When everyone heard it, they immediately reacted from the loss. A Ding Yi was also surprised. "The attic was banned before we broke it. I think he should still be outside, but why hasn’t he come out at this time?"

Then he turned to Daoshuang and said, "Daoyou, why don’t you give him a message to ask about the situation?"
Tao Shuang also frowned slightly and didn’t say much. He took out a token and said a few words in it. Then he made a tactic to see the token flash, and then he put it away.
But they waited for a while and saw that other monks had come here in succession, but they still didn’t receive Yang Xiu’s reply.
The people knew that something was wrong and looked at each other and saw indecision in each other’s eyes.
In the end, he said in a file like a molar, "We will be suspicious here and simply hit that array to see what is going on and it is not clear at a glance."
All smell speech nodded in succession, and the figure flashed and flew to the white fog magic array.
I didn’t get here until Ji Jin and others were a little shocked to see this four-story attic, which is completely different from other places.
Finally, listening to Lin Pei and others probably explained a thug, which clarified some of the ins and outs a little.
After listening to Ji Jin, I couldn’t help thinking when I looked at the send-off in the room.
Just then, before he could figure it out, he suddenly heard a noise.
"Ah, there’s no one inside!" A monk exclaimed that it was Nanling who sent Shen Fang.
"Then where will he go? We saw him enter this magic array and then he didn’t come out. "Qingyang Gong Tong Xin long wondered.
"This is about to ask yourself! After all, you were together just now. Why are you here intact and Yang Daoyou is missing? "
This person’s tone is a bit got, but the implication is that everyone can hear it, but the spearhead is directed at the friar, such as filed Sichuan and Jia Ding Yi.
When’ tis once spoken, there were many later monks looking at Tongxin Taoist and others with strange eyes.
There are also some monks who are jealous of the presence of Taoist Tong Xin and others in this attic. They also like to watch the fun. They don’t believe that there will be anything in this attic. Since you eat alone, you deserve it!
"What do you mean, do you suspect that we murdered him?" Sad long immediately flushed to the got master Shirley asked.
File Sichuan shrugged several other people heard Tong Xin long say this, and suddenly his heart was dark calling a bad thing. Since the other party didn’t say that he didn’t say this without being pressed, he was suspected!
But the words have been spoken, but they have come and gone.
They also don’t blame Tong Xin Taoist priest. After all, it can be said that it is better to be a passer-by now or to be consistent with foreign countries.
So looking at TongYi eyes suddenly some bad.
Although they had this plan at first, haven’t they done it yet, and there is nothing in the room, so there is no need for it, so others have to make irresponsible remarks
Known as Brother Tongyi, he is also wearing a Taoist robe and holding a dust, and he is dressed as a brother of Qingyang Palace.
However, his figure is a little thin and his face is a little dark, so he looks less like a sage.
I don’t know if he’s nervous or afraid to see these people’s cold eyes, but he’s still a so-called kind of scruples
"I didn’t say anything. I just asked Yang Daoyou where he was, and I don’t know how you thought of my words in this respect."
Then he sighed and shook his head, which provoked Tong Xin Dao and others to abandon tendons and skyrocket.
"Has he stepped into the attic before you?" Some people see the sad Taoist priest and others become angry from embarrassment and worry about the conflict, and immediately help to file "and others to change the subject."
"No, when we came in, we didn’t hit the root." A Ding Yi shook his head.
"Could it be because he was accidentally banned by red light outside the attic?
Together, they broke the white fog magic array, and now there is nothing in it. Suddenly, they are suspicious of various possible reasons
But whether it’s been here all the time, such as filing in Sichuan and others or coming here later, the monks can’t say a word.
""Japanese discussion sounds are divided into three types. Of course, one is doubting filed Sichuan and others, the other is supporting, and the other is holding a lively mood. It seems that I can’t wait to light another fire in the face.
"all right"
Ji Jin saw that the people were more and more worried about the impact, and the joint could not help but interrupt the discussion and sink a way.
"Yang Slim has a teleprompter. If there is any accident, I will feel it, but now there is nothing. Now I think he should be in an independent place, so he can’t receive the information we gave him."
A Ding Yi couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when she heard that Ji Jin said this. Although he also knew that some monks in various sects were not right with each other, he didn’t think it would be like this until the end of their struggle with other sects.
Then Ji Jin said, "Is that he has gone to the second floor? Then how did he get in? Moreover, to enter the second floor, the escort must be repaired in the Yuan infant period, otherwise it will be crushed to pieces by the pressure generated by the escort! "
Ji Juan said lightly, "I don’t know how he got in, but I know he has a token to send, so it’s not difficult to go."
"What? Did he send a token? It won’t be difficult to get in. Everyone can’t tell whether it’s envy or other complicated and inexplicable online quarrels, and they are temporarily put behind them.
Ji can see everyone’s expression, but it’s not a taste in her heart. But he sold the token to the other party. I didn’t expect to send a word of regret here!
But feeling the magic weapon in the body is balanced. If it weren’t for those Lingshi, there would be no it!
When he saw that he had successfully diverted the attention of all people, he immediately felt relieved that he was distracted again.
"Now, let’s go to find things separately. There are so many attics here, and even we have to delay here for a day or two to explore all the attics. Then Yang Xiu should come out.
"And there’s an alchemist’s room in it, not to mention those who are constantly refining Ding Lu, even if they get one or two dragon Dan, it’s not a waste to come here."
Say that finish no longer ignore the people to the attic behind him and fly to another room.
Yang Xiu visited several caves, and now each one is an excellent training place with abundant aura.
See the caves with their own vast heaven and earth, what training room, alchemy room, medicine training circle, everything, I think it’s the ancient monk’s training place.
But what makes him depressed is that after searching for it, all these immortals are clean now, and there is no trace of magic pills and herbs. Obviously, when they left, the monks left everything empty, and Yang Xiu hated it.
He really doesn’t believe in this evil, even if he dials a catty of caves from door to door to find him, he must find something.
It is impossible for this fairy to have nothing.
Yang Bei wants to move his body in a cave.
At the same time, with a wave of his sleeve, he immediately let the ghost king out and ordered the ghost to find out outside.
I want to connect with the gods, even if there is any danger outside, it should not be an accident.
And to say the least, it can also lead to the potential danger here, and it can’t let go of anything sneaking around here.
The ghost flashed and didn’t immediately reflect what it saw to the ghost king, and then the ghost king reflected it to Yang Xiu, which was not much different from what he saw with his own eyes
This look is terrible.
The ghost is not tied behind his back like he came in through the net.
Seeing that it haunts Wan Li in an instant, the situation in this fairyland is suddenly grasped by him.
After some exploration, it is found that there is nothing particularly dangerous in the fairyland. A monster beast is the worst, which is equivalent to the initial repair of Jiedan.
The mountains are continuous, and this area is three or four thousand miles wide. Walking out, it is a thick, opaque, dense white fog like a mire.
Ke Bai is as thick as the clouds are bottomless, and there are lights and thunder flashing, evil winds and ghosts looming. Even before the ghost is close, it feels like it is banned by something. It is so scared that it hurriedly runs out and dares not to test again, which makes people feel very scared.
Seeing the white fog around him made him more sure. This is similar to his dry hand, but it is different.
Moreover, I don’t know how many years it has been exhibited. Compared with Gankun’s hand, it is a dead one.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Cave
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Cave
Look at the vast, towering, strange rocks, towering peaks, towering ancient trees and thorns.
Mountains and mountains are connected, and there are countless deep pools and valleys. into the badlands is a small world like a flood.