"Don’t worry, according to this method, there should be no mistakes. You can practice here a few times first."

Xiao Wen immediately promised to come and then closed his eyes and studied in the same place.
This air guide technique is performed in the body. Even if he practices it again, there is no clue outside. After a long time, Xiao Wen opened his eyes and solemnly said "OK" to Nan Yunqing.
"Let’s go," said Nan Yunqing, who had already started flying and asked Xiao, "I’ll explain a principle to you …"
Before I heard Xiao Wen, I was stunned by Nan Yunqing’s whimsy. This experienced person is just different!
Before long, the two men flew into a recent air column and observed that many Ri Nan Yunqing were quite familiar with these air columns. At once, they kept flying through one fork after another along the breath vein and finally stopped somewhere.
"This is it. Just stop at the intersection of these two breaths."
Xiao Wen flew to that position and looked around at the same time, and he saw that the place pointed by Nan Yunqing was still the intersection of two large veins, each with a thickness of one foot, and there were small veins in the distance that merged into them or led away from them.
Saying that the context is actually just Xiao Wen’s subjective statement, but the fact is that it is just two thick colored Se airflow, whose edges are not neat and seem to be bound and not strong, and there will be airflow spilling out from time to time, which is impossible if the context is true.
Anyway, the breath can pass through the body [looking for novel material]. Before giving the air guide, Xiao Wen had nothing to worry about, so he flew in directly and stopped at the intersection of two breaths.
Took a deep breath and gradually calmed down to Xiao Wenwei’s attention, and the basic source force operated air guide!
Almost everyone’s control of toes is far less than that of fingers, which is their own body but powerful, which makes people feel rather clumsy, and Xiao Wen also feels this way at this time. Although he has studied in the face, the progress is still quite slow at this time
I don’t know how long it took Xiao Wen to finally put the air guide into operation gradually, but it seems that the degree is still a little insufficient to break through a critical point.
It’s like putting a needle through your toes, but it’s quite uncomfortable, but there’s nothing too clear to feel. Little by little, when Xiao Wen is upset, suddenly two kinds of breath enter the other body!
Without looking at Xiao Wen, you will know that it must be the breath in the two color Se columns outside, and there can be no other breath at this time!
Originally, they would go straight through the body, but it would give Xiao Wen a strange feeling. But now Xiao Wen feels them in his muscles and bones and fu organs!
Yeah, it seems there’s nothing magical about it.
At this moment, Nan Yunqing came from behind him. "You should take the initiative to open yourself slowly and merge with those two breaths so that they can interact directly with your Daoji."
"Good" Shi Xiao asked and was distracted. There was nothing wrong with it
"I have to go somewhere else to see if ninety thousand can stay and protect you. I’m leaving."
"Don’t let ninety thousand go with you" Xiao asked busy way.
As a result, there was no sound behind him, and Nan Yunqing had already flown away before he could answer …
At this time, Xiao Wen asked if he couldn’t guess that Nan Yunqing had a great plan, but his little knowledge really couldn’t infer that it was coming and going.
When he came, Xiao Li asked that the recovery speed of keeping the fire element floating could even exceed the consumption speed, and he was not worried at all that he had to go back to the ground to rest. He persisted day by day until the ninth day, and finally completed the process described by Nan Yunqing!
Two smells rushing into other bodies from two directions can’t tell who is strong and who is weak, but the texture is obviously different [] The one on the left has more affinity with his body and Daoji, which makes him feel quite comfortable, and it seems that there is a more powerful force contained in it. After careful consideration, Xiao Wen will know that it should be quite similar to the state of dzogchen, a high-ranking true fairy. If he doesn’t come to this Tibetan ruins, he will definitely reach that state after a long or short period of continuous practice outside.
The airflow on the right is quite mysterious and difficult to figure out, but it echoes with the breath on the left. It is through this echo that Xiao Wen has some feelings about the airflow. In fact, it is easy to guess that the airflow on the right is a bit of a fairy realm, and it is likely to be specific to the initial fairy realm! Nan Yunqing searched in the air column for so long, how much did he find in total? This place will definitely find the most suitable place!
Xiao asked millie to open his own two breath and communicate with his body. As time went on, his feelings became more and more clear and completely understood what was going on.
Unless it is about to break through the high-order true fairy, it is impossible to feel the breath of the fairy. However, in this column, the breath bridge on the left allows Xiao to ask this high-order true fairy who has just been promoted to feel the breath of the fairy! What’s more, he is not just as simple as the breath. At this moment, he Daoji has already been greatly influenced and gradually remembered the feeling of the fairy!
Promotion is a process of finding a way when the road is available, and it will be promoted when it is found. Now it is a new road for Xiao Wen, and he has vaguely seen a road before he has finished, and he knows how to get there!
For the whole celestial people, the original magic of the Tibetan ruins is here! But probably no one can benefit so thoroughly and directly like Nan Yunqing.
Xiao Wen can’t take this as a direct promotion, but once he remembers this feeling and this road, his next practice process will become quite simple, and it will be as fast as possible to achieve twice the result with half the effort!
Now what he has to do is to let his body and Doggie remember that feeling thoroughly and get familiar with it until he won’t forget it!
In such a state, Xiao Wen simply forgot that time passed and even forgot that 90 thousand was still with him
Xiao Jiu will fly around in the distance after chatting, and when he is tired, he will go back to Xiao Wen’s shoulder and sharp mouth to make Xiao Wen’s hair into a messy bird’s nest. When he is chatting more, he will, in turn, comb Xiao Wen’s hair again and again …
I have to say that this little phoenix is really pitiful …
On this day, Xiao Wen felt that he had remembered about it, so he relaxed a little. When ninety thousand came back, he freed up his hands to tease ninety thousand.
This little guy is very intelligent. He doesn’t really dare to disturb him when Xiao Wen is busy, but when Xiao Wen is free, he will show quite bitterness and ignore Xiao Wen’s love …
Fairy beasts in the celestial realm have more than just the simple identity of "cultivating immortals to help them". They also need to practice pure wild fairy beasts. They can also realize that some magical powers have many magical powers in their long lives, but this will never be better than establishing a blood mark with people, and people will help them to work together with them! People have many advantages over fairies and beasts. Once fairies and beasts and people have established their blood marks, they can use human strength to enhance their magical powers. To put it bluntly, people are actually fairies and beasts.
90,000 such fairy beasts are absolutely in the hands of all the Taoist priests, but now people dare to ask Xiao if they can’t establish blood ties with it. Can it be pitiful …
Xiao asked, of course, it is also white that it is now and sincerely good for this little mother phoenix of ninety thousand …
This man and a phoenix were playing when Xiao Wen suddenly saw someone flying in the distance and there was more than one person!
What happened?
Xiao Wen was on the alert, ready to withdraw at any time, and then suddenly he heard the other side shouting, "Xiao Shidi is us."
"Brother Yang?"
The bearer was indeed a dozen people behind Yang Rong who turned out to be the high-order true fairy of Ming Jianzong.
"Miss Nan asked us to come here first and wait for her to take others to other gas columns" Yang Rongdao.
Xiao Wen greeted the other students before asking, "Miss Nan took you in?"
"You don’t know?" Yang Rongqi said
"She left me here and left. I forgot how many days I haven’t seen her. By the way, how many people are here this time?"
"I don’t know what the patriarch paid, but he got 50 places from the Big Five."
"So much?" Xiao asked surprised way
At this time, there is another true fairy who laughs. "This patriarch is too few."
A group of people chatted there for the time being, but Xiao Wen came here for nothing without a few words. Although Nan Yunqing didn’t say anything, he probably wanted him to teach them air guide, didn’t he?
And after a pause, Xiao Wen gave the air guide to the people and told them all about his feelings in recent years.
It was not until a day and a night later that Nan Yunqing finally appeared, showing that he had arranged others.
Hear Xiao asked has given the air guide to all Nan Yunqing is nodded as early as she expected, and then took people to find a suitable place in this column.
Once again, the seclusion technique can be seen that she is angry with Se and has sent some questions. Even if she is worried about her, she is too embarrassed because of too many people.