But I can’t break that fox. She can’t rob the world again. It’s hard to get rid of this hatred if she is not turned into dust! You are willing to wait for the fox’s minions to be in charge. "

As soon as he finished Song Chang Gung, he clapped his hands and applauded, saying, "Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well,
End of the tenth volume
Volume 19 Disaster-ridden Chapter one hundred and eleven Sewer capsized
My left eye hasn’t been working well in the last week, and it’s always red. My family watched me and I didn’t let everyone go to bed after nine o’clock. I stole it and wrote something. I was in a hurry and didn’t even check it. I’m a little sloppy. Please forgive me for reading everyone’s comments. I know there are a lot of problems. Who doesn’t like it? But what can’t be changed in this part is to change something that everyone doesn’t like in front. It’s not money. By the way, everyone subscribes more. It’s only 200 yuan
Ziling and Cold Calyx had seen from his appearance that they were wing road flyover Geng Kun, and they were still a little afraid when they first came. Later, after listening to his self-declaration, they repeatedly abused the fox and the fox, and they couldn’t help but be angry from the heart.
At the moment, I can’t help but be surprised to see Song Changgeng clapping his hands and applauding. Although he said it was ironic in a short time, they didn’t know what their husbands were going to do and how to deal with Gengkun, a wing Taoist.
The two sisters didn’t know how high Song Chang-geng had, and now they have no idea. Song Chang-geng ignored everyone’s expression, but smiled at road flyover Geng Kun in the middle wing.
"How sweet! I don’t know how to praise you. There is a saying that is most suitable for you to be a bitch. It is a true portrayal of you now.
Besides being used to bullying the weak and bullying the weak, you are afraid to say one thing and do another. What else can you show off here? You keep your mouth shut, fox. May I ask you, what are you?
Normal people don’t have wings and claws. You’re not normal at all. You’re either a human being or a monster. Don’t you think it’s funny that you’re a monster who keeps abusing people?
Being a man, you are not qualified to be a monster. It’s really a two-word failure to do your job. Let me give you advice: grab your head and strangle yourself.
You are a bird living and polluting our eyes. What qualifications do you have for a bastard to tell us what to do here? How dare you show your face with that little thing? I really admire your thick skin! "
Although Geng Kun, a Taoist Wing, has a strange shape, he is gifted. When he was a teenager, he got a copy of San Pan Jing left by Chiyou from the bottom of a sea tunnel in the South China Sea. All the magic weapons he refined were filthy and vicious except for the mysterious skills.
Although he doesn’t have many accidents and doesn’t bully dissidents, he is also ruthless when he makes occasional moves. He acts according to his own likes and dislikes, and he will be entangled once he becomes enemies.
Therefore, every time he sends out his disciples, he must have one or two magic weapons for protection and a feather of his own, in addition to giving them some magic spells before leaving. When outsiders see the feather, they will know that it is his master.
One is that he is difficult to provoke and pester people, and the other is that what he does is not extremely evil. He doesn’t want him to make enemies, so he has never met an opponent since he became a Taoist.
I don’t want to stumble this time. Not only was my spell broken, but my brother was arrested. Two traitors and a magic weapon were also destroyed. The most exasperating thing was that he said a few words about the scene. This person actually sneered at himself.
Although his image is strange, he always regards himself as a human being and hates others to say that he is a bird man. This person not only said it, but also called himself a bastard, which hit him in the soft spot.
Because he is a bastard, people hate him the most, and he can’t say anything directly with his hands. In the middle of the game, a dozen meters long water tank with thick red thunder and fire broke directly.
Five people immediately felt the power of the earth, and the Qin sisters immediately sacrificed their own flying swords, while Zheng Gu sacrificed their own snow soul beads and Zhuge police, and I released my own innate swords.
Song Chang Gung himself doesn’t know what’s going on. Why do you talk so unkindly today? He seems to want to vent his anxiety in his heart these days by talking.
In the past few days, he has always felt uneasy in his heart, but he doesn’t know what’s going on. Now, seeing the wing road flyover Geng Kun being beaten by his own anger, he feels a lot at ease.
Seeing the thunder fire split, he raised it with one hand and a purple thunder fire with a length of more than 20 meters and a length of more than two meters. Speaking of it, his blood is shattered and the thunder is also a powerful thunder method.
Road flyover Geng Kun’s magic weapon was destroyed earlier than the magic weapon. Song Chang-geng’s magic weapon is terrible. I didn’t expect the thunder fire to be stronger than myself with one hand.
His heart thumped and he was white. I’m afraid he hit the iron plate this time. This man seems to be above himself, but he doesn’t understand why this man is so fierce to marry tian hu’s two women.
Although it was a struggle, his thoughts still turned many times in an instant, but his hands were not vague. Immediately, his skill will be increased and he will resist Song Changgeng’s blood and shatter the thunder.
Zhuge Jing, I put my sword to protect myself, but Ziling and her sisters were angry. Geng Kun kept saying that her mother was a fox, just like Geng Kun was a bird-man bastard who didn’t want to be told.
Their sisters know that their mother is a fox, and it is also the most taboo to be told by others, especially in front of their husbands. When they saw that their husband Leifa resisted Geng Kun, they unexpectedly released their flying swords.
It’s also Geng Kun who thinks he’s too high and underestimates his enemy. In his mind, no one can wait to see that Song Chang-geng broke his spell, ruined his magic weapon and resisted his thunder method, so there was only one enemy left in his eyes.
When Geng Kun saw their flying swords, although they were of excellent quality, it was a pity that the local people’s skills were not good. He couldn’t help but be greedy and sneer at a way
"You dare to show off here with this little trick!" On one side, the two wings behind the shoulder will be slightly displayed, and two feathers will be taken off from the tip of his wings, which will instantly become two latosolic red and fiery brilliance shots to resist the two flying swords.
It was a sister Ziling who was facing each other, and she felt that the enemy’s fire was strong enough to oppress her flying sword. At the same time, Geng Kun had both hands to explore and transport the dragon catcher to grab the flying sword.
After the thunder and fire dissipated, Song Chang-geng saw the purple bell and they lost to each other, and raised their right hands to move, so he let himself out of Tianxingsha directly, and the two sisters echoed each other.
Geng Kunyuan’s capability is dark, but the surface is still confused as if nothing had happened. Several people want to see a chance to accept the two men’s flying swords, but Song Changgeng immediately felt his pressure increase as soon as he came out of Tianxingsha.
While trying to cope with it, he scolded, "It’s a waste of your whole body to get more people to join hands to win less. Let’s see how your grandfather can set an example to the world besides you little karma."
Geng Kun’s own Xuangong changes his mana. Although he feels that Song Changgeng may be stronger than himself, he doesn’t take it to heart. He is also arrogant and used to taking off ten feathers immediately from his wings.
Feather in vitro instantly turned into ten firelights to resist Song Changgeng’s Tianxingsha, while Zheng Gu and Zhuge Jing beside me were not idle, and they also made their own moves after looking at each other.
Ziling and the cold calyx were furious at the moment, but the other two feathers dwarfed their sword light. Fortunately, a husband’s magic weapon came to see Geng Kun and added feathers. I was in a hurry, but I saw Zheng Gu and Zhuge Jing next to me. One greeted the sword light and one flew the snow soul beads.
Geng Kun first saw Zhuge Jing. My sword light is a congenital sword. I knew that he was not like ordinary people. Although he was surprised, he didn’t care. Just now, a feather sword light was separated to resist and suddenly a group of silver light came.
A cliff will feel cold light, bright moonlight and bright light. In all the places, a few brilliance are greatly reduced, and it is a treasure of the fairy family. He couldn’t help but know that these young players are all difficult to deal with.
I was about to do something to resist, but Ziling’s two sisters knew that the sword light was lost. Now when I saw the snow soul beads, the silver light was strong, and both of them were discolored. Both of them were moved in their hearts
They took advantage of the enemy’s distraction to secretly transport Xuangong and let their mother’s own eyebrows out. More than a dozen of them went straight to the enemy’s key points.
In those days, Mrs. tian hu Bao Xiang once refined a few special treasures, and the dust-covered banners were one by one, and the white-browed needles were also one by one. This thing is the most vicious.
It’s her own eyebrows and special spell medicine, which can’t be made by others except herself and her daughter, and she doesn’t break the truth in the five elements, except that the magnetic magic weapon can suck out, no matter how high your skill is, it’s hard to force it out.
When Geng Kun saw Bao Guang, he knew that this snow soul bead was badly busy. He took off dozens of feathers like falling flowers on the tips of his wings and turned them into dozens of fiery red brilliance flying out of the enemy snow soul beads.
He also knows that the skill level is not just a magic weapon for these people, so it is not that he can pick up what he wants to do. He has a retreat and then wants to spread his wings and raise another Xuangong change to hurt everyone and then find a face and go.