Yan Wei’s face sank and Hong Fang said, "Where’s her hand?"

The white man said, "It is said that there are many masters among the enemy bandits who have entangled Cui Abo’s four martial arts maids, Miss Duanmu, so that they can be captured by the enemy bandits at this time."
Yan Wei said coldly, "Let’s go to mobilize people all over Zhuang to find out about this matter. If there is any clue, report it immediately and don’t act without authorization. Even the leaders of the five major gangs temporarily take away the camera and act."
Hong Fang should rush out of the white man and kowtow and retreat. Peng Dian was stunned. "Handsome father, is this situation so serious?"
Yan Wei nodded and said, "It’s good to take the Duanmu girl as a prisoner. It’s obviously a premeditated plan. It’s not a coincidence that the other party actually found out Zhuang’s secret. Although this move is not enough to make Zhuang collapse, it’s really impossible to wait for this enemy to make every effort to destroy the future trouble. Otherwise, this enemy force will be enough to control the overall situation until Luo Tingyu regains his strength."
Peng Dian suddenly felt great admiration in his heart, but his horse found that there was a little doubt in it. "Let’s respect the villa and make it go far and wide. The frontier master strictly ordered that even the people outside the frontier would be disturbed and alert. Is this force of the enemy and the bandits going deep into the Central Plains?" Brother’s folly can make the coastal provinces in the north and south. "
Yan Wei said, "Imagine if the Wulin people in the Central Plains can find out that the secret of Zhuang is something we need to guard against, especially in remote areas, which is the most vulnerable to the enemy’s interests." Peng Dian was greatly pleased by his thoughtful and quick decision.
Peter said Luo Tingyu had to take off the tiger’s den and run for about ten miles before he slowed down and looked at the situation.
He didn’t know that Mojiazhuang was the Qiantang side, and he knew that he was running to get rid of it, so he wouldn’t rush back to Mojiazhuang. So he had to find a crowded place to inquire about it, so he could find the way to Jinling, but when he saw that the business place was quite lonely and had been walking for a long time, it was already a dying star, and it was dawn before he found a small village in front.
He ran, but he felt that the desolate road was overgrown with weeds. It seemed that few people trampled on it, and suddenly he felt uncomfortable. But when he saw that there were dozens of houses in this small village, he was sad at this moment. He observed for a while that the horizon had dawned when he stepped into the village, but he felt very strange when he saw that every door was closed and the houses were peeling off and broken. He looked around for a moment and had traveled all over the village. Suddenly, it occurred to him that all the villagers got up very early, as if there were no one at the moment. Also, it’s surprisingly quiet here-only then can I know that it’s terrible to feel silent when I don’t smell chickens and dogs.
He went to the door of a tall building on the left, reached out and knocked for a while, and responded to Luo Tingyu without neglecting to reach out and push the door to answer his hand, and he went in.
In the middle, there was another room in the back of the hall. His eyes were everywhere and his heart was shocked. There were two coffins in the hall.
The dusty cobwebs around him set off a sad scene. He went to the two wings to have a look, but he saw that the bed and clothes were all covered with dust. Obviously, this family had a legacy, so these objects were cleaned up by others.
Luo Tingyu zheng thought, "No one in the neighborhood wants these things? Hum! Is it that even the neighbors can’t find anyone? "
He moved carefully and turned to the gate. When he passed the two coffins, he suddenly moved in his heart and thought, "Do coffins have bones? If there is something, you can infer a clue from the body. If there is no bone, it will be unreasonable. "
When I went to the coffin, I reached for the coffin’s capacity and lifted it, but it didn’t matter. The most shocking thing was that there was an old man in black with white hair and beard lying in the coffin, and the old man in black suddenly sat up.
Although Luo Tingyu’s martial arts are outstanding, his courage is extraordinary, but this sudden strange thing also made him hurry back. The coffin fell to the ground with a bang, and the old man in black flew out. He had raised his crutches and shot down Luo Tingyu as a pledge.
This move is faster than the light. Shi Huo can’t see clearly. At the same time, the wind is as sharp as a mountain
Ting Yu’s mind was unsettled, and it was difficult to resist. Her shoulders were as wrong as flowing water. The person in her mouth shouted, "Who is it?"
The crutch of the old man in black has been tracked and swept, which is not only quick and powerful, but also powerful. It turns out that Luo Tingyu, a rare expert, won’t back down this time, and the knife is hard to stand, triggering a deafening sound of gold and iron.
They recklessly this recruit both sides each flash several steps to look at each other rival Luo Tingyu at this moment to recognize the old man turned out to be the Duanmu miss Cui Abo heart suddenly surges with hostility cold way "Laozhang strong brawn, your martial function must hide in the coffin to pretend to be a ghost? Dare you want to rob some travelling expenses? "
Cui Abo’s frosty eyebrows are wrinkly and combative. "What a little arrogant junior. If you leave this house alive today, even if I’m not good at learning, my age will be in vain."
Luo Tingyu said, "I want to see who can’t get out of this door?" As soon as the words broke, Yang Dao stepped forward and forced him to shoot the sen cold light from his handsome eyes. The momentum was strong and strong, and Luo Tingyu was forced to five feet. That Cui Ab had felt the enemy’s surge of sen Sai’s cold knife gas, which made people feel suffocated.
This is a serious surprise. I dare not let him attack first because the other side is full of momentum. This blow will be fierce and difficult. I have to attack first before I can get into a passive predicament. He turned around and swept away his breath to transport people to drink, but when he saw this turn, he was as quick as thunder.
Luo Tingyu brandished a knife and sealed the frame and fought back with one breath. He stormed seven strokes and forced the other side back three steps, but he couldn’t help secretly drinking it. Because Cui Abo not only made great achievements, but also turned tricks in a mysterious way. It is really a rare first-class master for poor adults to close their hearts and hide their delicate techniques.
However, Gauguin aroused his fighting spirit and thought that this old man was helping Yan Wei. How can he let go easily? If we can take his life today, it will make Cheng Wei feel very sad. When he turns around, both sides are still in atrix.
Cui Abo suddenly attacked him with two strokes and forced him to jump out of the circle. Hong shouted, "Wait a minute, I have something to say."
Luo Tingyu’s sword is as steady as a garden. This is a generous demeanor. There are few horses in the world. Cui Abo looks at this young man with a torch in his eyes.
Luo Tingyu has said, "If you have any advice, please say it quickly. There are still a few tricks to ask Lao Zhang for advice."
Others have always been open and aboveboard, and they are willing to display the "Seven Unique Skills of Ruling the Heaven" and show off their pride or intimidation.
Cui Abo brushed the silver beard and said, "The Luo family’s bloody knife frog is famous but old and afraid."
Luo Tingyu Shen asked, "It turns out that Lao Zhang knew who it was long ago. I remember that Lao Zhang didn’t see my face at the end of that night!"
Cui Abo said, "I have seen your portrait before, and I have long recognized it. I won’t know until I look at your face that night."
Luo Tingyu said, "I also saw that portrait is really similar. Did Duanmu draw it herself?"
Cui Abo said, "Yes, it was painted by my young lady."
Luo Tingyu sneered, "So Miss Duanmu is a versatile girl!"
Cui Abo said, "Of course, my young lady is a talented woman with a delicate heart and a beautiful mouth."
He didn’t notice the irony of the other party, but also greatly praised a fragrance of Luo Tingyu. "Shut up. In my opinion, that Duanmufu is worse than ordinary women, and you have polluted my ears by saying less."
He thought that the other party was actually helping Yan Wei, and last night he lured himself into the net and sent him to the net. At that time, he faced her and couldn’t lose his temper. Now that the old man is together, he is so angry that he can’t wait to beat her up until he gets sick.
How did Cui Aber know that there were many twists and turns in it? He killed Pentium for a whole night last night, and it’s very annoying that the young lady was robbed without a clue. At this moment, it’s very angry to hear Luo Tingyu regret Duanmufu. "You’re looking for death!"
Yang Guaishi will wait for his hand.
Luo Tingyu took a few steps back instead and said coldly, "It’s no hurry to fight. You’d better speak what you want to say first." He has been determined to let him say his last words by taking this desperate effort.
Cui Abo hung down his crutch, but suddenly raised his hand and said, "Stop it!" He took a deep breath of true qi, and his body soared a lot, which was amazing.
Luo Tingyu said faintly, "It turns out that my father-in-law has been refined into such a powerful and overbearing shell. If I remember correctly, my father-in-law was the predecessor of Cui Hongcui, a gangster who crisscrossed the southern seven provinces decades ago?"
Cui Aber’s family didn’t expect that some people still know their names in the past few decades, but they are still so young. In a moment, most of the evil spirits have been eliminated. He replied, "Yes, you are old. Your eyesight is really high. You are old and you are very old. You are very rare in this secret qigong martial arts."
Luo Tingyu suddenly said, "Mr. Cui is an independent traveler and listens to a girl?"
Cui Abo said, "It’s a long story. The old man was entrusted with the responsibility of protecting Miss Duanmu. But last night, she was robbed by the enemy and fought for the old man all night. No clue has been found yet."
Luo Tingyu sneered, "Come on, let’s talk it over."
Cui Abo angrily said, "What? But you don’t believe in old words? "
Luo Tingyu said, "You have a method to teach me to believe."
Cui Abo said, "What method?"
Luo Tingyu said, "That is, you killed me. I couldn’t say I didn’t believe it then."
Cui Abo even said angrily, "I’m afraid there is such a method after a good look."
Luo Tingyu also decided not to care if he had any last words. When the treasure knife was tilted to set up the door, Cui Kebo was on the verge of turning, but he couldn’t find a chance to look around. But the room was full of terrible murderous look, and suddenly a horseshoe loomed into their ears.
Luo Tingyu whispered, "Cui Laozhang, your helper has arrived!"