It’s ridiculous that one side is 6 pressure but still has his own identity, and Fuxi is also carried out. "And Fuxi the Great also commanded …"

"Fuck you, Nuwa Fuxi!" Lonely born sneer at a swearing way "when I don’t know you are nuwa Fuxi illegitimate? A thief born from an egg dares to be presumptuous in front of the old? I’m telling you, don’t say you’re a loser. Even if all the gods in the world don’t die, hundreds of lives will never touch me. "
"You … the inside out! Are you going to rebel? " It’s natural to be embarrassed to be exposed to one’s privacy. Nezha and others are all brainy people. It’s not hard to think that it was not sincere to help the Zhou Dynasty when Nu Wa drove people apart.
"Since the Buddha of Light has come, why didn’t he come out to see it?" Lonely born didn’t even care about it. 6 pressure in his eyes is just a reptile
"Ha ha ….." Laugh with Buddha’s voice but without showing off hurtful meaning, but there is a smell of coincidence between heaven and earth. Laugh and live. A monk bows to everyone on the spot!
Fox was born to get up and look at the Buddha in front of him carefully. "I finally know that all Buddhists talk about appearance first!" " In front of the eyes, people look like they’re only about twenty, with fine eyes and beautiful treasures. Good people!
"The Buddha has come here for 6 times?" Lonely born said that while wiping the blood and cutting the treasure knife, it meant that the connected Buddha of light also stayed!
Aside 6 pressure saw the light Buddha this lifeline busy hand way "Buddha save me …" Where there is half a master demeanor, he is also unlucky to desperately want to make contributions, so he took the job of saving the jade emperor. Who knows that this solitary born cow has come to this point, mainly because he doesn’t even look at the celestial world, but because he knows that there is an afterlife, he won’t really die, but 6 pressure where he can’t help but know that if he is killed by the solitary born, it is absolutely past! Fear of death is human nature, and immortals can’t be vulgar!
Light Buddha heard 6 words in the heart dark scold a way "fuck you, Buddha, if I can save you, still talking nonsense with him here? Don’t you see that people just see through their hidden tracks? I will save you a fart! " But his mouth smiled. "Bi Longen should not be as knowledgeable as the younger generation. The Jade Emperor and Li Jingliu should also ask the poor monk to take this child away!"
I was born with a knife and smiled. "What if I always say no?"
"Amitabha ….." The Buddha of Light secretly complained in his heart. This solitary man was born determined to have his own name read out with the enemies of the gods!
"Ha ha ….." Lonely naturally laughed. "How does the Buddha pronounce his name?"
"Hey … ask for help … it’s better to ask for yourself!" The light Buddha said, "Look at a cold force, a Buddha’s light hits and listens to" Ah-".A scream turned out to be 6 pressure, but it was hit by the Buddha’s light. The Buddha’s light was not a soft Buddha’s power, but donkey kong’s dharma instantly beat the daylights out of 6 pressure!
Everyone was surprised, only the lonely natural complexion did not change and laughed. "What does the Buddha mean?"
The Buddha of Light laughed and said, "I am willing to persuade Buddhism to surrender."
Lonely naturally laughed. "It’s easy for me to get Buddhism at this time, but it’s natural for someone to give gifts differently. Let’s talk about the conditions!"
Guangsheng Buddha said, "It should be clear that if there is a Taoist method in heaven, I am afraid it will be difficult to control the hearts of ordinary people. In the future, I will stand in buddha magic and incense will naturally flourish!"
Lonely born nods, "Good idea!"
Light Buddha smell speech exultation, he didn’t know that he couldn’t fight until he saw the solitary nature today, and then he thought of his Buddhism and solitary nature and what enmity he had, but he also had a marriage with Huaguoshan. Only then did he think of this way and laughed. "Thank you for your position …"
Lonely born suddenly shook his head and said, "But … I don’t agree!" The words sound just fell and the lonely man was born to fly, and suddenly he became superhuman powers. Sun Wu also fell into the well, and the first two people surrounded the Buddha of Light without saying anything, and then they started to work.
Poor Buddha was not good at hand-to-hand combat when he came, and he was swept to the ground by Sun Wu with a stick because he was lax for a while. So … This is called "a demotion to the sea."
Listen to lonely born while kicking loudly drink a way "light saint emperor rebelled and killed the heavenly emperor days later, and everyone was so guilty that he was punished …"
There is no reason why those big and small demon kings have to know that it is not always a pity that the opportunity to fight with God is poor. The Emperor Guangsheng actually talks with such an animal as Gu Tiansheng. At this time, it is really "a dragon swims in shallow water and is bullied by a dog!" Even the white-haired fairy kicked her feet on her relatives and friends who have been dead for many years, and was greeted by the demon kings of Huaguoshan!
It wasn’t until I had a good time alone that the monty flag was displayed and the soul of the Emperor Guangsheng was refined and sneered. "When people tell the sky, they will say that this traitor killed the Emperor Tiandi, and we will mourn the Emperor Tiandi’s kindness and kill him with indignation!" Naturally, a little demon led away!
In the first year of Mundus’s celestial calendar, a lonely man was born with a phone call. Thirty-three celestial thieves Wen Zhong died. When the Jade Emperor was in office, the people were in dire straits, so they emerged from the worse heaven to cut their souls and erase their minds. It was like the eternal reincarnation of the animal world!
Lonely born self-styled Monty Emperor also named Sun Wutian Demon Saint Emperor Xiangu Queen Mother Empress, and all the other daughters were emperors, princesses, white hair immortals, celestial beings, Niu Mowang and others temporarily sealed the other 72 caves, 36 streams, 100 mansion demon kings and others temporarily sealed the generals.
One year in Mundus, Emperor Monty led the troops to wipe out the remnants of the thirty-three heavenly realms, and the generals discussed and decided to go to the western paradise …
The first chapter Guanyin Buddha
Forbidden clouds during this time the size of the demon king in the column at this time during this time has been orphaned by natural renamed called the Demon Hall, and water curtain cave has also been moved nearby, anyway, Sun Wujian definitely claimed that he couldn’t get used to the bricks and tiles and had to live in caves.
"Now that the thirty-third world has been decided, I want to expand my territory in Xinjiang and crusade against the western paradise. What do you think?" Lonely natural left-handed girl right-handed wine suddenly on this side is eating and drinking all the way.
"good! I’ve been idle and depressed for a long time. Killing bald donkeys always means killing bald donkeys-"Listen to this tone, it’s natural that black bears are suspicious! This black bear King Kong has been idle for a long time, that is, he has participated in several small-scale extermination wars in the past year, which is naturally not enough for him to kill the gods!
Lonely born naturally ignored the extremely constructive opinion of the black bear King Kong according to the old rules and turned to the white-haired fairy road. "What do you think of the military adviser?" Although Bai Maoxian was appointed prime minister, the base people are still used to calling him a strategist!
"Hmm … Master, have you ever thought about how many Buddhists have their roots? Just like a door, I’m afraid it’s not easy to exterminate the grass …" Bai Maoxian took the glass and took a sip of nectar and added, "The Buddhist paradise must be controlled in your hands, but you can’t completely erase Buddhism!"
Lonely born smiled and nodded, "respect nature knows!"
Bai Maoxian laughed. "It seems that you have a clever plan!"
"Ha ha ….." Lonely born laughed. "Somebody please my sister in law!"
On one side, Sun Wuwen smiled knowingly. "Brother, you don’t want Yinyin to be the Buddha, do you?"
"If you know me, you will understand!" Lonely born picked up the glass and gulped it down!