"Ling days blame me …"

Ling day directly interrupted Sue elegant words said with a smile
"Don’t blame you, blame them."
"They have no bottom line for your kindness."
"Now they get what they deserve!"
The taxi driver suddenly came running at this moment with a grateful way
"Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you!"
"They were touching porcelain just now."
"I’m not afraid when the police come."
"I’ll just go first."
With that, the taxi driver turned around and started the car.
"Wife, let’s go."
Ling Tian smiled and gently took Sue elegant shoulders and walked out.
When the crowd saw it, they quickly made way.
Ling Tianhe and Su Qingya just left without two steps, and suddenly a car floor oil sound came.
Woo ~ that taxi stepped on the bottom directly.
Towards LingTianHe Sue elegant bump up.
Next to the crowd suddenly stare big eyes a face of shock.
Taxi is one or two meters away from LingTianHe Sue elegant two people.
When people don’t respond at such a short distance,
I’m afraid even immortals can’t hide.
Sue elegant beautiful eyes suddenly revealed deep panic and despair.
I never thought that the taxi driver was thanking her and Ling Tian just now.
This moment will kill them.
Even if Ling Tian is strong, how can he hide at such a close distance?
Ling day face also changed.
My heart is not dark scold a really careless.
The taxi driver didn’t care if he didn’t have a murderous look.
But I didn’t expect to hide so deep and dwarf. They turned out to be a group
Ling day to like a hugged Sue elegant waist.
When I was hit by a taxi, I suddenly rolled.
It rolled to the top of the car and fell from the back of the car.
Then Sue elegant small waist hug a face of vigilance.
This can’t even be killed!
The onlookers were surprised that their mouths couldn’t close properly
The speed of Lingtian was too fast just now.
People arrived at the rear of the car without seeing how Ling Tian moved.
And unscathed!
Is this still a person?
The taxi driver was surprised, too. I didn’t expect it to hit the sky.
Eyes a cold hand steering wheel suddenly turned back to the front.
"Kill you!"
A loud roar loud, the taxi driver will step on the accelerator again and hit LingTianHe Sue elegant.
The onlookers were scared to death.
One by one, they hurried around for fear of being hit by a taxi
However, Ling Tian looked at the speeding taxi but her eyes narrowed and her eyes were cold.
There motionless murderous look is boiling up.
Seeing that the taxi is about to hit the body, the fingers suddenly move.
A cold mountain flies out!
For a moment, a tiny pinhole appeared on the windshield of the taxi.
The taxi driver’s ferocious face suddenly froze and his eyes became gods.
There is a silver needle on the forehead, trembling slightly.
Ling day took Sue elegant small waist a rotating light hid the taxi collision.
There was a loud noise and the taxi hit the railing of the road and stopped.

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Qing smiled and filled Chen Jisheng with a glass of wine and took the lead in gulping it off for himself.
Chen Jisheng’s mood is also excellent. Laugh and drink to Li Yuanqing.
After a few more drinks, Li Yuanqing remained calm and said, "By the way, how long are you going to stay here this time, big brother?"
Chen Jisheng thought for a moment and suddenly laughed: "Yuan Qing, the situation is stable at this time. Everything is under the control of our army. I want to stay here for a little longer, so I won’t bother you, will I?"
In fact, Mao Wenlong gave Chen Jisheng an order to win over Li Yuanqing and stabilize the morale of the two southern Liaoning departments.
But at this time, how can Li Yuanqing "understand people’s minds" Chen Jisheng still need to win over?
He should go back to me overnight, but Zhang Pan’s case is just around the corner, which makes Chen Jisheng seem to have planted a thorn and a seed in his heart.
This choice is not difficult for him to make. Anyway, when Mao Wenlong didn’t stipulate this for him, he stabilized the overall situation here in Li Yuanqing.
Li Yuanqing and other experts? Chen Jisheng quickly understood his meaning and smiled: "Big Brother, let’s have another toast."
Accompany Chen Jisheng to drink wine and arrange accommodation for him. It is already late at night when Li Yuanqing returns to his tent.
Nianer hasn’t slept yet and is eagerly waiting for him to come back.
Seeing Nianer’s gaunt little face, Li Yuanqing couldn’t help laughing with some distress: "Has my little girl eaten?"
Read son shook his head but busy nodded "ye menservants have eaten menservants to wait on you to rest"
Li Yuanqing read a son expression in the heart has probably smiled and took the son in her arms "eaten? I’ll check to see if my belly is bulging. "
Said the Li Yuanqing potential will touch the lower abdomen.
Nian Er was ticklish and giggled. "I’m wrong. I won’t dare again."
Li Yuanqing touched her little face with some love. "You can eat first when I’m not here. I’m still a little hungry today. Let them fry some side dishes and let’s eat together."
Nian Er couldn’t help but be overjoyed. She likes to accompany Li Yuanqing to dinner most. She is busy and clever: "I’m going to get ready."
Looking at read son happy little face Li Yuanqing corners of the mouth can’t help but reveal a smile.
I’m going to have the third meal tonight, but what if I can make my woman feel better?
Chen Jisheng came to the camp and there was a lot of excitement.
Whether Chen Zhong or Zhang Pan Chen Jisheng is long-standing friendship, Wei Liang and Zhang Qiliang, both of whom are acquaintances.
Add Chen Jisheng is on behalf of Mao Wenlong. Chen Zhong and Zhang Pan, including Wei Liang and Zhang Qiliang, can’t help but say that this banquet will be one after another.
Of course, Li Yuanqing is indispensable to accompany him.
However, although the surface works are continuous, the troops in the camp have never been neglected
The improvement of the staff system seems to be a small change, but it has made all officers have a long memory, and they can think about the overall situation and take precautions after training.
In a flash, seven days passed.
These days, Li Yuanqing and Chen Zhong’s two sentries and boats have been gathering in the mouth of Yalu River and the swimming basin, firmly monitoring the main force of the post-8 Jin J.
Li Yuanqing, Chen Zhong, Zhang Pan and Chen Jisheng, including Wei Liang and Zhang Qiliang, sometimes went to the river to inspect the situation.
Just after dinner on the evening of November 23rd, a group of people in Li Yuanqing were holding a military meeting when suddenly a sentry came to report that the river was frozen.
(End of chapter)
Chapter 44 Mao Wenlong arrived.
The news that the great river was frozen made everyone feel refreshed.
This means that the main force of the post-8 Jin Army has been able to cross the river and rush into the DPRK.
Big account
Chen Jisheng couldn’t help but be overjoyed and said, "The two prison officers, Yuan Qing, Lao Chen and Lao Zhang, have frozen the river. Everything is on track as expected. Let’s work together!"
Chen Zhong is also very excited. "We can’t neglect the fact that Yuan Qing, an adult of the two prison guards, is here. I’ll go back to arrange the army now and keep an eye on all the movements of 8 Jin J."
Seeing Chen Zhong rushing away, Zhang Pan couldn’t sit still. Busy way: "Yuan Qing, two adults of the prison army, I will also arrange the army now."
Said also busy hurry to leave.

Gu off a debut and they immediately set off a heated discussion.

The main character here is how he can let a pretty boy take away his aura.
"Who are you?" Looking at the bearer with disdain while slightly drunk.
Gu Jue approached the cold step by step, and his eyes fell on him, which made his horse feel a little drunk.
This man’s eyes are terrible
However, due to the problem of dignity, I still have a lot of backbone. I raised my eyes and looked like "I asked you something. Who are you?"
Gu Jue moved his wrist and glanced at the corner. Su Wei smiled and looked at the ground. The meaning in the eyes of the bottle was aggravated. "Irish absinthe dares to touch my woman."
This is finally understood. He looked at Su Wei with his mouth wide open and finally put his eyes back on Gu Jueshen. "You are her gigolo boyfriend."
Su Wei looked at it with sympathy and pity again.
Even Su Chenran dare not say this. The handsome boy really has courage.
Despite silence, but the storm at the bottom of the eyes is piling up.
See gu off half a day didn’t reply, but he was intimidated by his own deterrence, so he laughed and said, "What kind of malicious role are you? I didn’t expect you to be a soft-footed shrimp, so you still deserve to enjoy the fairy beauty or die before it’s too late."
Before he finished speaking, his predecessor’s body moved, and then his scapula was severely buckled, and then a "click" sounded and the pain suddenly came to him.
The audience at the theatre gasped in succession.
Wow, this scene
That’s awesome
It’s the first time they’ve lived here for so long to see the young delinquents in such a mess. It’s really a feast.
"Never mind the symbolic lesson." Su Wei’s sly smile slowly turned from her mouth.
It feels so good to watch over and never beat anyone.
It’s a pity that I can’t do it now, otherwise her trick will be much more interesting than Gu Jue.
"You’re pleading with him." Gu Jue’s eyes clamped his shoulder blades with a light cup, and then his hands intensified, and he cried out in pain.
"Ah, ah, you, do you know who I am? I want to call the police. I want to call the police." Tears soared.
"It’s better to take care of one thing more than one thing less. The young master seems to be very painful." Su Weichun is a bystander, and his eyes are full of light with relish
It would be perfect if there were some strong poison at this time
Chapter 241 Domineering side leakage
"He has such great charm that he can persuade you to plead for mercy." Gu Jue’s cold eyes swept to a hand knife and chopped his back neck unceremoniously. Please search for it. It was so painful that he almost fainted, but every time he was about to faint, the man always tried not to press a hole in his heart at the right time, which made him have to come back.
He finally knows that this little fairy is not kind. He’s only adding fuel to the fire when he intercedes.
If you want a little beauty to say a word of intercession, the man’s mood will be almost one point, and he will suffer a little more.
But despite this pride, I still don’t want to bow my head and be soft
"You’ll be put in prison." Resentment gouged out Gu Jue.
He doesn’t believe that there are people in this world who are not afraid of going to prison.
I have to say it’s the truth.
There are really people in this world who are not afraid of going to jail.
When I heard this, I didn’t bother to hum a syllable from my nose. "I want to see if I get caught quickly or if you die quickly."
His face turned white and fear filled his handsome face.
God, how could he be so unlucky to meet such a desperate Lord?
"Never be honest, don’t" Su Wei smiled and leaned over his head, trying to stare back with a malicious and folded eye.
Su Wei Gu flattened her mouth.
"My woman, you dare to stare." Gu Jue grabbed his collar and gave off a cold aura.
Su Wei almost didn’t applaud.
I don’t care about you
Sure enough, fists are everything.
"No, no, no, I didn’t dare. I made a mistake once. It won’t happen again." He winced. This time he was really scared.
Who do you think he is afraid of?
I’m not afraid of position, position and temper, but I’m not afraid of death. That’s hard to say.
What is a little dignity in front of life?
"It’s late". With a snort of indifference, the long arm waved and the strong body was like a broken rag in a perfect parabola and smashed on the bar counter.
Dozens of bottles of famous wine "boom" should hit sweet drinks all over the floor.
"Ah," exclaimed the female boss, looking at the slowly flowing wine with a painful face.
This is a precious wine that she has collected for a long time. It’s really a waste of time.
"What a pity!" Su Wei looked at you deliberately, and you moved closer to the female boss with a rather sorry expression.
The female boss gave Su Wei a hard stare.
If it weren’t for her, this femme fatale bar could be destroyed like this?
The female boss still wants to teach her a good lesson to vent her anger, but she can’t help but shrink her head when she suddenly thinks of the scene.
She was so tall that she was smashed into patties.
The female boss has been afraid to go.
It’s better not to mess with such a terrible couple.
"Wife of shop-owner why don’t we talk about a condition? After all, it’s not good to bow our heads and not see our heads and see our injuries, isn’t it?" Su Wei smiled and took out a black card from his sunscreen pocket and deliberately put it on the bar to dawdle.
This-this is
Black gold card
Not only was the female boss startled, but even the onlookers around her gasped.
This woman has a black gold card.

Qiao Huan looks up at Mu Bei’s eyes and resists the feeling that she likes to be spoiled and taken care of, but this person can’t be Mu Bei before. After all, they are divorced.

"I’ll do it myself," said Qiao Huan quietly to Mubei, with a touch of alienation in his tone.
Mu Bei saw him like he didn’t realize it, and pretended not to see him. He was still busy with Qiao Huan’s care.
"Mubei!" Joe gave a loud cry. Can he listen to her?
"Don’t talk when eating, eat quickly, or you won’t be able to catch up from time to time." Mu Bei made a ban on Qiao Huan.
Qiao Huan was speechless. Every time Mu Bei spoke, there was always a heavy punch that hit cotton. It felt powerful but made her feel weak. She was always eaten by him.
Nai Qiaohuan no longer refused to be forced to accept Mubei’s care and bowed their heads and ate silently.
Mu Bei’s eyes have been fixed on Qiao Huan’s body. Seeing that she no longer resists his care, she is slightly relieved.
He is not afraid of Qiao Huan quarreling with him. He is afraid of Qiao Huan deliberately pulling him away. This is the last thing he wants to see. He will not let Qiao Huan leave him from his sight even if he is dead.
In that Ye Wenlun Mu Bei’s eyes darkened, and whether Qiao Huan regards him as his brother or not, he will get Ye Wenlun away from Qiao Huan as soon as possible.
Because he absolutely doesn’t allow a man to covet Qiao Huan all the time, every time I think about it, I feel uncomfortable and suppress an impulse to kill.
"What’s the matter with you?" Qiao Huan finally finished eating the food in the bowl and looked up to see Mu Bei’s cloudy eyes with a frosty face. She was one leng.
Mu Bei has never had such an expression. He has always been a soft MengMeng face that harms people and animals.
So MuBei let Qiao Huan since the back poured out a chill.
MuBei aware of their emotional exposure immediately change a smiling face to "eat? Let’s go when we’re full! " Say nothing about what just happened.
Qiao Huancong doesn’t ask Mu Bei, but she just wants to ask Mu Bei and won’t tell her.
Qiao Huan got up and walked out Mubei took out his wallet and put a pile of money on the table at random, followed Qiao Huan and walked out to the company. They were twenty minutes late when they left the meeting.
Qiao Huan face black to drop water, she glared at MuBei ruthlessly.
"I blame you for being late!"
Mu Bei has a face of the so-called "body is the most important thing compared with body"
Qiao Huan this what also can’t say it, once again ruthlessly glared at MuBei step up inhalation pushed the conference room door.
"Now," Qiao Huan said for a while without explaining the lateness when he entered the door.
People in the meeting room are quite dissatisfied with Qiao Huan’s lateness, but what can they do? The somebody else is the chairman of the board of directors is late, they don’t have to question Qiao Huan?
They don’t have the guts.
The meeting went on as usual. Assistant Mu Bei Qiao Huan naturally sat next to Qiao Huan, but he was still very serious when he was working. After the meeting, Mu Bei arranged the meeting and handed it to Qiao Huan.
Qiao Huan turned over the information in his hand and secretly praised it. I have to say that Mu Bei has a strong ability and it is difficult to make people admire it.
Mu Bei sat in front of Qiao Huan and looked at Qiao Huan with her chin in her hand.
When working hours, Qiao Huan becomes more charming and makes people look away.
"Qiao Huan, you are so beautiful" Mubei murmured.
Qiao Huan looked up and glanced at Mu Bei’s file in his hand, frowning slightly. "Why are you still here?"
Mu Bei was unhappy to hear Qiao Huan say this. "Qiao Huan, I am your assistant now. I am not here. Where am I?"
"Shouldn’t you be back in your office?"
"It’s my first day today." Mu Beixing Qiao Huan didn’t have his office on his first day.
However, he is happy that Qiao Huan works in the same office so that he can see Qiao Huan from time to time.
Qiao Huan remembered that Mu Bei picked up the table and asked the secret to come in on the first day of class.
Secret pushed the door and came in "Joe Dong!"
"Let the personnel department make room for the desire assistant as an office" Qiao Huan ordered to the secret.
"No," Mu Bei Qiang sat up straight and turned to the secret and said, "You have someone get me a desk and put it here." Mu Bei’s finger is not far from Qiao Huan
This position is near Qiao Huan. You can see Qiao Huan when you look up.
"eh!" Secret consternation eyes rested on Qiao Huan face "Joe dong …"
It’s the first time for her that someone has dared to share an office with the chairman, but there’s nothing wrong with Mu Beiqiao’s proposal of admiring Mu Bei.
"I’ll let people move the desk in." The secret hesitated for a moment and soon returned to absolute being. Before Qiao Huan could reply, he turned and walked away.
Qiao Huan was shocked. It was the first time for her to see the secret independent Zhang make a decision for the company. Did she ask her opinion? How can she be so sure that she will agree to share an office with Mubei?
Mu Bei smiled and sobbed a face of batting practice.
Qiao Huan a look swept past ruthlessly stared his one eye.
"Is it funny?" Grind your teeth and say
"Don’t feel funny is that you look so cute now." Mubei stopped laughing and looked at Qiao Huan with a face of earnest.
"I will never agree to share an office with you," Qiao Huan said bitterly.
And the result?
Mu Bei still shares an office with Qiao Huan. Mu Bei gave Qiao Huan a very good reason. Qiao Tuan is now in an unstable period. If news of their divorce comes out at this time, Qiao Tuan’s stock will definitely plummet.
Qiao Huan is silent
It is true that at this time, any sign of trouble in Qiao’s regiment may affect Qiao’s regiment, and Qiao Huan dare not take the risk.
It’s the same office as Mubei that makes Qiao Huan uncomfortable.
"Can you work hard?" Finally unbearable mu north hot eyes Qiao Huan looked up and grumpily said to mu north
He’s been staring at her like this. She can’t work at all.
Mu Bei looked like a koo. "I’ve been working hard. Have I been working hard?"
"Don’t keep staring at me," said Qiao Huan, biting his teeth.
Mu Bei’s eyes are smiling. "Qiao Huan, have you been secretly looking at me?"
Qiao Huan froze, but he kept staring at her. Why did it suddenly become that she was looking at him?
"If not, how do you know I’m looking at you?" Mubei looked satisfied.
Qiao Huan face a black.

I’m alive, and I’m still the emperor, so I’ll think about it!

Without me as emperor, Jin Guo is not worthy of my pity!
I want to be the emperor, and then the kingdom of Jin will be valuable!
Otherwise … Just give me a martyr! I will neve let those who want my life succeed!
Yan hong’s eyes were bright and red, and he reached his order.
Nan at all costs!
Yan Hongliang’s will is unshakable.
He is going to pull himself out of the impregnable fortified city of River City, leaving a small number of troops to pretend to surround the garrison of this deterrent city. He will leave Boye with his main force to look for Shi Lieliang.
The two armies joined forces to carry out new tactics
All the way to the south, all the way to the siege, give full play to the advantages of Jin Jun’s forces, create a life passage for the main cavalry unit in the south, and on this basis, find the main field force of the Guangfu Army to fight a decisive battle and win.
Then, he once again asked Shi Lieliang to sweep away the fort of the rural dock around Boye City and arrest as many people as he could.
When he arrives in Boye, let the army kill these people in front of Boye defenders, and then pile up these people’s heads to build a Beijing view to deter Boye defenders from threatening them to surrender.
This Yan Hong Ben Shi seems to be Yan Hong Liang’s last attack on Boye City, which is also a policy.
His previous failure made Yan Yanliang stop trying to do this, but he didn’t expect Yan Yanliang to still give up.
"This tactic may not work, and the river city didn’t work before. Going on can only boost the morale of the thieves."
"Give it a try. If you can, of course, but if you can’t … then it’s purely as anger, not only to vent our anger, but also to let the army soldiers vent their anger. They have been holding it for too long."
Yan hong ran to see the meaning of Yan hong Liang immediately, so he stopped trying to discourage Yan hong Liang.
When this order went to Geshilieliang, Geshilieliang was surprised.
He immediately replied to Yan Hongliang that it was impossible to do so.
Doing so will greatly affect the attitude of Hebei people towards Xu Jin Guo, and they will have to face other city defenders in the future, which will greatly affect Xu Jin’s rule over Hebei again after the war.
The view of Beijing can make people fear for a while, but it can’t make people accept the rule sincerely, which is more harmful than good for Xu Jin.
He asked Yan Hongliang to take it back.
Yan Hongliang led the troops to Boye Road and received a letter of persuasion from Ge Shili Liangyan. He was furious and immediately sent people around him to denounce Ge Shili Liangyan and let him do things at once.
Yan Hongliang means that Boye City stuck to its guns and brought more than 3,000 losses to the Jin Army, hindering the Jin Army for a month, and then just gave up and left in despair?
What is the difference between that and defeat?
We are the attackers!
We will continue to attack!
We didn’t lose!
This is not a massacre, this is a declaration of war!
Yan Hongliang’s theory is indeed reasonable.
Both the attack on the river and the attack on the Bo Ye Jin Army failed, and now we have to implement the South Strategy and cannot continue to attack the city. This seems to be a failure to everyone.
Morale will be dealt a heavy blow, and there is nothing to increase soldiers’ hope of survival by rewarding them.
In order to maintain morale, we must do something to inspire the military, such as a hearty one-sided massacre
Yan Yanliang’s side was reprimanded by people around him, and he was very worried when he learned that the emperor was determined, so he talked about it with his side.
"Boye City is not determined to shake the Beijing concept, but it may further anger them. It is really hard to say that they will encounter obstacles in the future."
It’s right to move and stab into equal parts
After many siege, they also know how tough Boye City is, which will undoubtedly further stimulate them.
Shi Lieliang wanted to make one last effort.
So he ordered the army to attack the rural dock fort in all directions, plundered the people to collect food, grass and materials according to Yan Yanliang’s requirements, and hurried to visit Yan Yanliang who had not yet arrived in Boye.
After seeing Yan Yanliang, Shi Lieliang complained about the shortcomings of this matter and asked Yan Yanliang to change his decision.
Yan Hongliang was unexpectedly not angry.
After Ji Shili Liangyan finished, he sighed deeply and told himself and Yan Hong the reason why Ji Shili Liangyan said it again
"The foot soldiers can’t break through after a long battle, and their morale is greatly damaged. If they don’t make remedies, they won’t be able to fight the battle. Capturing the thieves in the dock can inspire morale and let the soldiers know that the big Jin Guo is still strong and still keep on the offensive."
With this, Yan Yanliang asked, "If you can’t do this, do you think this battle can still be fought?"
Ge Shili Liangbi almost didn’t say [that’s not withdrawing].
But he held back.
He knew that saying such a thing in front of Yan Hongliang was probably his own eulogy, and he still wanted to live and not die.
"I didn’t consider what I said."
"Then consider it now."
Wan Yanliang sighed, "Morale is the most important thing. Nothing is more important than morale. Are you white?"
Good words from Shi lie are right.
8 Jin j attacked the surrounding villages and docks, all of which were guarded, and all of them had simple earth walls or wooden fences, which had a certain defense against some bandits and bandits.
But these people obviously don’t realize that they are facing organized regular troops this time.
The regular army made a move, and they still want to get benefits?
In the past few days, many dock castles in the surrounding areas have been breached, and many Jin Jun have been victorious in the attack on dock castles. One victory after another, Jin Jun has been depressed and his morale has miraculously increased.
Chapter 421 No one will talk to the loser.
After a while, Wan Yanliang led his troops to Boye City, and he co-edited his main army, Shi Lieliang’s army, to reach the emperor’s order.
The soldiers were asked to show a special scene outside Boye City to build on-site teaching.
There is no doubt that this makes the nomads who are somewhat depressed very excited.
The nomads who were frustrated and depressed by the battlefield and were about to explode were almost forced to divide themselves into "prisoners", that is, the men, women and children who lost shelter in the dock were beheaded one by one.
Some people feel uncomfortable with beheading, so they cut a few more knives or kick people over with their knives to enjoy the piercing howl.
They killed in an safe place, and the soldiers of the Guangfu Army roared with anger at the biggest bull and the biggest arrow, but they still failed to hit them.
So the nomads from the army laughed, pointed to the city’s Guangfu army and teased it wantonly, and then constantly pushed the men, women and children to kill one by one.
City soldiers can’t hold back their anger and urge to attack. Even Zhang Changli didn’t resist cursing, so he will lead troops to attack and kill all those bastards.
They were stopped by Jiang Yu.
"You happy city hundreds of people? You hit the city gate and attacked tens of thousands of gold thieves outside. Really? What did they do? Isn’t that it? Stimulate us to go out?
If you attack now, they can immediately send cavalry to rob the city gate. It doesn’t matter if you die outside. What about 100 thousand people? Hmm? What should we do? You answer me! What should we do? ! "
Jiang Yu was furious and roared out, denouncing Zhang Changli’s impulse to organize disciplined soldiers, and he, the Shoujiang, followed suit.
How can you bear such a big impulse?
Zhang Changli and the soldiers were scolded and reared their heads.
Later, a soldier wiped his tears and asked Jiang Yu.
"Let’s really look at that? Watching the old folks kill all the gold thieves? "
Jiang Yu clenched his fist after biting his molar and popped out a few words through his teeth.
"Watch and remember to pay ten times!"
Patience for victory, ten times repayment after victory, etc
Boye defenders remember.
When the massacre was over, the crowds piled up, and the Jin army swaggered to build the Beijing view according to the instructions received by the emperor.

"The old man said," Thank you for your hard work. As soon as my mountain man comes, "he saw the monk carrying Wei Tuo without saying a word. The housekeeper looked at the monk and turned around and went in to Zhai.

W is waiting for the sophisticated family to come in and report back to W. "Liu Taizhen, a Sanqingguan outside Qingbo Gate, has come with a monk.
"who invited the monk?" "Zhou Fu said" must be an experienced person.
When you go out, you have to respect the monk to make a face for the old man. "In fact, it’s all wrong. I wonder if the monk is old, please be old, please be home. Actually, it’s not right. It’s a monk’s taste."
When the servant came out from the inside, Jigong opened his eyes and saw the servant’s height, thin waist and tied back, wearing sapphire satin, big leaves and free and unfettered towel, three blue embroidery, head-on inlaid with jewels and beaded clothes, double floating in sapphire satin, free and unfettered waist and silk sash, white socks and cloud uppers, such as Sanqiu Gu Yue, good-natured and three mountains, with five mountains and five mountains to stop the sea, a white beard and roots to see the meat.
Mr. W came out to meet the monk and handed in his hand, saying, "The monk invited Mr. Tao to sit inside." The old man said with some displeasure, "This is respectful to the monk.
When I saw the monk’s fuels, I cried to him to leave. "I don’t want to go in, but I want to redeem my clothes with five wax sticks. I am counting on dozens of taels of silver to be redeemed, and I have to go in with my colleagues. The room is a west-equipped room. There are two chairs on both sides of the fairy table. The calligraphy and painting of celebrities are very elegant. The monk’s old road has just brought tea to his family.
The monk said, "Let’s have a drink." At first glance, the monk knows me better, so he always comes here, reaching for himself regardless of each other.
The old man immediately ordered his family to wipe the table, cups and bowls when there was little wine, and set the banquet for the monk to sit in the middle without humility.
The old man didn’t want to say it in his heart. After eating three or four glasses of wine, he saw that Mr. Zhou was very respectful to the monk. The old man couldn’t help but ask Mr. Zhou, "How do you invite this monk?"
"When Mr. Zhou heard this, he repeatedly shook his head and said," It’s not that I invited me. I don’t know. It’s that I came with Master Tao.
"The old man said," I don’t know him. He said that he was invited by a foreign member. "The monk said," No, have another drink. "
"Mr. Zhou said," Good monk! Don’t you dare eat and drink? Somebody get him out of here!
"The family came to see the monk and asked Zhou Fu for a drink with a glass." Good monk, you got me. Get out!
"pandering to push the monk out of the gate and come in. Take a look at the monk and put Wei Tuo down.
Come and report that W has driven the monk away without Wei Tuo. W said, "Come back and give it to him. Don’t embarrass him."
"The old man drank the wine and asked," What goblins are in your house now that fascinate you? I’ll show you the Taoist symbols when I burn the ancient incense.
"Come to the old road and look at the fragrant brushwork. There is not much to rely on the Sanqingguan immortals to find a bowl of rice to eat.
Mr. Zhou said, "Now the goblin has changed into a girl who is our next-door neighbor, Wang Yuee. She looks like having wine with my son in the garden every night.
"An old-fashioned way is just one leng and an old-fashioned way thinks." I don’t want to see how the fairy can change people. If I don’t catch a demon, I’ll ask the fairy to catch me.
"I hesitated for a long time before I said," I need seven people to catch a demon, and I can only catch a demon if I am a hexagram chain.
"W said" can "call" Zhou Fu, you go with Master Dao to catch the demon "Zhou Fu said" No, I can’t be a COP and send someone else. "
"W.W. ordered" Zhou Lu to go "Zhou Lu said" No, I’m hurting my eyes ".W.W. Zhou is a kind man who doesn’t want to go to his own place. There will be disadvantages for Mrs. Yong, who will get up early?
W said, "Who’s going to catch a demon with Master Dao? I’ll give you twelve taels of silver if you go all night for nothing.
But it takes seven people who want to go. "Zhou Fu said next to him," I’ll go outside. "The outside said," Aren’t you upset?
"Zhou Fu said," I just got a fairy to buy a peony. It’s thick. "The member said," What do you need that for?
"Zhou Fu said," Just boil the water and drink it. "Mr. W said," You heard the silver bastard!
"Zhou Lu said," I’ll go. "The member said," Aren’t you an eyesore? "Zhou Lu said" no.
I’m an eyesore at home. "When I was young, all seven families had members." I asked, "What is Master Dao?
"The old man called for a pen, a single high table, a plush chair, a five-hall wax skewer, an incense burner, a plain wax, a pair of longevity incense, a money grain, a new pen, a skill of cinnabar, a money inkstone, a yellow burr, a parsley root, water, grains and white wormwood.
The foreign minister ordered him to ask, "Where is this thing, Master Dao?" The old man said, "Leave it in the back garden, and I’ll go right away."
"When I was young, it was already a lantern-lighting road, and I came to the garden road with seven people, each with a handy weapon. When I opened my eyes, I saw that the garden was very neat with flowers, flowers, trees, dense buildings, pavilions, water trees, pavilions, pavilions, courtyards, and carved columns. I really don’t thank Changchun grass for the Flower Festival at four o’clock.
In front of Laodaozhuang, I walked across the street and saw the white plaster wall, tiles and holes in the money. In the middle of the chessboard, I went in and took a look at the three-bedroom apartment, the north room, the three-bedroom apartment and the three-bedroom apartment. I saw that all the things I wanted in the hospital were ready.
When people came to the courtyard, they heard something moving and said, "What’s outside? Get out of here!
"The family said," Don’t shout, please come to Daoye to cure the demon. You were caught by the demon.
"Tell me" bullshit! "sophisticated also don’t answer, w back to the front desk to listen to sophisticated news.
Laodao asked all the family members to cheer him up in the outhouse. Laodao sat in the courtyard, waiting for the day to pay attention to the two drums, burning a candle respectfully and praying in his heart. "The leader of Sanqing, the deity Buddha, is a believer’s brother Liu Taizhen. I am the Laodao of Sanqing Temple. Now Zhou Zhai invites me to catch a demon, clean the house, retreat the demon and cure the disease. I hope that the deity Buddha will bless me and retreat the monster. I have to return to the temple to hang my robe and make a vow.
"After praying, the Taoist crown will be plucked from Baotou to untie the hair, and the sword coriander will be dipped in water, and the grain will be put on the sword, and the cinnabar will be thickened with Bletilla striata, and three charms will be drawn.
The old road said, "Zhou Fu, look at me. When the Taoist symbol burns, the wind is strong; The second operator arrested the demon; Three rune swords beheaded the monster and told him to show his true colors!
If people die, ghosts will die and turn to ashes, which will result in his life at that time. "Zhou Fu and other people watched the old-fashioned method and put the head symbol on the tip of the sword and saw it in the old crossing. I don’t know what to read."
After reading it, I heard the old man say, "Too old gentleman is in a hurry to forgive me!" Nodding the head, the operator took the sword and shook it. There was really a big fire on the ice tray, and the operator was thrown. Everyone looked at it and there was no wind.
Zhou Fu said, "Look, Lao Dao is a rumor." Zhou Lu said, "Don’t be busy and look at his second sign."
"In the old crossing, I chanted and threw out the second FuJian, but there was no movement. A look at the old road was really urgent. I posted the third FuJian and murmured. I just threw it out and saw a gust of wind.
As soon as this gust of wind passed, the old man opened his eyes and was scared out of his mind! Here comes a demon who wants to eat the old road.
Knowing life is like looking back at decomposition.
Sixth cycle
The old saying goes, after burning a gust of wind, I heard footsteps. The old-fashioned plan is that this demon must be blushing and hairy. When you look at it carefully, it turns out to be a beautiful and charming woman. Sure enough, the lotus is white and the willows are slender.
How can I see it? There are words to testify that the strange fragrance bursts into action, and it is difficult to draw and describe the whole body.

Thoughts flashing Zhou Jia reaction is not slow, and the shield in his hand gently flashes before the five fingers strike.

Five fingers peck at the protector and tap the shield lightly.
It seems that a light blow hides seven different forces, and there is a dark energy hidden shield explosion, which also makes Zhou Jia have to take a step back.
Xu Lao hummed like a python, twisted his arms and twisted against the shield, which seemed to want to take away the shield.
"Hey …"
The two sides struggled, even though the shield was of good quality, they groaned with difficulty
Zhou Jia felt that there was a strong force to drop the shield and shake it from side to side so that the veins stood out in his arms bulged high.
Violence has long been stimulated.
So vigorously!
Not the kui is a bello people’s single theory of power to stimulate violence, hand-melting keel itself is not the same.
Xu Lao’s mouth is full of wine, and all kinds of animals pounce, scratch and scratch, and sometimes clench their fists and smash the five elements of the plough and stagger it.
Sue nine ye also not idle.
He grinned grimly, his hands each holding a machete and pouncing on a double knife. He cut it and entangled Zhou Jia’s arm with a double-edged axe.
In the later period, the two black irons teamed up with Zhou Jia, and the situation was extremely dangerous.
Jize folded his hands with disdain.
Xu Lao and Su Jiuye are not weak. Even Ji Xian may not be able to win together. It should be easy to solve the opponent.
Unless the black iron peak can’t win.
"It’s a pity that there are such talents in a small stone city … ungrateful!"
Dissolving the moon nodded and echoed the same feeling that there would be any changes in the war situation.
"Little Shicheng has ruined many people, even Master Ji Xian and the gangster Zhang Bingzhong, who are so strong, have died here."
"This place is ominous."
"JiXian" JiZe she chuckled cold hum a way
"Although I don’t like this person, he is Ji Jiadi after all. When he goes back, he can always lock the murderer by casting spells on the bones."
"The man who can kill the late black iron is by no means a weak person’s achievement method, but it is just Yang, fierce and sharp, which is surely not much …"
His mumbling sound is getting lower and lower, staring at the three people fighting in the field, and his eyes are sad and a ray of panic emerges.
Fierce and fierce?
Can Shicheng kill the late black iron?
There seems to be such a one in front of them!
What a coincidence that there are two such masters in a Shicheng?
Dissolving the moon, Qiao face is pale, beautiful eyes are trembling, and there is a chill in my heart. Jize’s opponent is not good at dark calling at the same time.
"Do it!"
Jize finally deserves to be born in a military family. When he realized that it was wrong, he yelled at the wrist and shook the sand. Wan Li’s firm but gentle surge came out.
If you can kill Ji Xian and Zhang Bingzhong, you can’t kill Xu Lao and Su Jiuye?
The former is much stronger than the latter.
Xu Lao long attack don’t see JiZe again, dissolve the month came although I don’t know what happened, but intuition felt a little wrong.
I always feel that I am attacking a fierce beast. Although the fierce beast has not yet made a fuss, it still makes him jumpy.
When there is no longer any force left, the punch front explodes and the boom shield suddenly retreats and bounces back with the help of the anti-seismic force.
Tiger tail whip!
Whip and split on one leg
The whip was so hard that it hit like an iron rod, and the visible gas was abruptly separated from it.
The shield suddenly sank to the ground and burst.
Su Jiuye is even more low-pitched, born with double knives and several knife lights, almost drowning Zhou Jia completely.
Five-color thunder light emerges
Zhou Jia’s body shook, one point and three shields suddenly flew out and hit the attack, and the axe light increased with the increase.
It thunders for five days!
The body is close to forty percent of the source force, and qi qi erupts in an instant, which motivates the five-thunder-axe method of dzogchen state to go towards several people.
The sky rises sharply and roared in the daytime.
Inexplicable breath in the virtual space collides with filar silk, and Lei Guang emerges, but the thunder is chopped off from the semi-winding in the blink of an eye.
Thunder falls, double-edged axe turns into five-color Lei Guang.
"Rumble …"
The five-color Lei Guang collided, melted and decomposed, and the harsh light almost covered everything except the thunder sweeping in all directions
If the dzogchen precursor of the five-thunder axe method can only support a thunder.
Half the source force can evoke two thunders, which is not only an increase in quantity, but also a doubling of power.

Li Yuanqing analysis is very detailed and they all nodded.

Although Hou Jin is close to the enemy on land, they have awe of the sea.
This sea ban policy can certainly help them stabilize the land rule in Liao, but they are able to do so along the coast
When the old slave led the army to break through the defense lines of Sancha River and Liaohe River, it was during the freezing period that they didn’t have the strength to cross the river, but at this time, they had to spend some effort to thaw the river.
Since Mao Wenlong’s surprise attack on Zhenjiang, the ships in southern Liaoning have been searched by several departments in Mao Wenlong, and most of them have been destroyed by Houjin himself. In this state, even if there are boats, there will never be many fishermen.
Li Yuanqing smiled and said, "That’s it. Let’s do it for these sailors and boats."
Zhang Pan was also white at this moment. Li Yuanqing couldn’t help but be overjoyed. "If Yuan Qing is like this, there will be a lot of room for us. Tell me what you are going to do?"
Chen Zhong also reacted, "Yuan Qing, I can say that I must take the lead this time."
Li Yuanqing smiled. "Don’t worry, two brothers. According to this true slave time, this team will arrive at us at noon as soon as possible. We can carefully arrange a specific plan …"
After a quiet night, the sun rises from the clouds, and the soft sunshine spreads on the ground, which will slowly nourish the withered things and give them a glimmer of life.
This ferry post also ushered in a new day.
The courtyard has been cleaned and almost spotless. Several’ Han flag soldiers’ are working hard to burn hot water beside several cauldrons in the courtyard, and others are killing pigs and sheep.
Everywhere is hard to prepare and welcome the Lord.
The only difference is that there are more than a dozen boats on the west river, and 3 or 4 sailors are sitting on the shore waiting for the Lord to send them.
Li Yuanqing, Chen Zhong and Zhang Pan also changed their uniforms at this time, and’ monitored’ these dozens of sailors at the ferry, ready to send them to live.
At seven o’clock, many fishermen and sailors gathered towards the ferry.
They are all Han Chinese, and they are arranged by Guan Canghai.
People don’t say that they have seen the real slaves, but they have seen Guan Canghai, a soldier with a "Han flag". They have to bow and scrape for fear of causing death to the soldiers.
Soon these fishermen and sailors were gathered on the river bank.
In a short time, there were more than a dozen boats, and there were already more than 30 boats by the ferry. Sailor No.70 coolies.
A few people in Li Yuanqing have tied up simple money behind their heads and wore thick fur hats. At this time, the weather is still very cold. If you don’t take off your hat, it is difficult to find the abnormality.
It’s almost noon, and there’s still no movement on the other side. Chen Zhong can’t wait. He whispered, "Will Yuan Qing have the wrong information? These dogs can’t get through today?"
Li Yuanqing smiled. "Chen Dage can’t be impatient and can’t eat hot tofu."
Zhang Pan was already in a much faster mood at this time and smiled: "Mr. Chen, what’s your hurry? The meat is coming to the pot soon. Are we in a hurry? "
Chen Zhong was upset and said, "You two are really full. I don’t know if you are hungry. I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you."
Li Yuanqing and Zhang Pan smiled at each other, and the sky became brighter and brighter.
There is a great contrast in climate here.
It was very cold at night, but there was a hint of heat at noon. Several people in Li Yuanqing were wrapped so tightly at the bottom of the sun, but they were already sweating.
When the three of them are talking and sleeping in the sun, there is movement on the other side.
Several fine horses galloped to the river bank and shouted at it.
At this time, it was the peak of the old slave. Although the old slave was very familiar with Chinese, he was born in Li Chengliang, but in the later Ministry of Finance, he was mainly a slave. He was able to speak Chinese, which was a lot of slaves, but it worked and showed his dominant position. Most of the true slaves still spoke slave words proudly.
Some people, such as Huang taiji, admire the Chinese culture and speak Chinese, but at this time, he dare not rashly remain a slave speaker on formal occasions.
At this time, seeing the opposite bearer Li Yuanqing is a mental shock.
Zhang Pan quickly winked at a real Han flag soldier next to him.
Yesterday, Zhang Pan didn’t have much effect on the real slave means, but it scared the soldiers of the Han flag to urine. Li Yuanqing also made a profit to win over the soldiers of the Han flag. They had to work well.
This Han flag soldier also blared and blared across the street.
He quickly said to Li Yuanqing, "I’m opposite the master. I don’t want to prepare hot water and mutton for the dog. Most of them come here to take a bath."
Li Yuanqing took a look at Chen Zhonghe, three people spirit is a flap.

"No, this is not your fire barbarian!" The mountain and sea giant was shocked that his fist had just been melted by the touch of a fire spear, and the fracture was entangled with causal force to prevent him from resuming the broken limb.

Answer him, it’s the old patriarch who growls at the fighting spirit, "Fire barbarians fight to the death!"
"Fight to the death!"
The body shivers, and the fire barbarian soldiers have the backbone and red eyes to rush out of the wall to attack the enemy. Behind them are the fire barbarians, women, children and the elderly. Unless they step on their bodies, they must not let an enemy step into the city.
Hum, a fire, a barbarian warrior’s blood, a fire, a fire, a piece of fire, a red fire lotus blooming in the blazing sea of fire, but now it’s all nine, but it doesn’t fall into the fame of purgatory fire
The fire instantly submerged the enemy department in front of it, and some of the big monks were injured before. This sudden detention was burned out by the red-violet in the fire.
No one screams, no one screams, there is silence and cold murder.
Today, everyone knows what is going on in this battle, but no one can tell.
Even if they win in the end, the fire barbarians can’t blame the people in the sanctuary for it. They can treat it as a foreign invasion, break their teeth and swallow it with blood, otherwise it will be a broken convention and a rule. At that time, the whole sanctuary will be burned again.
If we put it another way, this battle will be the test of the rise of the fire barbarians in the holy area, and they will be eligible for revival if they pass, otherwise they will be completely annihilated
Almost all the barbarians can send soldiers out without repairing the fire. There are two true fairyland elders left in the city with the last elite guarding them. They are the last line of defense against those enemies who are secretly stirring but have not yet made moves. If they are also struggling, it means that the fire barbarians are really on the brink of death.
Even in such a difficult situation, there is still a team composed of the most outstanding young brothers of the fire barbarians guarding the two saints at the top of the mountain.
When the old clan makes such an arrangement, it is necessary to prepare for the worst. The fire barbarians keep the last kind … The whole mountain city is faintly detached from the world, and the two saints can be said to be the safest place.
Of course, if someone really dares to take a big step against the two saints, they will definitely not hesitate to fight bloody battles.
Standing in the snow against the wind, the slender figure of the long blue silk dress flutters behind Qin Changfeng.
She didn’t make a move at last. It was the tempering that the fire barbarians had to go through when they got hope, and they should spend it by themselves.
Secondly, the most important thing for her at the moment is to protect Qin Changfeng, knowing that this distance is enough for the couple whose lives are connected to each other to have cause and effect, and cause and effect are always mutual. If something happens to Qin Changfeng at the moment, she will be immune to it herself.
Since she made that decision, Qin Changfeng has been closely linked to her rise and fall.
"Does the so-called God Kingdom marvel at the immortal Buddha who seems to be enlightened?" Someone in the virtual hidden spectators outside the battlefield looked at Qin Changfeng carefully and suddenly made a indecision.
"That’s true … I don’t know what he realized."
"It’s just some kind of avatar after all, and whatever he realizes, it’s a great opportunity for us."
"What chance?"
"Clear the potential opponent! Now that Xianyang has come, the immortal Buddha who can even contend with the potential of worshipping white will naturally be gone. I don’t need him to be an outsider from the spiritual world in the future. He really can’t die, but it’s no wonder that others have broken Doggie if he is possessed. "
"You mean … hurt and not die? But it’s too dry. It’s a bad face to blame. I’ll take off my skin before I die. "
"I’m afraid that the law will not blame the public, and besides, who can protect us with their own ancestors? The sanctuary can’t exile us all in the sea of misery. Who will support the sanctuary in the original fairyland?"
"Brother Wu, don’t hesitate. Don’t you want to bestow favor on the snow? Don’t you want this immortal Buddha to be immortal again? I hope you can fix her identity. Will she be yours sooner or later?"
A few people who speak are Buddha. If anyone knows about the sanctuary, he will be surprised to find that these are the top ten people in the ancient Cang sanctuary!
The most important thing about Qin Changfeng’s competition in the whole ancient Cang sanctuary is that they are naturally hard to compete for resources because they are in the same place. In this case, some people want to take the opportunity to waste Qin Changfeng and win his chance to enter the original fairyland.
You know, except Qin Changfeng and Chaoxue, the whole ancient Cang sanctuary can enter the original fairyland, and there are only five places for Buddha, which means that even the top ten Buddha have half the chance to become an immortal.
"Then try it, but remember that we have been here today and have never done anything about success or failure!"
"Brother Wu, don’t worry about disturbing the immortal Buddha’s enlightenment. It must be an enemy outside the country. Afterwards, we will dig three feet and find out the bones and ashes. Let’s avenge our immortal brother!"
Silence in the virtual sound Qin Changfeng suddenly appeared on the top of the rocky mountain, but a huge palm suddenly patted Qin Changfeng
This is the Buddha’s breath covered with gray hair, and his huge hand enveloped half of the mountain. Not far away, the huge pressure of the lake surged to the shore to form a stormy wave.
The teenagers on the top of the mountain are angry. Several teenagers have inspired their blood to show the giant method. The blood fire burns through the virtual fire. The difference between the barbarian monks is that their appearance and temperament have changed greatly
Men become uglier than men, but their bodies are magnificent, and their blood-red skin is bulging high by muscles and full of explosive power. Women are all beautiful and amazing, and they are known for their straightforwardness. Barbarian women actually exude enchanting charm, and every move reveals a slightly sinister but strong atmosphere.
A few people teamed up to actually make the original strong enough to make them shudder, and hold the top of their heads to death and not let it fall.
"Yi incredibly blood evolved this fire barbarian indeed as expected some doorways"
"It’s not the fire barbarians who have doorways, but their newly-acquired shenhuo kindling. This blood force must also be obtained from that kindling …"
There is no feature in the ethereal sound. Obviously, it is deliberately not to be recognized. With the divine power of the giant palm owner, a few teenagers who are less than the Buddha’s realm can no longer bear to detain and kneel down.
At the same time, another fist with a flashing road pattern blasted into the corner of the snow and sneered. These people either lost their minds or simply didn’t know how terrible it was for the true star tester.
The goddess Chao Lan did say that you can’t directly urge the life star to help the fire barbarians kill the enemy, but didn’t say that the enemy took the initiative to shoot them. They still have to stick to the agreement and wait to be killed.
However, when she was about to activate the real star, a figure suddenly appeared on the mountain peak, which was so powerful that it made people tremble. Even her eyes were as cold as stagnant water. She suppressed it with a finger, and with the intention of killing, she activated the star protector toward the snow, but it was also shocked to retreat back and the corners of her mouth directly overflowed with blood.
What a fairy and a dead man!
The so-called dead man’s completion of his goal is not at ease, even if he knows that killing Qin Changfeng will attract the Chamber of Commerce of the Kingdom to kill him, he will not care because he has no intention of leaving alive.

With that, he took out his handkerchief and wiped the blood of the sword away from the stable.

When I came to a place about people, Zhong Li Yi held the wall and retched.
Who the hell is that man who died? It doesn’t matter at this moment. He still can’t restrain himself from seeing blood and vomiting. It’s the limit that the obstacle can last until now.
Of course, I didn’t think that this man could hide in the stable until I vomited, saying that he was more or less aware of his recent habits.
At this moment, Zhong Li-yi remembered that his pony was actually peeling off on weekdays. How did it get so weak these days?
Did someone deliberately give Ma medicine to let him see it?
This is absurd, but it is also very possible.
Because of this situation, it is really too numerous to mention how many people in the northern Bai family and the southern Tang family bitterly itch their teeth, which goes without saying; It is possible for those northern families to take over the north, but it has become a dream because of the arrival of Zhong Liyan. Naturally, these people don’t want Zhong Liyan to go to northern Xinjiang so safely.
At this moment, Zhong Li thought, "It turns out that these people are a little relaxed these days, so let’s play this cat-and-mouse game and see who can win."
Chapter VII Reality of Northern Xinjiang
Twenty-five years in the summer of Jia
Zhong Li didn’t have a snack at night because of stomach upset caused by something just now. At this time, Zhong Li was watching by candlelight.
He didn’t think impassability about the fact that someone assassinated himself, because Zhong Liyu knew how many people in this dynasty were looking forward to the collapse of the imperial clan from the moment he stepped into the deep capital.
Bai Qi’s mistake in the White House is too outrageous. He has been a military soldier for half his life and is nearly sixty years old, but he still doesn’t end well.
Although Zhong Li-yi was unable to cope with the situation in front of Jia Di, at least he could feel that Jia Di still had an imperial clan and did not intend to break with it.
Zhong Liyi didn’t have much ambition. He came to think that one day he would be able to own his fief and never return to Yuandu.
But now it seems unlikely.
The old prince was left in the deep, which made Zhong Liyi feel a little uneasy.
Jia Di’s attitude towards imperial clan seems to be changing a little bit.
When Liu Ji came in, Zhong Li was about to go to bed.
"General Liu doesn’t rest so late, but it’s evening?" Clock from her nature is to know his purpose and then speak first.
"Wang Yeying" Liu Ji made a ceremony and continued, "Wang Yehui captured the man and will interrogate him carefully at the end of the day. Yuan Chong, a civilian assassin, was entrusted by the White House General to assassinate Wang Yehui."
Zhong Liyan then lowered his eyes. "But the truth?"
Liu Ji then said, "Your Majesty is joking. At the end of such a big thing, you will always have to find out before you tell him."
Clock from her nodded after two interest rates when sink a way "this matter don’t have to zhang the assassin how to do general liu know if this matter out of the clock mountain city general liu also with the news out of the Zhongshan city!"
Zhong Li’s words are not urgent or slow, but there is an irresistible force. Liu Ji suddenly became white, so he dared not say "white" and left.
Zhong Liyi didn’t mean to shield the White House, nor did he feel that he owed it to the White House. He knew that if Jia Di didn’t punish Bai Luocheng, he didn’t want to expand the matter.
Zhong Li took out the waist jade and held it in his hand. The jade yellowed in the blue light and looked beautiful.
The jade-red tassel is a little old, and the one worn in the jade hole has become very thin, but fortunately, the tassel is made of Su Jin twisted gold thread, but it is strong and not broken.
"Master Mu Jin asks for an audience."
When yue said this, she put the sapphire in her hand in the drawer as early as snow.
"What are you doing here?"