"Well, I’ll tell Lifu. If I dare to hurt my great-granddaughter, I’ll make him look good!" Wuyang reality said that the body gradually penetrated and finally disappeared.

Hai Kui just escaped from Jiugui Xiandao and plunged into a black fog. Before he could react, he was covered by black fog and couldn’t see anything in all directions.
At this time, he is opaque in the dark, and he doesn’t like this feeling. He reaches for a pinch of fire and beats at his fingertips.
I want to light this with fire, but I find that the root of the fire can’t penetrate three inches!
What the hell is going on here? Haikui is indecisive in his heart.
He can see clearly even in the dark, and now he is really able to light a real fire, but he can’t see through three inches.
If Haikui doesn’t see anything unusual in this situation, he is really an idiot.
There must be a spell here. Haikui quickly flew around the room trying to find an exit. After several attempts, he found the way out, and his heart gradually calmed down. Now that someone has got him to the spell, he will definitely appear later.
Haikui sat cross-legged and closed his eyes. I don’t know how long it took him to feel a crowd standing in front of him. Suddenly he opened his eyes and saw a man about fifty years old in front of him. The man was tall and looked at Haikui with an expression on his face.
Haikui looked at this man just like a mortal, but he didn’t feel any real fluctuation, but he exuded this kind of violent cold breath all over.
Haikui knew that the man had not repaired it, but it was too high. He forced himself to get up and said, "I don’t know why the pavilion arrested me?"
"Nothing I want to go to Jiugui Xiandao to find Wuyang Laoer unlucky. You just rushed out of Jiugui Xiandao and I caught you, but you didn’t practice Jiugui Xiandao * * You’re not from Jiugui Xiandao?" The man looked at Haikui coldly and said
As soon as Haikui heard his meaning, he guessed that this guy might have a contradiction with the real Wuyang. This guy smelled like a magic way, so that Haikui wouldn’t be stupid. It was said that being besieged by Jiugui Xiandao people anyway made him unhappy. Haikui immediately shook his head and said, "No, I’m not from Jiugui Xiandao. Didn’t you see that I was chased out by them!"
After looking at Haikui carefully, the man said, "That’s all right. Just because my magic servant is not enough, you can act as one." The words sound just fell and the man reached out and pointed out Haikui’s eyebrows.
Haikui felt the darkness, but the horse recovered. He found that he could not move or talk.
Look at the man with doubt in his eyes, but stop looking at him and turn around and take a step forward.
The scenery around this step has undergone dramatic changes, with mountains passing by, forests passing by and plains passing by.
Haikui’s astonishment at this speed is unheard of. I’m afraid this male student has gone far beyond Yuan Ying to be distracted.
But the man didn’t take the second step and looked ahead coldly.
Chapter 211 Breakthrough
Not far ahead, a ripple flashed and a whirlpool appeared. A real person came out of Wuyang. He took a look at Haikui and said to the man, "Give me this boy!"
"Wuyang Laoer, I will give it to you if you say it. Who do you think I am?" When Li was born, the cold air emanated from the speaker. Click click to freeze Haikui. The whole person was as cold as falling into icehouse.
"I didn’t expect you to break through the ninth floor!" Wuyang reality looked at the congenital slightly stunned color and said
"I may have been defeated by you before Hum Wu Yang Lao Er, but now I have refined the tenth floor of Monty Skill. In a few days, my Monty Messenger will come and give me Dan medicine, so I can go through the void and fly away!" Set up congenital watching Wuyang reality sneer at a way
Wuyang real person’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and his hands are folded in a split second. Guanghua dasheng waved five Guanghua shots and disappeared in the distance. "Li Xian, since you have reached the tenth floor, our other disciples are not bullying you together."
The magic light in Li’s congenital eyes flashes. "Wuyang Laoer, you hurt my apprentice first and suppressed me before. I will not let you go today, even if you old men are here, you can get away with my ten skills."
Say that finish made congenital hand a black gas waved to Wuyang reality a dark pike handle towards Wuyang reality point-blank.
Haikui was born behind him, and he couldn’t speak and watch the two fight with kinetic energy.
A wave of his hand and a whirlpool slowly appeared.
"Swallow monty magic!"
The whirlpool turned into ice, and the blue face was covered with ice. He pushed it forward, and the whirlpool roared towards the real Wuyang.
Wuyang reality sneer at a "set congenital is this recruit"
There is a dust in the hands of a real person in Wuyang, waving the dust gently, and the white silk emits bursts of silver light. Each white silk turns into a silver dragon and goes to the whirlpool. Before the whirlpool, the silver dragon quickly bites the tail of another silver dragon, and thus the mouth and tail are connected to form a very long silver dragon.
Should arrive at the whirlpool, Silver Dragon didn’t stop and insert its head into the whirlpool, but at this time, Li Xian burst out laughing.
"Wuyang Laoer, you and I have reached the tenth floor of Monty Skill. Is it still so good to swallow Monty Skill?" He said, slapping his hand at the front vortex.
Haikui felt that the scenery in front of him had changed greatly in a flash, and the three of them were in the middle of the stars at this time, and they were bright planets.
"Your skill of swallowing monty has evolved!" Wuyang reality tree-lined staring at the congenital said
Haikui discovered that there were whirling whirlpools on all sides, and thick sucking and pulling forces were emitted from the whirlpools, sucking the force of stars, sucking the force of heaven and earth, and sucking the real force of Wuyang.
"The old man in Wuyang didn’t evolve, but I didn’t achieve it before. This is the power of my monty skill after reaching the tenth floor. Haha," Li was born with a cold face, but there was a smile