to have disappeared and reappeared.
"Wang-fit! !” Jiuzhong calls out Xiao Wang to replace Xiaoxue to fit himself. !”
Nine-fold golden light bursts through the body, and the speed visible to the naked eye is rapidly enlarged and the blink of an eye turns into a giant dragon Buddha with indomitable spirit.
Crushing the virtual incarnation, the giant holding the dragon Buddha, nine times and a long whistle, forcibly holding the ice peak in the absolute ice area, rising from the pit of the dragon cave, leaving the ground level and coming to the middle school.
"… the sacred what do you want? !” See nine heavy move big fiend bad feeling more intense in my heart.
"Hey …!" Nine unpredictable smile moment "magic-a crushing blow! !”
"boom! !” Another deafening bang unleashed a force to destroy everything from the nine-fold body. First, it swallowed up the nine-fold body of the figurine, and then it spread out to destroy everything around it.
With the crushing blow, the power of destroying the ball of light reaches its limit, and the entire ice peak in the absolute ice area is evaporated and wiped out.
"Want to win me … which have so easy! !” The ice peak in the absolute ice field is destroyed instantly, and the big fiend controls a piece of ice in which he lives, and the ice peak is actively separated from the absolute ice field, and the nine-fold crushing blow is projected into the distance.
There was a loud bang, and the ice fell in the snow in the distance. The big fiend quickly cast his magic in the ice, and the ice he was in grew rapidly
"Why do you and I want to explode the whole ice peak in your absolute ice area?" Just then nine stress into the big fiend ear "may let you do the same thing again? !”
Chapter six hundred and ten Distribution
Just now, the big fiend struggled with that period, although he couldn’t get rid of the big fiend himself, but it wasn’t finished without harvest. Nine times found that during the big fiend battle, he constantly destroyed the absolute ice peak, while the big fiend was just the opposite. He kept repairing the ice peak that was destroyed by nine times in the tangled gap.
Although the big fiend has been dealt with in a very low-key and hidden way, he still hasn’t escaped the nine eyes and nine eyes. He doesn’t believe that the big fiend will do so for a certain reason.
Lenovo’s former big fiend said something, and the nine-fold awakening is probably that this big fiend wants to constantly repair the absolute ice peak because he wants to use this ice peak to move, and this displacement is not limited. There are certain requirements for the ice peak, that is, the volume of the ice peak must be able to accommodate his whole body to move.
It’s just a guess, and a series of targeted actions from the big fiend have also been confirmed.
The great fiend ignored nine gravity and cast magic to expand the scale of his ice cubes.
Since the big fiend doesn’t talk, Jiuzhong won’t talk nonsense with him. The opportunity is fleeting. If this guy is allowed to displace the ice to form a scale again, he will just blow it in vain.
"Double Bailong fighters bully! !” Nine-fold standby, two busy statues at the same time, assault on the ice exhibition of the big fiend body, and suddenly the dragons sing and roar and the dragons fight for the bite to completely drown the ice of the big fiend body.
"Congratulations to the player Fang Shengsheng for winning the final victory in the duel of the Great Devil!" With the ringing of the unified display, the formula of nine-fold and two-member recruitment has been cancelled, and it has not yet been exhausted.
It is difficult for a nine-fold fiend to win the game at this level. It is only when there is a life-and-death battle that the final outcome can be decided. Just now, the two men specially started the duel mode.
Protect two people in duel mode, no matter who dies, there will be no loss of experience.
Bailong fighters killed the big fiend Jiuchong. Just now, the skill effect of rebirth due to the small burning fire has also come back from the ghost gate.
Cancel the effect of one gasification and three clean-ups, three avatars, blowing in the wind, nine times, restore his true self, and come to pacifism and please listen to me
Jiuchong’s front foot just arrived at the place where the first three people met. The big fiend appeared and drove his mount, and then he also came to meet the three people in the middle school.
"You won and I lost my heart!" When the big fiend arrives, he will lose the bet simply and neatly. "The leader is yours!"
"Then I will do my part!" Jiuzhong didn’t accept "but I don’t like the name’ chief’. I prefer people to call me boss ~!"
"Although you like others to call you boss, we can’t call you boss!" Three people said, "We are allies, your allies, not your younger brother!"
"Then simply call it’ big master’!" Jiu Chongyi said, "Just in line with our present combination!"
"Whatever you want!"