In imagination, it is necessary to practice self-operation, self-change of source power and self-development.

Just a moment
All the magic tricks of cultivating the body are transformed into the seven mysterious feats of heaven
Maybe it’s the same strain, maybe it’s Zhou Jia’s profound knowledge, maybe it’s God’s will to reward those who make contributions.
It all happens naturally
Work hard!
Shou Yuan increases!
Avenue …
Can be expected!
Zhou Jia was not in a hurry to leave after the revision of Tongtian Seven Xuangong.
Instead, while steadily repairing and adapting to the martial arts, we will continue to practice Wushu and try to break through the territory of dzogchen.
Hundreds of battles!
He is curious about what will happen in dzogchen?
According to the theory, the Luo order in the first hundred battles should no longer be promoted, and the increase in proficiency is limited.
But intuition tells Zhou Jia
After the breakthrough
There may be a surprise.
Lightly, the thunder axe and the staff in his hand emerged with a layer of thunder and strength, wrapping himself up and down, and sometimes it was as close as clothes and silk.
Only dzogchen can transform such a strong force at will.
After seeing the sea screen, I felt the stirring rhythm. Zhou Jia took a deep breath and waved the thunder axe staff again.
"Hum …"
Emergence of strength
Hundreds of battles!
At the same time
The screen of knowing the sea flickered slightly, and Luo dzogchen and his party became blurred, and the word dzogchen disappeared.
And Zhou Jia’s consciousness of number came to mind quietly.
Hundreds of battles-magical skills!
Chapter 26 Shenji, Return
Magic skill!
It’s not pseudo-magic
Zhou Jia breathing a heavy steady mind slowly immersed in.
Breaking through the realm of dzogchen, a lot of feelings floated in my heart as if I had performed hundreds of millions of battles in just a moment.
If you save more energy, if you run harder, if you make everything perfect.
All of a sudden.
Just like …
Qualitative change occurs after quantitative change reaches a certain level!
"Hum …"
Thoughts, movements, vigor and vitality emerge with the thrill of a wave, which is indistinguishable to the naked eye and surrounds the surroundings.
Be proficient in (magic skills)
It should be a profound and natural breakthrough and two stages of entry and proficiency. It is mastery directly.
"The defense power has increased by three times, the consumption has decreased by 60%, and you can take care of the free source power of heaven and earth to maintain your current situation."
"More perfect power skills"