The third volume The stars gather together. One hundred and fifty-one Days of Datong

Taiyi Excalibur!
That’s the most representative Excalibur of the whole sword Sect!
Although this Excalibur is not a great Excalibur, it does not represent a token of palm teaching, but up to now, every practitioner who has been given an Excalibur in Taiyi has been promoted to Shinto and trained as a Yuan God, and has been appointed to palm teaching by one sword Sect!
That is to say, being given this Excalibur Nianshengji is equivalent to being recognized by all the elders and grandfathers of the Sword Sect. It is a matter of iron plate that he will become a palm teacher after his smooth promotion to Shinto!
I also know in my mind that this Excalibur represents meaning!
He is a common practitioner in the mortal world, and even the royal majesty dare not take lightly. If he hadn’t come to a sword Sect to learn from his master and get a sword Sect to teach Wan Jiantao to take over his younger brother, it would be impossible for him to achieve such achievements today. He not only won glory, but also repaired his long life. More importantly, these clan elders didn’t dare to think about it before he hit a sword Sect, which made him see more and go further. Such kindness has been recreated!
When he bent slightly, he respectfully said, "Thanks to the love of your elders, you will live up to your trust. I will return to a sword Sect and I will return to a sword Sect. The spirit of doing things will spread to every corner of the world!"
"Ha ha, I’m very glad that you have this wish, and I also believe that it’s not impossible for you to keep working hard and you will succeed in the future."
Elder Stuart also nodded with satisfaction. "It’s full that I can still be counted and humble when I get such a reward. It’s a great wind that I will be supported by a sword Sect in the future!"
Iron front and Wan Jiantao nodded at the same time.
However, Wan Jiantao hesitated for a moment to give the students a little warning and pressure. "Except for one or two people, you are almost an enemy in the realm of Dan Dao, and even ordinary Shinto masters can compete with each other, but you still can’t be careless. You need to know that every day is just too numerous. Take our’ Juque’ cultivation of immortals as an example, the strength of rain and evil is not what you have, and the record that Gu Qing created a year ago is even more remarkable!"
"Guqing?" Niansheng was slightly surprised and said, "Master, do you mean the ancient Qing who joined Xuanyang Tianzong and became the true brother of Xuanyang Tianzong?"
"Yes, but now he should not be regarded as the true brother of Hyun Yang Tianzong. Now the whole practitioner of Hyun Yang Tianzong is wanted by him. Even some other sects and petty sects are constantly looking for him. yan wang, the elder of Hyun Yang Tianzong, even fell behind in his cultivation. He even walked around our’ Jueque’ cultivation world day and night, and even launched himself to spread his eyes and ears all over the star world to spy on him. He fell into a trend of not letting go until he found Guqing!"
As soon as I read this, my face suddenly changed slightly. I couldn’t help but say that I paid a respectful tribute to Wan Jiantao, the attitude was sincere and the tone was urgent. "Master Guqingge was grateful to me, and my kendo retreat was able to advance by leaps and bounds. Later, it was because of the guidance of Master Guqingge that the eye Guqingge was hunted and wanted by the whole dazzling day Sect. Even if it was a narrow escape, I would like to ask Master Guqingge to let us return to Jianzong to temporarily shelter him and help him through the immediate crisis. I am grateful!"
Wan Jiantao couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. Instead, he asked, "Tell me about the ancient youth and understanding?"
Although he was a little anxious in his mind, he obviously knew that the more he needed to calm down and ponder for a moment, he said directly, "I didn’t know Guqingge for a long time, but after some argumentation, I was a confidant. At that time, although I was talented and enlightened, I still stayed at the level of airway, but I am sure that Guqingge must be a dragon in the middle. Once he gave him a chance and a platform, he would immediately soar to the sky!"
Wan Jiantao nodded with satisfaction after listening to Niansheng’s evaluation. "Do you know what Guqing will cause the whole Xuanyang Tianzong to be hunted down and wanted?"
"My brother has been practicing in the past few years, and he knows little about external affairs. Please ask your master and brother to solve your doubts!"
"Ha ha, because he lost Xuanyang Tianzong’s palm teaching, Yunyan Town died, and Xuanyang Tianzong’s elders practiced day by day, and many Shinto masters surrounded Xuanyang Tianzong’s door and spoke wildly to seize Xuanyang Tianzong’s palm teaching position. More than that, since then, he has even killed a large number of Dandan masters under their noses!"
As soon as you say these words, you are stunned on the spot!
"Master, are you saying that he defeated Xuanyang Tianzong and taught Yunyan Town to die, and Xuanyang Tianzong was too old to be refined …"
"You didn’t hear me wrong. What I said is true. These news eyes have been all over the’ Grand Que’ cultivation world, and even some nearby stars have a preliminary understanding of Guqing’s name."
Niansheng has been closed to the sword for years and knows little about the outside world, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t even know some common sense things!
Maybe he doesn’t know the names of Bai Lie, Huo Jing, and Gong Sunhu, the nine masters of Dan Dao, and he knows very little about yan wang, Nahe Zun, Zong Wanjie, the Shinto Zun, but he will never know that Xuanyang Tianzong teaches Yunyan and Taichang Lian Ri, the two super masters!
These two are experts in the triple realm of Shinto!
Especially the elder Tai Lian-ri, that’s a half-pedaled master of four realms. Even if his master belongs to a sword master and teaches Wan Jiantao without using artifacts and displaying the sword tactic of Datong, there is no chance of winning!
But now the master says that Gu Qing actually killed such a super player … It’s incredible!
Wan Jiantao finished quietly looking at Niansheng and didn’t say what the whole thing seemed to be waiting for.
Stuart elders looked at the mouth but was blocked back by Wan Jiantao’s eyes!
Elder Nai Situ can also ask through the sound of God’s knowledge, "Don’t you forget that Guqing and Niansheng have a bet to make a vow together to see who can be promoted to the Shinto realm first? I miss that Shengsheng can practice to such a short time, and there must be this bet to inspire his eyes. Tell him that Guqing has already possessed the strength to train the elders in the town. Wouldn’t it be …"
Wan Jiantao shook his head slightly but didn’t speak. His eyes still stayed absent!
Although Elder Stuart and Elder Tie Feng are puzzled by this practice, there is no way to be silent and wait for the reaction!
The shocking effect of this news on Niansheng is really extraordinary. After listening to this news, he failed to come to his senses for a long time!
It took him a long time to take a deep breath and converge with a sigh. "I can’t believe that I didn’t see Guqingge when I was a little bit, but I have already cultivated in such a state that I have to wait for amazing repair when I die in the town." Looking at the whole cultivation world, people who can do this will definitely not exceed double ten. It seems that when we made a bet, I lost. "
Although his voice is full of emotion, his face is not depressed and disheartened. On the contrary, he is sincerely happy for Gu Qing’s achievement!