Yang Yan a stare blankly way "alas! I can’t help being angry. "

Zong Xuan said, "You are not so angry that you have to die here today."
Yang Yandao: "You have such a good eye. You must have come from a contemporary expert family. If this is the case, you will die in our hands." Have you sworn not to fight? "
Luckily, she actually came up with such a reason and smiled and said, "This scene involves too much. I’m afraid I don’t have much words."
When appropriate, step back and say, "In that case, brother will return you to Li Xiong."
Li Kun frowned. "I’ve given him to Brother Feng. If you give it back to me? Please handle it in the end! "
Of course, he doesn’t want to carry the crime of harming Zong Xuan alone. It is said that everyone wants to hand Zong Xuan over to others, and Zong Xuan has shown great vitality in this contradictory situation.
He exulted in his heart, hurriedly benefiting from this favorable situation. "Since you are all very polite and don’t want to start work, I might as well tell you a secret …"
Those people don’t know what to do, but they look at Zong Xuan and say, "That is, my life is in danger, and it’s the same ending whether you move or not."
Yan Yang said "No wonder you are not afraid of death".
Zong Xuan knows that it is effective to deal with her. When his eyes stare, he is very rude. "Nonsense! Even if I don’t, I’ve never been afraid of death. "
Yan Yang felt angry in his words and felt great guilt. "I’m sorry! That’s my gaffe. "
Zongxuan proudly smiled. "I wouldn’t be surprised if you just let me go a few times if I wasn’t poisoned and could resist."
Li Kun nu way "shut up! Bragging has to have a score. You? ? Straight boastful "ZongXuan coldly before always looked at the rest of the people one by one and said," Are there any angry people? "
Hum a "Count me in" when it comes to time.
Middle-aged Taoist priests also said, "I have never witnessed the magic of the pavilion."
Have Yan Yang silent ZongXuan studied her this kind of reaction, and then said, "It’s natural that you can’t be angry. If you are not afraid of delay, I will try to teach you a lesson."
Every wild goose first ha ha laughs "good! Ok! At this point, the brothers can still get it out. "
He cast a glance at the middle-aged road flyover and added, "What did the Taoist priest say? Ah! I also forgot to ask the law number? "
Middle-aged Taoist replied, "Lou Jishi, who is original, talks about everything. If you can miss the opportunity?"
Li Kun said, "Zongxuan, I will learn from you first."
ZongXuan way "make! However, my eyes are so poisoned that I can’t start work and change the method instead of shooting, but I believe you won’t be angry. "He deliberately said it was poisoning, and there is a lot in it.
Li Kun said, "What can you do instead?"
Zong Xuan said, "There are not only methods, but also more than two methods. The first method is to ask Miss Yang to act on my behalf. The second method is that I verbally shout out the names of tricks to defeat the enemy."
He glanced at each other and added, "As far as the Pavilion Five Tiger Soul-Breaking Knife is concerned, it’s thirty strokes at most and you have to lie down."
His voice, attitude and speech are getting more and more arrogant, even if he is angry in his heart, he has to fight.
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Li Kun’s long knife swung. "I shouldn’t let others do it for you!" Since you say it, so be it! "
Zong Xuan said, "There are sixty-three Five Tiger Soul-Breaking Knives in hand. Needless to say, when it reaches the twentieth move, I will make a move to" storm the clouds ".You should make a move to" cross the forest and cross the ridge "! At this time, my sword turned into a "white crane with bright wings", but I stretched my feet half a foot ahead just in time to attack from your right side and go back to the key point. "
His words came to an abrupt end, and Li Kun’s face suddenly became like a blank sheet of paper. Regardless of whether the other party could make that move when he started, at least three conditions were correct, which made him shocked.
First, he said more than 20 tricks, which is the most appropriate time to make his trick "crossing the forest" show flaws.
The second point is that this trick "crossing the forest and crossing the mountains" is a big weakness in his art of using saber, which is naturally well known by Li Kun. The third point is that the other party’s choice of counterattack is actually a very ordinary trick, but everyone knows it, but he has been immersed in it for many years and doesn’t know it yet. Now it is fatal to be hit home by him. If you can’t figure out a remedy, you will never be able to be a first-class master Lin.
Zongxuan gave a way to "change one"
When it comes to time, it’s like saying a few steps before. "Let’s just do what you think?"
Zong Xuan said, "Of course, you are most afraid of finger separation in terms of the martial arts of the Tin Seal Gate. Because of your" wind-catching footwork ",you are good at flashing back, and you pay attention to the fact that the tip of the enemy’s sword passes by without saying that you will be in danger of being defeated anytime and anywhere."
When responding, he said noncommittally, "There are only a few people who can point to the world. Aren’t you talking in vain?"
Zong Xuan said coldly, "So you forced me to say an alternative fingering method in public, didn’t you?"
I really didn’t dare to answer immediately when I met the situation. I finally didn’t dare to take this big risk because the other party may be bragging and intimidating, but if the other party really said something like this, wouldn’t his fantasy "catching the wind" lose its value from now on? Rao is Zong Xuan who hasn’t said the substitution method yet, but just revealing this secret has given birth to a sense of being overwhelmed when it comes to time.
He sighed and said, "Brother Zong really has ordinary people’s talents. It takes only a few words to win the battle with his brother Pei!"
Zong Xuan waved his hand and said, "Change one."
At this time, it is naturally the turn of Lou Jishi, the Yinshan Sword Sect. Everyone’s eyes turned to him, but seeing this middle-aged Taoist sword standing upright, he neither spoke nor moved forward.
ZongXuan face upwards a moreover way "Lou long I have guessed your mind but you want to wording forced me to personally array? If I can’t do it, will you try this game? "