Shen Menglu received Yan Yi’s lonely expression in his eyes, but he didn’t guess his true mood. When he was troubled by Yan Hong Shu Yu, Shen Menglu felt guilty.

In fact, this is not the first time that Yan Yi has shown such a lost expression. Since Yan Hong Shuyu disappeared, Yan Yi has become increasingly lonely and not as free and easy as before.
"Yan Gong, you are famous for your fragrant Zhai. I wonder if you are interested in chain stores?" It’s a taboo to wash jade if you can’t finish it. Shen Menglu doesn’t want to cut her own throat, so there is no extra idea
At the same time, Shen Menglu also revived the plan to build a commercial street. At the beginning, the idle land in front of shenjiamen was planned to be built in the commercial street. Nain was silent and Liu Ruyun was jailed, and Xie Wanzhen and Shen Menglu were put on hold when they left Shenyang. Now that the overall situation is set, Shen Menglu thinks it is not bad to pick up this plan again.
When I heard Shen Menglu’s question, a light flashed in Yan Yiyi’s eyes. "What does Empress Mu Fei mean?"
Shen Menglu told Yan Yi about the preparation of the commercial street and expressed his willingness to pay for the land. Yan Yiyi built a new branch of Fangxiangzhai.
Yan Yi still didn’t digest the news, but Chu Daian excitedly circled Yan Yi’s neck. "Brother Yi Yi didn’t refuse such a good opportunity! In this way, we are neighbors! "
Once the commercial street is completed, it will inevitably reappear!
What does loneliness mean in Yan Yiyi’s eyes? Shen Menglu didn’t understand Chu Dai ‘an, but he saw it very clearly. Yan Yiyi’s world is too pure, either black or white, and his mind is too simple. He just loves and doesn’t know how to hide and hide, but it is this that children are more vulnerable to love.
Yan Yiyi is too simple. He is infatuated with Shen Menglu, but he doesn’t expect to have her. Her happiness is his happiness. She is his happiness. It is enough for Yan Yiyi to see her smile from a distance.
Frankly speaking, Yan Yi is more distressing than his own Chu Dai ‘an, so a beautiful child should not meet Shen Menglu, because two overly beautiful people will never have a fate!
Frankly speaking, handing over the search for Yan Hong Shu Yu to Zhu Yinzhen, Yan Yi, is not so relieved. After all, Zhu Yinzhen is too expensive and can’t concentrate.
Shen Menglu bit his lip gently and felt that Yan Yi’s statement made sense, so he didn’t insist on "All right, Yan Gong, come with me and meet me!"
"Mo Li has seen Mu Fei’s Empress!" Don’t leave your face and endure anxiety, but after seeing Shen Menglu, he still saluted her respectfully.
Shen Menglu motioned Mo Li to sit down. "Is Mo Li what happened to Prince Qi?"
After Zhu Yinqi’s position was abolished, he was demoted. Prince Dezong of Qi intended to rebuild Zhu Yinqi’s mansion, but Zhu Yinqi refused. Now Zhu Yinqi still lives in the clan mansion, but there is less freedom restriction before.
Mo Li shook his head. "He’s fine in the temple. Mo Li came here on a personal matter to find Empress Mu Fei!" Although Zhu Yinqi is not too detached, he is used to the temple and it is difficult to change his mind at the moment.
Shen Menglu didn’t care about his appellation, and she was relieved to learn that Zhu Yinqi had hindered her. Zhu Yinqi’s report from Taitai has not been less coldly these days. Shen Menglu is somewhat worried that he will have a hard time psychologically. After all, he is wearing a younger generation with this jade crown.
In fact, Shen Menglu’s worry is redundant, too good for the king of Qi, and there is not much difference for Zhu Yinqi. Maybe it is because Zhu Yinqi has been preparing for work for too long, and maybe he has been mentally prepared for so many years, and he has long been tired of the total waste, and Zhu Yinqi’s reaction is very calm when he goes to Zongren House.

Summer flowers took the silver ticket and turned to go. The boss said in a hurry, "Little Niang, you should follow us to the other side."

Xia Hua turned her head and smiled coldly. "Who said anything about going with you?"
"Hey, you little girl won’t come with me when she gets my money. This is robbery!" The boss’s face has some anger.
"What if I just robbed you?" Summer flowers still sneer.
"Boss, don’t talk to this little girl. She is the hard way."
Eldest brother seems to be a little reluctant to tie a rope to Xia Hua and glanced at Xia Hua Dao "Xiao Niang, I’ll give you one last chance. Will you come with me or not? Don’t make me get rough, uncle. I’ve always been very passionate. "
Xia Hua’s feet moved slightly, and the boss felt a sharp pain between the eyebrows. I don’t know what hit him. One or two eyes turned "flop" and he fell to the ground and splashed dust.
When the other men in black look at the boss inexplicably falling down and look at the summer flowers again, they suddenly have a sense of fear. This is a very beautiful and very weak little girl. Why do you look a little gloomy like a terrible ghost?
"Brothers, don’t be afraid to catch this little girl’s glistening for five hundred and twenty silver." Someone shouted.
As soon as those people heard the five hundred and twenty pieces of silver, they got up the courage to attack the summer flowers together. Those people didn’t even see the little girl move.
What’s the feeling of Niang? Suddenly, sand and stones are flying, and they feel that they are hurt by something all over.
A man shouted "ghost-"and ran away clutching his ass.
Others are even more afraid when they hear this, and even dare not look at the summer flowers one by one. They have not run away yet, and a stone has hit them, one by one.
It doesn’t take a cup of tea for the boss to turn around. The man in black has been tied by Xia Hua to a ruined temple on the side of the road. The man in black looks at Xia Hua and her eyes, which seem to know the world. His face is appalled.
The little girl looked at her beautiful eyes with a terrible chill, though she was weak, and said, "You … What do you want to do?"
"Who told you to come?" A cold drink of summer flowers
"Little Niang feed dry we have this line of rules must not betray the mistress, please give me a break."
"Don’t say cut off your tongue." Summer flowers touched a swinging dagger and waved it in front of the boss.
"Grandmother, I called you Grandmother. I really can’t say that you can give me a break. I am ten years old …"
"You have a ten-year-old mother and a three-year-old baby?" Xia Hua took the words.
The boss suddenly choked, and Xia Hua patiently put the dagger in his hand and smiled coldly. "Do you think I should dig your eyes first or cut your tongue first?"
"Tell me about it. Tell me about it." The boss was scared out of his wits and hurriedly said, "It’s Li Tianyou, the gentleman of the Li family in Qingshui Town."
"So it’s him," Xia Huawei nodded and asked, "Did he ask you to tie me up everywhere?"
"Just … just in a small village not far from here … Zhuang …"
"How to get there?"
"Go east for less than a mile and you will see a small … hillside, and then there is a village …" The boss swallowed a mouthful of water.
Summer flowers turn cold and disappear into the night.
It didn’t take a moment for her to see a small village, and the lights inside were slightly visible through the window.
A man in black stumbled and ran in. It was the fish that got through the net. He shouted, "Master Li, that little girl …"
"Did you bring that little girl?" Li Tianyou sound slightly with excitement.
"Take … take a fart" men in black panting "that little girl turned out to be a ghost … ghost …"
"Bullshit. How can a girl be a ghost?" Li Tianyou folded a drink.
"If she wasn’t a ghost, where did she get the strength to beat us out of the water together? Now the boss and all the brothers are still in her hand, and even the skin will be peeled off for her." The black dress person trembled and said.
"Xiaoyou, what girl is not a girl?" Summer flowers heard a heavy sound again.
Li Tianyou some didn’t good the spirit way "which girl is not the sixth brother during the day you value that girl!"
"Nonsense!" Step by step, the sound is cold and heavy.
"Brother Liu, I just want to catch that girl to make you * * * * It’s just a little girl. I didn’t know she was so powerful!" Say that finish Li Tianyou walked to the front of the black dress person kicked him hard, "nothing to roll-"
The man rolled and crawled away.
"It’s just that you’re fooling around on weekdays, but now you don’t even have any sense of proportion, so you’re not allowed to hit that girl again."
"Brother Liu, you just like that girl. Why don’t you get it?" Then he slapped himself in the mouth and was very angry. "It’s all my fault for underestimating the little girl. I thought she was a woman hunting nature. Some kung fu institutes just sent someone to catch her, but I didn’t even catch a hair."
"That’s enough!" The colder it gets, the colder it gets. "Don’t you touch her again!"
Li Tianyou’s depressed face mumbled something, and the more he didn’t talk, the more angry he left.
Xia Hua wanted to teach that Li Tianyou a lesson. She thought that the man really hurt her. It was worse for her to do more than one thing. Besides, she was too lazy to care about such a mentally ill person and left quietly.
When she left, she didn’t know that she had sent someone to sneak into her house in the dark. She wanted to send a master to find out the summer flowers in the dark, and she didn’t want this small family in this small rural area to hide a peerless master. Everyone he sent was poisoned, and one man came back with a hard support and reported the situation. Everyone else died on the road.
His trip is a step-by-step trip. Now the emperor doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead, but he has been missing for half a year. Recently, it has been reported to the capital that step-by-step trip is in Baitou Village, which is absolutely bad news for both the emperor who is bent on winning the throne and the tenth emperor’s brother. No matter who wants to fight for the throne, they must solve the step-by-step trip trip.
Although BuLiXi is a fool now, it’s hard to guarantee that one day this fool will wake up and avoid future trouble forever. He came here in person to help ten brothers BuQianHe solve the scourge of BuLiXi.

"Liu Qing, what’s wrong with you?"

Nan Lichuan pouted and explained to him, "Nan Haochen had an accident!"
Zhuge Yue was a little flustered when he heard it. "What’s going on?"
"The newspaper said that a housekeeper in Nanjia revealed that Nanhao Chen was buried by his mother who drank too much medicine, and Nanhao Chen’s father was going to divorce his mother …"
Zhuge Yue hurriedly went to shake Liu Qing’s hand, only to find that her hands and feet were cold. She must be still worried that Nan Haochen was in silence now!
Zhuge Yue called her several times before she reacted, but she was determined to come over. "I’m going to save Nan Haochen."
Zhuge Yue knew how easy it was to talk, but she couldn’t let it go so easily!
Then nodded "good! You still have us and we will go with you! "
Nanjia is more and more heavily guarded because of Nanhaochen’s long sleep!
But these nimble Zhuge Yue, their roots are nothing but three, five and two, and they just climbed over the wall and came in!
But after searching for a long time, I couldn’t find the trace of Nan Haochen. Zhuge Yue estimated that Nan Dad had hidden Nan Haochen in a dark room!
Nan Haochen’s deep sleep at the moment is just a good time for some kidnappers to kidnap him!
Just Nan Haochen told her that she knew where Nan Haochen was!
But when I walked to the door of Nan Dad’s room, someone was actually Nan Mom crying, "I can’t leave you! You abandoned me and let me go where on earth is an old man of this age? "
Nan’s father said bitterly, "You are so cruel to Hao Chen and have you ever thought about your scene?"
"You …"
It is not easy for so many people to get in, so Zhuge Yue can wait for the opportunity!
When so many bodyguards brought Nan’s mother out, Zhuge Yue decided to go in neatly, and several people cooperated fully. As soon as Zhuge Yue rushed in, Nan Lichuan stunned Nan’s father when he wanted to shout, and then tied his hands and stuffed a piece of cloth in his mouth to prevent him from making too much noise!
Zhuge Yue turned the wall behind the candlestick flash painting on the desktop and clearly saw the faint candlelight inside!
A few people came in softly and saw the bed pale. South Hao Chen Liu Qing immediately jumped "South Hao Chen … you are quick to wake up …"
A voice suddenly sounded behind him, "Who are you?"
Everyone didn’t expect that Dr. Chen was also in this secret room …
But can’t come. As soon as Dr. Chen shouted, someone rushed in and surrounded them. Chapter 74: Eyes are diabolical (3)
But they couldn’t come. As soon as Dr. Chen shouted, someone rushed in and surrounded them!
Liu Qing did not want to hold Nan Haochen tightly in her arms!
At this moment, Nan’s father has also been loosened and glared at them. "Who are you?"
Zhuge Yue can also come up with a killer at the moment. "South Dad, I am Zhuge Yue …"
South dad couldn’t help laughing, but it was that terrible sneer. "When am I stupid? Zhuge Yue died three years ago, otherwise my family Hao Chen wouldn’t be like this … "
Zhuge Yue looked at Nan Dad impartially. "At that time, Nan Haochen said that I was Zhuge Yue. Didn’t you have a little doubt?"
Nan Dad’s eyes are thin and Zhuge Yue’s face is sweeping. He has seen Zhuge Yue, the first girlfriend Nan Haochen brought home. Nan Haochen once told him that he was going to marry her!
At that time, he immediately remembered Zhuge Yue’s clever eyes. Now it seems that although the appearance is different, the eyes are indeed similar!
He raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhuge Yue. "What do you want?"
"We’re here to save Nan Haochen."
South dad thought for a moment and then let the bodyguards shoot "good! If you can save Nan Haochen in 30 minutes, then I will believe you and let you go! "
ZhuGeYue is very confident about this "good! I promise you! "
-dividing line-

It’s ridiculous that one side is 6 pressure but still has his own identity, and Fuxi is also carried out. "And Fuxi the Great also commanded …"

"Fuck you, Nuwa Fuxi!" Lonely born sneer at a swearing way "when I don’t know you are nuwa Fuxi illegitimate? A thief born from an egg dares to be presumptuous in front of the old? I’m telling you, don’t say you’re a loser. Even if all the gods in the world don’t die, hundreds of lives will never touch me. "
"You … the inside out! Are you going to rebel? " It’s natural to be embarrassed to be exposed to one’s privacy. Nezha and others are all brainy people. It’s not hard to think that it was not sincere to help the Zhou Dynasty when Nu Wa drove people apart.
"Since the Buddha of Light has come, why didn’t he come out to see it?" Lonely born didn’t even care about it. 6 pressure in his eyes is just a reptile
"Ha ha ….." Laugh with Buddha’s voice but without showing off hurtful meaning, but there is a smell of coincidence between heaven and earth. Laugh and live. A monk bows to everyone on the spot!
Fox was born to get up and look at the Buddha in front of him carefully. "I finally know that all Buddhists talk about appearance first!" " In front of the eyes, people look like they’re only about twenty, with fine eyes and beautiful treasures. Good people!
"The Buddha has come here for 6 times?" Lonely born said that while wiping the blood and cutting the treasure knife, it meant that the connected Buddha of light also stayed!
Aside 6 pressure saw the light Buddha this lifeline busy hand way "Buddha save me …" Where there is half a master demeanor, he is also unlucky to desperately want to make contributions, so he took the job of saving the jade emperor. Who knows that this solitary born cow has come to this point, mainly because he doesn’t even look at the celestial world, but because he knows that there is an afterlife, he won’t really die, but 6 pressure where he can’t help but know that if he is killed by the solitary born, it is absolutely past! Fear of death is human nature, and immortals can’t be vulgar!
Light Buddha heard 6 words in the heart dark scold a way "fuck you, Buddha, if I can save you, still talking nonsense with him here? Don’t you see that people just see through their hidden tracks? I will save you a fart! " But his mouth smiled. "Bi Longen should not be as knowledgeable as the younger generation. The Jade Emperor and Li Jingliu should also ask the poor monk to take this child away!"
I was born with a knife and smiled. "What if I always say no?"
"Amitabha ….." The Buddha of Light secretly complained in his heart. This solitary man was born determined to have his own name read out with the enemies of the gods!
"Ha ha ….." Lonely naturally laughed. "How does the Buddha pronounce his name?"
"Hey … ask for help … it’s better to ask for yourself!" The light Buddha said, "Look at a cold force, a Buddha’s light hits and listens to" Ah-".A scream turned out to be 6 pressure, but it was hit by the Buddha’s light. The Buddha’s light was not a soft Buddha’s power, but donkey kong’s dharma instantly beat the daylights out of 6 pressure!
Everyone was surprised, only the lonely natural complexion did not change and laughed. "What does the Buddha mean?"
The Buddha of Light laughed and said, "I am willing to persuade Buddhism to surrender."
Lonely naturally laughed. "It’s easy for me to get Buddhism at this time, but it’s natural for someone to give gifts differently. Let’s talk about the conditions!"
Guangsheng Buddha said, "It should be clear that if there is a Taoist method in heaven, I am afraid it will be difficult to control the hearts of ordinary people. In the future, I will stand in buddha magic and incense will naturally flourish!"
Lonely born nods, "Good idea!"
Light Buddha smell speech exultation, he didn’t know that he couldn’t fight until he saw the solitary nature today, and then he thought of his Buddhism and solitary nature and what enmity he had, but he also had a marriage with Huaguoshan. Only then did he think of this way and laughed. "Thank you for your position …"
Lonely born suddenly shook his head and said, "But … I don’t agree!" The words sound just fell and the lonely man was born to fly, and suddenly he became superhuman powers. Sun Wu also fell into the well, and the first two people surrounded the Buddha of Light without saying anything, and then they started to work.
Poor Buddha was not good at hand-to-hand combat when he came, and he was swept to the ground by Sun Wu with a stick because he was lax for a while. So … This is called "a demotion to the sea."
Listen to lonely born while kicking loudly drink a way "light saint emperor rebelled and killed the heavenly emperor days later, and everyone was so guilty that he was punished …"
There is no reason why those big and small demon kings have to know that it is not always a pity that the opportunity to fight with God is poor. The Emperor Guangsheng actually talks with such an animal as Gu Tiansheng. At this time, it is really "a dragon swims in shallow water and is bullied by a dog!" Even the white-haired fairy kicked her feet on her relatives and friends who have been dead for many years, and was greeted by the demon kings of Huaguoshan!
It wasn’t until I had a good time alone that the monty flag was displayed and the soul of the Emperor Guangsheng was refined and sneered. "When people tell the sky, they will say that this traitor killed the Emperor Tiandi, and we will mourn the Emperor Tiandi’s kindness and kill him with indignation!" Naturally, a little demon led away!
In the first year of Mundus’s celestial calendar, a lonely man was born with a phone call. Thirty-three celestial thieves Wen Zhong died. When the Jade Emperor was in office, the people were in dire straits, so they emerged from the worse heaven to cut their souls and erase their minds. It was like the eternal reincarnation of the animal world!
Lonely born self-styled Monty Emperor also named Sun Wutian Demon Saint Emperor Xiangu Queen Mother Empress, and all the other daughters were emperors, princesses, white hair immortals, celestial beings, Niu Mowang and others temporarily sealed the other 72 caves, 36 streams, 100 mansion demon kings and others temporarily sealed the generals.
One year in Mundus, Emperor Monty led the troops to wipe out the remnants of the thirty-three heavenly realms, and the generals discussed and decided to go to the western paradise …
The first chapter Guanyin Buddha
Forbidden clouds during this time the size of the demon king in the column at this time during this time has been orphaned by natural renamed called the Demon Hall, and water curtain cave has also been moved nearby, anyway, Sun Wujian definitely claimed that he couldn’t get used to the bricks and tiles and had to live in caves.
"Now that the thirty-third world has been decided, I want to expand my territory in Xinjiang and crusade against the western paradise. What do you think?" Lonely natural left-handed girl right-handed wine suddenly on this side is eating and drinking all the way.
"good! I’ve been idle and depressed for a long time. Killing bald donkeys always means killing bald donkeys-"Listen to this tone, it’s natural that black bears are suspicious! This black bear King Kong has been idle for a long time, that is, he has participated in several small-scale extermination wars in the past year, which is naturally not enough for him to kill the gods!
Lonely born naturally ignored the extremely constructive opinion of the black bear King Kong according to the old rules and turned to the white-haired fairy road. "What do you think of the military adviser?" Although Bai Maoxian was appointed prime minister, the base people are still used to calling him a strategist!
"Hmm … Master, have you ever thought about how many Buddhists have their roots? Just like a door, I’m afraid it’s not easy to exterminate the grass …" Bai Maoxian took the glass and took a sip of nectar and added, "The Buddhist paradise must be controlled in your hands, but you can’t completely erase Buddhism!"
Lonely born smiled and nodded, "respect nature knows!"
Bai Maoxian laughed. "It seems that you have a clever plan!"
"Ha ha ….." Lonely born laughed. "Somebody please my sister in law!"
On one side, Sun Wuwen smiled knowingly. "Brother, you don’t want Yinyin to be the Buddha, do you?"
"If you know me, you will understand!" Lonely born picked up the glass and gulped it down!

"… obviously is sacred! !”

After a second of white in the absolute ice field, just as the big fiend Jiuzhong was grandstanding, he was joking with him and wanted to joke. When Jiuzhong suddenly collapsed in the absolute ice field, his feet collapsed and fell to the side.
Not only the ground of absolute ice area, but also the huge ice peak of the whole absolute ice area fell with it.
"ooh … not bad ~! !” Very satisfied with the dragon’s blood Xuan Huang’s display of power, he said a moment to show his action quickly.
First of all, the invisible effect of the ghost hidden ring disappears, and then the figure is hidden. Then, the Taiqing jade symbol is started again, and the effect of gasification and three clearing is divided into three avatars. Then one of them cancels the invisible effect of the ghost hidden ring and reappears, and the other two avatars go to the predetermined position to dormant and stand by.
Jiuchong, the arrogant fiend seems to have disappeared and reappeared.
"Wang-fit! !” Jiuzhong calls out Xiao Wang to replace Xiaoxue to fit himself. !”
Nine-fold golden light bursts through the body, and the speed visible to the naked eye is rapidly enlarged and the blink of an eye turns into a giant dragon Buddha with indomitable spirit.
Crushing the virtual incarnation, the giant holding the dragon Buddha, nine times and a long whistle, forcibly holding the ice peak in the absolute ice area, rising from the pit of the dragon cave, leaving the ground level and coming to the middle school.
"… the sacred what do you want? !” See nine heavy move big fiend bad feeling more intense in my heart.
"Hey …!" Nine unpredictable smile moment "magic-a crushing blow! !”
"boom! !” Another deafening bang unleashed a force to destroy everything from the nine-fold body. First, it swallowed up the nine-fold body of the figurine, and then it spread out to destroy everything around it.
With the crushing blow, the power of destroying the ball of light reaches its limit, and the entire ice peak in the absolute ice area is evaporated and wiped out.
"Want to win me … which have so easy! !” The ice peak in the absolute ice field is destroyed instantly, and the big fiend controls a piece of ice in which he lives, and the ice peak is actively separated from the absolute ice field, and the nine-fold crushing blow is projected into the distance.
There was a loud bang, and the ice fell in the snow in the distance. The big fiend quickly cast his magic in the ice, and the ice he was in grew rapidly
"Why do you and I want to explode the whole ice peak in your absolute ice area?" Just then nine stress into the big fiend ear "may let you do the same thing again? !”
Chapter six hundred and ten Distribution
Just now, the big fiend struggled with that period, although he couldn’t get rid of the big fiend himself, but it wasn’t finished without harvest. Nine times found that during the big fiend battle, he constantly destroyed the absolute ice peak, while the big fiend was just the opposite. He kept repairing the ice peak that was destroyed by nine times in the tangled gap.
Although the big fiend has been dealt with in a very low-key and hidden way, he still hasn’t escaped the nine eyes and nine eyes. He doesn’t believe that the big fiend will do so for a certain reason.
Lenovo’s former big fiend said something, and the nine-fold awakening is probably that this big fiend wants to constantly repair the absolute ice peak because he wants to use this ice peak to move, and this displacement is not limited. There are certain requirements for the ice peak, that is, the volume of the ice peak must be able to accommodate his whole body to move.
It’s just a guess, and a series of targeted actions from the big fiend have also been confirmed.
The great fiend ignored nine gravity and cast magic to expand the scale of his ice cubes.
Since the big fiend doesn’t talk, Jiuzhong won’t talk nonsense with him. The opportunity is fleeting. If this guy is allowed to displace the ice to form a scale again, he will just blow it in vain.
"Double Bailong fighters bully! !” Nine-fold standby, two busy statues at the same time, assault on the ice exhibition of the big fiend body, and suddenly the dragons sing and roar and the dragons fight for the bite to completely drown the ice of the big fiend body.
"Congratulations to the player Fang Shengsheng for winning the final victory in the duel of the Great Devil!" With the ringing of the unified display, the formula of nine-fold and two-member recruitment has been cancelled, and it has not yet been exhausted.
It is difficult for a nine-fold fiend to win the game at this level. It is only when there is a life-and-death battle that the final outcome can be decided. Just now, the two men specially started the duel mode.
Protect two people in duel mode, no matter who dies, there will be no loss of experience.
Bailong fighters killed the big fiend Jiuchong. Just now, the skill effect of rebirth due to the small burning fire has also come back from the ghost gate.
Cancel the effect of one gasification and three clean-ups, three avatars, blowing in the wind, nine times, restore his true self, and come to pacifism and please listen to me
Jiuchong’s front foot just arrived at the place where the first three people met. The big fiend appeared and drove his mount, and then he also came to meet the three people in the middle school.
"You won and I lost my heart!" When the big fiend arrives, he will lose the bet simply and neatly. "The leader is yours!"
"Then I will do my part!" Jiuzhong didn’t accept "but I don’t like the name’ chief’. I prefer people to call me boss ~!"
"Although you like others to call you boss, we can’t call you boss!" Three people said, "We are allies, your allies, not your younger brother!"
"Then simply call it’ big master’!" Jiu Chongyi said, "Just in line with our present combination!"
"Whatever you want!"

"Don’t worry, according to this method, there should be no mistakes. You can practice here a few times first."

Xiao Wen immediately promised to come and then closed his eyes and studied in the same place.
This air guide technique is performed in the body. Even if he practices it again, there is no clue outside. After a long time, Xiao Wen opened his eyes and solemnly said "OK" to Nan Yunqing.
"Let’s go," said Nan Yunqing, who had already started flying and asked Xiao, "I’ll explain a principle to you …"
Before I heard Xiao Wen, I was stunned by Nan Yunqing’s whimsy. This experienced person is just different!
Before long, the two men flew into a recent air column and observed that many Ri Nan Yunqing were quite familiar with these air columns. At once, they kept flying through one fork after another along the breath vein and finally stopped somewhere.
"This is it. Just stop at the intersection of these two breaths."
Xiao Wen flew to that position and looked around at the same time, and he saw that the place pointed by Nan Yunqing was still the intersection of two large veins, each with a thickness of one foot, and there were small veins in the distance that merged into them or led away from them.
Saying that the context is actually just Xiao Wen’s subjective statement, but the fact is that it is just two thick colored Se airflow, whose edges are not neat and seem to be bound and not strong, and there will be airflow spilling out from time to time, which is impossible if the context is true.
Anyway, the breath can pass through the body [looking for novel material]. Before giving the air guide, Xiao Wen had nothing to worry about, so he flew in directly and stopped at the intersection of two breaths.
Took a deep breath and gradually calmed down to Xiao Wenwei’s attention, and the basic source force operated air guide!
Almost everyone’s control of toes is far less than that of fingers, which is their own body but powerful, which makes people feel rather clumsy, and Xiao Wen also feels this way at this time. Although he has studied in the face, the progress is still quite slow at this time
I don’t know how long it took Xiao Wen to finally put the air guide into operation gradually, but it seems that the degree is still a little insufficient to break through a critical point.
It’s like putting a needle through your toes, but it’s quite uncomfortable, but there’s nothing too clear to feel. Little by little, when Xiao Wen is upset, suddenly two kinds of breath enter the other body!
Without looking at Xiao Wen, you will know that it must be the breath in the two color Se columns outside, and there can be no other breath at this time!
Originally, they would go straight through the body, but it would give Xiao Wen a strange feeling. But now Xiao Wen feels them in his muscles and bones and fu organs!
Yeah, it seems there’s nothing magical about it.
At this moment, Nan Yunqing came from behind him. "You should take the initiative to open yourself slowly and merge with those two breaths so that they can interact directly with your Daoji."
"Good" Shi Xiao asked and was distracted. There was nothing wrong with it
"I have to go somewhere else to see if ninety thousand can stay and protect you. I’m leaving."
"Don’t let ninety thousand go with you" Xiao asked busy way.
As a result, there was no sound behind him, and Nan Yunqing had already flown away before he could answer …
At this time, Xiao Wen asked if he couldn’t guess that Nan Yunqing had a great plan, but his little knowledge really couldn’t infer that it was coming and going.
When he came, Xiao Li asked that the recovery speed of keeping the fire element floating could even exceed the consumption speed, and he was not worried at all that he had to go back to the ground to rest. He persisted day by day until the ninth day, and finally completed the process described by Nan Yunqing!
Two smells rushing into other bodies from two directions can’t tell who is strong and who is weak, but the texture is obviously different [] The one on the left has more affinity with his body and Daoji, which makes him feel quite comfortable, and it seems that there is a more powerful force contained in it. After careful consideration, Xiao Wen will know that it should be quite similar to the state of dzogchen, a high-ranking true fairy. If he doesn’t come to this Tibetan ruins, he will definitely reach that state after a long or short period of continuous practice outside.
The airflow on the right is quite mysterious and difficult to figure out, but it echoes with the breath on the left. It is through this echo that Xiao Wen has some feelings about the airflow. In fact, it is easy to guess that the airflow on the right is a bit of a fairy realm, and it is likely to be specific to the initial fairy realm! Nan Yunqing searched in the air column for so long, how much did he find in total? This place will definitely find the most suitable place!
Xiao asked millie to open his own two breath and communicate with his body. As time went on, his feelings became more and more clear and completely understood what was going on.
Unless it is about to break through the high-order true fairy, it is impossible to feel the breath of the fairy. However, in this column, the breath bridge on the left allows Xiao to ask this high-order true fairy who has just been promoted to feel the breath of the fairy! What’s more, he is not just as simple as the breath. At this moment, he Daoji has already been greatly influenced and gradually remembered the feeling of the fairy!
Promotion is a process of finding a way when the road is available, and it will be promoted when it is found. Now it is a new road for Xiao Wen, and he has vaguely seen a road before he has finished, and he knows how to get there!
For the whole celestial people, the original magic of the Tibetan ruins is here! But probably no one can benefit so thoroughly and directly like Nan Yunqing.
Xiao Wen can’t take this as a direct promotion, but once he remembers this feeling and this road, his next practice process will become quite simple, and it will be as fast as possible to achieve twice the result with half the effort!
Now what he has to do is to let his body and Doggie remember that feeling thoroughly and get familiar with it until he won’t forget it!
In such a state, Xiao Wen simply forgot that time passed and even forgot that 90 thousand was still with him
Xiao Jiu will fly around in the distance after chatting, and when he is tired, he will go back to Xiao Wen’s shoulder and sharp mouth to make Xiao Wen’s hair into a messy bird’s nest. When he is chatting more, he will, in turn, comb Xiao Wen’s hair again and again …
I have to say that this little phoenix is really pitiful …
On this day, Xiao Wen felt that he had remembered about it, so he relaxed a little. When ninety thousand came back, he freed up his hands to tease ninety thousand.
This little guy is very intelligent. He doesn’t really dare to disturb him when Xiao Wen is busy, but when Xiao Wen is free, he will show quite bitterness and ignore Xiao Wen’s love …
Fairy beasts in the celestial realm have more than just the simple identity of "cultivating immortals to help them". They also need to practice pure wild fairy beasts. They can also realize that some magical powers have many magical powers in their long lives, but this will never be better than establishing a blood mark with people, and people will help them to work together with them! People have many advantages over fairies and beasts. Once fairies and beasts and people have established their blood marks, they can use human strength to enhance their magical powers. To put it bluntly, people are actually fairies and beasts.
90,000 such fairy beasts are absolutely in the hands of all the Taoist priests, but now people dare to ask Xiao if they can’t establish blood ties with it. Can it be pitiful …
Xiao asked, of course, it is also white that it is now and sincerely good for this little mother phoenix of ninety thousand …
This man and a phoenix were playing when Xiao Wen suddenly saw someone flying in the distance and there was more than one person!
What happened?
Xiao Wen was on the alert, ready to withdraw at any time, and then suddenly he heard the other side shouting, "Xiao Shidi is us."
"Brother Yang?"
The bearer was indeed a dozen people behind Yang Rong who turned out to be the high-order true fairy of Ming Jianzong.
"Miss Nan asked us to come here first and wait for her to take others to other gas columns" Yang Rongdao.
Xiao Wen greeted the other students before asking, "Miss Nan took you in?"
"You don’t know?" Yang Rongqi said
"She left me here and left. I forgot how many days I haven’t seen her. By the way, how many people are here this time?"
"I don’t know what the patriarch paid, but he got 50 places from the Big Five."
"So much?" Xiao asked surprised way
At this time, there is another true fairy who laughs. "This patriarch is too few."
A group of people chatted there for the time being, but Xiao Wen came here for nothing without a few words. Although Nan Yunqing didn’t say anything, he probably wanted him to teach them air guide, didn’t he?
And after a pause, Xiao Wen gave the air guide to the people and told them all about his feelings in recent years.
It was not until a day and a night later that Nan Yunqing finally appeared, showing that he had arranged others.
Hear Xiao asked has given the air guide to all Nan Yunqing is nodded as early as she expected, and then took people to find a suitable place in this column.
Once again, the seclusion technique can be seen that she is angry with Se and has sent some questions. Even if she is worried about her, she is too embarrassed because of too many people.

Let that memory fall to the ground and turn to mud

Quietly and gently
It’s drizzling in my world again.
You also need to have too many words.
Will also have different worlds.
I can slowly forget you.
Kiss you
Give me the most beautiful memories.
Erase again
Love you deeply and leave traces.
Wave and leave
Maybe it’s the end.
Stop being silly and stay where you are.
Kiss you
Give me the most beautiful memories.
Erase again
Love you deeply and leave traces.
Wave and leave
Maybe it’s the end.
All the past is gone with the wind.
Mu Huancai was deeply attracted by Su Yiming when he took a bite. He never knew that a person’s piano sounds and songs could be so beautiful. He couldn’t help but get up and look at a white dress in the gazebo.
I can’t tell whether I am intoxicated with my own melody or lost in my own mind. Mu Huan has forgotten the people and things around him. He is playing the strings and singing the melody emotionally. His lyrical voice is so round and unique, and he expresses his complex emotions like crying.
Su Yiming looked at Muhuan quietly, and this song seemed to tell that she was once sentimental, that she couldn’t extricate herself, that she missed her former lover, and that everything in the past made people cry.
Aside sogeum has long been red in the eye and lowered his eyes. I don’t know what to think. Xiaobai always feels sour in the nose. Fire Xuan and Meow Meow have also listened to it. Fire Xuan cocked his head and wondered what happened to this woman. Is Cold King heart breaker abandoning her at random?
Stay MuHuan waist soft sword Nini already tearful mother you are still in love with dad, why do you want to hide this place from him? Go back if you miss him. Dad really loves you! Are you suffering? Do you really want your baby to be born without a father?
At this time, there was another person standing outside the wall. It was just a few miles away.
The galloping horses and the small arms arrived at the time when Muhuan was playing the piano, but when she walked around the garden, she heard her singing, and her heart shrank like someone reached into her body and grabbed the small organ. It was so painful that she could not speak.
Suddenly the strings were broken, and Xiaoqin sounded in the garden and exclaimed, "Sister-in-law, what’s wrong with you?"
Thyme devoted to the heat can not consider so many leaps to fly to a big tree but see MuHuan corners of the mouth with blood faint GuQin Chapter two hundred and thirty-three Father and daughter meet!
Seeing Xiaoqin holding Muhuan in panic and shaking her gently, she cried, "Sister-in-law, wake up!"
Ah, before a step, two kittens, one black and one white, also rushed in. As soon as the black cat rushed into the pavilion, it became many times bigger, and stretched out its claws to lift Muhuan’s eyelids.
At the same time, I saw a man dressed in a moonlight gown rushing forward and pulling up Muhuan’s wrist, taking the pulse and touching some blood on her mouth, putting it on the nose and smelling it, and grinding the fingertips before sticking out the tip of her tongue and gently tasting it. The man then frowned and took Muhuan from Sogeum’s hand and picked her up and went into the room.
The man turned around for a moment, but he finally saw clearly his appearance. He had a face that was so enchanting to the extreme, but he just didn’t take half a feminine lip angle. The natural bend seemed to be born with a smile, but a closer look made people feel that the smile was somewhat unreal, which made people feel that although this person was gorgeous, he was also inscrutable. Presumably, this is the owner of the happy gate.
"What happened to my sister-in-law?" Sogeum with Su Yiming side while anxiously asked
Su Yiming frowned and looked down at her arms in a coma. Muhuan looked at the crystal tears in her eyes and suddenly felt a little distressed. "I was dizzy with poison."
"What?" O sogeum and changed his face at the same time "poison? !”
Su Yiming didn’t say anything, holding MuHuan into the room, and Sogeum and the little white followed him and went in.

But I can’t break that fox. She can’t rob the world again. It’s hard to get rid of this hatred if she is not turned into dust! You are willing to wait for the fox’s minions to be in charge. "

As soon as he finished Song Chang Gung, he clapped his hands and applauded, saying, "Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well,
End of the tenth volume
Volume 19 Disaster-ridden Chapter one hundred and eleven Sewer capsized
My left eye hasn’t been working well in the last week, and it’s always red. My family watched me and I didn’t let everyone go to bed after nine o’clock. I stole it and wrote something. I was in a hurry and didn’t even check it. I’m a little sloppy. Please forgive me for reading everyone’s comments. I know there are a lot of problems. Who doesn’t like it? But what can’t be changed in this part is to change something that everyone doesn’t like in front. It’s not money. By the way, everyone subscribes more. It’s only 200 yuan
Ziling and Cold Calyx had seen from his appearance that they were wing road flyover Geng Kun, and they were still a little afraid when they first came. Later, after listening to his self-declaration, they repeatedly abused the fox and the fox, and they couldn’t help but be angry from the heart.
At the moment, I can’t help but be surprised to see Song Changgeng clapping his hands and applauding. Although he said it was ironic in a short time, they didn’t know what their husbands were going to do and how to deal with Gengkun, a wing Taoist.
The two sisters didn’t know how high Song Chang-geng had, and now they have no idea. Song Chang-geng ignored everyone’s expression, but smiled at road flyover Geng Kun in the middle wing.
"How sweet! I don’t know how to praise you. There is a saying that is most suitable for you to be a bitch. It is a true portrayal of you now.
Besides being used to bullying the weak and bullying the weak, you are afraid to say one thing and do another. What else can you show off here? You keep your mouth shut, fox. May I ask you, what are you?
Normal people don’t have wings and claws. You’re not normal at all. You’re either a human being or a monster. Don’t you think it’s funny that you’re a monster who keeps abusing people?
Being a man, you are not qualified to be a monster. It’s really a two-word failure to do your job. Let me give you advice: grab your head and strangle yourself.
You are a bird living and polluting our eyes. What qualifications do you have for a bastard to tell us what to do here? How dare you show your face with that little thing? I really admire your thick skin! "
Although Geng Kun, a Taoist Wing, has a strange shape, he is gifted. When he was a teenager, he got a copy of San Pan Jing left by Chiyou from the bottom of a sea tunnel in the South China Sea. All the magic weapons he refined were filthy and vicious except for the mysterious skills.
Although he doesn’t have many accidents and doesn’t bully dissidents, he is also ruthless when he makes occasional moves. He acts according to his own likes and dislikes, and he will be entangled once he becomes enemies.
Therefore, every time he sends out his disciples, he must have one or two magic weapons for protection and a feather of his own, in addition to giving them some magic spells before leaving. When outsiders see the feather, they will know that it is his master.
One is that he is difficult to provoke and pester people, and the other is that what he does is not extremely evil. He doesn’t want him to make enemies, so he has never met an opponent since he became a Taoist.
I don’t want to stumble this time. Not only was my spell broken, but my brother was arrested. Two traitors and a magic weapon were also destroyed. The most exasperating thing was that he said a few words about the scene. This person actually sneered at himself.
Although his image is strange, he always regards himself as a human being and hates others to say that he is a bird man. This person not only said it, but also called himself a bastard, which hit him in the soft spot.
Because he is a bastard, people hate him the most, and he can’t say anything directly with his hands. In the middle of the game, a dozen meters long water tank with thick red thunder and fire broke directly.
Five people immediately felt the power of the earth, and the Qin sisters immediately sacrificed their own flying swords, while Zheng Gu sacrificed their own snow soul beads and Zhuge police, and I released my own innate swords.
Song Chang Gung himself doesn’t know what’s going on. Why do you talk so unkindly today? He seems to want to vent his anxiety in his heart these days by talking.
In the past few days, he has always felt uneasy in his heart, but he doesn’t know what’s going on. Now, seeing the wing road flyover Geng Kun being beaten by his own anger, he feels a lot at ease.
Seeing the thunder fire split, he raised it with one hand and a purple thunder fire with a length of more than 20 meters and a length of more than two meters. Speaking of it, his blood is shattered and the thunder is also a powerful thunder method.
Road flyover Geng Kun’s magic weapon was destroyed earlier than the magic weapon. Song Chang-geng’s magic weapon is terrible. I didn’t expect the thunder fire to be stronger than myself with one hand.
His heart thumped and he was white. I’m afraid he hit the iron plate this time. This man seems to be above himself, but he doesn’t understand why this man is so fierce to marry tian hu’s two women.
Although it was a struggle, his thoughts still turned many times in an instant, but his hands were not vague. Immediately, his skill will be increased and he will resist Song Changgeng’s blood and shatter the thunder.
Zhuge Jing, I put my sword to protect myself, but Ziling and her sisters were angry. Geng Kun kept saying that her mother was a fox, just like Geng Kun was a bird-man bastard who didn’t want to be told.
Their sisters know that their mother is a fox, and it is also the most taboo to be told by others, especially in front of their husbands. When they saw that their husband Leifa resisted Geng Kun, they unexpectedly released their flying swords.
It’s also Geng Kun who thinks he’s too high and underestimates his enemy. In his mind, no one can wait to see that Song Chang-geng broke his spell, ruined his magic weapon and resisted his thunder method, so there was only one enemy left in his eyes.
When Geng Kun saw their flying swords, although they were of excellent quality, it was a pity that the local people’s skills were not good. He couldn’t help but be greedy and sneer at a way
"You dare to show off here with this little trick!" On one side, the two wings behind the shoulder will be slightly displayed, and two feathers will be taken off from the tip of his wings, which will instantly become two latosolic red and fiery brilliance shots to resist the two flying swords.
It was a sister Ziling who was facing each other, and she felt that the enemy’s fire was strong enough to oppress her flying sword. At the same time, Geng Kun had both hands to explore and transport the dragon catcher to grab the flying sword.
After the thunder and fire dissipated, Song Chang-geng saw the purple bell and they lost to each other, and raised their right hands to move, so he let himself out of Tianxingsha directly, and the two sisters echoed each other.
Geng Kunyuan’s capability is dark, but the surface is still confused as if nothing had happened. Several people want to see a chance to accept the two men’s flying swords, but Song Changgeng immediately felt his pressure increase as soon as he came out of Tianxingsha.
While trying to cope with it, he scolded, "It’s a waste of your whole body to get more people to join hands to win less. Let’s see how your grandfather can set an example to the world besides you little karma."
Geng Kun’s own Xuangong changes his mana. Although he feels that Song Changgeng may be stronger than himself, he doesn’t take it to heart. He is also arrogant and used to taking off ten feathers immediately from his wings.
Feather in vitro instantly turned into ten firelights to resist Song Changgeng’s Tianxingsha, while Zheng Gu and Zhuge Jing beside me were not idle, and they also made their own moves after looking at each other.
Ziling and the cold calyx were furious at the moment, but the other two feathers dwarfed their sword light. Fortunately, a husband’s magic weapon came to see Geng Kun and added feathers. I was in a hurry, but I saw Zheng Gu and Zhuge Jing next to me. One greeted the sword light and one flew the snow soul beads.
Geng Kun first saw Zhuge Jing. My sword light is a congenital sword. I knew that he was not like ordinary people. Although he was surprised, he didn’t care. Just now, a feather sword light was separated to resist and suddenly a group of silver light came.
A cliff will feel cold light, bright moonlight and bright light. In all the places, a few brilliance are greatly reduced, and it is a treasure of the fairy family. He couldn’t help but know that these young players are all difficult to deal with.
I was about to do something to resist, but Ziling’s two sisters knew that the sword light was lost. Now when I saw the snow soul beads, the silver light was strong, and both of them were discolored. Both of them were moved in their hearts
They took advantage of the enemy’s distraction to secretly transport Xuangong and let their mother’s own eyebrows out. More than a dozen of them went straight to the enemy’s key points.
In those days, Mrs. tian hu Bao Xiang once refined a few special treasures, and the dust-covered banners were one by one, and the white-browed needles were also one by one. This thing is the most vicious.
It’s her own eyebrows and special spell medicine, which can’t be made by others except herself and her daughter, and she doesn’t break the truth in the five elements, except that the magnetic magic weapon can suck out, no matter how high your skill is, it’s hard to force it out.
When Geng Kun saw Bao Guang, he knew that this snow soul bead was badly busy. He took off dozens of feathers like falling flowers on the tips of his wings and turned them into dozens of fiery red brilliance flying out of the enemy snow soul beads.
He also knows that the skill level is not just a magic weapon for these people, so it is not that he can pick up what he wants to do. He has a retreat and then wants to spread his wings and raise another Xuangong change to hurt everyone and then find a face and go.

"Of course, Teacher Zhang invited us to dinner and said thank you." Wu Yueer said excitedly Lvses (;

Chapter 41 The enemy attack ()
Duanmuming’s hand stopped moving.
"You gave something back to Zhang Xinlan."
"Call Teacher Zhang." Wu Yueer corrected the fat. "This is Teacher Zhang’s personal thing. How worried might Teacher Zhang be? Of course, it should be returned to Teacher Zhang as soon as possible."
"Yes, you are right." Women are really strange. How can animals Wu Yueer and Zhang Xinlan suddenly be so good? Won’t be Wu Yueer this wench was cheated by Zhang Xinlan? Wu Yueer looks fierce and simple. If she wants to win her trust, she will give you her heart without reservation.
"But just say it. What are you taking me for?"
"Of course, you gave it to me!" At this time, Wu Yueer laughed like a little devil, just put a small dung fork in his tail!
"What do you say? Zhang … Teacher Zhang won’t doubt it? "
"Of course not. I mean, the two of us found a person sneaking out of the dormitory two days ago and then followed this person. Then he found this thing and that person ran away. You were just sick these two days and delayed it until today."
"This reason sounds a bit reluctant, but it also makes sense." Duanmuming looked at Wu Yueer and scratched his head. Hehe smiled. "Moon, you see … I have to train that I can’t let the snow leader rush again. It’s not good to delay the business! Look at this … Forget it. "
"If I had known you would say that," Wu Yueer chuckled, "I have arranged with Teacher Zhang to invite you to dinner after your training."
Fat thought it seems that Zhang Xinlan must treat himself to dinner today. Just eat it. He has grown so big that few people have invited him to dinner except for the Chinese New Year holiday. Can Zhang Xinlan eat him? She has no real evidence.
Duan Muming has long regretted stealing Zhang Xinlan’s pants, blaming Wu Yueer for her most positive attitude. As a result, she became the fastest. What a careless move!
"Well, I’m going to the basketball hall." Duan Muming picked up his bag and looked at Wu Yueer. "Want to come?"
"Of course"
"Let’s go"
Wu Yueer, who is currently out of the classroom, cleverly followed him so that all the people who still stay in the class could not help but wipe their eyes hard. Is this still the unruly Wu Yueer?
It seems that there is no difference in training snow and frost for the first time after coming to the basketball stadium without saying anything, but why should I increase my training volume? Not to say that the main familiar with cooperation …
In the calm eyes of snow and frost, in the eyes of snow and cold plum gloating, in the eyes of teammates’ sympathy, and in the eyes of Wu Yueer, Duan Muming finally ended his training hard. Today, he was so tired that he panted on the floor and never wanted to move again.
Snow and frost eyes swept the floor and refused to get fat. Without saying a word, Xue Hanmei turned and left the training ground. She couldn’t help but smile. When she left, everyone didn’t see her. She had a calm face and couldn’t help smiling.
"Come on, everyone’s gone." Wu Yueer squatted in front of Duanmuming and said softly.
Fat to turn over their "how do you don’t have any sympathy for me … I can’t climb up, it really hurts me that you should say such a thing …"
"All right … don’t pretend! There is no one around. "
"really?" Duanmuming looked around, and sure enough, there was no one there, so he sat up and breathed a sigh of relief. He was not tired at all. Wu Yueer had long been confident about his performance. She was a fat woman. Of course, she knew that her husband’s physical strength could not be so bad. This was for Xue Frost. Although Xue Frost probably knew that fat was acting, she finally let her breathe a sigh of relief and give enough face, so she would not bother him endlessly-just like Zhang Xinlan now.
"You …" Wu Yueer sighed and pointed to Duan Muming’s forehead. "When can I get down to business like a child?"
"Is it bad to be a child?" Fat with a wink "now let’s get down to business" as he said, he extended his talons to Wu Yueer. Wu Yueer jiao hum a pat off the fat and stretched out his hand. "Well, it’s time to go. I’m afraid Mr. Zhang is all anxious."
"Your feelings are really good." Duanmuming sighed and got up in a hurry and walked outside with his bag. "Moon, I think we might as well go to that’ love mourning’ not far from school, where the environment is very good and the price is not high."
"Don’t be too quiet anywhere to make people want to sleep."
"oh? Moon baby wants to sleep again so soon. "
"It’s teacher Zhang’s treat this time. Of course, teacher Zhang will decide."
Said the two came to the door but didn’t see Zhang Xinlan.
"The moon has you remember wrong? Is Zhang Xinlan really waiting for us here? " Fat some doubt to ask
"How can you remember wrong will miss zhang have something temporary to do? When I went to ask, "Wu Yueer went into the next room and talked with two old gatekeepers inside for a while and returned to the outside again." Fat Teacher Zhang went out with several people, but it is speculated that Teacher Zhang didn’t volunteer and the other party seemed to threaten Teacher Zhang. "
"No, there are people on this ground who dare to make trouble here?"
"Come on, even if my father and the three of them add up, they can’t finish killing the ground in Nancheng. Please hurry and see where Teacher Zhang is going."
"You and I are monitoring probes? Look at it and find a quiet place, "Duan Muming said, glancing left and right. There is a large forest outside the school wall, and there are some stone benches and tables in it, which are specially for the elderly to rest when walking. Now there is no one.
Duanmuming took Wu Yueer into the grove, picked up some branches and put a stone table on it. Wu Yueer didn’t know what he was doing and asked anxiously, "What are you doing?" Hurry up! It would be bad if teacher Zhang had an accident. It wouldn’t be those clients, would it? "
Listen to Wu Yueer sparrow ear kept twittering DuanMuMing finally impatiently knocked on the table "big miss you let me be quiet for a while? If you delay again, I’m afraid Zhang Xinlan is really robbed. That would be a disaster. "
After hearing what Duan Muming said, Wu Yueer quickly shut up and sat across the fat face and stared at him. Many passers-by were scared back by her sharp Lvses.
Chapter 41 The enemy attack ()
A moment later, Duan Muming finally relaxed and stretched himself. "Don’t worry, Zhang Xinlan won’t be in danger."
"really?" Wu Yueer looked at Fat doubtfully. Although he knew his power, he didn’t personally confirm it.
"Do you still doubt me?" Duanmuming smiled and raised his wrist to look at his watch. "Five minutes has improved again."
"You …" Wu Yueer was even more skeptical after hearing a sentence from Duan Muming. "No, you have to help me find Teacher Zhang quickly so that I can rest assured."
"Can you find it?" Finally Wu Yueer added that she doubted it.

When everyone heard it, they immediately reacted from the loss. A Ding Yi was also surprised. "The attic was banned before we broke it. I think he should still be outside, but why hasn’t he come out at this time?"

Then he turned to Daoshuang and said, "Daoyou, why don’t you give him a message to ask about the situation?"
Tao Shuang also frowned slightly and didn’t say much. He took out a token and said a few words in it. Then he made a tactic to see the token flash, and then he put it away.
But they waited for a while and saw that other monks had come here in succession, but they still didn’t receive Yang Xiu’s reply.
The people knew that something was wrong and looked at each other and saw indecision in each other’s eyes.
In the end, he said in a file like a molar, "We will be suspicious here and simply hit that array to see what is going on and it is not clear at a glance."
All smell speech nodded in succession, and the figure flashed and flew to the white fog magic array.
I didn’t get here until Ji Jin and others were a little shocked to see this four-story attic, which is completely different from other places.
Finally, listening to Lin Pei and others probably explained a thug, which clarified some of the ins and outs a little.
After listening to Ji Jin, I couldn’t help thinking when I looked at the send-off in the room.
Just then, before he could figure it out, he suddenly heard a noise.
"Ah, there’s no one inside!" A monk exclaimed that it was Nanling who sent Shen Fang.
"Then where will he go? We saw him enter this magic array and then he didn’t come out. "Qingyang Gong Tong Xin long wondered.
"This is about to ask yourself! After all, you were together just now. Why are you here intact and Yang Daoyou is missing? "
This person’s tone is a bit got, but the implication is that everyone can hear it, but the spearhead is directed at the friar, such as filed Sichuan and Jia Ding Yi.
When’ tis once spoken, there were many later monks looking at Tongxin Taoist and others with strange eyes.
There are also some monks who are jealous of the presence of Taoist Tong Xin and others in this attic. They also like to watch the fun. They don’t believe that there will be anything in this attic. Since you eat alone, you deserve it!
"What do you mean, do you suspect that we murdered him?" Sad long immediately flushed to the got master Shirley asked.
File Sichuan shrugged several other people heard Tong Xin long say this, and suddenly his heart was dark calling a bad thing. Since the other party didn’t say that he didn’t say this without being pressed, he was suspected!
But the words have been spoken, but they have come and gone.
They also don’t blame Tong Xin Taoist priest. After all, it can be said that it is better to be a passer-by now or to be consistent with foreign countries.
So looking at TongYi eyes suddenly some bad.
Although they had this plan at first, haven’t they done it yet, and there is nothing in the room, so there is no need for it, so others have to make irresponsible remarks
Known as Brother Tongyi, he is also wearing a Taoist robe and holding a dust, and he is dressed as a brother of Qingyang Palace.
However, his figure is a little thin and his face is a little dark, so he looks less like a sage.
I don’t know if he’s nervous or afraid to see these people’s cold eyes, but he’s still a so-called kind of scruples
"I didn’t say anything. I just asked Yang Daoyou where he was, and I don’t know how you thought of my words in this respect."
Then he sighed and shook his head, which provoked Tong Xin Dao and others to abandon tendons and skyrocket.
"Has he stepped into the attic before you?" Some people see the sad Taoist priest and others become angry from embarrassment and worry about the conflict, and immediately help to file "and others to change the subject."
"No, when we came in, we didn’t hit the root." A Ding Yi shook his head.
"Could it be because he was accidentally banned by red light outside the attic?
Together, they broke the white fog magic array, and now there is nothing in it. Suddenly, they are suspicious of various possible reasons
But whether it’s been here all the time, such as filing in Sichuan and others or coming here later, the monks can’t say a word.
""Japanese discussion sounds are divided into three types. Of course, one is doubting filed Sichuan and others, the other is supporting, and the other is holding a lively mood. It seems that I can’t wait to light another fire in the face.
"all right"
Ji Jin saw that the people were more and more worried about the impact, and the joint could not help but interrupt the discussion and sink a way.
"Yang Slim has a teleprompter. If there is any accident, I will feel it, but now there is nothing. Now I think he should be in an independent place, so he can’t receive the information we gave him."
A Ding Yi couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when she heard that Ji Jin said this. Although he also knew that some monks in various sects were not right with each other, he didn’t think it would be like this until the end of their struggle with other sects.
Then Ji Jin said, "Is that he has gone to the second floor? Then how did he get in? Moreover, to enter the second floor, the escort must be repaired in the Yuan infant period, otherwise it will be crushed to pieces by the pressure generated by the escort! "
Ji Juan said lightly, "I don’t know how he got in, but I know he has a token to send, so it’s not difficult to go."
"What? Did he send a token? It won’t be difficult to get in. Everyone can’t tell whether it’s envy or other complicated and inexplicable online quarrels, and they are temporarily put behind them.
Ji can see everyone’s expression, but it’s not a taste in her heart. But he sold the token to the other party. I didn’t expect to send a word of regret here!
But feeling the magic weapon in the body is balanced. If it weren’t for those Lingshi, there would be no it!
When he saw that he had successfully diverted the attention of all people, he immediately felt relieved that he was distracted again.
"Now, let’s go to find things separately. There are so many attics here, and even we have to delay here for a day or two to explore all the attics. Then Yang Xiu should come out.
"And there’s an alchemist’s room in it, not to mention those who are constantly refining Ding Lu, even if they get one or two dragon Dan, it’s not a waste to come here."
Say that finish no longer ignore the people to the attic behind him and fly to another room.
Yang Xiu visited several caves, and now each one is an excellent training place with abundant aura.
See the caves with their own vast heaven and earth, what training room, alchemy room, medicine training circle, everything, I think it’s the ancient monk’s training place.
But what makes him depressed is that after searching for it, all these immortals are clean now, and there is no trace of magic pills and herbs. Obviously, when they left, the monks left everything empty, and Yang Xiu hated it.
He really doesn’t believe in this evil, even if he dials a catty of caves from door to door to find him, he must find something.
It is impossible for this fairy to have nothing.
Yang Bei wants to move his body in a cave.
At the same time, with a wave of his sleeve, he immediately let the ghost king out and ordered the ghost to find out outside.
I want to connect with the gods, even if there is any danger outside, it should not be an accident.
And to say the least, it can also lead to the potential danger here, and it can’t let go of anything sneaking around here.
The ghost flashed and didn’t immediately reflect what it saw to the ghost king, and then the ghost king reflected it to Yang Xiu, which was not much different from what he saw with his own eyes
This look is terrible.
The ghost is not tied behind his back like he came in through the net.
Seeing that it haunts Wan Li in an instant, the situation in this fairyland is suddenly grasped by him.
After some exploration, it is found that there is nothing particularly dangerous in the fairyland. A monster beast is the worst, which is equivalent to the initial repair of Jiedan.
The mountains are continuous, and this area is three or four thousand miles wide. Walking out, it is a thick, opaque, dense white fog like a mire.
Ke Bai is as thick as the clouds are bottomless, and there are lights and thunder flashing, evil winds and ghosts looming. Even before the ghost is close, it feels like it is banned by something. It is so scared that it hurriedly runs out and dares not to test again, which makes people feel very scared.
Seeing the white fog around him made him more sure. This is similar to his dry hand, but it is different.
Moreover, I don’t know how many years it has been exhibited. Compared with Gankun’s hand, it is a dead one.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Cave
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Cave
Look at the vast, towering, strange rocks, towering peaks, towering ancient trees and thorns.
Mountains and mountains are connected, and there are countless deep pools and valleys. into the badlands is a small world like a flood.