Sun Yao finally became a hero!

Yeah, crazy celebration. Celebrate the team reaching the final finals!
Sun Yao clenched his fist tightly and lay on the grass and exhaled for a long time.
He was too tired, but he finished his decision and ended the battle in ten minutes.
And he did it and ended the game himself!
What’s even more rare is that the goal here is the crystallization of the overall cooperation of the beautiful individual ability of J and jīng! Let people have a poor aftertaste!
A wonderful game If you are asked to answer your feelings about the game after a game, you can answer "This is football!" " Then it can be said that this game must be a delicious game, just like this one! It is memorable! It’s incredible that ten minutes ended so simply that Sun Yao’s beautiful winner pushed people’s final mood to a high level.
Enduring fatigue, I did some recovery training. Sun Yao finally lay in bed and didn’t want to get up again.
Enter the superstar system
"Congratulations on completing the hidden encouragement team!"
"You skill faster step by step to increase the reward experience 3% plus basic experience now upgraded to level 2! The starting speed of five meters is increased by%! " Tong Shi Dao
Although Sun Yao was excited, he did not show too much. After all, he was too tired.
"Your skill’ piercing the cloud arrow’ rewards 5% of your experience and your current experience is 64%!"
"Hidden? What is it? " Sun Yao
"See the literal meaning is white! I still don’t understand! " Xiaoshendao
"Is that superficial?" Sun Yao asked.
"Of course! When you grow up, you will encounter bottlenecks and gain more experience, so the system will help you overcome such problems! " Xiaoshendao
"system? Where is it? " Sun Yao doubt way
"I haven’t developed it yet, because I don’t have enough limits, so I have a lot of data connections!" The little god explained
"What about hiding?" Sun Yao asked again.
"It’s too much trouble to explain that hiding something that doesn’t belong to the system but is attached to it. Are you sure you want to hear it?" Xiaoshendao
"Forget it, I can’t understand IQ!" Sun Yao Naidao
"By the way, what else is hidden? Tell me! I want to finish it all! " Sun Yao suddenly way
"I don’t know if it is hidden, but it is naturally generated immediately! I can’t control it! Moreover, the reward is also random. Of course, the number of rewards will be determined according to the difficulty. However, it is random whether the reward skill level experience value or the learning skill experience value or the direct high physical fitness! " The little god explained
"ah? I finally found a way to upgrade my skills quickly! But you said you can directly improve your physical fitness? Have you made a mistake? " Sun Yao regrets.
"That is absolutely but depends on your luck! And the encouragement team hides that you have done it once and there will be no second time! " Xiaoshendao
"I understand this well don’t say! Sleep! " Sun Yao immediately fell asleep!
Entering at a very fast speed really makes those friends who have insomnia at night jealous!
Chapter 17 Simple negotiation
Get up the next day!
Sun Yao washed and ate quickly, only digested for a moment and then immediately entered the training ground!
It’s been a new day of training.
As his teammates slowly walked into the training ground, they looked at Sun Yao dumbfounded.
"This guy is a person or a ghost? How can you be alive and kicking today after consuming such a big game yesterday? "
"After his crazy training again, I’m about to give up playing football by him! Being a teammate with such a crazy training guy always has a sense of self. "
"Can you stop spelling? I am going to cry! "
Sun Yaonai, his teammate, looked radiant and discus.
"Hey, good morning, everyone!" Sun Yao laughed.
"You also don’t be too hard! The level and growth rate you have shown now will definitely join the national team in the future and gain a foothold in Europe! " They appealed to the way
"Love will win! Young people should fight! Hey! " Sun Yao said with a smile and then went to do a round trip.
They will have three days to prepare for the big battle with Villarreal youth team.
"Ladies and gentlemen, we have entered the final, which is very difficult! In these three days, everyone can be relaxed and don’t fight so hard! " Zhang Rui took a look at Sun Yao, which means telling him to have more rest. Too much crazy training can easily lead to physical injury, but he knew that Sun Yao practiced āo every night to do maintenance, which was excellent.
"Wake up, by the way, you can go out to play after training. Although it is not a big city, there are also playgrounds and many good places to play. Everyone can form a team at will and not get lost! Of course, don’t go out at night, especially if one or two nightclubs are absolutely not allowed to remove you! " Zhang Rui took a meaningful look at Sun Yao again.
Sun Yao can secretly bow his head. "I’m not going because I already have a shadow of Y and N!"
Everyone has left after a training class, and many of them have gone to a very famous playground near here.
Instead of going, Sun Yao stayed to continue his training.
Sun Yao, the Weifang amusement park, has been there. After all, it’s not far from home, so I’m not interested in going again.
Zhang Rui doesn’t know what a person is doing, saying that he won’t go to nightclubs. It’s not because he’s afraid that Sun Yao and them will meet again when they go to nightclubs!
Or fear of being caught something even dirtier.
Sun Yao’s bad idea is that he is not interested in those things. If he accelerates his height! If you have high ability, everything will be there!
Sun Yao practiced tirelessly in the training ground alone and played training as a game.
At this time, a foreign-year-old man quietly watched Sun Yao training on the sidelines.
Although Sun Yao also noticed that there was a foreigner next to the training ground, he didn’t care. After all, he had seen many foreigners in this invitational tournament!
"Well done, little guy!" In 2008, foreigners walked in slowly and greeted Sun Yao in Spanish.
"Uncle will mandarin? No, don’t speak dialect! I don’t understand! " Sun Yao āo with a fluent way
"Hello!" It is not standard for foreigners to talk casually.
"Oh, this is not going to say!" Sun Yao laughed.
"I’m sorry I know this sentence!" Stop screaming and jumping in the Year of Foreigners.
"Oh, hehe!" Sun Yao ignored him and turned to training again.
The foreigner nai looked at Sun Yao and took out his mobile phone to make a message, which didn’t mean to leave.