Compared with the two of them, the four young people across the street are generally thin.

Mu Guiying’s clothes are dark and white, and the sleeves of arrows are stained with some blood spots. The leather wristbands on both hands look old, and the slender wrists with the veins standing out are covered with dust.
The only bright color on her body is a long red scarf loosely around her neck and shoulders.
Located on the left side of Mu Guiying, the purple girl with thin lips and phoenix eyes is good at attracting intelligence, but there is a little malicious and complete. At this time, she is biting her lip slightly and turning her eyes to Mu Guiying and Wan Donglei.
On Mu Guiying’s right hand side is an ugly monk, whose facial features are still fair, and his temperament is even more simple. Unfortunately, a red birthmark on his face makes people dare not look more.
He frowned, folded his hands and bowed his head, not knowing what to say.
The last of the four people is a woman’s dress, whose hair is graceful and graceful, but her hair is combed into a fan. Holding a folding fan has a beautiful and handsome bearing.
However, this girl is the most embarrassing of the four.
From being stopped by Wan Donglei’s brothers halfway to now, four people have stopped for dozens of breaths, but she has not been able to adjust her breathing evenly. It seems that she is martial arts and her physique is not so good.
Mu Guiying glanced at the girl in purple and said, "Do you have a grudge against them?"
Before A Zi could answer that Wan Xifeng had laughed bitterly, he said, "Three of our five brothers were killed by her deadly trap. We won’t admit our mistakes even if we cut our faces into bark."
"So what?"
A Zi squints and smiles and micro-moves his hands.
Wandong thunderstorm drinks "She wants poison"
He exhales and his voice sounds to cover up hidden weapons’s sound, and an abacus bead flies out.
But suddenly the knife flashed, the abacus bead was cut in half, and the handle hit A Zi’s shoulder.
The knife holder hit the right shoulder, but the knife force reached the shoulders, making A Zi’s left shoulder clothes also break a small mouth, and his hands shook and two papers fell
I don’t know when Mu Guiying has drawn his sword and looked at two paper bags, one on the left, one on the right and one on the white.
Wan Donglei looked at the abacus beads on the ground and thought to himself that it was really hard for Mu Guiying to send the stars to chase and intercept and escape to his appearance.
He also saw the two paper bags and smiled. "Let me guess one of the two poisons is acute poison, but you know that after what happened that year, we have already taken precautions against your poisonous powder, and we may not be able to get it, so we have another bag of chronic poison."
Wan Donglei looked at Mu Guiying. "This package of chronic poison must be aimed at Mu girl and then the antidote threatens her to help you escape."
A Zi’s face is red, and I don’t know if it’s caused by a blow to the shoulder, pain or embarrassment.
She snorted, "Yes, I poisoned the five ugly brothers in Sichuan, but that’s because they came to flirt and play with drugs in front of the girl to die."
Wan Xifeng’s ghost-headed broadsword pointed a finger at him and scolded him, "Where did they go with their thirty-two thousand silver tickets? You must have taken the initiative to seduce the jealous silver."
"It’s rare for a funny girl to be a good person. Isn’t it my due reward to get rid of a few prostitutes and collect some money?"
A Zi choked back and stared at Mu Guiying after two sentences. Just now, she was full of shame, and then if there were tears, she said, "Sister Mu misses you and I are both daughters."
"If I fall into their hands, I will be humiliated before I die. If you want to hand me over, you might as well kill me first."
Mu Guiying looked at her calmly until even A Zi’s earnest expression could not be maintained.
O purple micro ash disappointed closed his eyes and heard the west wind shout at top of voice.
"Kill or let me do it anyway."
The ghost-headed broadsword has broken the wind, but it is blocked by a thin and thin blade like a wild goose wing.
Mu Guiying blocked the attack with one knife, grabbed A Zi’s neck coat with his left hand and threw her back, only to find that the palm of his left hand suddenly stung.
Being thrown out, A Zi opened his eyes and exclaimed, "I have poisonous needles at the edge of my clothes."
Mu Guiying’s face was black, but Wan Jia brothers’ offensive was eager to see the talks break down. The ghost knife and the golden abacus were attacked on both sides. She came to the self-styled left arm acupoint and shouted with a knife and never looked back
"Xu Zhu, you take them first."
The woebegone young monk was at a loss. At this moment, when his name was called, it immediately seemed as if he had got a horse and ran away with two women in one hand.
Wan Donglei shook his hand and hit a few poisoned abacus beads.
I didn’t expect that the little monk didn’t know what he had, but it seemed that he had the mellow power to breed protector at once, which was much faster than Wan Donglei expected.
A few hidden weapons hit the embedded tree and emitted a puff of smoke.
This is a forest, and the virtual bamboo disappeared after running for a moment.