At this time, this shadow of a knife was generally pointed out by Fang Yunhan that the knife entity was not really trapped.

A light sound brushed his fingertips.
Sure enough, your mouth should not be as strong as your body defense, so you don’t believe that your eyes can block the blade.’
Gao Xuan’s body looms ahead of Fang Yunhan, and the long knife changes the target conveniently. When it flashes, it stabs Fang Yunhan’s eyes.
Fang Yunhan’s eyes seemed to have a golden flash when the tip of the knife was about to stab his eye.
Golden light as firm but gentle erupts from his eyes. Eye, body, and eyesight force. The tip of the needle hits the tip of the knife like a wheat awn.
Gao Xuan’s wrist trembled and his beard curled, almost wondering what he had seen.
Even a talented avatar has a condition. How can he behave without the breath of God’s heart …’
Shocked thoughts haven’t finished yet when another message interrupts his surprise.
That’s park lee’s spiritual message
Gao Xuan’s doubt shows that he suddenly withdrew from his hand because of his unusual trust.
By the time cicada became strong, he had almost returned to the flag of Zhongjun again.
But even if he retired so quickly, he was scared out in a cold sweat.
Because at that moment, Fang Yunhan’s black-and-white Tai Chi virtual shadow suddenly expanded to cover the surrounding area of about 100 meters.
Those soldiers in the western mainland who are closer to Fang Yunhan can’t see the moving figure of their general just now, and feel that the enemy body opposite them has changed from blue to gold in a flash.
Then, like a swamp, when the Tai Chi diagram of power expands, it comes here.
Qi seems to have solidified, and the soldiers in Jinyuan, who are in the range of Taiji diagram, feel that their chests are under strong oppression, and all movements are confined.
Some soldiers can see a sharp arrow that has just left the string and settle down.
There was no fresh air flowing, and their faces quickly turned purple.
Fang Yunhan clenched his fist in the palm of his hand, and the Taiji diagram accelerated the rotation. Many soldiers vomited blood and died on the spot.
A road is like a fountain spouting blood fog. Fang Yunhan’s sad and happy eyes crossed the whole army and his head was slightly tilted, which seemed a little curious.
He can be sure that the decision to escape just now was made before he really made a move.
Fang Yunhan predicted the crisis before using this wide-ranging blow, so the other side should be close to practicing God, but judging from the knife’s meaning, it is far from reaching this level.
Then how did this man make such a prediction?
Fang Yunhan, who spoke with a high standard, clearly heard his heart beating faster at a glance.
He can’t tell whether it’s excitement, anger or fear, but he has torn his helmet.
Luo Xin and others have also roughly judged the situation just now, and the expressions have become a little stiff, revealing untold seriousness.
Park Li-shen is one or two steps behind Gao Xuan’s words. His ears are flapping quickly, and his face is covered with sweat the size of soybeans. He has done nothing but he is extremely hard.
The bronze helmet is high, and the left hand and five fingers are pinched and deformed, and the right hand is forced to make the knuckles white and dry, and the chest swells and screams.
"Move forward quickly to the seaside! ! !”
Fierce roar all over the army, many soldiers were in uproar, but generals at all levels shouted and repeated this order.
In recent decades, the Principality of Jinyuan has expanded from a corner to dominate the strongest country in the whole western continent, except for the glory of ambition from the monarch to the children.
Military orders are carried out like iron, which has been engraved in the bones of these soldiers over the years.
They are arrogant and rampant in the enemy land, and often the military orders such as brutality come in layers, but they seem to have suddenly lost their desire and turned into machines one by one and immediately executed them.
The army turned west.
Fang Yunhan stepped forward.
"usually work together"
Deformation helmet hit Fang Yunhan position thousands of soldiers head out of a shallow white air billow.
The golden man of god popped up his helmet and burst.
The collapse of copper and iron is called boiling against the sky
Gao Xuan’s figure appeared steadily, and nearly a thousand bodies appeared in front of Fang Yunhan.
Bodies were everywhere, bleeding like streams.
The curly hair curled freely in front of the general’s horizontal knife, glaring and round-eyed, and the language registration number was "Please comment on the high choice of Jinyuan Principality"
Tian Huaimeng flew from the sky, and Luo Xin usually hurried from the shoulders and heads of many soldiers