"Look at how forgetful I am. Mr. Meng should have a good relationship with Miss Cheng, right? It is said that this is the fate. Xiao Meng Binhai is Miss Cheng’s classmate and Mayor Cheng has transferred another piece of Linghe. Haha! "

Ding Liangyu in front of this tong trunk smiled two times, and echoed the smile. When it arrived, Zhong Siyuan smiled somewhat reluctantly.
"There is a fate." Cheng Dongdong also replied, "I heard that I was transferred to Linghe Yuyu and said that this is not Dongdong’s hometown? Isn’t it possible to see winter and winter? "
Now Meng Yudong can’t laugh when she’s roasting the fire. She doesn’t think it’s right. She’s a nobody. Why are all the topics around her?
This is wrong. It’s really wrong. Chapter 15 is the most important thing to please him.
They went to Linghe’s largest restaurant, and the most exclusive staircase went to the building package. Today, the guests were the bosses of several major construction companies.
Cheng Dongyang presided over the construction of the main road of the Second Ring Road in Linghe City, which is a key project this year. We should not be careless at all, and soon the government will invite tenders, and he will also consider it in several construction companies.
Those bosses have been waiting for a look. When he comes in, everyone sits up and bows.
This is Meng Yudong’s first time to eat such a meal. The bosses were also surprised to see a little girl following. After listening to the introduction, she was a nobody, but the two heads of the Ministry of Finance of the Propaganda Department were very polite to her, thinking that it should be different from Mayor Cheng and especially different from her.
Is followed to Zhong Siyuan unusually silent face feeling strange today.
When a few people talked about it, a boss in Linghe local conditions and customs saw that Mayor Cheng had always been neither salty nor light, and said, "Miss Ding Zhu Meng is so beautiful that it is the flower of our government!"
"Old Huang, you don’t say Mr. Meng came in. I saw this girl’s watery Binhai University with Mayor Cheng’s sister or a college classmate. It’s Mayor Cheng’s mausoleum and half of his hometown." Ding Liangyu laughed and he made up his mind to push Meng Yudong to Cheng Dongyang.
"What a coincidence! That’s fate. Where did Miss Meng propose a toast to you?" What does that yellow manager mean when his eyes shine?
"Manager Huang is embarrassed that I can’t drink." Meng Yudong once heard Ding Liangyu’s words, she was stupid and heard the implication.
"If you can’t drink, learn to drink, or you have to let me stand here!" That manager Huang smiles with shiny eyes and really stares at her
She would never drink. If she hadn’t been drunk that night, she wouldn’t have gone to the wrong room, let alone what happened later.
The thought of that night made her even more uneasy. "Sorry, I really can’t drink."
"If he doesn’t drink, I’ll drink for her." Zhong Siyuan said and picked up the glass.
Manager Huang’s quick work is not yet white. Look at what happened. Cheng Dongyang looks as good as usual and will drink the wine.
Ding Liangyu’s face is a bit ugly. He and Zhong Si went away to wash their hands to make sure they didn’t wash their hands. He stared at this and thought it was a good seedling! A wise mind can judge a person’s face when he advances and retreats.
"Jason Chung you are a brain fan muddy isn’t it? Can you drink for Xiao Meng in that situation just now? "
"Dongdong is my girlfriend, who will protect her if I don’t protect her?" Zhong Siyuan couldn’t turn around. He guessed what Ding Zhu wanted to do, but he found that he still couldn’t stand the thought of going to another man’s arms.
"Are you clear? Don’t you see that Mayor Cheng is interested in Mr. Meng? You rob a woman with Mayor Cheng. Are you killing yourself? "Ding Liangyu couldn’t wait to wake him up with a hammer." Besides, it’s important for a woman or your career. Isn’t it simple to measure wanting a woman in your heart? Don’t be a jerk when you don’t key! "
Zhong Siyuan’s brain is still stupid. He asked a special question, "Do you really want to give Dong Dong to Cheng Dongyang? Dong Dong won’t be willing? "
"Is she willing to go back when she says that the current mayor has just come to our place to please him?" Ding Liangyu said that he had already left before Chapter 16 was sent to his bed.
She was still drunk. These people didn’t give her a drink. She was blocked by Zhong Siyuan, but this man kept smiling. She drank two glasses of hands and her face was red.
She suddenly felt sad, really sad, and she couldn’t hear what those people said. Later, she was really drunk, and she drank until Cheng Dongyang took her glass.
She turned to look at the man in doubt, and she burst into tears.
"Look at you, madam, let Mr. Meng drink and cry." Ding Liangyu said that it was not right to look at his face.
"Let’s call it a day! Manager Huang hopes that you can come up with a better design scheme, and the construction of the Second Ring Road in our city still depends on you. "Cheng Dongyang finally sat in a chair with his head tilted and his tears dropped. He couldn’t help frowning.
Ding Liangyu knows how to look at people’s faces. His horse said, "Mayor Cheng, Lodze and I both drank too much, and Jason Chung also drank a lot. I’m afraid we can’t drive. Mr. Meng also lives in the dormitory next to the municipal compound. We can’t take a taxi back when you drop by."
Cheng Dongyang is too clear about these people dropping their minds. He pulled up Meng Yudong. When Meng Yudong smelled his masculine breath, a surge of hot air poured into his brain and he vomited all over him.
Everyone here is blind, and this Meng vomited Mayor Cheng, which ended up like this.
"Mayor Cheng, if it weren’t for this, there is also a room here. Why don’t I clean up your room and let Miss Meng find a place to rest?" Manager Huang also blushed and felt that such a move could please the leaders.
"Give her a room!" Cheng Dongyang hand holding Meng Yudong said
"Mayor of the trip, please wait a moment." After that, Mr. Huang has asked people to arrange for him to see Ding Liangyu winking at him, and he immediately understood.
They arranged a presidential suite here. Cheng Dongyang called the secret to go back to his residence to get clothes and send him to the hospital. When he came out in a bathrobe after taking a shower, he saw Meng Yudong lying in bed ~
These people are bent on thinking that he is interested in Meng Yudong, and he is too lazy to leave him alone. Is he really interested in her? Of course it’s impossible. This woman is her father. If she touches her father, she will vomit when she thinks about it.
However, as soon as she changed her words from Binhai and fled here, she still looked like an escape, which provoked his anger, and he only came to see her name before, and the situation was not expected.
Meng Yudong was not drunk to death. At this moment, she woke up, and the white light was somewhat dazzling. She lay in a soft place.
She didn’t sit up in vain until she saw Cheng Dongyang in a white bathrobe. She jumped up and grabbed her skirt. "It’s you and you! What won’t let me go? "
"They sent you here. You threw up all over me. I came here to take a shower." He went to the living room and looked at "Don’t worry, I won’t touch you."
They sent her here? She remembered that she came to accompany the wine. She became a hostess! Do they have Zhong Siyuan? Zhong Siyuan sent her to his bed! Her face is white and bright. She doesn’t want to stay for a moment. She wants to leave now.