"Of course, Teacher Zhang invited us to dinner and said thank you." Wu Yueer said excitedly Lvses (;

Chapter 41 The enemy attack ()
Duanmuming’s hand stopped moving.
"You gave something back to Zhang Xinlan."
"Call Teacher Zhang." Wu Yueer corrected the fat. "This is Teacher Zhang’s personal thing. How worried might Teacher Zhang be? Of course, it should be returned to Teacher Zhang as soon as possible."
"Yes, you are right." Women are really strange. How can animals Wu Yueer and Zhang Xinlan suddenly be so good? Won’t be Wu Yueer this wench was cheated by Zhang Xinlan? Wu Yueer looks fierce and simple. If she wants to win her trust, she will give you her heart without reservation.
"But just say it. What are you taking me for?"
"Of course, you gave it to me!" At this time, Wu Yueer laughed like a little devil, just put a small dung fork in his tail!
"What do you say? Zhang … Teacher Zhang won’t doubt it? "
"Of course not. I mean, the two of us found a person sneaking out of the dormitory two days ago and then followed this person. Then he found this thing and that person ran away. You were just sick these two days and delayed it until today."
"This reason sounds a bit reluctant, but it also makes sense." Duanmuming looked at Wu Yueer and scratched his head. Hehe smiled. "Moon, you see … I have to train that I can’t let the snow leader rush again. It’s not good to delay the business! Look at this … Forget it. "
"If I had known you would say that," Wu Yueer chuckled, "I have arranged with Teacher Zhang to invite you to dinner after your training."
Fat thought it seems that Zhang Xinlan must treat himself to dinner today. Just eat it. He has grown so big that few people have invited him to dinner except for the Chinese New Year holiday. Can Zhang Xinlan eat him? She has no real evidence.
Duan Muming has long regretted stealing Zhang Xinlan’s pants, blaming Wu Yueer for her most positive attitude. As a result, she became the fastest. What a careless move!
"Well, I’m going to the basketball hall." Duan Muming picked up his bag and looked at Wu Yueer. "Want to come?"
"Of course"
"Let’s go"
Wu Yueer, who is currently out of the classroom, cleverly followed him so that all the people who still stay in the class could not help but wipe their eyes hard. Is this still the unruly Wu Yueer?
It seems that there is no difference in training snow and frost for the first time after coming to the basketball stadium without saying anything, but why should I increase my training volume? Not to say that the main familiar with cooperation …
In the calm eyes of snow and frost, in the eyes of snow and cold plum gloating, in the eyes of teammates’ sympathy, and in the eyes of Wu Yueer, Duan Muming finally ended his training hard. Today, he was so tired that he panted on the floor and never wanted to move again.
Snow and frost eyes swept the floor and refused to get fat. Without saying a word, Xue Hanmei turned and left the training ground. She couldn’t help but smile. When she left, everyone didn’t see her. She had a calm face and couldn’t help smiling.
"Come on, everyone’s gone." Wu Yueer squatted in front of Duanmuming and said softly.
Fat to turn over their "how do you don’t have any sympathy for me … I can’t climb up, it really hurts me that you should say such a thing …"
"All right … don’t pretend! There is no one around. "
"really?" Duanmuming looked around, and sure enough, there was no one there, so he sat up and breathed a sigh of relief. He was not tired at all. Wu Yueer had long been confident about his performance. She was a fat woman. Of course, she knew that her husband’s physical strength could not be so bad. This was for Xue Frost. Although Xue Frost probably knew that fat was acting, she finally let her breathe a sigh of relief and give enough face, so she would not bother him endlessly-just like Zhang Xinlan now.
"You …" Wu Yueer sighed and pointed to Duan Muming’s forehead. "When can I get down to business like a child?"
"Is it bad to be a child?" Fat with a wink "now let’s get down to business" as he said, he extended his talons to Wu Yueer. Wu Yueer jiao hum a pat off the fat and stretched out his hand. "Well, it’s time to go. I’m afraid Mr. Zhang is all anxious."
"Your feelings are really good." Duanmuming sighed and got up in a hurry and walked outside with his bag. "Moon, I think we might as well go to that’ love mourning’ not far from school, where the environment is very good and the price is not high."
"Don’t be too quiet anywhere to make people want to sleep."
"oh? Moon baby wants to sleep again so soon. "
"It’s teacher Zhang’s treat this time. Of course, teacher Zhang will decide."
Said the two came to the door but didn’t see Zhang Xinlan.
"The moon has you remember wrong? Is Zhang Xinlan really waiting for us here? " Fat some doubt to ask
"How can you remember wrong will miss zhang have something temporary to do? When I went to ask, "Wu Yueer went into the next room and talked with two old gatekeepers inside for a while and returned to the outside again." Fat Teacher Zhang went out with several people, but it is speculated that Teacher Zhang didn’t volunteer and the other party seemed to threaten Teacher Zhang. "
"No, there are people on this ground who dare to make trouble here?"
"Come on, even if my father and the three of them add up, they can’t finish killing the ground in Nancheng. Please hurry and see where Teacher Zhang is going."
"You and I are monitoring probes? Look at it and find a quiet place, "Duan Muming said, glancing left and right. There is a large forest outside the school wall, and there are some stone benches and tables in it, which are specially for the elderly to rest when walking. Now there is no one.
Duanmuming took Wu Yueer into the grove, picked up some branches and put a stone table on it. Wu Yueer didn’t know what he was doing and asked anxiously, "What are you doing?" Hurry up! It would be bad if teacher Zhang had an accident. It wouldn’t be those clients, would it? "
Listen to Wu Yueer sparrow ear kept twittering DuanMuMing finally impatiently knocked on the table "big miss you let me be quiet for a while? If you delay again, I’m afraid Zhang Xinlan is really robbed. That would be a disaster. "
After hearing what Duan Muming said, Wu Yueer quickly shut up and sat across the fat face and stared at him. Many passers-by were scared back by her sharp Lvses.
Chapter 41 The enemy attack ()
A moment later, Duan Muming finally relaxed and stretched himself. "Don’t worry, Zhang Xinlan won’t be in danger."
"really?" Wu Yueer looked at Fat doubtfully. Although he knew his power, he didn’t personally confirm it.
"Do you still doubt me?" Duanmuming smiled and raised his wrist to look at his watch. "Five minutes has improved again."
"You …" Wu Yueer was even more skeptical after hearing a sentence from Duan Muming. "No, you have to help me find Teacher Zhang quickly so that I can rest assured."
"Can you find it?" Finally Wu Yueer added that she doubted it.