Taoist Chunyang nodded again, "For example, it’s no big deal to be sophisticated yourself, but this old man is very lucky to welcome a friend who used to practice martial arts and later obtained secrets."

Lu Da laughed. "Cuckoo is clumsy, but I see an old man at this age, wearing a relaxed mental robe and smelling of tea. I must be at the age of enjoying myself in Yiyuan Mountain. Are you still willing to take another apprentice and do more exercises?"
Chunyang Taoist priest turned to look at his eyes carefully. There was a faint speculation in his heart. He couldn’t help but hum a way: "The so-called brother Lao Lao has nothing to do, and he’s embarrassed to toss about those disciples so that he can get a poor disciple to toss about and talk to him in his later years."
"Does the teacher look at cudgels?"
Speaking of this, Lu Da suddenly got sincere and smiled, rolled his sleeves and showed his muscles seriously. He said, "I dare not say that I can only work hard, eat and drink, and I can do everything."
Director Chunyang was dazed and suddenly realized, "Good Luda, do you also test me?"
"Dare the teacher laugh and curse without covering it up? It’s my brother’s yearning for fairy manners."
Lu Da primly said, "It’s not a waste to have this conversation and know more about such a veteran, even if he is driven away from the mountain to visit his family because of these words."
Chunyang Laodao can feel that this Han is also speaking from the heart. Just now, that little annoyance suddenly vanished, but if you want to accept this disciple just like this, you always feel as if there is no master.
"You’re a bluffing fellow with a rough appearance and no scheming."
Taoist Chunyang deliberately left his sleeve and turned to the mountain. Leave a message.
"Hum, then you can guard the mountain gate for two months instead of the little Taoist at the foot of the mountain."
Luda smiled briskly. Hehe turned and went to the foot of the mountain.
Taoist Chunyang thought as he walked up the mountain.
"After accepting such an apprentice … haha, it was really impossible to talk about the old man. It’s really getting older and more British. Hahahaha"
When he went to the pavilion, he found that there was already another person in the pavilion cleaning two cups with hot water.
"The palm teaches you out."
Chunyang Road took two quick steps to the pavilion and stared at Fang Yunhan’s right hand with a teapot.
That hand is evenly lined with flesh and blood, and the skin color is slightly white. Five fingernails are ruddy and clean, and the knuckles are bent and the teapot is set off, which makes the skin texture more delicate.
Look left and right, you can’t see that when you first came back to the mountain, your whole arm was left with a miserable look of bones.
When Fang Yunhan cleaned both cups, he poured half a cup of hot tea, put one in front of him and pushed it to the other side of the stone table.
The Taoist priest of Chunyang took a seat on the other side and withdrew his sight. He praised, "The barren Liuhe shattered the real body and swam the northern ghost to drop blood and be reborn."
"I really saw an example today when you added these notes."
He took a sip of hot tea and then said, "You’ve closed a little vision this time, but it seems even more profound when you come out. You won’t have already understood these magical powers of the nine yin and easy pulse method, will you?"
"I’m learning from some of these techniques, but I don’t want to accept nature as it is relatively simple."
Fang Yunhan looks dull, his eyes and eyebrows seem to have a smile, but his lips are a little deep and he says, "Of course, this practice is doomed to be impossible to practice these methods to their respective limits."
Chunyang Laodao shook his head. "You are too modest to go for it alone. Although you can’t reach their original extreme, you also bypass their respective limitations."
"Yes …" The old man hesitated to look at Fang Yunhan’s face. "Your qi activity is even more unpredictable, but your complexion is not very good. Is it really that great obstacle to the miraculous state of Jiuyang?"
Fang Yunhan gave a positive response and said quietly, "The characteristics of the Ten Yang Flame are almost beyond all the achievement methods I have ever seen. It is too extreme, and even my heart is almost impossible to change back the true qi that has been transformed into holy fire."
Chunyang Laodao’s eyelids jumped and he said with some worry, "I think you can cut down a realm and return to Jiuyang level if you can’t bear it after leaving a note in Jiuyang’s magical power?"
The highest level of Nine-yang Divine Skill, Ten-yang Flame Realm, will trigger a deeper virtual robbery, and if you don’t practice the virtual body, there will be robbery.
Ten-day Tsunami Disaster
Such extreme yang will make the practitioner’s heart in the five internal organs on the verge of collapse and self-destruction.
This fire robbery starts from the depths of the heart, and all methods are used to suppress it. Once the heart pulse is burned, even the soul will be reduced to ashes by it, and it is necessary to escape from it by cutting itself off sometimes.
"Ha ha, brother, you don’t have to worry."
Fang Yunhan said, "Although the Ten-Yang Flame is terrible, I have already made it into a nine-story Taoist realm of rebirth. Even if half of my body is bombed, it may grow back."
"And I’ve passed the virtual robbery, even though the flame is longer than me, it’s just some heartache."
He said that he had a toothache in his ears when he was listening to Chunyang Road carelessly.
His statement is obviously that he is not prepared to cut down a heavy realm himself, and the so-called heartache is afraid of the seesaw that the flame burns part of the heart when it keeps burning the heart pulse, and then the northern ghost rebirth method keeps regenerating the heart.
I feel pain when I think about this kind of thing.
"No wonder your lips are purple, your eyes are bloodshot, and your hair looks dry and unkempt than before."
Minister Chunyang quickly pressed the pain and said, "So you can’t do this. Is there any way to solve it completely?"
Fang Yunhan poured the half cup of tea into his mouth. As soon as the tea entered, it had turned into a steam root and could not stay.
He seems to think that drinking tea like this is not interesting, and he pours half a cup into his hand and says, "Actually, I set fire to burn my heart just to feel that it is still too short to study for half a month. There is something in my hometown that can help me speed up the process."
Chunyang Laodao: "Are you going to leave for a while again?"
"To be honest, I don’t know when I will come back this time."
Fang Yunhan said unhurriedly, despite the consternation in Chunyang’s old face, "There are some things that need to be dealt with well before leaving to teach us where the lair is?"