So can we find these genetic basis points when we retreat from the illusory visual state?

With this idea, you can retreat and enter the illusory state without a horse.
Illusion is not everything.
If you want to find the gene base point of neural reaction phase, you have to put yourself to the limit.
Then Xu tui almost didn’t rest, and the laser matrix continued to train the neural response.
A sense of inexplicable fatigue gradually appear.
Different from mental fatigue and physical fatigue, this kind of fatigue is completely different.
Very slight
But true.
"How do you judge that your neural response training is approaching the limit?" After a glass of medlar water, Professor Luo’s voice rang again.
"It’s really simple."
"The reaction nerve has a real substance, and it will be tired when you train for more than an hour.
The nerve reaction speed obtained by your initial test will be lower than your nerve reaction speed value.
For example, you will test that the nerve reaction speed is 2 milliseconds, which will become 21 milliseconds several times in a row, which means that it is close to the limit.
Yeah, keep training. Don’t stop.
In this case, insisting on training is the most likely genetic basis point of neural response speed. "
After that, Professor Luo Shifeng took a sip of tea and silently added two words: "No!"
If the gene base and point of nerve reaction speed are so easy to start, does he dare to take out three bottles of E-class energy supplement as a reward?
He wants three classes a week for such courses.
Take it out every time
If there really were a student who could earn a reward, he would have gone bankrupt.
It’s just a teaching method
Many students in Luo Shifeng Taiwan are very satisfied with their training status.
Many students have never stopped from training.
This is his favorite type of student.
Hard work and perseverance are essential to achieve success in the era of gene evolution.
Professor Luo’s eyes occasionally swept away from Xu.
This student has always insisted on training hard and is a good seedling.
But the eyes just swept Professor Luo’s eyes just moved.
Just finished training, Xu retired and did not continue to practice, but sat and rested.
In my heart, the horse made a big red cross for Xu tui.
This student can’t do it without perseverance!
Then note its classmates.
It’s not that you don’t have perseverance to sit directly on the floor and train Gexu to retire. The inexplicable fatigue is getting stronger and stronger.
Xu tui feels close to the limit.
Xu retired and sat down directly to enter the illusory visual state through rest.
At first glance, there are as many as 49 gene bases flashing white light.
But after a scan, there is no body to find the gene base point of different nerve reaction speed.
Xu tui frowns
"Is it not to the limit?"
Xu got up and got up again for three rounds of training and sat down to rest again.
This time, Xu retired and observed more carefully.
Finally have a little reaction.
There are so nine gray spots in different positions in the body, and its genetic basis points are still different.
First of all, white light actually flows into these nine unexposed gene bases, which is very rare to retreat into illusory vision.
If you carefully observe these nine gene base points, you will find that there is a slight fluctuation compared with its gray unopened gene base points.
This fluctuation is very slight.
However, it is very accurate that illusion is the most authentic feedback of the body.
"That should be the nine gene bases?"
"reconfirm one"
After four rounds of training, it was confirmed that it was these nine genetic basis points.
But there is a question, which one should be started first?
In spiritual cultivation, the first layer and the second layer of "Spiritual Sea Concentration and Feeling Forging Method 49" are all very particular about the order of initiation.
Which gene base point comes first and which order can’t be wrong
The order of enlightenment in Wen Shao’s extraordinary cultivation method is also very important.
What about the nerve reaction speed?
Is there such a problem?
After thinking for a while, I rang the bell.
A few seconds Luo Shifeng came to xu back.
Luo Shifeng, a student who has no perseverance in this impression, has no good feelings.
"Professor Luo, I want to ask whether the gene base point of nerve reaction speed is random or has a sequence?
Many of our mysterious cultivation methods have rev order requirements "Xu asked back.
Luo Shifeng looked at Xu tui’s heart and said,’ If you want to have the first class more, you want to start the neural response gene base point. Isn’t this a dream?’