That night three years ago, she was hiding in a wooden box in the same way, so frightened, so helpful and eager for someone to save her.

"Are you going to assassinate Prime Minister Shen?" She lifted her eyes and asked the woman.
This time, the woman didn’t answer.
It’s not necessary to bend your lips when you leave at night.
Who in this world has no secrets and who has no difficulties?
If you don’t want to talk, she won’t ask.
After the update ~ ~ Thank you for your kindness and understanding. Love you? [8] Beauty has an appointment.
It was completely dark when I arrived at the Penglai Inn on my way.
The inn is big, brightly lit and luxuriously decorated. It should be the largest and best inn nearby.
As soon as the carriage stopped, a small two greeted him.
Light prancing horse, phoenix, shadow and ink put the reins in Xiao er’s hand, and waited for the night to leave in Futian to help the carriage, and he saw that his robe had already stepped into the gate.
Where will she, Fukuda and the coachman go and see him?
Night left for Futian to make a reservation and was told that a phoenix had just made a reservation for three
Not only that, but also ordered food for them to find a table and wait for a while first.
The lobby on the first floor of the inn is a special meal, which is in the dead of winter. At this time, the meal has passed and there are few people.
"Why don’t the landlord go back to his room first, and Fukuda will send the food to the landlord later?"
Night from naturally know Fukuda is read her wound looked around and found a window position light way "I’m fine".
I think she didn’t get a grain of rice all day, so she was very hungry. Fukuda didn’t say anything anymore. She took a soft robe from her carry-on parcel, folded it and sat on the stool at night.
When the dishes are almost ready, the phoenix shadow ink comes
At this time, his shoulder coat has been taken off, and he is wearing a white robe that wins the snow. Walking in a bright light instantly attracts a lot of attention.
Futian hurriedly moved the stool.
Phoenix shadow ink did not sit down, but ordered Bian Xiaoer to prepare some dining tables and send them to the backyard.
"Night adults wait!"
With a slightly narrow eye, the man glanced at the bench at night, smiled and reached out gracefully, made a "please" and immediately turned to leave.
It is understandable to leave at night without paying attention to the beautiful woman’s appointment. Is it in the backyard in this cold weather?
Must be don’t have a taste.
"Let’s eat." At night, I held bamboo chopsticks to signal that I would stand by Futian and the coachman.
The two men looked at each other before they sat down and suddenly smelled an exclamation, "Ah!"
Several people looked around.
Arch seems to be a person hit the phoenix shadow ink body.
Flint saw white like snow and a flash of phoenix shadow ink easily evaded, and at the same time, he stretched out his hand and pulled the other person’s shoulder baggage, and he pulled back the person who was about to throw himself on the ground at an amazing speed.
Fortunately, it was thrilling.
"Is the girl all right?"
"Nothing, thank you!" Female flower pale quiver shook his head obviously frighten not light.
And this night away finally saw the female face suddenly get up from her seat, "Qiao Dai!" "
This chapter may be a little confusing, but it will be white in the day.
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The woman turned her head in disbelief.
Phoenix shadow ink also follow the night away.
Aly?’ The woman looked at the night departure as if she didn’t believe her eyes and feet. She stepped forward and said with surprise, "It’s really you!"
"Of course it’s me!" It’s very rare to leave at night. I smiled and looked at her again. "Why are you here?"
The woman’s face darkened in an instant. "It’s a long story. I’m here to take refuge in relatives …"
"Sit down and speak slowly!" Night away motioned Fukuda to move a stool for the woman.
The Xiang Feng Ying Mo withdrew her deep eyes and told Bian Xiaoer, "Go and hurry up the food and drinks!" " He turned into the arch.
It’s been half an hour since I had a dinner with Qiaodai at night.
Help Qiao Dai to book another wing, and several people will lead them to their respective places in Xiao Er.
The inn is also very clear that the eating place, the pinching place and the accommodation place are separated.
A group of people walked in the lantern-hung corridor at night and found that there were many officers and soldiers patrolling outside a VIP building. I think Prime Minister Shen Meng lived in that building.
Walking through the promenade and the waterside pavilion at night, you can see a couple sitting in the hexagonal pavilion, having a good time.
Men with black hair and white clothes are more beautiful than women with pink clothes and skirts.
It is Phoenix Shadow Ink and Shen Yan Snow.
Outside the pavilion, there are snowy lanterns, and the charcoal stove at the feet of the two people is burning brightly, splashing a little spark from time to time.
No wonder it’s not cold.
Can the beauty of talent and beauty be destroyed? When I left at night, I didn’t see that I followed Xiao Er through the pavilion and went straight ahead.
If he doesn’t say hello, others dare not say hello.
"Night Lord!" Someone saw her.
Night away had to stop and turn around to signal that "Feng’s adult" finally nodded slightly to the edge beauty "Miss Shen".
The beauty nodded with a smile as a reply.
I was just about to leave at night when I heard the man’s low-alcohol stereo say "acquaintance?"
At night, I was dazed. He asked if it was Qiaodai’s side who moved slightly and answered "fellow countryman".
"Hometown?" The man chuckled and asked, "childhood friends?"
I talked to a big man at night, which is also …
Deliberately silent