When talking, Su Jing raised his hand and waved a few xuanli condensed on his fingertips and drew a "sword symbol" for a moment.

There is a kind of sword symbol in the method of robbery, but it is clear enough. At first sight, the seven fairies in Linglong altar felt familiar with this symbol and soon realized that this is the "Laughing Fairy" skirt symbol seal!
"I painted the symbol of her skirt." Su Jing stopped looking at the "Seven Fairys" and "Don’t believe anything steamed lotus said … I just rushed to get married. It was steamed lotus that brought out the exquisite altar, which led to the disaster."
Su Jingxiao smiled and repeated the sentence "You are really killed by her."
Seven exquisite old immortals looked at each other.
Big adversary, big conspiracy, big terror … I thought too much. The reason why the strong enemy suddenly killed the door was so simple and direct.
The whole set of courtship drama is made by steaming lotus empress. Without this, it is natural to provoke Su Jing, the devil … Just like this little devil said that the exquisite altar was ruined by steaming lotus from beginning to end!
The seven old fairies looked at each other for a moment, and the oldest person coughed gently. "Little Fairy Zun didn’t grow steamed lotus when he just rose, or I didn’t know that the pavilion laughed and laughed. This just made a ridiculous thing. Now Little Fairy Zun has been severely punished, and we all know that the laughing and laughing children are well …"
Su Jing has heard a few words of shaking his head and interrupting and asking, "Do you all know about the affair of the steamed lotus demon monk?"
It’s not that the "seven fairies" were surprised when Su Jing exposed the affair between the steamed lotus and the demon monk, but people went to see the steamed lotus or the demon monk. At that time, their eyes looked so white that Su Jing was surprised. It’s not that they had an affair, but how did this Su Jing know about it?
Steamed lotus affair can deceive those younger generations, but they can’t deceive them. All of them are loaches in a pond, and no one is cleaner than anyone. No one has to pretend that the seven elders in the lofty and exquisite altar are silent.
Su Jingxing was very good. His eyes were bright and he asked, "Do you really want to be buried with Linglong altar?"
The seven old fairies continue to be silent and don’t know how to answer that it is absolutely impossible to be buried with the dead, but it is really reluctant to give up the hard work for thousands of years to save money. After a while, one of the seven fairies "does the pavilion have to destroy the exquisite altar?"
There are many reasons for attacking Su Jing in Linglong Altar. For example, my uncle is narrow-minded, and he is looked down upon by the immortals in the altar when he arrives at the place. For example, Su Jing, the devil in troubled times, misunderstood that his daughter-in-law had been married, and he had to lose his temper greatly; For example, steamed lotus invited helpers to look like holy monks and real demons, and he also detained Da ‘ao monks and provoked Su Jing’s temper; For example, there must be something strange when the bee overseas Chinese "borrow their eyes" to steam the lotus, but they don’t recognize themselves … But is Su Jing really going to destroy the exquisite altar?
If he had really made up his mind to kill the top ten arhats here, he wouldn’t have left his hand to collect his strength when he attacked the large array of exquisite immortals, nor would he have been seriously injured.
As few as now, the exquisite dharma altar has been beaten in a mess but no one has died; Don’t tell me what happened. He hasn’t planned to kill the exquisite altar until he knows what happened.
Su Jing certainly won’t tell each other, "I haven’t decided to scare them first." He smiled and didn’t talk.
The cave was very quiet. When the fairy saw that he didn’t answer, she bowed her head and meditated again. After a few breaths, one person suddenly found that his costume had changed when he glanced at Su Jing.
Clothes can change with one’s mind. It’s not a big deal for a yogi to change his costume, but it’s customary for the old fairy to take one more look … just one look and then she lost her exclamation. After that, she even exaggerated her knees and fell to her knees. "Ghost … I don’t know if the king drives a villain to bow down and have eyeballs!"
Good carry suddenly knelt down a few other exquisite fairy are surprised and two people at the rebuke of "what is this?" But when they have heard the companion’s words and seen Su Jing’s clothes, they first changed their faces and then hesitated to bow down.
Su Jing changed his robe and hades rose to the throne.
A robe only adds a "monster" behind Su Jing.
I dare not kneel, as if mortals worship Guanyin and animals see dragons and phoenixes. The status difference is too great. Who dares to be amazed in front of Pluto? At the same time, the seven fairies suddenly realize that it is no wonder that Xiaoxiao Emperor treated him politely. It is no wonder that the married monty silently guarded him.
Su Jing takes two steps to the side and is not subject to their bow down. "I want you to wait for worship. I also need a Tibetan robe before. Get up … it’s still what I asked before. You have to give me an answer."
Wearing a robe, Su Jing is the most valuable identity of Hades, telling each other a simple meaning, which may not be exquisite. The altar has offended Hades.
Don’t say anything, big girl, even if you offend hades with a stitch and a little thing, you can have an exquisite altar destroyed and not saved.
What’s the point? What’s the reason that provoked Hades? How trivial things are enough to "complete" a big crime of killing people.
Since it’s not saved, do you have to bury it?
I don’t know whether I should despair or be glad that the former is because I know that my inheritance will be destroyed, but the latter is … Can they live according to Wang Jia?
The robe red python swings and slowly swims out of Su Jing’s robe and surrounds the seven fairies. Su Jingbai worries that "if I don’t wear this robe, I will do whatever I want, and then I will change it. When I change my robe, I will make a promise of gold and silver, my life and the world will change forever!"
With a golden mouth, King Agu’s robe and Su Jingjin’s mouth has been "I beg for the truth and I won’t die if I tell the truth"
There’s nothing to hesitate anymore. The Seven Fairys immediately said, "Report to Wang Jia, as you can see, everything is steamed lotus … it’s that bitch!"
"She is glad that Lohan has been having an affair for a long time. When men and women first got along with each other, she was still young and quite feminine …" But it is not easy for Yan Yi, an old fairy, to stay young forever, but it is also slow and slow to steam the lotus.
Today, the steamed lotus empress is as mature as a peach and has her own amorous feelings. Lohan doesn’t like mature women. He loves young women more. It’s been too long since they were together. Even though steamed lotus is getting older and her desire is fading, she enjoys the eternal love.
Steamed lotus is not content with this. She has been trying to find a way and she really found a good spell-changing the enchanting body of the avatar is very simple. Looking for a young and beautiful fairy to kill the soul, steamed lotus gives up a statue of the spirit in the avatar and enters this new body … much like taking possession, but steaming lotus is refining a beautiful fairy into her avatar.
If this technique succeeds in steaming lotus, the Empress will have two different bodies. You can’t tie the demon monk’s heart with the beauty of the "young fairy"
The reason is simple, but it’s not easy to implement. First, to find a suitable "doppelganger", you must be a natural obsequious person and not more than 3,000 years old. It must be a flaw. This is a spell restriction. If you want to refine your doppelganger, you must find such a person.
In this way, people can’t go to Furong Sumeru to discuss this matter with Lohan who is happy. The demon monk heard that steamed lotus wants to train a fairy who is naturally obsequious. If she can’t be happy, she can’t find anyone to say anything.
The demon monk is trying to contribute … not to help the steamed lotus to find someone, but to move his own celestial feelings to get the master to cast a spell on the steamed lotus empress, which leads to a "chance" to meet a fairy who is under 3,000 years old and obsequious.
When I heard this, Su Jingwei raised his eyebrows and forced me to change my life.
It was a chance to steam the lotus goddess by the master’s advice. She finally met the "Laughing Fairy" 400 years ago.
Then things seemed to smell the same "laughing fairy", and the mother and daughter of steamed lotus lived in harmony happily. In fact, steamed lotus had secretly used her calculation to send an elixir to her "daughter", give directions to practice, and so on. If she didn’t know what to think, it was all her mother’s love for her child, but it was steamed lotus’s own preparation for her "changing places in two places" spell.
A real skill of "changing two places at once" by steaming lotus flowers and putting down "Laughing Fairy" after all the preparations in front of armour.
"But the bitch who steamed lotus never thought that laughter was another skill to protect the soul. The child had to stop steaming lotus when it came to the key." The first sound of the Seven Immortals slowly. "We don’t know much about steaming lotus witchcraft, but we can put her in a dilemma!"
In the middle of "changing avatars", I found that the spirits of both sides have been intertwined. If the steamed lotus drives the gods to storm, the jade and stone will burn. She will be seriously injured by the anti-bite, and the respect will be abolished, and the "laughter" will be destroyed. If you want to stop here, it’s just that the true soul of Laughter Fairy will take advantage of the situation to bully you, but instead, it will take over the steamed lotus and steal the chicken and not erode the rice.
Another interface of the Seven Immortals, "Steamed Lotus Laughter is deadlocked, but the trapped steamed lotus is a hindrance to the action; Laughing child is incarnated as a flame, sealed by a statue of Aquarius, lost its freedom, deadlocked for a while, steamed lotus found a heavy break key. "