Minutes want someone to beat her to a pig’s head!

But it’s a pity that this wish can’t come true.
Go ahead. He never hits a woman.
If another woman fights fiercely like Anya, she will beat her face. What other woman can accept Lin Yu!
At the dining table, Lin Yu took a big bite of meat and drank a lot. Nangong Yi took a slow bite of the chicken leg and looked at two pairs of chicken leg bones in front of Lin Yu. She disliked her "hungry ghost reborn!"
He remembered that he asked the people in Chang ‘an No.1 Restaurant to take good care of her meals!
How still this pair of virtue!
Lin Yu stuffed his mouth full of food and vaguely said, "Where can I eat with you in a restaurant?" This is a meal, of course not … Hiccup …! "
The Nangong Yi almost didn’t spit it out, so he hurriedly covered his nose and mouth with a fan to block his face. I really wish I could throw Lin Yutuan out of the window!
Although he doesn’t deny that this little bastard is telling the truth!
No matter how good the food in Chang ‘an No.1 restaurant is, it is more than a thousand miles worse than the dishes in front of him.
Just say that the value of a bowl of rice in front of him can make people live in Chang’ an No.1 restaurant for a month
There’s another sentence Shi Linyu swallowed with the food and didn’t say it, that is-
Nangong family meal is really more delicious than imperial meal!
Hey, hey, hey …
What? Her name is not Nangong!
Nangong Yi urged Lin Yu to finally go away and eat and drink. In contrast, Nangong Yi had two glasses of wine.
That tune!
Really-snake sperm disease!
"By the way, you remember to take care of yourself before and after palace examination. I want to …"
"In a hurry again? It’ s inconvenient to meet each other for a long time? " Lin Yu raised his eyebrows obliquely, and his mother had already seen through you.
Nangong Yi has always been a person who won’t be embarrassed, and he is also very calm in his response. "You know, I didn’t say much. It’s always up to you, palace examination. I just promised to do what you promised, but I will always wake up. You have four sovereign halls. Be careful."
After Lin Yu left, she devoted herself to her duties. Before Sheng Han, she risked her life to remonstrate, "Do you really want to go to palace examination, young master?"
The nangongshan have quite upset folding fan knocked on his forehead "can not go? At least I got the exam! I don’t want to go to the main hall to watch me! "
"But, master, it’s been five days since March. If you don’t get there now …"
"It’s just that I’ll start as soon as palace examination is finished!" Nangong Yi looks impatient, but his face doesn’t smile, so it’s all frozen!
Sheng Han worried and looked at the Nangong. I dare not say anything more.
It’s always very fast when I come back from Muxueyuan. Lin Yu is ready to get ready, and after the release of the list, she welcomes palace examination, who is taller than herself.
Palace examination!
Once upon a time, this word was read in costume dramas and novels, and even once she peeped outside the door, it was not really meaningful to participate.
This time, she walked in here as Lin Yu, and her heart was surging, which was no less than when she was sitting in a female position.
Lin Yu, one of the top ten candidates in palace examination, was carried into the palace by a big sedan chair, which wronged Cai Qing’s entourage, but she could not enter the hall and wait outside the rosefinch door.
When Lin Yu arrived at Lizheng Hall, she felt her eyes ache because of the splendor of this golden crown and jade bead.
When she was in a portrait, what she was looking for was not the cold marble, but the golden dragon chair.
She is Jun Chen’s most loyal minister, and she has been with him for longer than any other minister.
At that time, if she raised her eyebrows slightly, she could see that the golden crown and dragon robe emperors behind the bead curtain exuded a sublime and domineering spirit.
"Long live my emperor!"
Lin Yu, who has bowed down, has been with him for nine people.
Get rid of the brain’s complicated thoughts. Lin Yu tried her best to stay awake!
She kept warning herself that the past was gone!
There are clouds before!
Not if it floats!
She is taking an exam now!
Don’t think too much!
Will affect the normal play!