The speed of the white ape does not decrease, and the white ape blinks at the shadow. The white ape and two shadows collide together, and the sea water rolls and rushes up layers of ripples.

Hai Kui looked intently at the two black shadows, and they were also two monsters. The monsters looked like wild cows, but they were standing wild cows, that is to say, they were strong human beings with bull heads and bodies.
Haikui met this creature for the first time, but since he came into contact with Xiuxian, he knew that there were many biological races in this world, and he guessed that it might be an evolutionary demon race.
Before, he also read the myth and knew that there were many ancient beasts and monsters, but it was always a myth. But when he saw this little white ape-footed man and today’s two minotaurs, Hai Kuixin believed that some things are true or not, so it’s up to you to see yourself there.
The two minotaurs were hit by a white ape and fell back several hundred feet. However, because they were in the sea, they quickly stabilized their bodies and called out with a wave of their hands, a steel fork and a huge axe.
The white ape’s figure has also retreated by several hundred feet, and it is instantaneous and rushing.
The young man with the sword on his back ordered the stone car to stop moving forward. He laughed and laughed. "You ape, I, the Monty Sect, want to take this spiritual vein. Can you resist being attacked by you several times before? This time, we specially brought two demon gods with the blood of ancient beasts in the Sect to fight with you, and you monkey still won’t give in easily!"
"The ancient beast blood?"
Haikui was puzzled when he heard it through the knowledge of gods. The bully in his hand should have sealed the soul of the ancient beast. Are they blood? I don’t know if they are the descendants of the beast or what?
After the two minotaurs mooed, they rushed at the white ape waving their weapons.
With a wave of the white ape trident, two hoses quickly condensed and quickly rushed towards two minotaurs, and they stopped to make the force resist and roar again and again.
Haikui knew when he saw this that these two guys were not intelligent enough to be reckless! With the white ape’s intelligence, he can easily sink the two minotaurs, and he doesn’t worry anymore
The two minotaurs struggled hard, but they couldn’t escape quickly. When the young man saw it, he pulled out his sword from behind and came behind the minotaur with two yellow lights and disappeared behind them.
A strange scene happened when the tauren crossed the hose and waved his weapon and continued to rush towards the white ape.
The white ape trident waved a few times quickly and condensed several hoses, rushing towards the minotaur, only to find that the minotaur seemed to be caught by the general method of qi.
Haikui frowned. What spell is this? Is it a water-viewing spell or a profound spell?
His side is guessing that the minotaur over there has rushed weapons towards the white ape and frequently entered the water-recruiting spell. Regardless of the white ape, he can also deal with the two monsters with strength and moves.
Those two minotaurs are very poor, and they are attacked by two people. In an instant, the situation has changed, and the white ape can parry and retreat frequently.
The young man gagged and said with a strange smile, "Monkey, the bodhi old zu has specially studied that this fellow of yours is very good at controlling water in the water. The bodhi old zu specially went to the Five Elements Sect to get the Five Elements Gram Water Technique and our two cow gods. If you don’t want to die, you will surrender. When I am a monty slave, I will spare you!"
"Monty Sect and Five Elements Sect. What sects are these?" Haikui muttered in his heart that he really didn’t know much about sects
"It’s strange that it’s not the demon clan that has monsters. How come the demon clan also has monsters in this world? When did they merge?" Zhou Lin was surprised.
"Demon cases? Magic Sect? " Haikui asked Zhou Lin in his mind.
"The celestial world is divided into four major forces, among which the immortal is divided into Wuzong and Daozong, while the minor forces are divided into Yaozong and Mozong. Now we stay in this world, which is also called the demon world. After practicing, they can also soar. They go to the place where the demon world belongs and practice the magic power. Some humans go to the site where the demon world belongs." Zhou Linhai explained one.
Haikui seemed to suddenly touch a door and was very interested. "I wonder what the celestial world is like?"
"Fairyland is almost the same as here, that is, the aura is more abundant, and some sites are bigger, but each Sect has its own mainland, in which Wuzong and Daozong mainland have connecting channels to communicate with each other, while Yaozong mainland and Mozong mainland have barriers to each other and Xiandao is also impassable." Zhou Lin simply explained one.
In Hai Kui’s mind, a vague picture slowly shows his understanding of the celestial world. He continues to ask Zhou Lin, "Do you think that Wu Zong Daozong is a practitioner of Taoism and martial arts?"
Zhou Lin smiled a denial "no".
Chapter 199 Back sword youth
"No?" Haikui is more confused.
"It can be said that the earliest immortals in ancient times founded Xianzong, and after several years, Xianzong polarized and finally evolved. Both factions were unwilling to give the name of Xianzong to each other, so they renamed Daozong and Wuzong." Zhou Lin explained.
"So to put it bluntly, it’s still a fairy Sect, a devil Sect and a demon Sect, right?" Haikui summed up a said
"Well, you can also understand that in the celestial world, the demon clan and the devil clan never associate with each other. The demon is cultivated by other races except human beings, and the devil is also human beings. They also look down on each other." Zhou Lin said his doubts in his heart
"So that’s it," Zhou Lin said in detail. Haikui understood this.
He and Zhou Lin had a simple exchange and learned a little about the celestial world, while the water apes over there fought in the water. Although they could no longer hit the two cows by water spells, they played with the speed in the water.
The young man has put his sword on his back again. In Hai Kui’s opinion, he is just carrying a sword and forcing people to cultivate immortals. Almost all of them have bags. It is very convenient to put the sword in the bag and take it with them. What is this guy carrying behind his back?
Haikui saw that the two cows slapped a bag with a bully stone tablet in their hands.
Foot small pretty suddenly became agitated and called two.
Haikui guessed that he might not like this magic weapon in his hand.
He said softly, "Don’t worry, Xiaoman, this thing is in my hands now. It’s okay."
After his comfort, Xiaoman stabilized.
Haikui pointed out several methods to fight the vicissitudes of life from the stone tablet, and the fingertips poured into the stone tablet. Suddenly, the golden runes of the black stone tablet appeared one by one, which was dazzling. Haikui threw the bully forward and shook his body as if he had come alive. The whole body gradually changed. Haikui continued to fight, and two or three adults stopped after being tall and then rushed towards the stone car.